No More Heroines: 1
by Northern Chill

   Author's note: This is a serial story based on the notion of the disappearance of all the heroes and the majority of heroines on Earth under mysterious circumstances.  These chapters show how certain new characters emerge,
  the search for the missing and so on.  There are themes of sexuality and strong language throughout this story so if this bothers you, surf to another page. Otherwise, enjoy !

  All characters mentioned are the property of the respective comic companies which own them except for the ones I make up on my own.  This story is meant strictly as a parody. 


                   Chapter 1 : Sun comes up...

                 Bonnie flicked on the television while she sipped her morning coffee and leafed through some paperwork she needed to be familiar with for her morning meeting.  If everything went according to plan, she would be the next vice president of Deltox, the largest military contractor in North America.  Considering the massive upheaval that the world gone through in the last twelve months as a result of the disappearance of  99.9 % of the world's super heroes followed shortly thereafter by a slightly lower percentage of heroines, business has been extremely good  for companies that provided weapons to nervous governments.

                 The commercial for the soft drink Peppermint Crystal cola ended and the local newscast resumed once again.  "A daring daytime bank robbery was foiled today thanks to the unexpected arrival of the new heroine Chrome Queen,"  the newscaster intoned before the image shifted to a videotape of the bank in question.  Bonnie watched with rapt attention as she saw the bank was surrounded by heavily armed police officers and barricades holding curious onlookers back.

                "The robbers had taken people in the bank hostage and were demanding a plane with enough fuel to take them to Canada or Cuba.  The situation grew tense as the robbers' deadline to comply with their demands grew near and the police got ready to storm the building and rescue the hostages.  However, just a few minutes before the deadline's conclusion, police were surprised to see the hostages emerge from the building unharmed and relatively calm.  When the police entered the building, they found Chrome Queen, dressed in her bright silver and gold unitard with a C/Q logo that had been the talk of the city, standing next to three statues,"  the commentator droned on as the images flickered to show the bank interior.

                 Bonnie could see two of the statues were men dressed in tight fighting outfits with sub machine guns clutched in their hands and looks of surprise clearly visible on their faces.  The third, a woman looking to be in her early 30's dressed in a blouse and skirt, was slightly bent over with her left hand clutching a stapler and a look of either shock or horror visible on her face.  All three had a shiny silver coating on them from head to toe, though Bonnie knew that the effect would wear off within 24 hours based on previous media reports.

                 "The police initially congratulated Chrome Queen for her saving the hostages and captured the robbers but this praise was soon tempered by the realization that one of the three statues was in fact the bank manager!   When pressed about the mistake, the heroine blushed and muttered something to the extent that she was still learning this whole hero business.  With that, Chrome Queen flew off into the sky leaving the police the task of incarcerating the crooks and explaining what happened to the bank manager... when she reverted back to human form..."  the commentator said as he shuffled his papers in preparation for the next article.

                 "Chrome Queen... is that a lame name or what?  I just wish they'd find out what happened to Wonder Woman, Power Girl and all the others.... seems strange they would disappear without warning or a trace.."  Bonnie thought as she drained her coffee cup and turned off the TV before heading out to start another routine day.


                Later that day....

                "....and if you hadn't shown up today, Starfire, I doubt we would have caught the Joker and his gang today.  They'll be going away for a long, long time I assure ya!"  a mild mannered white haired man in his mid 50's said to the woman standing next to him.  Nearby, several officers were leading a cackling man with a chalk white face dressed in a purple and black suit to a waiting paddy wagon where several handcuffed men already waited.

               The heroine, a busty golden skinned woman whose costume consisting of thin strips of silver material that barely covered her D-cup breasts that ended around her neck in a beaded collar and a very tiny bottom half that covered her private areas, nodded in agreement.  "Those men hardly put up a fight at all.  On my native world, the youngest of our warriors could have smashed them without any effort whatsoever,"  she said, crossing her arms in front of her ample chest.

              The detective, a little unnerved by the aggressive tone in Starfire's speech and the lack of pupils in the heroine's eyes, merely nodded and moved towards his fellow officers as they started to get ready to leave the scene.  Shortly thereafter, Starfire standing alone in the street with not a sound coming from anywhere.

              "An easy fight... considering how few heroes and heroines seem to be around these days, I could use more of these battles...."  the busty alien thought to herself as she looked down the quiet street with only the sound of distant car honks and the caws of crows interrupting the silence.

              Starfire was about to fly off into the night sky and return home for the night when she heard a noise coming from a nearby alleyway.  Running over to the dark lane, the heroine saw only a dumpster and several cardboard boxes with a black and white cat cleaning itself.

             "Help me..!"  a male voice called out from around the corner.

              Starfire, hearing the cry, sprinted around the corner and...


              The heroine was a bit disoriented at first by the abrupt change in scenery but after several seconds her eyes had adjusted enough that she could see several figures moving in her vicinity though where she was and how she got there was a mystery.  Starfire had traveled through space many times in the past so she was well used to dealing with normal darkness but this was far different.. it felt... artificial in nature.

               Before the gold skinned heroine could fully get her bearings, a beam of light shone down on her from above that formed a small circle around her.

              "Ah...the powerful and resourceful heroine known as Starfire... one of the more powerful heroines that we have yet to account for in this area.  This will bring us closer to achieving our goal of taking out the heroine population on this miserable planet,"  a disembodied voice called out from the darkness.

              Starfire's lips curled in disgust. "I don't who you are or what you're doing but you'll regret the day you engaged in combat with me!"  she shouted while simultaneously unleashing a powerful bolt of energy from her hands in the direction of the voice.  To the heroine's chagrin, the attack disappeared into the darkness with no sign that it had come into contact with anyone or anything.  Feeling her frustration growing, she decided to fly upward to see if she could get a better determination of the size of the area she was in and maybe a glimpse of her opponents.

              However, Starfire's plan went for naught as she traveled up into the air no more than forty or fifty feet when she ran straight into an invisible energy field.  The field's strength was great enough to send the heroine tumbling onto the smooth floor momentarily stunned by the impact.  After a second or two, Starfire rose to her feet putting her left hand to her forehead while trying to figure out what exactly she ran into.

              No more than a few seconds later, two silver objects came hurtling out of the darkness and clamped themselves onto Starfire's forearms before she had a chance to react.  She immediately tried to rip the armbands off her arms but despite her best efforts they remained firmly secured. She had just ceased her efforts to pull the metal bands when a red light flickered on the bottom half of both pieces.  Almost immediately after that, the heroine felt two sharp sensations from beneath the silver bands as if she was being injected by syringes though she couldn't see any.

              "X'Hal!"  Starfire cried out invoking the name of a goddess on her home planet as she saw her arms and hands starting to change shape from their normal look to an artificial and glossy appearance.  She saw the fingers on both her hands pressing together of their own accord and would not respond at all to her thoughts.  She saw her golden skin changing to a pink color with  a general lightness sweeping through her body.  Starfire tried to fly away from this area or generate one of her fearsome energy bolts that would disrupt whatever was under way and maybe disrupt these bands' evil process.  Unfortunately, the heroine was unable to do either and she found that she could no longer move at all.

            "By the powers of Tamaran, I swear whoever you are you'll pay... I swear you'll regret... this... I...."  Starfire shouted weakly as the effects of the transformation began to fully engulf her voluptuous body.  She saw her breasts slowly swell pushing against the taut silver metal that covered them with her nipples becoming erect as they rubbed up against the outfit covering them.

            "Yes...yes... we've heard that type of claim before. Spider-Woman... Rogue... Thundra... Ms. Victory... they were shown the futility of such claims quickly as you are about be..." the voice called out from somewhere in the darkness.  There was shuffling of feet and several inaudible murmurs from the vicinity before the voice returned.  "I think you'll find escape is impossible... of course, in a short while, you won't even want to try and get away! Ha! Ha!" the male voice crowed, with a low mocking laugh evident at the end of his short epitaph.

           "You'll regret what... regret what... you..."  Starfire shouted unaware that she was starting to repeat herself as her thinking was starting to become clouded.  She looked down and saw that her legs and hips were uniformly pink and glossy in color with what looked like seams running up the sides. The heroine felt her pussy being affected by the change as it clenched tight for several seconds causing her whole body to shudder in the most intense orgasm she had experienced in some time.

          "I'll fight... fight.. youu.youuuuu..."  the heroine gasped out before her ability to speak vanished as the process claimed her torso and face.  Her mouth twisted on its own into a tight O-shape as the teeth and tongue melted into a sold mass of soft rubber and latex.  Starfire's golden skin was now completely pink and tan in color with what appeared to be an inflation plug growing out of her back.  Her arms moved tightly to her sides with her forearms bent at the elbows sticking straight out at 45 degree angles to her body.  She slowly toppled backward to the floor, which she hit not with a loud thud but with a soft puff.

         "I'm a living doll... I think they call it a love doll.. made for love... love... love to be used... used like a good doll..." thought the doll as it laid on the floor with its legs slowly spreading apart into the traditional V shape that most sex dolls formed.  Starfire lay there peacefully, waiting to be used and caressed... like any good dolly.

         After an indeterminate amount of time, the voice was heard from the darkness once again. "Remove Starfire to Storage Area # 0090 for now.  Leave her inflated for now, though remove her costume for ID purposes.  Once done, run tests on Silver Sable and White Queen statues for level of conscious thought,"  the voice commanded to unseen helpers. "90.125% of heroines have now been processed in this sector with 2.5% unaccounted for."

        Starfire felt hands quickly strip off her costume, sending waves of pleasure rolling through her body.  After that, she felt herself being carried by someone and then being stood up straight in some sort of glass tube.  Once it was sealed, she felt a strong endless breeze flow over her entire body and she was lost in ecstasy....


        A bank of computer monitors showed various pictures of heroines displayed on them; from well known ones to those the public wasn't even aware of.  The one showing a picture of Starfire blinked several times before winking out and replaced by her name only with INACTIVE stamped across it.  A slim black gloved hand reached across and tapped the keyboard several times before settling back.

        "If these kidnappers aren't stopped soon, Earth will be helpless... I have to get help somewhere.."  Miss America said as she turned away from the monitor and looked out into the deserted Batcave for an answer.... any answer...

        To be continued.....

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