Cindy's New Career

from an idea and plot by True ML
Part 1 - In which our heroine meets a number of new friends, and a great secret is revealed.

Cindy was at a loss for a place to sleep that night. Her savings was one beef-on-a-stick away from tapping out, and was looking for work. Honest work, she kept telling herself, she wasn't that hungry...yet. She passed the front of the big department store. Crowds were milling in and out of the doors, everybody looking they were going someplace, unlike herself. She stopped and looked at a display in progress in the front window. Two young men were putting clothes on a pair of female mannequins. Cindy couldn't explain it, but she thought they all looked so...happy. Something about the way the men lovingly smoothed the clothes over the plastic legs, or maybe the pleased look on the girls' painted faces, but she was incredibly attracted to the scene. "My, how pretty they are," she thought to herself. "I wish I could get all the attention they're getting." She had no idea why she was so fascinated, but still she stopped and watched them for awhile.

While she was watching them dress the mannequins, one of the workers glanced out the window and saw Cindy looking at them. He whispered to his partner, "Hey Joe, look; we've got an audience." Joe snuck a peek over the shoulder of the mannequin he was working on. Cindy was transfixed, looking in the window like a kid in front of a Christmas display.

"Oh, the poor thing, she looks like she's been dragged all over the city." he clicked his tongue in pity. "But there's a DARling little girl under that dirt and sadness, I can tell."

"Do you think she would make a nice, um, model?" Tom asked, ruffling a collar framing an ample pair of plaster breasts."

"Ahead of me as always."

Tom smiled mischievously. "All right, you stay here and finish Betty and Sue; I'll go ask her in." He slipped out the side of the display and raced to the exit. He came out of the department store and walked up behind Cindy without a sound.


Cindy leapt the height of herself, dropping all her bags on the street. She started bending over, scrabbling after her possessions as they fell from her bags. She started babbling nervously, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry..."

Tom knelt beside her, helping her collect her things. "Hey, hey, calm down, it's my fault, I shouldn't have scared you like that. Are you okay?"

Cindy was set off balance by the situation, and she made a vain attempt not to show it. "Yeah, yeah, I'm fine, I was just watching you...y'know, dress the dummies..."

"Well, that's fine, dear, but they're not dummies, they're mannequins." Tom jokingly corrected. "A dummy is a little puppet with someone's hand up their ass."

A sniffly chuckle sneaked out Cindy's nose. "I'm sorry."

"Not at all. What's your name?"


"Do you live around here."

"Um, kind of..." she said.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, I'm sort of...looking for somewhere to stay." Her voice started cracking.

"Oh, I had a feeling about that," said Tom. "Have you...eaten lately?"

Cindy couldn't stop herself. "N...nooooohoo hoooooo...." The tears began to flow, and Tom cradled her head in his arms. A small, street-smart part of Cindy was trying desparately to draw attention to the fact that a strange man was hugging her in the street, but it was being outvoted by the innocent, emotional Cindy that really needed a friend at the moment.

"Oh, there, there..." said Tom. "Come on inside, we'll get you something." He helped Cindy with her bags and led her into the store. As he walked next to her, he flashed a furtive thumbs-up to Joe who was brushing lint off a black skirt in the window. He winked back, and began whistling a happy tune. "She will be beautiful; she's just perfect, don't you think, girls?" he said, seemingly to no one. But if you looked at the right moment, it almost looked like one of the mannequin's smiles widened...just a touch.

* * * * * * * * *

Cindy was trying to keep from cramming the entire hamburger into her mouth at once, half because she didn't want to get sick, and half because she found herself not wanting to be rude in front of this young man. Why did she trust him so? "Thanks for the food, Tom. I..."

"Oh, please, I had to do something to thank you for your appreciation of our girls."

"Your girls?"

"Yes, the mannequins. We call them Prettygirls. You really seemed interested in them."

Cindy blushed. "Well, uh, yeah, I was. They seemed so beautiful, so...lifelike."

Tom blushed in reply. "Well, I'm glad you noticed. We work very hard to treat our girls well, and they respond to that."

Practical Cindy went "WHAT?" but Emotional Cindy waved the comment off as the eccentricity of an artist. "You seemed to fuss so much over them. Like they were real girls. Nobody ever..."

"Now who's stealing you away from your work, Tommy?" It was Joe, who had just come up to the table. Cindy was surprised, and as she turned her head too fast, she pinched a nerve and was met with a sharp pain to the neck. "AAAaaah!"

"Oh, God, I'm sorry. You're just a bundle of nerves, aren't you honey?" Joe patted Cindy's head like a little baby who'd just stubbed her toe. He reached for her neck and began massaging it gently. Cindy felt a wave of relaxation pass over her, and her neck stopped twinging.

"Oh, uh, thanks, thanks a lot." Practical Cindy had taken the mental floor, and was trying to convince the rest of herself that this guy had just laid his hands on her without her permission, and why isn't she DOING something about it?

"Oh, it's the least I could do. We just can't seem to go near a girl without sending them through the roof, can we, Tom?" Tom swatted Joe's hand as he grabbed a chair. "Take two--'Hi, my name's Joe, what's yours?'"

"Cindy. You were working with Tom on the ma...the Prettygirls, weren't you?"

Joe and Tom exchanged a quick glance. "Yes, we noticed you out there. Do you like our work?"

"I was just telling Tom; yes, I did, very much." Cindy perked up a bit. "It was funny, they seemed REAL."

"Well, they are real." Tom said, quickly adding "...I mean, there they are in the window."

"No, I didn't mean that. You were caring so over them, I was...almost, jealous. I mean, nobody's ever cared that much about me..." Cindy felt her cheeks flush, and rooted for a ball of tissue that was on its way to becoming lint.

Joe and Tom looked at each other, smiled quickly, and seemingly changed the subject. "Do you have anyplace to stay tonight?"

" But I..."

"...have now." interrupted Joe. "Someone who understands our Prettygirls as well as you do deserves a treat. You can stay with us tonight."

Practical Cindy started banging her shoe on the dais. "NO! I mean, I don't...I mean, you..."

Tom reached for her hand, both his and hers trembling slightly. "Oh, Cindy, I'm sorry, we must be scaring the hell out of you. Look, we're being so silly, look, finish your food and we'll just say good bye. No obligation necessary."

Cindy felt like a crumb all of a sudden. "I'm...I'm sorry, I should be careful, but you seem okay. Could I really stay over?"

"For as long as you like." said Joe, visibly relaxing. "But until would you like to help us dress the girls?"

He might as well have said "How would you like to help us taste-test all this candy we've been baking?" She smiled, and so did they. Her new friends led her to the employee restrooms where she cleaned herself up a bit. When she came out, Tom had a red smock for her to wear. "Here," he stage-whispered, "This way you'll look like you belong here." She giggled and slipped it on. They walked back to the front display.

Up close the realism of the Prettygirls was even more astounding. For one thing, they didn't have any joint lines or anything like Cindy had seen on other mannequins. There were smooth, one piece. She traced a finger across one of the girls' waists. So smooth, so shiny...

"Like it?" Tom said as he peeked out from behind the doll.

"It's amazing. How do you put her together?"

"You don't. She's complete. You just pose her like a Barbie doll."

Cindy couldn't believe it. She held the girl's arm, and pulled it down. It swiveled smoothly with only a little resistance. She could even feel what felt like muscle under the skin. Cindy would have been embarassed if she had noticed, but the sight of this realistic doll in her arms made her nipples harden through her cotton smock.

"There you go." Tom said. "Just move them around, and you can get the clothes on and off. Just remember not to move them any way you can't." When he noticed Cindy's slight puzzlement at what he meant, he dropped his voice to a conspiratorial murmur and said "Just pretend you're undressing a"

Cindy felt shock, surprise, with just a taste of...anticipation. She stood behind one of the girls. "Her name's Betty," said Joe. "Say hello." "Hello, Betty, I'm Cindy." said Cindy into Betty's ear. She reached in front and started unbuttoning Betty's silk blouse. As she reached the third button, her wrists brushed against Betty's nipples. They felt firm, but not hard like she'd imagined they would. They were rubbery, very...erotic. Her curiosity got the best of her, and she gave Betty's breasts a tentative squeeze. They gave slightly, about as firm as one of those foam footballs. Cindy found it terribly arousing. This is sick, thought Cindy, I'm getting hot for a mannequin. She let her hands stray down Betty's tummy, down to her panties...and stuck a tentative finger in. Smooth and featureless, like all her dolls when she was a kid. Thank GOD, she thought. If she'd had a snatch I'd've fainted dead away. That sort of broke the spell, and she went back to adjusting her clothes.

She went around front, and looked at Betty's face. It had the same light lacquered sheen as the rest of her body, but that wasn't all that shone about her. She had a bright smile, and her eyes almost gleamed. Like she was almost proud to be on display. Her lips were parted slightly, and Cindy could just make out her... her...teeth...she had teeth! Cindy couldn't believe the detail of this...Prettygirl. She had to call her that, she really Cindy's hands rose to Betty's rouged cheeks, and she planted a soft kiss on her rubber lips.

"There's plenty of time for that after hours, honey."

"EEP!" Cindy was mortified! She was caught petting with a rubber girl! Did that make her a lezzie, or a pervert, or what?

Tom threw an arm around her shoulders consolingly. "Oh relax. I can't tell you how many times I've caught people doing that. I could make a fortune with photos. Do you like her?"

Cindy straightened her ruffled ego and snickered. "Yes, I do. I...just had to kiss her. She's so beautiful. And so real, I could almost swear she kissed back! But that's crazy...isn't it?"

Joe heard this, and chimed in, "It's as crazy as wanting to kiss her in the first place. Did that seem crazy to you?"

Cindy wasn't sure how to take that, but she admitted, "No. No, it didn't."

"Stay with us. We can tell you're our kind of people."

Joe and Tom shared an apartment in a building next to the store. "This apartment used to belong to Mr. Higbee himself." Joe explained. "He built a bridge across the alley so he could visit the store any time he wanted. It saves us SO much time."

Cindy was amazed. Their apartment was like a wax museum. Prettygirls were posed all around the room, in an assortment of poses and outfits that would look at home in catalogs ranging from Sportsmen's Guide to Adam and Eve. It felt like the room was full of happy people. She felt at ease instantly.

"This is fabulous!" she said, whirling around like Mary Tyler Moore. "How can you afford it?"

"Oh, we have a good deal with the store. We get this place, and they get our Prettygirls. Well, look who's coming to visit!"

Tom was making his way over the bridge, pushing a handtruck. And on the handtruck, leaning back precariously, was...Betty. Cindy felt both embarrassment and a renewed interest.

"Betty really liked you, Cindy, I could tell." Tom said as he and his package trundled over the entrance. "I thought you might like to see her again."

"I, um, well," Cindy was at a complete loss of words. If she'd rested against a hot oven right then, she would have had to think about how to say "ow."

Joe came up behind her, and she jumped again. What is it with these guys and scaring a girl stiff? "We've got a surprise for you. Come on."

They led Cindy into another room, with Betty on the handtruck going first. In the room was what looked like a big silver closet, like what an astronaut might keep his space suit in. Joe lifted Betty off the handtruck, and began undressing her. Tom came around and helped. They worked slowly, teasingly, and if it was intended to make Cindy aroused, they were doing a bang-up job. Betty stood naked on the floor, and as Joe folded her clothes, Tom opened the door to the closet, lifted Betty off the little silk "8" her panties made on the floor and carried her into the closet.

He shut the door as he exited, and said, "Shield your eyes." Cindy didn't understand why she should...*****FWASSSSHHHH!!!!***** brilliant light broke out a crack in the closet's door, like a million flashbulbs going off. Cindy blinked away the black rectangle she now saw everywhere, and Joe opened the door. Betty still stood there, but she looked...different, somehow. "Go ahead." coaxed Tom. Cindy walked closer. Then she realized--she wasn't shiny any more. That sheen was gone, she real.

"Go on...kiss her." Cindy didn't have to be asked twice. she slipped her arms around Betty's waist, cradled her butt with her palms, and gently kissed her. She felt something shift, and felt a gentle pressure on her shoulders. She opened her eyes and pulled her head back. Betty's head had tilted to one side, and was puckering. As soon as she grasped this, it wasn't so any more. Betty's eyes opened, and she said, ""

Cindy voted mentally. Screaming came in second, just beating out fainting and jumping out a window. But the winner was "unbelieving acceptance" and she pressed her lips back against Betty's rapidly softening mouth...

Part 2 - In which a decision is made, something is hidden from sight, and other things are revealed.

Several minutes, cups of coffee and explanations later, Cindy still wanted to start over, with visual aids if necessary. "They're all ALIVE?"

Joe nodded from behind his coffee cup. "Mm. We treat them so they can stand still, and we pose them, and everybody loves them."

"But, I mean, is this legal? I mean, are they your prisoners or something?" Cindy began to grow very scared.

"Not at all." Tom emphaticized. "We've had many of our girls leave us over the years, and they've gone on to happy, productive lives."

"Years?" said Cindy "How long have you been at this?"

"Well, let's just say we made our arrangement with Mr. Higbee himself." Cindy blanched--the store had just celebrated its *75th* anniversary!

"Come on, we'll introduce you around." Joe offered Cindy a hand, and she weakly accepted it.

By now, Tom had placed several girls in their closet, and they were beginning to stiffly stretch their muscles. Betty was near the wall, still nude, doing some sort of ballet exercises. Her stiff arms and legs made her look like a wind-up doll in a music box. She noticed them coming, smiled, and started walking towards them, a little smoother than before, but still noticeably stiff. Cindy noticed that she was now bald as an egg. "She must have had a wig on," she realized, noticing that it made her no less attractive. Her eyes traced down Betty's body, and noticed that her crotch was as smooth as a doll. "But how can she, I mean she hasn't got a..." she said, pointing between Betty's legs.

Betty looked quizzically for a moment, and then looked down. "Oh, sil-ly me, I for-got." she said, as she spread her legs slightly and pressed on both sides of her pubic bone. There was a wet "pop", and what looked like a flesh-colored athletic supporter separated from her crotch. She pulled it away from her newly revealed pussy, which Cindy could see was shaved bare as her head. It was attached to a long rubber rod which had obviously been holding the covering on, and quite comfortably, judging from the way Betty's knees quivered as she slowly drew it out soaking wet. She held it up, shrugged her shoulders and slid it into her mouth, sucking it excitedly as it entered.

"It's a sort of protection for our girls while they're posing, so that nothing unpleasant can be done to them," Tom explained. "As you found out, they're rather hard to resist." Cindy recalled how useful that protection was from her a few hours ago, and she felt ashamed for coming so close to taking advantage of this lovely girl.

When she (eventually) pulled the rubber stalk from her mouth, she licked her lips and said, "Mmm, thank you.ÊI'd for-get my head if it was.n't at-tached."

Cindy's eyes opened wide in horror, and Tom quickly added, "She's KIDDING! She's kidding!" They all laughed. Cindy grabbed her chest, staggered and made "I'm coming, Elizabeth" kind of motions. Betty giggled merrily as she slipped an arm around Cindy's waist and kissed her on the mouth, a move that was returned almost automatically.

"But seriously, though, does any of that...hurt? I mean, how does feel to be, well, a mannequin?"

"Are you kid-ding? I'm not a, I'm a **Pretty-girl!**" The remaining jerks and hesitations in her movements and voice were driving Cindy crazy. "I'm a beau.tiful woman, and everybody comes to see me! And when I'm posing, I don't get tired, or hun-gry..."

"Or sunburned," said Joe, as he entered the room, his hand cupped to his ear like a radio announcer. "That coating of hers is a perfect sunblock, and also keeps her from getting dusty, chipped or faded!"

They all laughed again. After a moment, Tom grew serious. "So, do you want to ask, or should I?"

"What do you mean?" asked Cindy, but she kind of knew what he meant. "You want to..."

"NO." Tom interrupted. "We want you know if you WANT to..."




Betty broke the silence. "Be a--Prettygirl, like me."

Cindy knew she'd say it, but it still surprised her. She looked at all the people in the room, moving and not, and saw only one thing. They were all happy. SHE wanted to be happy. She made a very important decision, in less time than it took her to decide to run away from home.

"Do it."


It wasn't as easy as snapping her fingers, Cindy learned. First there was paperwork. "You should be rewarded for what you're doing," explained Tom, "so we always have our girls hired by the store." A few minutes in the personnel department and she was a salaried employee, earning a very nice salary which would be direct-deposited in a checking account they had helped her open earlier that day. The middle-aged woman behind the desk welcomed her to the store, looked to her two co-workers and smiled. "I'm sure you'll do a very good job," she assured Cindy, and blew a kiss to Joe and Tom. They caught it deftly, and the three left the office.

"You mean she used to be..." Cindy asked after an explanation.

"For two years, back in the '70s. I can't tell you how many pairs of bell bottoms she wore."

Joe snickered. "You know, she told me the other week, every time she sees polyester, she still gets hot." They all laughed out loud, catching themselves quickly, like they'd been caught telling jokes in church.

Cindy still couldn't believe it. "A couple days ago, I was this punk kid one meal from the red light district, and now I'm an..." pausing as she checked her application, "'apprentice visual merchandiser'."

"Count your blessings. Back in the '40s you'd have been a donut girl." said Tom as they walked back home.

Several days later came what they called "The Fitting." She laid on a gynecologist's table, her legs up in the stirrups. Tom slowly applied shaving cream to her crotch, while Joe stood by her side, holding her hand.

"It doesn't hurt," Joe assured her. "None of it does, ever."

Cindy believed him, but she was as scared as her first day of school, her first date and her first blowjob all rolled into one. There was the gleam of a straight razor, and a gentle tickling as Tom began shaving her. It *doesn't* hurt, she thought, it feels sort of...good.

Next he took a sort of power tool looking contraption. "This is an electrolysis unit." Tom explained. "It'll tickle." It turned on with a hum, and then there was the most AMAZING buzzing feeling in her pussy! She began hooting and laughing madly, and her hips began bucking up and down, making slapping noises against the leather mat. Tom just shook his head like he'd seen this a hundred times. "Told you."

He pulled it away a few seconds later, and Cindy wanted to say, "Hey, wait, you missed a spot, I'm sure..." Tom reached behind him and pulled out a hand-held mirror, and with a flourish, held it at an angle so she could see his handiwork. "Do you approve of zee work, madahme?" He accented, twirling a phantom moustache.

Cindy looked at a part of herself she had never seen before, at least, not from this position and in this form. Her pussy was shaved bare, as smooth as it had been when she was a little girl. She remembered taking a mirror into the bathroom and trying to look at herself like this when she was nine. She did not see what she was greeted with now. Her crotch was red, partly from the shaving and partly from the excitement of the electrolysis. Her labia had swollen, and she inched a hand down to open herself up. She bloomed like a flower, all wet and shiny inside her snatch. She slipped a finger (accidentally, it was so wet down there, she told herself) inside, and was met with a sharp thrill of pleasure. Wow!

Tom gently pulled her hand away. "In answer to your unspoken question," he lectured, "Yes, everyone reacts like that. You're supposed to--it makes the fitting go much more smoothly. He pulled up a device that looked a feminine urinal cup attached to a vacuum hose. It was so outlandish looking she started laughing--no great feat, the recent stimulation had left her so giggly she'd have laughed at Jerry Lewis.

"Everybody laughs like that, too. I might as well paint a happy face on this thing," Tom sighed as he placed it against her red mound. There was a hissing noise, and Cindy could feel a sort of suction against her pussy, which felt different but equally exciting. Cindy could make out some sort of substance rise from the body of the machine, through the hose, and towards the appliance against her crotch. It reached the device, and she could feel the stuff pressing into her canal, all warm and probing, filling every crevice. It felt very soothing, and he could feel herself relax, like she'd been sung a lullaby. She dreamily looked down, and saw wisps of steam rise from under the hose. Hmm, that's odd, thought Cindy. I wonder if I'm that hot a babe?

Several minutes later, Tom pulled the device away with a steamy hiss. He pulled out the mirror again, and said, "Another happy customer, I hope." Cindy looked, and her eyes went wide with delight. She was smooth and featureless, like a Barbie Doll. "Barbie dolls are beautiful," thought Cindy in a flurry of free-association. "Am I beautiful, now?" Her hand shot was firm and warm, like real flesh. She grasped her mound firmly, and her encased pussy throbbed with delight.

"Wait a few minutes, it's still setting." Joe cautioned, drawing her hand away. "Give it time to firm up. It fits you so well, you and nobody else." Cindy felt so excited. She could feel the rubber inside her, all warm and firming up, like the most form-fitting dildo ever invented. No wonder Betty didn't want to take it out.

After a few minutes, they helped her up to her feet. Every motion was an experience in pleasure. As her legs slid against the rod, it rolled around inside her, sending her into delightfull little mental vacations to Hawaii. She understood all of a sudden why all the girls were so into ballet moves against the barre. She was suddenly interested in learning the first four or five hundred standard positions herself. She had to lean against the guys as they walked her back to her room. The excitement between her legs made her as weak as a baby. She thought that fitting, since in a way she was being "born again."

As they walked, they passed one of the preparation rooms. In a large tank, a girl was suspended in liquid, a hose attached to to her mouth, her breasts rising and falling to the rhythm of bubbles rising from her nose. A gentle current in the tank made her arms and legs sway to and fro like clothes on a clothesline. Cindy could just make out red peach fuzz on her head and pussy; her hair was growing back in. "That's Emma, isn't it?" asked Cindy. "Is she okay?

"Oh yes," Tom said wistfully. "She's leaving us soon. We're just leaching the last of the potions from her. She's almost finished."

"I'll miss her." sighed Joe. "But she wants to see the world, and so she shall. Her tickets came today. I hope she likes France."

"You know, I always thought I recognized that smile of hers. Mona Lisa, isn't it?" Cindy blew her a kiss. "Bye, honey."

Back in her room, they helped her lay down. "Just rest for a little while."

"Okay...Hey!"ÊCindy sat up. "How do I take this out?"

Oh, we'll send someone in to help you." Tom smiled coyly, and closed the door.

Cindy lay there, still feeling the rod inside her. She experimented a little, tensing and squeezing muscles inside her abdomen and being rewarded with little thrills of pleasure. She felt her breasts tingle, and opened her eyes. Betty had entered the room without a sound, and was sitting on the edge of the bed, massaging Cindy's breasts gently. She was nude as well, and her pussy was uncovered. She was wearing a black wig that matched her eyes perfectly. Her movements were smooth and fluid again, and she deftly excited Cindy's firming nipples. "Hi. I thought I'd come see how you were doing."

Cindy squirmed playfully. "Oh, great, thank you. I just got a present." she pointed down to her smooth, unblemished crotch.

Betty smiled. "You look wonderful, Cindy. I brought mine with me." She held up her cover, all pink and dry.

"Ooo. It looks so dry, won't that hurt going in? Let me help." coaxed Cindy. She eased the rod from Betty's hand, and slid it into her mouth. She began humming softly as she rode it in and out of her mouth. It grew shiny with her saliva. Betty wanted to get in on the fun, and her hand tickled down to Cindy's doll-like mound. She squeezed it gently, then, satisfied that it had hardened correctly, began pressing on it and manipulating it with the palm of her hand. Cindy began to bounce around again, the occasion peep of pleasure sneaking out as the seal between lips and dildo was broken. Betty grasped her appliance, keeping Cindy's hand on it, and guided both to her wet pussy. She lifted up her leg so Cindy could see the redness of her sex. "It goes in just like this" she explained, and placing one hand over Cindy's at the rounded base, slid the bumpy pink rod into her wetness. Air bubbled and popped past it as it slid home, and when it went in to the base, it sealed tight with a "slurp", and Betty threw head head back, collapsing onto the bed, her head pointing towards the end.

Cindy playfully grabbed Betty's foot and began sucking her big toe. Betty gasped in surprise and delight, and reached for one of Cindy's feet, copying the motion. They moaned at their mirrored sensations. Betty drew up her other foot and changed positions. She intertwined her legs with Cindy and brought her dolly pussy to meet with Cindy's. The pressure sent both of them gasping for air. Cindy sat up, grabbing for Betty and hugged her tight, their naked breasts squeezing together, their blank mounds pumping against each other. They heaved together for several minutes, dry humping each other silently, too aroused to make a sound.

Cindy broke first, driving herself backwards deep into the pillows at the head of the bed. "Heeeehhhnnnn, heeehhhhnnn... I want you to lick me, tickle me..." she wheezed." "How do I take this off?"

Betty flipped around like a gymnast, positioning herself cross-legged between Cindy's open legs. "Watch me," she said, and she leaned back a bit, exposing more clearly the spot between her legs where a wet juicy pussy should, by all that's just and fair in the world, be. She placed her hands just above her invisible sex and pressed her fingers inward. A faint *pop*, and the cup popped out of position. It was a miracle, Cindy thought, it's like it's not there when it's in.

"Your turn." Betty said, grabbing Cindy's fingers. She showed her where they went, and how to press. "Just like taking out contact lenses," she said. Cindy found the comparison ridiculous, and said so. Betty stuck her tongue out, and Cindy showed her hers. She pressed, heard a faint *pop*, and her pussy melted. Well, it felt like it did. It was as if she was laying on a leather beach chair soaking wet, and she got up real fast after she'd dried off, only inside her pussy. It was the most delicious agony she'd ever felt. She screamed incoherently, and was met with a smattering of applause from across the apartment, as other girls recognized what had just happened, and welcomed her to the family with whistles and cheers of "Hooray! Welcome aboard, Cindy!"

Cindy was exhausted, but worked up the energy to spit a mock expletive at Betty. "You little BITCH! You could've warned me about that!"

Betty laughed. "Is there ANYTHING I could have said to prepare you for that? But don't worry, that'll be the only time it feels like that."

In between gasps, Cindy mused, "I can't decide if I feel..."

Several voices finished the sentence from the other side of the door. "HAPPYÊORÊSADÊABOUTÊTHAT!" Laughter filled the hall, with more happy applause, trailing off and away.

The two girls looked at each other, drenched in sweat, and each saw the most beautiful sight in the world. They spent a long time poking their covers into themselves, as well as other parts into other places. Cindy was feeling very much loved, not just by the woman she was with, but everyone she was sharing this room with.

Betty lay on the bed next to Cindy, her wig lost hours ago, her smooth skull sweaty and pocked with lip prints and a couple hickeys. She rolled over and whispered in Cindy's ear. "Tomorrow. Tomorrow you get to become one of us all the way. Welcome, Cindy, I'm glad you're here."

Cindy fell asleep with a rubber rod in her plastic-covered vagina, a hairless young woman beside her and a smile on her face.. She dreamed she was on a fashion runway, and a room full of people were gazing at her, in love. She was nude, and frozen stiff. She was gliding along on a wheeled base, being spun about so everyone could see her. Everyone applauded this marvelous creation, Cindy, the prettiest woman in the world. She smiled, and would smile forever. Her face was frozen into a smile, and so was her soul. Rolling through her mind was the mantra, "I'm pretty, I'm pretty, I'm pretty..."

Part 3 - In which a process is completed, and a new life is started.

"I'm pretty, I'm pretty, I'm pretty..."

"Indeed you are dear, and soon the whole world will see it."

Cindy woke up slowly. Tom was standing above her by the bed, Joe at the foot. She set up and stretched long and deep. A throb from her crotch reminded her that her pussy cover was in place, and she gave it an absentminded squeeze. *zing!* she was WIDE awake now.

"MMMMMmmmmmhhhhiii. I had the greatest dream."

"Well, let's go make it happen." Tom offered her his hand.

They walked to the preparation room. Emma was still in the tank, now awake. She saw Cindy and tapped on the glass, waving hello, and making a thumb-up sign. Cindy waved back. She really will miss Emma, she thought. But it's nice to know she really can leave if she wants to. Not that she could imagine wanting to, not right now.

Tom walked ahead and picked up a rubber hose and a jar of lubricant. "Would you take your cover off, please?" asked Joe. She stopped, spread, pushed , *pop*ped, staggered and stood up, rod in hand. Tom motioned her towards him. She walked over and stood in what looked like a little basin. Tom nudged her legs apart with his hand, and slid the hose between. It had two connections; one fit over her vagina and one slid up her bottom. They slid into place with an unusual sensation, but nonetheless pleasurable. "This is to clean you out inside, so you don't feel any discomfort. Ready?" Cindy nodded, putting a brave face on her apprehension, and the machine hummed into life. Two sensations; a probe slid up her pussy into her bladder, which began draining immediately. The second probe began to fill her bottom with warm liquid, just a hair above body temperature. The warmth relaxed her entire abdomen, like a hot bath from the inside out. The machine began to pump back and forth, and Cindy felt the water swish in and out her bottom, tantalizing her anus.

After a few minutes, she felt everything drain, and Tom pulled the hose away from her tingling hips. Cindy couldn't speak, just a babylike, happy babble. "Good morning to you, too," replied Tom, "I'm fine, thank you for asking. Ready for more?" Cindy nodded feebly, and Joe slipped what felt like a butt plug into her bottom. It went in with a squeak from below and a slightly happier one from her mouth. "Okay, you're ready."

Joe brought up a tall glass full of a thick white fluid. "Ready for breakfast?" She took the drink and began to sip it through a straw. It tasted like a vanilla milkshake, and she began to drink faster. She finished it quickly, licking her lips. "Mm. That was good. What was it, one of those diet shakes?"

"No, that was the potion."

Cindy was a little surprised. She'd expected a bubbly beaker, some dramatic music or something. There was no turning back now, and she didn't find herself looking back. The potion slid down to her tummy, and it felt warm, comforting inside.

"Come on, you should lay down." Joe and Tom walked her back to her room. The warmth was spreading to her chest and hips, all warm and snuggly. They reached her room, and she lay down. "Just relax, you'll feel a few...changes coming on." They left her alone, and the warmth kept spreading. Her legs, her arms, her...titties? Betty was back, massaging her breasts again. "Hi. I thought you'd want to share this with someone."

"I'm sup-supposed to be relaxing." Cindy noticed her voice stutter like that, and it felt strange and exciting.

"Oh, it'll relax you, I assure you." Betty eased herself on top of Cindy, and they began kissing gently. Cindy's motion helped the warmth spread faster, and as it reached her fingertips, a new feeling began racing back. Her fingertips began to stiffen. In a second they were frozen like plastic, and the feeling spread to her wists. Her eyes opened in a flurry of emotion, and she began kissing harder and faster, like she was running out of time. Her toes went numb, and her feet froze, pointed daintily downwards. Her forearms tingled, her elbows locked, and as the power of motion left her shoulders, her arms slid off Betty's back and dropped stiffly to the bed. Betty sat up, her pussy pressing against her tummy. She could feel a gentle trembling pass through Cindy's body as the potion did its magic work. As the feeling reached her breasts, Cindy experienced a moment of fear as she noticed she wasn't breathing. Her pulse began to it didn't! Her heart had stopped! What was happening?

"It's okay, you're reacting fine." Betty stroked her hand against Cindy's hot cheek. Her eyes were darting back and forth, but Betty's hand soothed her. It was true, she felt okay, it was just odd to feel herself so still; like a sound you've been hearing all your life had been turned off. She relaxed again, and looked at Betty. A gentle smile crossed her face just in time, as the tingling sensation followed hot on its heels, freezing the smile on her plastic face. Betty leaned in and kissed Cindy's new frozen smile. "I love you, Cindy."

"I LOVE YOUÊTOO!" Cindy screamed. No, she didn't. Her mind yelled and screamed, but her mouth, her body stayed perfectly still, perfectly frozen. All she could do was think, think about her love for Betty, and for Tom, and Joe, and Sue, and all the people she'd met, and just kept beaming those emotions out of every cell of her body.

Betty must have felt it. She leaned over, shoved her hands behind Cindy's back and hugged her tightly, kissing her on the mouth, slipping her tongue between plastic lips. She sat up, pulling Cindy with her. Cindy rose under Betty's pull. She felt so strange, so powerless, but so excited. As Betty let go, Cindy fell backwards, her legs seesawing up into the air. "Oh, look at my little love doll." Betty smiled, looking at Cindy's compromising and attractive position. She looked at Cindy's smooth crotch, and gave it a quick series of presses. The feeling jumped right to Cindy's brain as if by radio. If she were mobile, she'd have started barking.

Betty stared off into the distance, lost in thought, drumming her fingers absentmindedly on Cindy's dolly-pussy. Cindy received a series of thrills to the tune of the William Tell Overture. "Hi Ho, Silver!" she screamed inside her head. Betty brightened with the illumination of a lightbulb over her head, and grabbed behind her for her cover. She grabbed it by the base, and pressed the rounded bottom with her thumbs. It popped inside out, like an umbrella in a high wind. "I just HAVE to see if this works." she said, and began to lick the concave surface with a saliva-drenched tongue. Slick and wet, she slapped it against Cindy's smooth crotch. *BANG*! went Cindy's brain. "Thank you madam, may I have another!?"

Betty pulled her hand away--the cover stuck like a suction cup, the rod sticking up at a angle towards Cindy's head. Cindy suddenly realized the plan--she had a strap-on cock, designed to fit Betty and Betty alone! "YES! YEEESSSSSSSS!" Cindy wanted to scream. "FUUUUUUCCCKKKKÊMEEEEEE!"

Betty assumed a position, her pussy hovering over Cindy's new part. She slid it in, her own pussy providing all the lubrication needed. She moaned loudly, riding Cindy's hips faster and faster. She grabbed Cindy's firm breasts, her rigid pencil-eraser nipples poking the center of Betty's palms, tickling them in anew way. Betty spread her fingers wide over the firm titties and squeezed them, watching her fingers sink slightly into the firm foam-rubber flesh.

Cindy was in a new and exciting corner of heaven. Pressing against her cover, her own rod was driven further and further and into her plastic canal, and each motion sent her higher and higher. Faster and faster, harder and harder, Betty sent herself to her own happy land, finally collapsing onto Cindy's chest with a sweaty slap. She began to laugh happily, and nuzzled Cindy's neck. "I love you, Cindy," she said again.

Cindy summoned every ounce of her strength. It felt like she was entombed in jelly, but she drew in a shallow breath and forced it out slowly, too weak to move her lips. "Hhhhhiiii...ooooovvvvve....ooouuuu...hhhhhooooo...eeeeeehhhhh....yyyyyyy." Betty began to sob with joy. If Cindy could, she would too.

Tom and Joe came in, and Betty turned quickly. "I just HAD to be with her."

"We knew you would be, that's why we left you alone." That Joe, always thinking ahead. Betty slid off Cindy's crotch, and as her pink rod slid out the last inch, it bounced back to its original angle with a rubbery bounce. Tom's eyes opened wide in amazement. "That's GREAT! Did you think of that?"

"Yeah, it sort of...came to me." They all laughed at the choice of words. She drove fingernails under the seam, breaking the suction, and the cover separated from Cindy's own, popping back to its original position with a springing jump. It leapt up about an inch or two and landed on the bed.

"Hey, a Jack-off-in-the-box." Tom muttered, and they all laughed uproariously. Cindy was still happy. She was already bringing joy to everyone that saw her.

As Betty slipped her cover back on, Tom and Joe lifted Cindy off the bed and onto a handtruck out in the hall. She was rolled through the corridor, passing a few other girls who turned to look at her. They all smiled, clapped, or waved to their new sister. Cindy wanted to wave to each one, hug them and kiss them, thank them for making them one of her. But she just rode along like a baby in her stroller, being brought to the room at the end of the hall.

They lifted Cindy off the cart, carrying her to a sort of shower stall. Betty had followed them, and she entered the stall with her. As the door closed, she pressed a button, and water started to spray from nozzles on the walls, soaking both of them. Betty reached for some liquid soap, and began to lather them both up. She rubbed against Cindy, leaving no square inch of her skin uncleaned. Another button, more water and they were rinsed clean.

Betty reached out the door of the stall, and brought back in a pair of electric clippers. There was a buzzing sensation on Cindy's scalp, and she saw her hair fall past her eyes. a minute or two later Betty reached for a straight razor for some close-up work. Cindy felt the familiar tingly scrape, and soon her head felt cool and...naked. More water to wash off the hair sticking to their bodies, a few wet kisses, and the door opened again. Two smooth hairless mannequins stood there, one hugging the other. The guys carried the slick Cindy out of the stall, and Betty began toweling her off with a thick fluffy towel. It tickled Cindy's skin.

"Okay, Betty, tell her you'll see her soon." Tom told her, and she kissed Cindy on the cheek. Bye bye, thought Cindy, and watched her walk out the room. Tom entered her field of vision from the left, holding two little glass circles. "These are made of gelatin. They'll keep your eyes from drying out while you're posing." He reached up to her eye and opened her lids wide, popping the lens onto her eyeball. It was clear, and she could see through it perfectly. He repeated the process on her other eye, and she felt her lids slide back to position.

Tom brought over a cannister of clear fluid, and began spraying Cindy's body. It felt cool against her skin. Joe lifted and moved around her arms and legs, making sure every spot on her skin was covered, even the soles of her feet. When they finished, Joe posed her in a pretty position, her arms slightly away from her sides. Tom brought over a glass base with a steel rod rising from it. There was a little plug at the end of the rod, about as high as Cindy's.....aaaaahhh, she thought, I bet I know what the butt plug was for. Yep. *click*, it fit into her bottom, supporting her from below. She could probably be posed in an out-of-balance position now.

They spun the glass base to face the wall, upon which was hanging a big disk with a spiral pattern painted on it. Tom whispered in her ear. "You're almost finished, Cindy. The first time, you just need to stand still and dry for a few hours. This is the most boring part, and it helps if you relax. So, this wll help you sleep for a while."

She could sleep? How interesting. Well I guess it's logical. Tom flipped a switch, and the spiral began to spin slowly. "Just watch the circle." She watched it swirl, faster and faster. It was pretty, and she felt like she could make it slow down or speed up just by thinking about it. She made it spin backwards, forwards, and back again. It was sort of fun, like a video game for her mind. It became all she was, all she wanted to do was stare at it. She felt herself drawn into it, as if her essence was floating out through her eyes, and into the pattern, the swirling pattern, the pretty curls, the.....

"...all finished!" she heard Tom say, and she snapped awake. Wow! How long was she doing that? It seemed like just a minute or two, surely she... She saw through a window as they wheeled her around. It was NIGHT! She must have fallen asleep! What an experience! They finished spinning her around and she now faced a a tall picture. It was a picture of a Prettygirl, all smooth and shiny. She had a smooth crotch, her breasts were firm and high on her chest,and no hair, just like the rest of the girls. She had a happy smile on wasn't a picture. It was a MIRROR. It was HER!

She was shocked. She looked transformed, in more than just the stiffness of her body. She seemed so happy, so beautiful. A beauty from inside, not just makeup or a hairdo. She felt so proud of herself, she was..."Pretty. I'm pretty. I'M PRETTY!" she realized her smile was widening, and her face began to beam with pride and happiness. Joe and Tom saw the minute but important transformation, and clapped in congratulation.

She had a pink satin sheet over her head. She was rolled around a little, and stopped. She heard happy murmuring and talking in the room. It sounded so crowded. Where was she?

*Clapclapclap* "Everyone, listen up." It was Tom, coming from behind her. "We'd like you all to meet...Cindy." The sheet was pulled back, gliding up her body and over her head. Everybody was there, in various stages of dress and stiffness. And as they saw her, they all began clapping madly, as if the star just walked on stage. Whistles and cheers bubbled up from the crowd. One by one they came up and complimented her. Some kissed her gently, hugged her around the waist, and even rubbed her smooth skull.

Near the end came Emma, dressed in a smart skirt and blouse, with a short Mia Farrow style haircut. "I had to see you before I left." she said. "Take care of everyone for me." She pulled away and entered the crowd; the girls started wishing her good luck.

Joe and Tom came last. "This is a special day." Tom said. "One of our girls is leaving, and another one is joining us." They kissed her on each cheek, then each other, deeply, on the mouth. "Welcome, Cindy." they said. "Thank you, thank you," she tried to say. "I'm SO happy to be here!"

The party over and dawn approaching, everybody began to line up for their shakes and showers. She watched everybody file in and out, get dressed and slowly freeze into their positions. Joe and Tom began to fit them onto bases and wheel them out into the store. Soon she was alone. No, not alone. She felt a familiar presure on her breasts. Betty!

"Hi, hon-ey." She was already starting to freeze up. She was still nude, and still bald and smooth. "I get to dress you."

She brought out a frilly pink nightgown, and began to slip it on Cindy. She lifted her leg one at a time, slipped the panties over her dainty feet, and set them back down. As she dressed her, Betty began to slow down. She'd seize up for a second, then start with a jerk. With effort, she finished dressing Cindy. "" She threw her arms around Cindy, wrapped a leg around hers, kissed her, and didn't stop.

And didn't stop.

And didn't stop. She couldn't. She had frozen. The two Prettygirls stayed in their passionate tableau for some time, until Tom and Joe returned. They kissed both girls, and pulled them apart. Tom began to dress Betty, and Joe wheeled Cindy out into the store.

"Good luck, dear. I hope you'll be very happy."

She was.


Cindy and Betty maintained a very healthy relationship, with lots of closeness in a plethora of positions, levels of mobility and humor. They had a habit of locking up while still hugging passionately. Once, the gang played a prank on them; they left them like that, and put them in the window in a bedding display. It made the papers. They saved the clippings.


Sarah was at a loss for a place to sleep that night. Her savings was one beef-on-a-stick away from tapping out, and was looking for work. Honest work, she kept telling herself, she wasn't that hungry...yet. She passed the front of the big department store. She couldn't explain it, but she thought the mannequin looked so...happy. Something about the pleased look on the girl's painted face, but she was incredibly attracted to the scene. Cindy saw her, saw the look on her face, and recognized it. She tried to look as alluring as possible. Beaming one thought out through her body, out the window, and into the mind of the tired young girl she saw on the street.

"Join me."