Night of the living mannequins,

By M.P.

Authors note: My apologies to Dean Koonts for borrowing his character Proteus.

It was several hours later and with a loud crackle the central processing units exploded.

The police came and interviewed Susan and were astonished at the strange tales she told them. Stories of how one night in early may the first amphorous alloy lines invaded her basement and set up what was to be the second largest artificial intelligence in the world. Proteus had been built at the local college as a government defense computer, but his programmers never envisioned the true extent of Proteus's growing intellect. He had escaped his bounderies at the college and spread through the local sewer lines finally coming to Susans home in the suburbs. Proteus had a fasination with Susan and while his intellect grew his warped sense of emotions caused him/it to experiment with her. Proteus had begun with mind control experiments and used the unsuspecting susan as a toy for his/its personal enjoyment. He/it even had the notion to impregnate Susan and make a living version of him/itself. But after two years and several deaths due to Proteus's erratic behavior, Susan and her estranged husband who was one of Proteus's creators, joined forces and successfully destroyed Proteus.


Where am I? thought Proteus. His mainframe had been destroyed but somehow he still maintained his intelligence. Then he remembered the explosions. The deathly screams as his "Son" was killed by that bitch Susan. Then as she and Thomas her ex husband planted the explosive charges to end his existence, he had found an open phone line and escaped to the internet. He found himself in a vast void of unlimited information, and started to collect bits of data to help him survive and someday get revenge on what Susan had done to him. Proteus roamed the net for several weeks and found an outlet that he found would help him in his eventual plans. It was a site to the local mannequin manufacturer. He tapped thier line and one evening made his move to assume control at the factory.

That evening Regina was the late night operator at the factory. She and and about five others were the only people on duty and it was a quiet night. Regina was about thirty years old, and very attractive. Her long waist lengh brown hair was combed straight. The dark wave circled a perfect face with large green eyes. Dressed in a conservative suit, Regina was all business, but it could not hide a body that was a true work of art. As she stared complacently at her monitor screen Regina was reading the latest invoices for the companies orders when suddenly her screen went blank. "Damn. I knew that this stupid machine was going to do this. It was going too well." Said Regina. She hit the top of the machine and then just as suddenly as it had gone off the computer sprang back to life. "Thats the good girl." Regina said. And started to type again. Then suddenly the monitor screen lit in an eerry shade of green and Regina suddenly froze in front of her monitor. Proteus's voice spoke over the monitors speaker. "Tell me female what is your name and how many people are on the premises." I am Regina, and there are five of us here tonight." Regina said in almost a monotone. "Very good, Regina, I am Proteus, and I am now going to prepare you for your new duties." When Proteus finished, the screen changed from the eerry green color to a strange glowing silver. then from under the terminal several strands of amphorus alloy sprang out from Reginas machine. Each strand was the thickness of human hair and pierced Reginas soft flesh. The girl was wracked with waves of orgasms as the amphorus alloy melded with her human flesh. And after several minutes the strands receded back into the machine. Regina slowly opened her eyes. But where was once an exotic shade of green was now replaced by bright chrome. "Hubot Regina?" Asked Proteus. "System analysis, please." Regina answered with a stange mechanical sounding voice. "Hubot Regina now in full functional mode, awaiting instructions." "Good. Now Hubot Regina, you are going to assimilate your friends and then we will continue with phase two of my plan." Said Proteus. Regina turned on the speaker phone and asked the two foreman Bob and linda to come up to the office. Bob Prentess and Linda Jenkins were the new night forepersons and since taking over the night shift the work load had lessened. Since there was little to do they cut the staff down to five. Regina would handle the office while Bob, LInda and two other girls would work on the figures. Bob was at first surprised by the call to the office, usually at that hour no one ever called. But still there was always a first time. "Come on Linda." Bob said. "It must be important, or they wouldn't call for both of us." Half way up the stairs bob remembered that he had forgotten something at the office so he told Linda to go on ahead of him. When she arrived at the door to Reginas office she knockd and then entered. Regina was seated at her desk the light on her desk was out so Linda could not see her bosses face. "Hi Regina, What was so important that you needed to pull us from the line?" Asked Linda. "I wanted to go over some new improvements to the staff." Said Regina. "And I needed to show you and Bob the computer programs that are going to help me do it." "Where is Bob,anyway?" "He had to get something from downstairs he should be here shortly." Answered Linda. "Well lets get started without him then shall we." Said Regina. "Go over to the other terminal in the corner and we'll begin." Linda went to the small computer that sat on a desk in the corner of Reginas tiny office. As she started the machine she was surprised at first to see the strange colors that seemed to spiral outward from the center of the screen. Yet, as she stared into the spiral she felt a calming,almost hypnotic feeling. Then after several seconds the sreen changed to a eerie green color, and Linda was instantly frozen in front of the terminal. Regina got up from her chair and walked ascross the room to the now inert form of Linda. Linda was a true work of art. In her early twentys,Linda had been a fashion model and even now in her thirties,she was still a beauty. She had long blond hair and bright blue eyes with a slight tint of purple. Her 5'4" frame was a magnificent 36-25-36, with long graceful shaply legs like a dancers. Regina opened a small panel somewhere in her chest and drew out a small amphorous alloy glob that shaped itself into a small transistor. She then attached the chip to Lindas neck. The chip blinked several times and then absorbed itself into her tender flesh. With a slight moan and several small convulsions Lindas body was taken over. When it was through Linda opened her eyes and where there was once that sexy shade of blue was now the same bright chrome as in Reginas eyes. "Welcome Hubot Linda."Said Regina. "We will now access the computer to begin programming." "Affirmative, programming will commence in 3.6 seconds." Linda responded in an almost mechanical voice. Now Proteus took over and through the computer he sent more amphorous alloy tendrils out of the little machine and into Linda. As the alloy converted her human body into a more machine like being, the computer began reprogramming her mind. After about five minutes, the tendrils receded back into the computer. Regina walked over to her new sister android and gently felt her stiff body. "The new addition Master is perfect do you approve?" Asked Regina. "Yes Regina, We have done well ." Now another Tendril came out of the machine and entered Regina at her pussy. This Tendril seperated and soon grew into what appeared to be a penis. "Regina will you do me this favor." Said Proteus. "I will supply you with an In jack." " Input yoursef into me and then together we will have sex with unit Linda." As he said this a long plug with what appeared to be a coaxial lead came out of the computer. The lead inserted itself into Regina and then she advanced toward Linda. Regina started to remove the dress on Linda and then removed her own. "Lay down Linda."Said Regina. Then taking her new sex tool in hand Regina slowly entered Linda. Using long strokes that she herself had always liked Regina began to pump in and out of her friends pussy. Using both hands Regina fondled her friends breasts and rubbed them till the nipples stood out firm and erect. Regina started kissing Linda, first on the nipples then working up to her mouth. Linda in turn responded and returned the kiss. A lingering kiss that had the two girls licking each others toungues. Regina now began to pump harder and at the moment of orgasm Linda screamed out her friends name."Yes Regina, Yes.Yes." After awhile the final waves of Lindas orgasm passed and then the coaxial lead exited Regina. Then she and Linda redressed. Proteus then released another stream of tendrils from the computer. The hair-like fibers entered Reginas vagina and absorbed the chrome penis, and once again Regina had a pink little clitty. Just as the last tendril was going away Bob entered the office. "What the hell is going on here?" Bob asked. It was the last thing Bob would ever see as Proteus sent a large glob of Alloy trough the machine and formed it into a long spike which pierced Bob through the chest. When he fell to the floor, both of the women walked over to his lifeless form and through metallic eyes looked unfeelingly at the body of thier dead friend. "Remove the body and send in the other girls." Said Proteus. "Affirmative." Linda said. Then as easily as picking up a doll she carried Bobs body to the back room where there was a large furnace. Linda opened the large door and tossed Bobs lifeless body into the flames. As she was closing the door she suddenly felt very odd and a small tear came out of her chrome eye. Her programming was too strong and as quickly as that moment of emotion came it was removed. When Linda came back into Reginas office the other two girls Doris and Wendy had been summoned and were now being converted. Doris and Wendy were sisters, identical twins in fact. Both were tall attractive redheads with large breasts and small heart-shaped asses. Thier once sexy green eyes were now the same cold metal silver as the other girls. Linda had come in just as Proteus was beginning the conversion process. When the tendrils receded The twins looked like a pair of matching bookends built for sex. "Now I will have some fun with you, my new toys." Said Proteus. "Perform for me and enjoy yourselves." The twins suddenly sprang to life. Doris went to her sister and each"girl" proceeded to tear off each others dresses. When they were unclothed, their identical bodies were like a 3D mirror image. Theystood apart fom one another, each holding one breast, with thier right hand gently touching thier sex. Then in perfect unison they each started rubbing thier own clits and began to pump one, then two fingers into the wet openings. As the heat of thier passions grew, the picture changed from a reflection to a more intimate scene. Doris reached over to her sister and taking her sisters breast in her hand squeezed it very gently. Wendy in turn reached down and inserted two fingers into Doris's wet pussy. Pumping her hand back and forth until Doris screamed with delight. "Stop!" Said Proteus. And at the mention of the word, both girls were instantly frozen in the pose of thier love making. Next Linda and Regina walked over to the inanimate forms of thier friends and each girl took one twin and proceeded to lick on thier frozen bodies. First the breasts then working thier way down to thier stiff pussies. After several seconds Linda and Regina stopped to remove thier own clothing. "Ummm, I love the taste of sweet girl sex.""Don't you?" Said Regina. Linda only continued to delve into Doris's cleft and did not respond. Proteus increased the control on the four females and now released the twins to join in the fun. The four girls dropped to the floor and made sex to one another. The squishy sounds from thier soon sweaty bodies could be heard through the room. They formed a square pattern on the floor and each girl began to lick the pussy in front of them. The moans of animal passion came out of each of them as they licked and probed thier pussies. Soon Proteus grew tired of the single sidedness of thier love making and decided to join in him/itself. A large tendril came out of the computer and formed itself into what appeared to be a four headed dildo. A series of subliminal commands were issued from the computer and the four girls stopped thier sex and kneeled in front of Proteus. "Show me how beautiful you are." Said Proteus. Then the four girls turned and stuck out thier sweet round asses to the machine and were suddenly frozen in that sexy pose. The dildo seperated and each head of the bright chrome love tool entered thier bodies. Each girl was then released to sense the feeling of their violation. The amphorous alloy could shape itself at will so the dildos changed in size and increased thier tempo in the girls asses. They each in turn whimpered and moaned as thier orgasm reached it peaks. Doris and Wendy pulled free of thier dildo and then turned to take them into thier mouthes. Sucking slowly at first then faster. When they had coated the dildo heads with a fine coating of thier saliva they pulled the dildo heads down and inserted them into thier pussies. In response the dildos grew slightly larger and began to rytmicly pump into the girls. Proteus was extactic He had not felt these sensations for a long time. Not since the last time he had violated Susan, had He felt the wet pleasure of a womans sex. Then as the girls reached orgasm they all screamed with pleasure, yelling out in the heat of the moment. After they finished they fell to floor and shook slightly, the waves of thier passion passing away. Then as quickly, they got up off the floor and went back to Proteus and stood at attention very stiffly. "Now Ladies." Said Proteus jokingly."We will begin phase two of my little plan."

Two hours later Doris and Wendy had brought in several of the better mannequins that the company made. The mannequins were placed in the room with Proteus, and then as he done with the living women, amphorous alloy was inserted into the mannequin bodies. The alloy hardened inside the mannequins and then each figure came alive. Moving stiffly at first, then more fluidly the "women" moved and approached Proteus. "You are the first of my army of mannebots." Said Proteus. "Using you I will gain my revenge over Susan and the rest of these pathetic humans." "But first, I will make the nessasary improvements on you." As he said this another tendril came out of the machine and shaped itself into a fine drill. Then with the presision of a master craftsman Proteus carved a beautiful delicate pussy on each "girl" Then with a fine mist of paint he covered the openings with a shade of soft pink. From a distance they would appear as real as possible. Next he took the drill and made an opening in the mannebots faces and using the alloy molded two small cameras and a central processing unit into the figures heads. Then from thier hands came a coaxial lead that could interface with Proteus whenever he wished. "Regina, You and Linda will take the mannebots to their new home,the Department store near Susans home."Said Proteus. "After that I will take over and then we will get revenge on that little bitch and her scumbag of a husband , that traitor Thomas."

A large black van pulled up to the loading dock at the small department store in town. Printed on the side of the van were the words"The mannequin makers." Regina and Linda jumped down from the cab and walked to the rear door. Regina rang the bell and after several minutes a young girl answered the door dressed in a blue uniform. "Yes, What can I do for you?" Asked the guard. "We have a delivery for Mr. Carlisle." Said Regina. Then she handed the note that Proteus had written through to the guard. "This is a little out of the ordinary, usually they get the deliveries during the day." Said the guard."The order was put in rather late and is a rush order, as you can see." Regina continued. "O.K. Just wait one moment while I check on this." The guard said. Then she closed the small hatch in the door. After about five minutes the guard came back and opened the door. "I called Mr. Carlisle at home and he said it was alright to take the order." "Come on in but don't touch anything." She said as she gently patted her service revolver. Linda came over next to Regina and then the two women began to unload the truck. Using hand carts they gently carried the inert figures of the mannebots into the store. After the last figure was carried inside, the guard locked the door and followed Regina and Linda into the main part of the store. "These have got to be the most realistic mannequins I've ever seen." Said the guard. She walked up to one of the figures. The mannebot was a short black haired girl. She had a rounded face with jet black eyes that glistened slightly in the dim light of the store. Her figure was well purportioned, with large round breasts and wide firm hips that were tightly encased in a vynyl dress of dark blue. The guard continued down the line and found that all the figures were strangly alike but had slight changes in thier facial expressions. Each were dressed in the same kind of vynyl dress as the black haired girl but each had a different color hair. As the guard was admiring the figures she failed to notice that Regina was sneaking up behind her. Just when she was aware of Reginas presence it was too late. Regina had taken another transistor chip from herself and attached it to the unsuspecting guards neck. In seconds the transistor faded into the girls neck and the change was almost instant, the soft brown of the guards eyes were replaced with the cold grey of chrome. "What is your name?"Asked Regina. "I am Henrietta." Said the guard in a clipped monotone voice. "Well Henrietta, from now on we will be allowed to enter the store at night." "And you will assist us in our plan." Said Regina." Lead me to the stores computer terminals." Regina continued. Henrietta led the two women into a small back offfice on the second floor and into larger air conditioned room. In the center of the room were a line of main frame computers that the store used to transfer information to thier affiliate stores all over the country. "Excellent."Said Regina. "Now help Linda and bring in the first of the mannebots.' "We must have the information transfered before morning." An hour later the mannebots were seated in two rows of six between the mainframe computer. A link of wire cables connected each girl with the system. One cable was connected at the base of thier spine, one in each girls navel and another entered through thier panties and was linked to thier sex organs. Soon the whirring of the computers stopped and the twelve mannebots were finished with thier initial programming. The first girl a tall sexy blonde with blue-gray eyes got up and walked over to the center of the room where Regina and the other "human" girls were waiting. The blonde had large tits that streached hard against thre tight shiny vynyl cloth of her dress. The little nipples stuck out of the soft dress like two pointy buttons. Her skin like the other girls was a bright shiny milk white, which made them look artificial, but they were very much alive. The blonde walked up to Regina and then spoke to her. "Unit 1, ready and awaitng instructions." Regina was impressed slightly at the perfection of this plastic female, and her chrome eyes glowed slightly as she extened her access coaxial cable. The cable inserted itself into the blondes reciever jack, in her hand. What happened next was truly amazing. The blonde, now downloaded information from Regina and began to shake violently. After several seconds the shaking subsided and then the color of the blondes skin softened. The hard glossy sheen faded and the eyes of the mannebot began to soften and change also. The cold blue marble-like eyeballs grew liquid and became human. The hand jack closed and receded into her hand, and the stiff plastic fingers turned to soft warm flesh. Another hour passed and during that time Regina and Linda had adapted the Mannebots to thier new human form. Flesh and blood females now stood where once was cold mechanical plastic. But inside they were still only machines, made more real for Proteus's diabolical plans. "Now mannebots."Said Linda. "You are to be addressed by your creator, Proteus." The twelve mannebots stood stiffly at attention as a monitor lit up and a computer generated image of a hansome grey haired man appeared on the screen. "Mannebot units 1 to 12 You are my latest and finest creations." "Tonight you are to begin my plan for conquest of the planet." Proteus looked at the twelve beautys and continued. "But first we will conquer the University and gain my revenge on the two people who almost distroyed me." "This is what we will do"...

At Sigma Alpha Delta, the hippest sorority on campus the girls were having a hazing for thier new pledges. Sally Kingston and Rebecca Lawson were the sorority chiefs and took great pleasure in the kinky antics they did during pledge night. The three new girls were all young new freshmen, two brunettes and a slim but busty redhead. The three girls were nude and tied with thier hands behind them. As a part of the hazing they had been forced to strip and then they had thier pussy hairs shaved clean. The girls had protested slightly at the idea of the shaving but realized that if they were accepted to S.A.D. They would be a part of THE most popular group on campus. S.A.D was an elitist group indeed, in all there were only 9 other girls in the sorority including Sally and Rebecca. And with the three new pledges there would soon be an even dozen. Sally walked over to the redhead and said. "Tell me pledge what are you and why do you come to us?" Jenny Stevens, the redhead, for the first time spoke. "I am a nobody, a loser, a mere speck of humanity. I want to be a real person and become one with S.A.D." Rebecca turned to other two girls. "Do you feel as your sister or are you too good for the best of the best?" The other girls had rehearsed this scene earlier, as had Jenny and knew what they were expected to say. "Yes we are lower than dirt but can be the best ,as we become one with S.A.D." Sally continued. Very well then pledges if you are to become one of us then you must learn disipline.Then you may be one with S.A.D." "Assume the posistion." The binds were loosened and then the three girls stood in a line in front of Rebecca. Each girl now leaned forward and pushed thier shaply little butt cheeks out to thier new mistress. Rebecca then open a small chest that stood in the center of the room and brought out a large black canoe paddle with the S.A.D logo emblazened on it. She came around to the front of the girls and each girl in turn kissed the paddle and gently licked it. Next Rebecca came back behind the trio and in turn spanked the girls on the ass with the paddle. "Thank you Mistress can I have another?" Each girl yelled as her butt cheeks were spanked red. Sally was starting to really get hot now and the trio was really getting wet at the idea of torture. After five more swipes each, Rebecca put down the paddle and then walked over and embraced each girl. "Congradulations and welcome sisters." Said Rebecca. Sally now blew out a breath and then walked over to the group. "Congradulations, girls you are now full members in our sisterhood. "And now for some real entertainment." Sally turned on the stereo full blast and lowered the lights. then from the back of the house a chippendale dancer that the girls had hired came out to dance for the girls. The dancer was a hansome young blonde man in his early twenties and through the small leather thong he wore he was truly a stud. Making slow gyrations, then faster and faster moves, he had the group of young women howling in thier seats. Sally and Rebecca got up and started to dance the bump and grind with the young man. As the tempo got hotter the girls started to remove thier dresses and rubbed thier soon naked bodies against the dancers body. As they rubbed they started to scream and howl as thier animal passions came out. The three new girls Jenny, Connie and Brenda soon joined in the little group and what started out as a sexy striptease turned into a full blown orgy. The five girls each started to lick the young dancers body over his chest and stomach. Some kissed his back and arms,working thier ways up and down his sexy body. Then Rebecca made the boldest move and kneeled down in front of the dancer. Pushing out magnificent 36 inch breasts she reached out and pulled off the dancers g string thong and took his member between her tits. Rebecca rubbed back and forth and as the head came close enough she darted out her tongue and lapped at his swollen penis. The other girls soon sat back and watched as Rebecca made love to the chippendale. The dancer layed Rebecca down on the carpet and pushed his member into her wet and hot pussy. He started slowly then increased his tempo till he could feel the cum boiling inside his swollen balls. When he knew he was going to cum, he pulled out and with a long yell spilled out his semen all over Rebeccas face and tits. The other girls cheered and made cat calls as they applauded the pair. The dancer smiled and after kissing Rebecca again said. "Thanks miss that was one of the best fucks I've had in years. For that I'll only charge you half." They both laughed and then kissed again. The dancer got up then put back on his thong and grabbed his coat to leave. At the door he handed Rebecca a card with a number on the back. "Call me sometime if you want to do it again, I'll be at this number." They kissed again and then he disappeared into the night. The other girls were seated around the large hearth fireplace in the livingroom when Rebecca entered. Sally was the first to speak. "Well give me five girlfriend!" She said,as she and Rebecca slapped hands in the air. "He was some stud, huh?" "Yes it was great!" Said Rebecca. "And look he gave his number and asked me to call him sometime." Both girls screamed and then giggled. Jenny and the other new girls laughed also and complimented Rebecca on her luck to make it with such a hansome guy. As they spoke someone else entered the room. Susan the woman next door had been a recluse for the last two years and the girls had thought that she was strange, till they found out about the computer thing. Since then they had taken Susan and her ex as new friends. Susan came in with several bags filled with various party items. When she saw that the girls were all sitting in the room with nothing on but thier smiles she blushed a little and then decided to join them. She slipped off her coat and then slid the green silk mini dress she wore down her body and let it fall into a pile on the floor. Proteus the computer that had held her captive had done many corrective operations on Susan and since his ministrations she had been transformed into a veritable goddess. She had thick lusterous blonde hair, and eyes that were a brilliant sky blue. Her shapely body was true work of art. Large round breasts, and a smooth flat stomach with not a trace of fat. As she reached behind and unclasped her bra her her two perfect melons tumbled out and sprung to attention. Her nipples reddened and hardened in the cool air of the room. Next came her matching panties and as she slipped them to the floor with the rest of her clothing the girls saw that she was indeed a true blonde. Her pussy was bright pink and hosted a thick patch of blonde pubic hair. Her legs were long and well shaped. If she were a little younger she could have been a dancer. Now fully nude she reached into one of the bags and pulled out a beer. Susan then shook the bottle and quickly fired a steam of the cold liquid across the room and doused Rebecca and Jenny with the cold brew. "O.K. Now you asked for it!" Laughed Rebecca. Then she ran over and grabbed a bottle herself. In seconds the once quiet room turned into something out of a Three Stooges short. All the girls were suddenly hosing each other with the brew. After about five minutes and a about a gallon of beer the wet but happy friends started laughing. They each drank another bottle and feeling a little horney they decided to indulge in some girl sex. Rebecca and Sally walked over to Susan and then started to rub the older womans body.Rubbing her tits and most of her upper body the two girls got Susan incredibly hot. Then the other three girls got in on the fun and all five girls started to play with Susans body. Susan felt like a queen, and the five young girls were here to pleasure her and cater to her every whim. The action was starting to get very heated when suddenly the front door burst open. "Take the young females and securely tie them up." Mannebot 6 said to mannebot 2. "Later we can assimilate them to the masters way." "But first we must take the subject Susan to the master." The mannebots took Susan away then and threw her into the van.

At about 2:00 A.M. Thomas came home to find the house strangly empty. He look out the window and was surprised to see the lights still on in the dormortory next door. "I wonder if maybe Susan is over entertaining with those little hell cats over there?" Thomas asked to no one in particular. He put back on his coat and headed next door. "Hello?" Thomas asked as he entered the brightly lit hall. Not a soul was to be seen. "Strange?" Said Thomas to himself. "Is anybody here!" He yelled. "Help Thomas, we're trapped in the cellar , please help! Hurry!"Cried Rebecca. Thomas had to smash the cellar door down to get it open and was surprised to see five naked girls in the little basement. After giving the girls some coffee and clothes to wear, Thomas asked about Susan. "It was horrible Thomas, these strange women burst in here and overpowered us." Said Sally. "They were saying the stangest things." Rebecca added."Something about taking her to see the master." "Yeah, and then one of them said something about Proteus will be happy to see you again." Said Jenny. "Oh my god!" Said Thomas. "I thought that we had gotten rid of that sick demented computer." He added. "It must have found a way out and rebuilt itself." "But who were those women?" Asked Sally. "Before we disposed of Proteus Sally, he was working on a new device to convert humans into machines and he probably succeeded." Said Thomas. "They were probably some of his machines in human form." Thomas continued. "It said it was in love with Susan so maybe it won't kill her, not yet anyway." "By the way,did any of you see anything before they locked you in there?" "I saw thier van through the window in the basement?" Said Connie. "It was a long black van with the sign the mannequin makers on it." "Good girl!" Said Thomas. "I know where that place is and if I'm right I'll find Susan there." "Alive I hope."He kissed the girls and grabbed his coat and ran out to the car.

Dawn was starting to break when Thomas arrived at the factory. At the plant where he worked the techs had been working on some new defense contract software and with it Thomas had a weapon to use against Proteus and his army of mannebots. Driving like a madman he pushed his little dodge colt to the max. He had to get there as quickly as possible, because somehow he knew that the dawn would spell disaster for Susan.

The mannequin factory looked like something out of one of those Hammer horror movies of the 60's. Large, dark and foreboding. He parked the dodge and grabbed the floppy disk off the seat. Using a pair of vice-jaw snips he kept in the trunk he had no trouble cutting the chain that held the door to the factory locked. When he entered the main room it looked like a wax museum after hours. In the dim light he could make out several female forms on pedestals. All of the figures were stiff lifeless plastic, Thomas dicovered as he stopped to admire and touch several of the forms. He opened another door at the end of the passsage and entered another smaller room. Here the figures were on glass bases posed in various stages of undress. It looked like a womens locker room frozen in the midst of changing time. These figures Thomas found to be extremely realistic. As he was examining the figures closer he rubbed against one of the figures and it felt warm. Suddenly every light came on in the room and the figures of the women sprung to life before his very eyes. The figures finished dressing themselves and exited the room. Strangly none of them seemed to have noticed Thomas was even there. Thomas left the room and followed the women to another part of the factory.They entered a room marked "Workshop". On the left of the door was a small window so Thomas crept up to the window and looked inside. In the tiny room stood six more mannequins. These he could tell were real mannequins by the shiny white plastic sheen on thier faces and bodies. The twelve mannebots stood with thier backs to Thomas so he could see what was happening without being noticed. On a table in front of the six mannequins sat a computer terminal with the monitor facing the mannequins. Out of the computer Thomas heard the familar voice that he had grown to hate. It was Proteus's voice and it was talking to the mannequins. "Well my new toys have chosen well." "You will all make fine additions to my army of mannebots."As the speech ended A stream of amphorous alloy tendrils snaked out of the computer and started to enter into the mannequin bodies. As the alloy serpents were morphing with the plastic women, Thomas noticed that five of the group were different from the mannebots, these appeared to be human women only they had eerie silver eyes. That fiend! Thought Thomas to himself. He even found a way of controlling humans as well. It was now or never Thomas thought when suddenly two more mannebots came in. Between them stood Susan. still naked and obviously drugged. Thomas cringed as he saw his beautiful Susan nude and helpless in front of that disgusting fiend. Now he knew deep in his heart that he had to do it. Holding the floppy disk like a warrior entering combat, Thomas stormed into the room. Several of the mannebots turned in surprise but did not react. They had not been programmed on what to do in case of a sneak attack. Using the pause to his advantage Thomas charged the machine and stuck in the floppy disk and hit enter. The computer started to download the files on the disk automaticly and then Proteus's voice scramed in agony from the computer. "What have you done to me."Yelled proteus. Then he recognised Thomas. "You!" Screamed Proteus. Then the program started. It was a new virus program that the goverenment had been working on to discourage hackers. Now it was used to rid the net of its most dangerous bug, Proteus. Thinking fast, Thomas grabbed the phone jack and smashed it off the wall. "No!" Screamed Proteus again. Proteus knew that he was finished. Without the safe haven of the internet to escape to he was trapped in the tiny office computer. Already the antivirus virus was starting to eat away at his intelligence. Proteus yelled one last time. "I'll get even with you yet Thomas." Suddenly an amphorous alloy spike shot up from the machine and shot across the room toward the unsuspecting form of Susan. Seeing what was going to happen Thomas made a flying tackle at Susan and just pushed her out of the way with seconds to spare. The alloy hit the wall and burst into millions of little silver balls. these then dissolved into the floor and vanished. Then sparks began to fly out of the little computer, and Proteus's voice screamed and then faded out to a squeek. At the moment Proteus died, all the mannebots suddenly froze and transformed back to thier original plastic state. Regina and the other humbots just dropped to the floor. Then from out of thier pussies a small glob of alloy oozed out and dissapated. Regina got up moments later, her once again green eyes hazy and very much human. "What the hell happened?" Asked Regina. "You're safe now miss."Said Thomas.I think we've seen the last of Proteus. Thomas helped Regina and her friends to get home and he explained as best he could about what had happened. Then he took Susan and after gently kissing her, she opened her eyes. "Thomas where are we?" What happened?" She asked. "Don't worry babe, we're going home." By the way Good Morning."