Night of the Living Dolls



Northern Chill

Chapter 13


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 Author's note: This is a serial that is a mixture of humor and horror that revolves around the " end of the world " idea.  There are scenes of sexuality, profanity and mild violence so if this bothers you, please move onto the nearest G rated story.  Otherwise, enjoy!

Characters: Colleen, Debbie, Lucy, Jill, Dollica, Empress, Diane, Donna, Lena

           In an area east of London, one of the suburban areas that usually teemed with commuters is desolate. Since the night that seemingly changed everything for everyone, the world had shifted to a new normal. In this paradigm, the cobblestone streets are deserted and show signs of nature reclaiming the area. The shops that lined the area on both sides showed signs of decay with a few missing glass panes and one had a family of cats nestled among dirty and rumpled clothing.

           However, one shop showed signs of upkeep with a spotless front window display and female mannequins dressed in what appeared to be brand new clothing. The other shops were shrouded in darkness but this building showed signs of recent activity.

          The back door to the shop swung open and two mannequins entered with a nude woman carried between them. The woman looked both disoriented and afraid as she frantically looked around at the surroundings.

           “LET ME GO!!! I’M A WOMAN, NOT ONE OF YOU FAKERS!! LET ME FUCKING GO!!” Diane screamed as she was dragged towards the front of the shop.

           “The fleshie does not realize the gift she is being given. She sees what is to come as something that is wrong,” the mannequin on the left said as she moved steadily forward.

           “When the time has come, and her form has changed, she will see the error in her beliefs. The fleshie will embrace the perfection of plastic,” the mannequin on the right added as she moved as well.

           “YOU PLASTIC FUCKERS ARE BLOODY CRAZY!! I DON’T WANT TO BE ONE OF YOU WANKERS!! LET ME FUCKING GO RIGH’ FUCKING NOW!!!.” Diane shrieked as she could see the display she was being dragged towards.

           “You will soon see the error in your thinking, fleshie. The joy of perfection will be upon you and you will embrace the state you are given. It is time, sister,” the mannequin on the left said to her colleague.

            Moments later, Diane was hoisted upwards and dragged into the front display of the store. Diane twisted her head around and saw one item standing by itself in the display: a stand for mannequins with a large metal rod in the middle. However, what made this stand different than anything Diane had seen before was that the top of the rod was adorned with a glowing red dildo or something similar.

           “Now, to start the fleshie on the path to her new existence. She will know the wonder of perfection and see how flawed her past thinking was,” the mannequin to the right said solemnly.

           “NO! NO!! NOOOOO!!!!.” Diane shrieked as she was hoisted into the air, positioned over the stand and without hesitation, impaled on the rod with the dildo pushed deep into her sex. The mannequins continued to hold onto Debbie’s arms in case she managed to free herself from what was to come.

           “YOU CAN’T...uhhhh...CAN’T…..ummmm...uhhhh,” Diane protested even as the volume in her voice decreased. She continued to twist and turn but the dildo seemed to pulse an energy that seemed eerily familiar.

             “Have to break free...have to...uhhh….something...something is happening...what...feel...ummm...feel strange, “ Diane thought as her mental anguish became mixed with sensations and thoughts she had never experienced before.

              As Diane tried to deal with the rush of feelings invading her mental outlook, her physical look started to change. Blemishes and other imperfections started to disappear from the area around where the dildo had entered into her. As this was happening, an artificial smoothness resembling the mannequins around Diane started to become visible in the same area.

             “The fleshie is receiving the gift. She will feel perfection and it will be good,” the mannequin on the left intoned.

             “When the crusade is complete, the world shall see a new age. A time where our kind will be seen as the one and only type for all,” the mannequin to the right remarked solemnly.

             “Can’t let...this...happen...won’….uhhhh...not...uhhh…. “ Diane thought as the thinking of being a mannequin became stronger by the second. The smooth glossy look was spreading rapidly in all directions on her body. In addition, joint lines started to become visible around Debbie’s wrists, ankles, waist and shoulders. With every passing second, Diane was becoming less human and more like a mannequin.

              Slightly nodding to each other, the mannequins withdrew from holding Debbie and watched in silence as the woman’s movements became less frenzied.

             “Won’….NOO!!!.....mmmm… “ Diane thought as her left arm, as if it had a mind of its own, bent at the elbow as it raised in the air with her left hand coming to rest behind her head. Her right arm shifted forward slightly as her hand came to rest against her hip. As her arms moved, the plastification of Diane’s body continued. Diane’s pussy clenched tight as if it was being filled by a hard cock or sex toy before the area smoothed over and became smooth plastic like the rest of her body. Debbie’s pubic eraser vanished much like all the other imperfections that used to be visible on her body.

                The transformation swept into the area of Diane’s chest as her breasts became twin mounds of molded plastic. The areolas vanished and Diane’s nipples shrank to become two nibs adorning the hardened surface.  

               “ clothes...NOOO!!!...mmmm…. “ Diane thought as her thinking shifted to the dominating thoughts of a plastic mannequin. Diane’s mouth twitched as it formed into a slight smile as the effect reached her head. The woman’s eyes turned to painted glass that showed just a slight hint of emotion in them.

               With her hair turning to synthetic strands, Diane ceased all movement and her transformation into a flawless plastic mannequin was complete. The only difference between this new mannequin and the mannequins around her was that Diane was bereft of any clothes, in stark contrast to the others.

               “The command has been fulfilled. It is time to return to our leader,” the mannequin on the right said solemnly as she turned away from the display and headed towards the exit.

               “Should we put clothing on the newest addition to our kind? It would help her mind accept her state of purpose,” the other mannequin asked as the exit door was pushed open.

               “The leader has ordered the sentence to be carried out on the fleshie. Whether she accepts the joy of her new state or not is not our concern,” the mannequin to the right intoned as the two left the store and the exit door closed behind them.

               “If I have my way, the leader will learn that paying no attention to me will prove costly. Soon, my fellow mannequins will refer to Christa as their leader and I will lead them on a new path,” one of the mannequins thought as they set off to report to their leader.

              And whatever future they had in mind remained a secret for one..for now…


Elsewhere in the world….

            The boat slowly chugged along as it made its way along the coast of northern Florida. The women had to stop a few times to refuel and for provisions but the small ports they docked at were deserted save for a few dolls and flying pumps that they easily handled. Even so, for the women on the boat, there was a general feeling of weariness and malaise evident as the days dragged on.

               “Don’t know how much longer I can do this without losing my mind. From when things went to hell in a handbasket back at the school...the mall...and everything else, it’s getting harder to keep things together, “ Debbie thought to herself as she leaned against the railing on the boat.

               “Penny for your thoughts?.” Colleen asked as she joined her friend at the ship’s stern.

               Debbie looked downwards for several seconds of silence..” It seems that we’re just moving from place to place to keep avoiding these damned dolls and the pumps. We don’t get a chance to settle down, catch our breath and plan a real future. I know there’s probably someone out there with the same name as me who is enjoying a life without skulking around to avoid being dolled,” she muttered softly with heavy resignation evident in her voice.

                 Colleen grasped Debbie’s left shoulder and shook it slightly. “Hey, now, don’t do that. It’s easy to get down on yourself and give up. Despite the world going to a latex hell or something like that, you’re hanging on and getting stronger every day that goes by. Some day, we’re going to look back on all of this and have a good laugh about all this crap,” she said quietly though with a note of determination in her voice.

                 Colleen was about to continue the conversation when the sound of crackling and buzzes emanating from a ham radio mounted in the wheelhouse interrupted her. They had found a working radio during the last fueling stop and figured to leave it on for sentimental reasons, they reckoned.

                 “Bzzzzz...there….is anyone out there? Transmitting on this frequency every day at this time. If you need help or food or a place to stay, are not alone. Is anyone out there?” a female voice said over the radio with humming and buzzing noises echoing throughout her talk.

                 Hearing this, Colleen and Debbie, along with the others, scrambled for the wheelhouse and all had a singular thought on their minds.

               “Is this salvation?...

To be continued…..