New Perspective


Northern Chill

Note: This story is inspired by a render done by MadBirdCZ. It contains all matters of adult language and such. If this bothers you, flee to a safe part of the web. Otherwise, enjoy.

   “Not sure if I buy all of the flowery language this company used in their online job ad. The money sounds good and the ability to travel and see new faces sounds enticing. Maybe I’ll feel better when I get to sit down for an interview with human resources, ” Denise thought as she got out of the Uber car she had taken and headed towards the complex she was told to go to.

    Entering the lobby area, Denise saw the interior was expensively decorated with several large double doors leading to different sections of the complex. SUZEtech could be seen in chrome lettering with gold trim on a sign hanging over the main reception desk as well as on the walls to either side. On the walls, there were large pictures depicting various items the company sold to customers around the world.

     “Looks like this place isn’t hurting for money. I think I’ll be very happy working for a place like this,” Denise thought to herself as she walked up to the reception desk and introduced herself.

     “Miller, Miller, hmmm, ahh yes, here we are. Take the door to the left and head down to the end for the waiting area. There’ll be someone there to take care of you,” the receptionist intoned with a smile and a small gesture to the door in question.

     “Seems like a busy little place for folks here. They were a bit vague on specifics for the ad but that’s OK. If I know the typical man that occupies the management roles in places like this, they’ll take one look at my body and their brains will melt...oh…” Denise thought as she opened the door in question and walked down a brightly lit hallway to a set of double doors at the end.

      Before Denise had a chance to look inside the room through the glass panels in the doors, one of the doors swung open and a blonde haired young woman wearing a white lab coat stepped out.

       “Ahhh, you must be Miss Miller. Step right in, and we’ll get things started,” the technician said with a smile as she gestured Denise inside.

       “Ummm, OK. Is there somewhere you want me to sit?” Denise asked with a little hesitancy. Looking around, the dark haired beauty saw that the room looked like some kind of laboratory rather than an office or something similar.

       “In a bit. Right now, I want you to put this necklace on and step in front of the camera over here,” the technician replied as she handed Denise a necklace with a dark looking pendant on it.

        Denise hesitated slightly before taking the necklace and fitting it around her neck. Taking a seat in the chair indicated, Denise flashed a brilliant smile as the technician held a digital camera and proceeded to click it several times.

        “Huh...usually they ask questions first before taking a picture. Maybe they think I’m the perfect person for this job head...feel a little strange...good but mmm...yeah.. ” Denise mused to herself as her smile remained even as her mind grew foggier with every flash.

        “OK. That’s done. Ready to begin the next phase. Miss Miller,” the worker intoned as she put the camera down and stepped back.

       A second technician stepped forward at this point, pulled a small flashlight out of her lab coat and pointed it directly into Denise’s eyes, one at a time.

       “Primary physical response to stimuli at minimal state. Miss Miller, acknowledge my voice,” the technician intoned as she put her light back in her coat pocket.

       “I hear you,” Denise replied with a voice devoid of emotion or a trace of independence.

       “Very good. Remove your blouse and skirt and set the clothes on the chair next to you. Acknowledge,” the technician intoned.

       “I hear your instructions. I will do as instructed,” Denise responded as she reached with her hands to undo the buttons on her blouse. Removing the indicated clothes, Denise draped them over the chair before returning to a standing at attention pose.

       “Very good. Now, Denise, remove your lingerie and place it on the chair next to you. Acknowledge the order given to you by the owner,” the technician intoned as she tapped on a tablet.

       “I hear and obey, owner,” Denise intoned. Moments later, Denise undid her bra and laid it over the chair. Shimmying out of her panties, Denise placed the garment on the chair as well before standing at attention with her arms at her sides and staring straight ahead.

       “Excellent. Time for part two of the process before complications arise by the return of self awareness,” the technician said she reached into a nearby desk drawer and pulled out a plastic container that had the company logo on it. Opening the case, the technician withdrew what looked to be a high powered, hand held injector.

       Moving to a spot directly behind Denise, the technician paused for the briefest of seconds to determine the best place in Denise’s supple ass.  Without saying a word, the tech pressed the injector against the chosen spot and pulled the trigger, waiting for a CLICK!.

       “OOOHHH!!” Denise gasped as she reflexively pushed out her chest and pulled her butt inwards as a response. Denise’s eyes opened wide for the briefest of moments before they settled back into a look that was fixated.

       “OK. This is the fun part. How many times have we done this now? Fifty? A hundred?” the technician mused out loud.

       “It’s been a lot. I heard the Canadian branch wants to increase the output by thirty percent but the European head thinks it’s too ambitious. Me, I think the Canadian folks need to stop listening to their beaver gurus and focus on this stuff more,” the other technician responded.

       Moments later, the effects of the injection started to become visible to the onlooking technicians. A patch of smooth, flawless plastic started to become visible around the area of the injection and started to spread in all directions. Blemishes and other imperfections started to rapidly vanish as the effect moved everywhere.

       “Wh..what..what’s going on..ooohhh...I...I...I can’t move...can’t talk...mmmm...oh...OH NO...I’M BECOMING PLASTIC...this can’t be...oohhh...I can’t be turning plastic...this...this must be some sort of..mmmm..nightmare, ” Denise thought as she saw her reflection in a mirror that was moved into her line of sight.

       The plastification of Denise swept around to the front of Denise as her humanity was transformed to perfect plastic. Denise saw her vagina clenched tightly, as if it was filled by a large cock or sex toy, before the area smoothed over and became flawless plastic like the rest of her body. Denise could see her nipples and areolas change into small nubs atop breasts that were becoming twin mounds of molded plastic

          As the seconds ticked by, Denise’s eyes changed into twin glass beads with a frozen look of desire and pleasure etched in them. With her hair changing into a wig consisting of synthetic threads, Denise’s transformation was complete.

          “I...I’M A MANNNEQUIN..THIS CAN’T BE...MUST BE SORT OF NIGHTMARE..A FANTASY..oooohh...mmmm...that...was...OOHHHHH….what…. ” Denise thought as she realized what her new state of being was. However, this thinking was interrupted by the sensation of a technician grasping her around the waist, lifting her in the air with ease and carrying her away. In that moment, Denise’s train of thought drifted to the simple desires of an inanimate mannequin.

            “Onto the belt with it, Joan, and they’ll determine the final mode in section two,” the other tech said solemnly and gestured towards a portal on the opposite side of the room. In front of the portal, there was what looked to be a rubber and Saskatchewan sealskin composite belt leading beyond the opening.

           Placing the mannequinized Denise onto the belt, the tech moved to the right and depressed the top button on a panel that featured three buttons in total. Moments later, the belt started moving forwards and Denise disappeared out of sight.

           “Another job done. Say, did they give us a quota on how many they want processed this month?” the tech said as she turned and walked towards the other technician nearby.

          “I think they said twenty this month. Oh. Oh, crap. You better come here, Joan. There’s something you should see,” the other tech replied as she gazed at her tablet and motioned Joan to join her.

          Denise tried to overhear what the two were talking about as she figured it was about her. However, the belt moved her quickly out of earshot and towards another destination known only to the technicians.

           “Oh! Hanna, get over here. We’ve got a new product to process and send for final processing. Ooooh, she’s a looker, too, “a red haired female technician exclaimed as she saw a new product enter the area the tech was working in.

           “Most of them are before the process is completed. SUZEtech seeks out the most beautiful women during product acquisition. I think it speaks to the owner’s desire for flawless beauty from the beginning to the end. Anyway, enough talking about the company’s history and stuff like that. Let’s get this subject on their way to their final destination, “ the brown haired technician replied as she eyed the transformed woman next to her.

           “OK. Let me see which PLA is attached to this beauty. Hmmm, that’s interesting. I would have expected the pink PLA to be used here. Oh, well, not my place to question directions, Hanna,” the red haired tech replied as she walked over to a locked metal cabinet.

          “Lemme see, lemme see, here we are. Red PLA. You know, every time we use one of these, the whole process kinda, well, turns me on, “Hanna said as she held up the device in her hand briefly to make sure there were no visible cracks or flaws. Satisfied the device was flawless, Hanna went over to the first figure and squatted down to where she anticipated there would be an opening.

          “OK. Time to insert, step back and watch the magic unfold, “Hanna said and pushed the PLA into Denise’s plasticized pussy until an audible click was heard. Stepping back, Hanna watched as the surface of Denise’s body started to glow a little as anticipated. As the seconds passed, changes started to happen to Denise’s body again. To start, it seemed that Denise’s arms were getting shorter by the second. At the same time, Denise’s wig of black hair slid off her head, which was also receding.

          As the changes proceeded, the top half of Denise’s body became lighter in color with the bottom part becoming flesh color tinged with light brown. The differences in color became more pronounced as Denise’s head and arms continued to shrink and recede.

         “What, what’s happening? What’s going on? I, I, I feel different...don’ I’m...I’m in two places at the same...uhhhh...mmmmm..same time...I...I...I am a bra form. I exist to display bras the owner wishes to sell. It is my purpose. I am a bra form. NO!! I’M DENISE MILLER!!...not a plastic form...form...this form hopes the owner puts a bra on it. This bra form exists to wear a bra. Mmmmm...oooohhh… ” Denise thought as the bra form that her consciousness resided in struggled to grasp her situation.

         As this was going on, the bottom half of Denise’s body turned glossier and more artificial with every passing second. As it did, Denise’s conscious thinking seemed to be part of it as well.

        “Uhhh...ummm...what...what’s’s like my thinking is changing...I...ooohhh...what..what….mmmm..I...I feel so I...I want to display is my purpose...I hope owner puts a nice pair of nude pantyhose on me...NOOO!! I HATE PANTYHOSE!!..THIS IS WRONG!! I’D NEVER WANT THIS..mmmm...feel good...NO!!...yes….mmmm… ” Denise thought as her angry thoughts of part of her mind being partially trapped in a pantyhose display form mingled with the wants and needs of the display form.

         “Wow. Ya know, I’ve seen that so many times but I never cease to be amazed by it. Time to do the test phase of these new items,” Anna said as she opened up a nearby desk drawer and pulled out two boxes. Handing one to Hanna, the tech opened up the box in her hand and pulled out a strapless, red satin bra.  Moving to where she set the bra form down, Anna proceeded to put the bra onto the form before setting it in front of a nearby wall mirror.

         “Wh..what...OOOOOHHHH...I am wearing bra for owner….mmmm...I feel is my purpose….my reason to exist….mmmm..NO!!...I am Denise, not a display form...I am D...d….display D cup bra...I hope someone buys it soon….ooohhh…. “the bra form thought as it enjoyed being used to display bras for its owner. Thoughts of herself as a lovely woman in Denise’s mindset were becoming secondary to the new, simpler thoughts of her current state of being.

         At the same time, Hanna had pulled out a pair of nude pantyhose from her box and was slipping them over the legs of the Denise hose form. Once in place and smoothed out, Hanna set the form on the table next to the bra form and stepped back.

        “I..I feel good...I...wh..what’s that...something smooth slipping over my feels right...this form exists to display pantyhose for owner...this form hopes the pantyhose is my purpose...NOOO!!...I HATE PANTYHOSE!!...THIS IS A NIGHTMARE...SOMETHING ONLY AN INTERNET HACK COULD THINK UP..I..I….mmmm...feel good...owner is rubbing me...owner must like me..I am a good hose...form… ” Denise thought as the part of her consciousness that was part of the pantyhose form struggled to adapt to its new reality.

       “The only thing to do now is take pictures, document any flaws or imperfections after the process is completed. Nice looking additions to the company inventory,” Anna said as she went to retrieve a digital camera.

       “OK. I’ll get the necklace for the pictures. Good work with both, I’d say, “Hanna said as she dug out a company necklace and draped it over the neck part of the bra form.

      “Ooooohh...I...I’m being moved...ooohh..something put on me...owner must think I am doing a good job...mmmm…. “the bra form thought as Denise’s thoughts of herself as a woman receded further into the background.

      “OH, SHIT!!! FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!! We screwed up big time!” Anna called out as she hurried over to Hanna with a tablet in her right hand.

     “What’s the matter? Boss wanted someone to rework the Felicity doll production estimates? “Hanna replied as she set the form down.

     “No! We processed Miller BUT it was the wrong Miller. We were supposed to deal with Diane Miller, not Denise,” Anna said as she waved the tablet in front of Hanna’s face.

     “Damn! I heard ‘D Miller’ in the morning conference and figured this one was the one we needed. Now, what the fuck do we do? “Hanna muttered as she tapped a nearby table top.

     A minute or two passed as the two technicians contemplated their next move.

    “Move to England, get a job working for some private security company and pray no one from SUZEtech ever recognizes us,” Anna said as she started gathering her personal items up along with her coat and shoes.

     “What about, ummm, these two? “Hanna replied and motioned towards the two forms.

      “Let the gals in inventory management handle that. We’re clearing out,” Anna said as she moved towards the exit with Hanna right behind her. Shortly thereafter, the lab fell silent save for the hum of equipment and a phone going unanswered.

      As for the bra and pantyhose forms that Denise now existed as, they would continue to sit until acted upon..

     After all, they were now just display forms and nothing more….