9-month Mannequin

by Paul G. Jutras

"Home at last." Eden Snow sighed as it seemed like days since she finished her work at the office. It was hard to believe that she was only stuck in rush hour traffic for a couple of hours. Of course it was harder that her husband got custody of the kids during the divorce.
"I've waited a long time for this!" A voice came out of the darkness as Eden opened the front door. Before she could act, a woman with short blonde hair ran up and hugged her. "Hiya, roomie!"

"Hi good-looking." A man said as he slapped Eden on the shoulder. "Surprise to see us huh?"

"You could say that." Eden chuckled.

"Since most of our graduation class was back here, we decided to come back for the big announcement." The woman glowed. "We'd hope you'd throw me a surprise baby shower. Not too much of a surprise since I want to look good like I did twice for you."

"You got a point there." Eden smiled as she started to call the girls and treated all baby shower guests to the hair dresser. It was tough for them to pick out their nail polish colors and hair styles. They all then went shopping for gifts to surprise Denise when they show up back at Eden's house. "Though two was my limit. I'd never want to go through that again."

Eden, like the other women, couldn't decide on the first thing she saw. As she stepped in front of a pregnant mannequin, she moved her flat palm to her own hard abs that she worked so hard to keep trim.

A salesman saw Eden looking at maternity gifts and mannequin when he walked up to her. "May I help you?" he asked with a weird smile. "If you can't find anything here we just got a shipment of supplies brought to the back. Would you like to see?"

"Thank you very much." Eden smiled as she stepped out in front of him. As she headed through the stockroom doors, he pulled out a small device the size of an electric razor from his pocket. Before she could ask where they where, he touched the back of her neck. An electric shock caused her to black out.

When she came to, she found herself standing upright with hands at her sides. Her image in the full length mirror in front of her reminded her of the tin soldiers her brother use to play with when they were little kids. She also noticed that a tube was placed into her sex and she could feel a butt plug in her ass. She tried to speak but no sound emerged from her mouth.

"You'll be ready to begin in a moment." The man smiled as he pried open Eden's mouth and put another tube down her throat. He then went over and started up a machine that sent a liquid that tasted like warm milk into her. It didn't take long before Eden felt like she had a very form fitting dildo in her sex. "This liquid will turn your body into plastic from the inside out. Pregnant mannequins are so rare, that they are very expensive to buy. We're not monster enough to harm a baby by turning a real pregnant woman into one."

"How will they make me look pregnant?" Eden thought as her body was already starting to feel very full due to the liquid pumping away inside of her. She noticed that her breasts were become very erect and growing inside. Like they were filling with a mother's milk.

Eden soon learned how she was made to look pregnant. As the liquid filled her intestines and bladder she notice a bulge in her stomach. It was already starting to stretch and give her a pregnant look. The man walked around her with a smile. "The only question is make you a full pregnant mannequin or to bisect you so that you can model maternity pantyhose as well as a maternity blouse."
Hearing a buzzing sound, Eden watched the man who stole her life leave her range of sight. It was obvious that he was talking on the phone. Silence came for a time. Eden then watched as he wheeled another naked mannequin into sight on a dolly. Eden almost didn't recognized the mannequin’s surreal face as being her fellow shopper, Betty.

"Don't worry about your friend, Eden." The man grinned as he put Betty's blonde hair into a pony tail. It was a sure thing that Betty's hair was now nothing more than a wig. "She's perfect for our sportswear department , so I won't make her pregnant like you."

Eden felt relief at that thought as she watched him dress Betty in a white sleeveless knit shirt and wrap a red mini skirt on Betty's torso. He then lifted her up and planted her ass on a steel rod so to put on white bobby socks and sneakers more easily. Posing her arms and legs, he set a tennis racket in her hand before wheeling her out to sportswear.

When the man returned, Eden was a full nine months pregnant. Not only did she look nine months, but felt it too. Her feet were swollen, her back ached and her bladder felt like it was going to be crushed by the weight of a baby that did not exist. Worse, she felt like she needed to pee, but was no longer able to do so.

"Don't worry about the physical pain." The man grinned as he poked her swollen breasts. They had become more sensitive and sent waves of arousal through her stiff body. "As you can see, only the slightest movement will send you over the edge."

To add to her embarrassment, she was put on a dolly and wheeled out to maternity fully naked. It was then that she put a pair of pink maternity hose on her lower half and a matching blouse. Eden then though she saw him pull out a pair of carpenter pants. He place a pair of specially made thong beach shoes on her feet. Specially made because with her toes fused together, the strap couldn't go between her big toe and the rest of her toes. When it was on her, she noticed the bottom had a skirt instead of legs. A display rod ran up under the skirt and was attached to the butt plug inside of her.

"There you go." The man smiled as he put her in an angle so that she could see Betty out of the corner of her eye in sportswear. Behind her, she suddenly felt a cool breeze that made her orgasm and mentally cry out for release that couldn't come. "The electronics department rotating fan display should keep you stimulated ever minute or so."

"Do you think Denise will like this?" Raye said she held up a lacy-trimmed bra and panty to Lita.
"She'll love it." Lita smiled as she held up a hat and bib for the baby. "Don't you think she'll think this design will be adorable."

"We'll have to show it to Eden and Betty." Raye smiled as she looked around. "Where did they go?"

"Are you looking for your friends?" A salesman turned away from Eden and walked over to her friends with his weird smile. "They were checking some products that were just brought off the truck in back. Would you like to see?"

"We think we found what we want for our friend," Raye said as she looked at Lita. "But no harm can come from looking."

"This way." The man said, taking the girls to the back.

"Not them too!" Eden thought as the cool fan breeze blew on the side of her hard breast. If her pussy wasn't plastic it would of been very wet. "What will poor Denise think when we don't return for the baby shower."

A couple hours and several orgasms later, Eden watched as her two stiffened friends joined her on the empty platforms on either side of her. While the fan continued to blow across the side of Eden, they blew against Raye's back and hit Lita directly in the front. As Eden thought about how aroused the fan made her, she figured Lita must be knocked totally out by the fan hitting her square in both breasts and her sex.

Near the time for the store to close, the phone in the maternity department rang. The salesman picked it up and chuckled a friendly "Good Evening." As he expected, it was Denise, worried about why her stiffened friends hadn't come back for their surprise party.
"I'm so sorry," The man said with a smile as he looked at the surreal frozen faces on his new mannequins. "Nobody answering to their names or descriptions has been in this store today. You know how bad the city has gotten in the last couple of years. As much as I hate to say so, I fear something might of happened on their way down here."

Denise hung up the phone and called the police. Within twenty-four hours, she and the rest of the party were taken to the city morgue and shown four bodies burned beyond recognition. They'd never know that the mysterious salesman had taken out one back tooth from each of the mannequinized friends and put it along with the girl's belongings on some homeless dead people, which he then had set on fire himself. Enough evidence for both the police as well as family and friends to accept.

The salesman himself just went about his normal sinister workings. Always ready in case pretty girls who enter the store, he’s prepared for when the boss has him ‘order another mannequin’ for some department. He so much loved his work. The happy faces forever frozen on his customer's faces brings him such joy.


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