Niki’s New Life – A Christmas Present

by Dmuk

(This tale builds upon the robotic transformation started in 'Niki's New Life' and follows our favorite programmable lady as she experiences a new adventure)

(Monday Morning) Niki is awakened by the first light of dawn falling on her open eyes as she stands on the pedestal in her bedroom. Thinking this was merely part of a strange dream, she tries to raise her arm up to block the blinding brilliance. When her body refuses to respond and stays posed stiffly, holding the exact same position she has stayed in for the entire sixty-odd hours of the weekend, does Niki at last realize that her bizarre experience was not simply part of some graphically erotic dream but is actually happening.

She remembers being overpowered by two masked people who turned out to be her best friends Emily and Amy, being utterly immobilized by gold bands placed around her body and commanded to stay still as a mannequin until today. Niki had always fantasized about becoming a robot, an android, and had blabbed it to them. Somehow they had found the way to control her and make her think she was a robot standing there waiting for her programmed commands. Whatever it was, worked very well.

Niki knew that today when the alarm went off she would reanimate, get ready for work, check her email, and then spend the entire day at her secretarial job as if nothing unusual was going on. Every evening she would again check her email for messages addressed to her, then would stand on the pedestal and become a motionless statue once more, posed in a display stance, until the next day. Repeat program, unless modified.

You stare at the blank wall, Niki – or rather Robo_Niki – for that is now your new designation, and cannot move a muscle. Watching the paint peeling is becoming boring to you, yet your transformation into a robotic being is all you had dreamed it would be. All you need do is try to flex your deactivated body and feel the wonderful immobility and helplessness that you are trapped in. Thinking your friends should have given you at least a mirror, you wonder about your static pose and if it is as perfect as possible.

When you hear the insistent buzzing of the clock-radio, your daily command-set is triggered. Slowly, as if powering up after a long deactivation, you relax and step down from the pedestal, thinking nothing unusual about having stood there all weekend as still as a statue. Taking your clothes off and hanging them up carefully, you start the water for the shower. Hearing a strange noise, you walk back into the bedroom, where two women wait silently.

"Hello, Robo_Niki," Emily says, "time to have another programming session." She pulls a control box from her purse and presses a button. Instantly you stand rigidly at attention, unable to move once more. Even though you are totally naked, there is no way for you to cover your body. You await instructions.

"Umm, she’s responding very well!" Amy comments, walking around your still figure and poking you in the ass.

"Of course; the bands are the strongest link." Emily replies, moving right in front of you. "But they are a mite too – obvious – for everyday use. Time for an update, and just in time, too. Robo_Niki, dormant mode, now."

You are commanded to lock your body completely stiff and remain that way until further instruction. You can feel your muscles tightening up, even more than when you were on your display pedestal. Niki, you want to say What are you going to do to me? But they have not said you can speak, so you cannot.

Emily reaches up, removes the gold bands from your neck and head, and returns them to a case she has brought with her. While you think for a moment why you remain as stiff as before, she lifts out a device that looks almost like a price-sticker gun from a store. You cannot see as she walks behind you, presses the snout of it up to your neck, and pulls the trigger. You feel a sharp, short-lived pain and see stars as something is inserted into you at the base of your brain. Replacing your choker band with a finely woven necklace of golden wire – an antenna – your friend steps back and looks at you once more.

"Much better, don’t you think, Amy?" Turning to you, she barks out another command. "Robo_Niki, activate comm and prepare for compressed input!"

You feel a strange smell as your senses begin to cope with a completely new input source. Amy activates a small tape recorder which begins playing not words or music, but the staccato multi-toned ‘static’ of a modem or FAX machine. Only a millisecond of confusion passes before you begin to understand, and obey, what the encoded data stream is telling you. Information flows into your connected mind so quickly you cannot comprehend it, but bits and pieces stand out from the rest. You are quickly being given a complete cover-identity and explanations for the necklace, along with instruction series to be activated by code words, city directions, and much much more. The data stream stops; fifteen seconds have elapsed. You stand mute, and a little overwhelmed.

"Robo_Niki," Amy begins, putting away the recorder, "in thirty seconds, at my mark, you will forget about this meeting and go about your daily program as if nothing had happened. From now on you will not see Emily or myself as long as we are wearing these bracelets. All programming you have received shall be placed in deep memory. Mark."

You watch as the two friends turn and depart, leaving you standing stiffly in place, wondering about all the information you have received. Then, with a blink of your eye, you realize there was no sound and return to the bathroom to start your shower. Another boring day at the office is about to start, you think to yourself as you ponder which skirt to wear. Monday at work passes, just as dull as you had dreaded it would be. Even when you see Emily at lunch and make small talk, nothing seems out of the ordinary.

It is only after returning home that an unseen hand takes control of your being once more.

A strange compulsion makes you sign on to the Net and check for messages only to Robo_Niki. There are none, which leaves you feeling faintly disappointed. You open and drink a can of (something) that is in your cupboard, and close your blinds at 7pm.

Stepping into your bedroom, you again remove and carefully put away your clothes, then remove your frilliest panty and bustier set from your lingerie drawer and begin putting it on, along with a garter belt and pair of dark silky nylon stockings. Slipping your feet into a pair of five-inch heels, you brush your hair, check your appearance in the full-length mirror (stunning, you conclude), then pause for a second. Searching another drawer for a minute, you find your trusy vibrating dildo on the top of your dresser. Thinking nothing of it, you switch it on and insert it deep into your sex. Then, without hesitation, you step up onto your display pedestal as another program takes control of you.

Quickly your body assumes a different pose, with your right leg extended, hips tilted, and your arms crossed above your head. You are looking at the blank wall once more as you feel your body becoming completely rigid again like a mannequin. This time however, there is the constant stimulation of the dildo to arouse your still, immobilized, body. Being incapable of reacting only increases the pleasure and a few minutes later you have an overwhelmingly intense orgasm. Your frozen figure does not blink an eye.

Minutes or hours, and multiple orgasms, later you drift away to sleep and dream about flashes of light that appear out of the middle of nowhere all around you.

The next few days pass without any change to your normal(!) routine existence as a robot being. On Wednesday you shop for additional lingerie at noontime and appear on display that evening in a slinky purple vine-lace catsuit that you had always admired before but thought was to racy to ever purchase.

Friday afternoon, you are finishing up on your paperwork and getting ready for the weekend when the phone rings. "Strumpf and Company, Niki speaking…" Instead of a human voice you hear the warble of data input. Immediately your body goes still and it looks like you are daydreaming as information flows into your programmed mind. After it cuts off, you reanimate and continue, "thank you for calling; have a pleasant holidays."

Taking off a little bit early, you make your way to one of the larger department stores downtown and find the employee entrance as if you had gone there every day of your life. Waiting at the door are your two friends, and the control box.

"Remember we said before how you’re going to do anything we want you to now?" Amy said with a sly smile.

"Yes," you reply, "but what…"

"Robo_Niki, freeze, now!" She says without additional explanation and you feel your body turn into a rigid statue before you can say another word.

"Are you sure this is going to work?" Emily says.

"Certainly; the download worked just fine. Now, stop worrying…" Amy replies, while pressing the intercom button. A sharp buzz-click signals the opening of the door, and the two girls enter carrying your immobilized figure between them like a display dummy.

"Hi," Amy continues after you all make your way up to the display department. "We brought the mechanical doll we told you about, Miss Stein."

The older woman looks you up and down, placing half-glasses on her nose to see the fine detail in your frozen face. You cannot do anything to stop her.

"Ooh, and it looks so real, too!" She walks over to a rack with some clothes on it, picking out a garish read-and green outfit complete with floppy peaked hat. "Get this costume on it and then I’ll show you the program we want." She walks off in a daze.

Together Emily and Amy strip your work clothes from your stiff body and pull on the red striped tights and leotard of the elf costume, then slip your arms through the green vest with snow-puff buttons. You cannot resist as they place a dark-haired, curky wig on your head, then position the silly hat on it. With every move you will make, a little bell rings. Amy adds bright rosy blushes to your cheeks. You feel an odd, pleasurable, sensation in your crotch as Emily slips your trusty vibrator into position and turns it on. In the space of a minutes, you have been transformed into a robot elf figure.

They move your completely motionless body on a handtruck into the main display window, where a huge scene of Santa’s workshop has been constructed. All of the figures are life-sized; the smell of ozone permeates the air as you hear the whirr of concealed motors. An obviously broken figure of a female elf lays outside alongside the hallway. You begin to get some idea of what is about to go on, when Amy whispers into your ear, "Robo_Niki, voice program override, now!" Suddenly your vision goes black and you can hear Amy speaking to you but can not see or move at all…

Your vision clears and you find yourself moving in a jerky robotic fashion. First, turning from a pile of presents while stiffly holding a gift, you bend upright, turn a quarter of the way around and bend over to deposit the package into the sleigh. Just as you have bent completely down, another mechanized elf figure slaps you lightly on the butt as if saying ‘hurry up, slowpoke!’ Then the elf backs away, you turn back to the pile of presents still holding the same box, and the sequence repeats. You have become an animated display figure in the department store window!

Although your eyes are fixed in place, they scan across the window for a few seconds every cycle. Outside the glass stand Amy and Emily and they are watching you carefully with wide grins on their faces. You can feel the stimulation of the vibrator as you go through your programmed motions, more so when you are bent over. Each slap by the other elf mannequin gives you a little more oomph and though you cannot move on your own outside the set pattern you are becoming more and more aroused. Your first orgasm in the window is witnessed by your friends; you think it was them who positioned the slapping elf just so. Then a cluster of little kids and their parents appear, pointing a the funny diorama. After a few minutes, your friends slip away, leaving your to your new temp job as a robot mannequin. Every two minutes or so the constant stimulation drives you to a new orgasm which makes your body tingle with pleasure.

When the store closes for the night, the displays are also dimmed. As soon as the power is turned off, the figures stop moving. Suddenly you find yourself locked into position also, as rigid and stiff as they are. Somehow you know that when they reactivate the next morning, you will too. The dildo continues to hum its merry tune of erotic joy inside your still body. Your orgasms come less often, but more intensely.

You think to yourself, Now HOW many days are there until after Christmas?

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