A New Body Off The Rack

by Paul G. Jutras

    Samantha and Susan were the best of lovers and the best of friends. They worked together in the same office and shared everything from one another clothing to sharing the same bed together. Susan just loved having her pussy played with by Sam.

     It was the day of the of the office costume party that something would happen that would bring them together forever. When they started looking through the costume shop's rack of supplies, Susan picked out the last lovely female genie costume that made Sam jealous. She wanted to wear a identical outfit as her soul mate.

     "There must be another one here." She complained as the costume shop manager over heard the conversation and pushed a machine on wheels over to them.

     "I think the suit-o-matic is just want you two need." The manager said as he handed Sam a book of instructions that made her smile. She showed it to Susan who looked at bit nervous, but loved her lover too much to say no to her. With that, the manager rang up the purchase.

      When the two got themselves home, Susan started to work on her face and nails while Sam removed all her body hair. Feeling kinky, Susan even removed the hair from around her crotch before she stepped naked up to the machine.

     "Are you ready, darling?" Sam asked as his girl just gave a bright smile and took Sam's hand. She then lifted her up into the machine and pressed the green ON button. Susan first felt a pinch of the toes, then a pulling as she went into the machine. She was a bit nervous, but had total trust in her lover. By the time she was hip deep into the machine, she saw her feet and legs oozing out the other side like a pair of empty pantyhose.

     Sam waited until her head was coming out before hitting the red STOP button. He then looked down at the pile of flesh laying on the floor before her. "How do you feel?" Sam asked.

     "Strange, but relax and content that you won't let anything harm me." Susan said as he pick her body up like a suit off the rack. She still didn't understand how it all was suppose to work, but he knew if it did was would be the most erotic experience of their lives.

     "Here goes." Sam said as she stretched her mouth and stepped into her one foot at the time. Once her feet were inside Susan, she pulled her up over her like a full body suit. Once inside, you'd swear that it was only a single naked girl standing in the apartment running her polish nailed hands over a pair of large breasts. "Oh my, I always wanted your large ones."

     "Cut it out." Susan's thoughts echoed in his head. "You're starting to make my body hot and wet."

     "Plenty of time for that later." Sam caused her mouth muscles to smile as she slipped into the genie costume and grabbed her purse. "Guess we use your ID since you're the only one they'll be seeing at the party tonight."

     The party started out just fine. Since only Sam could hear Susan, she instructed her on how to operate her  large breast body on the dance floor.  He was admiring another woman's 10 inch shoes while dancing, when she felt the need to relieve her bladder. Once again Samantha was worried about hurting Susan, but she assured her than everything would be okay.

   "That was fun, Sam." Susan said to her lover as they got home after the party and stripped out of the costume all the way to the bathroom. As Susan's fingers worked its way into her secret spot between her legs and rubbed her over size breasts, the hips started rocking until it cum and shook with an orgasm.

     Sam pleasured Susan until they both collapsed with exhaustion. When they got up the next morning, Sam was surprise to see Susan's face staring back in the bathroom mirror. It took a moment for either of them to remember the evening before. "I guess I'll have to give you back your life."

    "Almost a shame." Susan cooed. "I feel so safe and hot knowing you're in full control of my body."

    "I can tell." Sam rubbed Susan's crotch with one hand and picked up the instruction book with the other one. "That's strange. The instructions to remove you don't seem to be here."

     "The shop should know what to do." Susan tried to be gleeful, though Sam knew she was nervous as he collected the pieces to the costume. He then took her car downtown.

     "Excuse me sir?" Sam said as he pushed the machine up to the manger. "The instruction on removing the living costume seem to be missing."

     "I knew there was a reason that I wasn't renting that this out." The manager sighed. "The instructions never came with it and the store went out of business. "I'm afraid your girlfriend and you are literally stuck with one another.

"That's alright." Susan assured her lover. "As I said, I'm happy and content with you keeping me safe and cared of. Our nights will always be something special."


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