Nothing Beats a Great Pair of Legs!

By Disman (

Based on a concept from Magnus

Jim Jenkins had been in the product development wing of Trend department stores, a division of TrendCorp. In that position he screened potential products for their ability to generate the profit margins necessary. Jim’s education was that of a chemist.

Prior to his current position Jim was a personal assistant to David VanHughes, CEO of TrendCorp. One of TrendCorp’s interests was a small bio-research firm call TransaDex. Jim’s first job in the Trend empire was a chemist at TransaDex.

Back at TransaDex, Jim had developed a new product that looked to have incredible potential. The product was pantyhose that added support to the figure in a way that made a woman’s legs look fantastic. An added benefit was the way that they felt on a woman’s legs. The material stimulated the skin in a way that "aroused" the wearer. These twin benefits justified the $40 price tag and made the hose—named "BodyForm"—an instant hit.

Jim’s colleague in developing BodyForm was Anita Trask, an attractive woman in her forties. Anita was a stunning beautiful redhead who had been a model in her twenties. This experience combined with her formal education in fashion design and her business savvy made her an ideal fit for her entrepreneurial role. The success of BodyForm mirrored the success of Anita and Jim’s relationship and they were married in June 1998.

The trouble began with their marriage. David VanHughes took exception to Jim’s personal dealings with a colleague and fired him. However, little did David know, but Jim and Anita had jointly filed a patent on the latest version of BodyForm. In a long and drawn out legal battle, Jim and Anita agreed to keep manufacturing the original BodyForm for TrendCorp’s, while they retained the right to independently market the latest version.

With their new freedom, they sought financing to create a new retail outlet that sold women’s hosiery. The new store concept was called "SensaLEGS." The store would be located in a regional mall and would occupy an extremely tight space. Jim and Anita hired a designer to develop a store concept that would create the perfect atmosphere for the perfect solution to women’s hosiery needs.

They located space in the largest mall in the region, and were set to open in one month if they could obtain financing. The financing proved to be somewhat difficult. Even though BodyForm did extremely well for Trend’s, few bankers felt it could make it on its own. Finally an upstart bank granted them only a portion of the funds they needed.

The reduced funding meant that they would need to slightly adjust their plans. Inventory would be no problem. In their hiatus from Trend's, Jim and Anita had used their entire savings to produce a large supply of the new SensaLEGS pantyhose. They would need to find other ways to reduce costs. Rather than hire out the interior construction work, Jim would take the month to do the work himself. Also, rather than wait for the store to open for the first sale, they would rent a kiosk cart in the mall and Anita could begin selling product immediately.

The designer’s concept for the store was beautiful. The design featured a wide entrance with oak shelves lining each side of the store. The shelves ran floor to ceiling and looked exquisite in tandem to the rich mauve carpeting and wallpaper. A cashier’s counter ran along the back of the store. In the front and center of the design was a circular oak pedestal about two foot high. The pedestal was covered with carpeting that matched to floor.

On the pedestal were two wonderfully beautiful mannequins clad only in pantyhose. Each of the mannequins had their arms gently folded over their naked breasts. The mannequin to the right was seated on a Victorian style oak chair. The mannequin on the left was leaning back against an oak dresser.

Above the cashier and in the center of the back wall was a shelf holding three pantyhose forms all in identical seated positions--their legs were crossed and hanging off the shelf. The positions were so natural that you could almost imagine the rest of their bodies and fully visualize three beautiful women seated together with their legs crossed.

In presenting her design, the designer pointed out that the two full-bodied mannequins would have to be custom made and would be expensive. She strongly suggested that the mannequins be extremely realistic. She had looked through catalogs from the various mannequin companies and guessed that even the pantyhose forms would have to be custom-made. This would significantly increase costs and would be a challenge to Jim and Anita’s budget.


Jim and Anita were extremely confident of their success due to another breakthrough invention that Jim and another TransaDex employee had developed during their time there. The employee, Barbara Jones, was a arrogant redhead who Anita hated. Almost by accident, Jim and Barbara created a gel that would remove unwanted body hair. They were in the process of securing a patent on the gel, called "SensaSMOOTH."

An added—and very important—benefit to the SensaSMOOTH gel was that it not only removed all body hair, but it left the skin feeling incredibly smooth. All of their test subjects felt that the gel left them far smoother than other hair removal products. The most common response from a test subject was "it makes my legs feel as smooth as a baby’s." Another product benefit was that the gel didn’t have to be washed off. Once it dried on a woman’s skin, you could just brush off the unwanted hair.

Few people knew about SensaSMOOTH. To Jim and Anita, the combination of the pantyhose and SensaSMOOTH made them an unstoppable business venture. They would soon be millionaires and probably be richer than David VanHughes. They just had to get started.

The shopping mall cart started out with only moderate success. Women seemed to be a little leery of buying a product from an unestablished retailer. Jim used most of their loan money to build the oak cabinetry that the shop’s design called for.

Anita contacted a few mannequin retailers and found that the cost of two customized mannequins and three pantyhose forms was incredible. They just didn’t have the money.

Then came a letter from the bank. The bank had received notice that they needed to reevaluate a portion of Jim and Anita’s financing. The amount in question was nearly 25% of their total financing. Now they really needed to cut costs!

Reluctantly, Jim remembered a liquid formula that he had developed when he worked with Trend's. The same formula that David VanHughes had used to turn a number of young women into mannequins. He had repeatedly argued with David over the use of the liquid, but to no avail. Jim, David and Barbara Jones were the only people (other than the now mannequinized victims!) that knew about the liquid. The use of the liquid was just another one of Jim’s reasons for leaving Trend's.

Jim still vividly remembered the girls from Miami that David VanHughes had turned into mannequins a few months earlier. David has even kept a couple for his own private collection. Him had argued with David against the formula, but now Jim was considering using the formula for his own purposes--he needed beautiful mannequins and he didn't have money to purchase them.

The liquid could be added to selected bottles of SensaSMOOTH and the same effect would occur—the user would be gradually turned into a mannequin.

Anita didn’t know about the liquid or its effects. She was astonished with disbelief when Jim told her. After some discussion, both partners concluded that, with their financial challenges, this was the only means to an end. After all, they only needed five women. Anita could even remember a couple of women she’d met that day, that because of their "attitude", would be good candidates. They both agreed that these five mannequins would be the only ones they would ever create in this manner.


The next day Anita was on the hunt for her first victim. She had a specially treated bottle of SensaSMOOTH in a drawer. She had added a sticker to the bottle that encouraged the user to call a phone number if there was any difficulty with the product. The phone number was Anita’s cell phone.

From the design specs, Anita knew just what type of woman she was looking for. The candidate needed a well-proportioned body—she couldn’t be too tall, but couldn’t be too short either. She had to have a pretty face, but not too distinctive—she didn’t need to be too recognizable. But most of all she needed great legs.

Just a little after noon, the first candidate came by. She was blonde with a black mini skirt that showed off her great legs. The rest of her body was nice too. She also had another quality that made her a good candidate, she had an uppity attitude. Her name was Trish, as evidenced by her nametag. She was a salesgirl at one of the mall stores.

Trish’s conversation with Anita started with a number of cynical comments about the pantyhose and SensaSMOOTH. Anita’s polite sales manner didn't convince her otherwise. When she started to walk away, Anita moved to close the sale. "Tell you what, you buy a pair of these pantyhose and the SensaSMOOTH. Go home and use it tonight and if you’re not satisfied, for any reason, I’ll give you double your money back."

Trish paused, "Okay, but plan on coughing up the extra money." She then popped out $40 for the pantyhose and $20 for the SensaSMOOTH.

Anita slipped the bottle of SensaSMOOTH from her drawer. "Remember, if you have any problems, just call the number on the sticker."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," commented Trish as she walked away.


The evening came, and at six o’clock Anita noticed Trish leaving work to go home. Anita phoned Jim, who was back in the store working on cabinets. "Well Hon," Anita spoke in a low voice, with guilty overtones, "I think we’ll have our first mannequin this evening,"

Sure enough, Anita’s phone rang at 6:45. "Hey lady, something’s wrong with these pantyhose, they’re making my legs stiff and I can’t get them off. Get over here and help me, now!"

"I’ll be right there, what’s your address?" Anita was trembling. She hadn’t expected Trish to run right home and use the products.

"214 Sunnyside, Apartment 306. Right across the street from the mall. Hurry!" She hung up.

Anita put a "back at 8:00" sign on the cart and went in search of Jim. By 7:00 they had pulled their van up to Trish’s apartment building.

They ran upstairs and knocked on the door for apartment 306.

"It’s open. Come in," came a faint voice from inside.

Anita and Jim wound their way to the back bedroom. Their leaning against the wall was Trish, clad in the pantyhose and her bra. Her eyes had a combination of fear and anger. "Help me. Please. I’m freezing up. What’s happening to me?"

The effect of the tainted SensaSMOOTH had started transforming her body into a mannequin. The effect started at her feet and gradually went up her legs. At some point she had been unable to walk and had to lean against the wall to avoid falling down. Her hands had become stiff and made it impossible to take off the pantyhose.

"Jim! What are you doing!" shouted Anita as Him walked over to Trish and pulled down her pantyhose, uncovering her crotch. "I’m just seeing if things are working all right." Anita’s mouth dropped as she could already see the effect of the formula and the pantyhose. Trish’s sex was completely smooth. Her pubic hair fell to the floor. Even her navel had become smooth and less deep.

"Besides," commented Jim, "she’s just a mannequin now." And a mannequin she was. Anita could hardly believe what she was seeing.

"A . . . A . . . mannequin!!!???" commented the now subdued Trish.

"Yes a mannequin. I hope you like the pantyhose, you’ll be wearing them a lot. We added a liquid to the SensaSMOOTH that will turn you completely into a mannequin in less than an hour."

"B-B-But, w-w-w-hy?" asked Trish, now somewhat dumbfounded by her predicament and not her previous self.

The Anita responded, "Because we need a good looking mannequin to sell pantyhose and SensaSMOOTH"

"L-L-Let m-me g-g-g-go."

" Sorry girl. I wouldn’t have pegged you if you hadn’t been such a bitch earlier today."

"Y-Y-You’re the b-b-b-bitch." These were Trish’s final words as her body froze beyond movement.

Jim pulled out the store designs that showed the exact position of the mannequins. "I think she should be our sitting mannequin, Anita. What do you think?"

"We didn’t bring her chair, she’ll have to be the one leaning against the dresser." Having agreed, Anita and Jim picked up Trish and moved her over to lean against the dresser in her bedroom. Anita took off Trish’s bra while Jim slipped the pantyhose off her feet.

When Jim stood back he paused a moment, taken back by the immediate close-up beauty of Trish’s breasts. He only got a brief glimpse, as Anita quickly moved her arms in a crossed position that delicately hid them from view.

Trish could still move her eyes, and it was apparent that she was very aware of what was happening to her. Jim positioned her legs in an identical manner to the design and Anita finished the job with an adjustment of Trish’s smile to look pleasant and not angry. During this process, Trish’s pose was finalized when her eyes—the last part of the body to set—froze in position.

They went to Trish’s bed and pulled off a sheet and wrapped Trish’s body. It was dark out by now and no one noticed Jim and Anita load Trish’s stiff body in the back of the van and drive away.

The next morning Trish was positioned leaning back against the oak dresser on the pedestal in the center of the store. The interior of the store was far from finished. The main door and windows were covered so that no one could see inside until the store was complete. Trish looked confident and beautiful in her new role. "I wonder if she can hear us and what she’s thinking," commented Anita.

"I do think she can hear us and comprehend where she is," replied Jim. "When we did this for VanHughes’s ex-wife, I once tested for brain wave activity and definitely got a reading."

Trish’s mind was working, it was making comments back to them. You bet I can hear. You took away my life. I’d love to get down from here and give you a chance to be a mannequin so you’d know first-hand how I feel.

"Well I’d better get to the cart and recruit us another mannequin."


Anita had a tough time working the cart. She hadn’t slept much last night. Even though Trish was rude and arrogant, Anita still felt guilty for what they had done. Even though Jim had assured her that Trish wasn’t dead, they had still made another person into a mannequin against their will.

Despite Anita’s misgivings, the next recruit came easy. At about four o’clock a woman in her thirties came by looking at the pantyhose. It was a hot day and the woman was wearing a pair of short shorts that showed off her beautiful legs. She also had beautiful blonde hair. Anita thought of her as the seated mannequin that would be placed next to Trish. But when the woman turned around and Anita saw her face, Anita thought she didn’t have the right face—too unique and not that pretty. She would wait for the next one.

Then while Anita was helping another customer, she noticed that the woman had picked up a pair of pantyhose and slipped them into her purse. She was a thief! Anita was incensed. She knew she had to quickly think of a way to make the woman one of her mannequins.

"Miss," Anita called to the woman. The woman looked startled as Anita nervously began her pitch. "We’re a new company and we need some women to try our product to see how it works." Anita slipped her hand into the drawer and brought out an altered bottle of SensaSMOOTH. "Would you be willing to try our hair removal product and call us to tell us how it worked?"

The blonde accepted the bottle with a smile. "I guess."

"I hope you’ll use it within the next day. My number is on the back. Call me anytime with your questions or comments." The woman proceeded down the mall and Anita eyed her legs in the same way any collector would eye his latest acquisition.

At midnight that evening, Anita and Jim finally went to sleep. They still hadn’t heard from the woman.

RING!! RING!! RING!! The phone rang at 5:30 a.m., abruptly waking them up. "Hey, I used this leg stuff you gave me and its starting to make my legs stiff. What’s wrong?"

"I’m sorry," Anita responded thinking quickly, "a few women have had this reaction. I’ll got a cream that will fix it, but it needs to be applied quickly. I’ll personally bring it over to you. What’s your address?"

The address was at a basement apartment near the university. "We’ll be right there, don’t worry." The university was about a half-hour away. Jim drove fast in order to get there before the girl completely hardened. When they walked into her one-room apartment they immediately saw her seated on the couch.

"I can’t get up and I-I-I’m having t-t-trouble even s-s-s-speaking." A look of fear and worry stretch across her face. "I-I-I-I’m g-going to b-b-be l-late f-f-f-for w-w-work. I-I’ll l-lose m-m-my j-job. I r-r-really n-n-need my j-j-j-job." It was obvious that the liquid was rapidly taking her over. Anita and Jim had to work fast.

The girl was wearing a long dress that buttoned up the front. Jim quickly unbuttoned the dress and pulled it off the girl. Underneath she was wearing the stolen pantyhose and a white bra that looked like it had been around awhile.

"W-W-What are y-y-you d-d-doing?"

"You’ll see," retorted Anita. "I saw you steal those pantyhose yesterday, I’m glad that you seem to like them. You’ll be wearing them a lot where you’re going."

Jim then turned his attention toward Anita, "I think you’re right, she doesn’t have the face for a mannequin. We’ll make her into one of the forms."

Anita gasped. She hadn’t thought about how they would make a pantyhose form—no body from the waist up. "How do we do that, Jim?"

She quickly got her answer. Jim pulled a small tool out of his box. It was a laser cutter that Jim had developed while at Trend's. He positioned the girl’s arms pointing straight up in the air, a position that flattened out her tummy. The liquid had taken affect so that the girl remained in whatever position he moved her. He then arched the girl’s back to further accentuate her waist. The next step was carefully pressing the skin around the girl’s waist to see if it was sufficiently hard, the solution having traveled up her body making its ominous transformation along the way.

He then used the laser to cut a clean line through her body. With the line cut, Jim lifted the upper part of the girl’s body and it separated from the lower. A clean, flesh colored surface remained.

The transformation hadn’t completed its course and the girl’s face slowly bore a look of confusion and horror. "I-I-I d-oooooon’t unnnnnnnnderstann. . ." The final words gradually left her mouth.

The girl couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She had been struggling to make ends meet, but recently things were looking positive. She has just been hired as a receptionist for a downtown law firm. She had no money and had stolen the pantyhose so that she could look and feel her best her new job. She was finally looking forward to regular paychecks and some stability in her life. All that was gone.

From her vantage point sitting on her couch with her arms stretched straight up in the air and a frozen look on her face she watched these two strangers work on her lower body. She watched as they pulled out a drawing of three pantyhose forms sitting on a shelf. They positioned her in the exact pose as drawing. They then pulled off the pantyhose and she could see that her sex had become completely smooth.

Once finished Jim and Anita packed things up and put them in the van. Back at the mall the girl watched as they put her pantyhose form up on the newly completed shelf. Anita then lifted her upper body, still wearing the white bra, and gently laid it into a box. "So what are we going to do with her upper half?" she asked Jim.

"I dunno," he responded, "let’s store her for now, maybe later we’ll turn her into a bra or blouse form and sell her to another store in the mall."

As Anita closed the lid on the box, the girl’s world went dark. The two strangers didn’t even know her name.


Anita was having a difficult time. They had abducted two complete strangers and made them into store fixtures. Even though Jim assured her that they weren’t dead and he could revive them at any time, Anita didn’t feel this was right. Even so, Jim pointed out that they needed only three more recruits and they would be finished. He also pointed out that time was getting short. Their grand opening was only ten days away.

Reluctantly Anita agreed to start looking for their next mannequin and her answer ended up being right in front of her. The SensaLEGS cart was in the center of the mall outside a store that sold women’s casual wear. That morning Anita watched as the staff hung up a banner announcing a sale for the latest fashions for the season. Just before the noon hour, Anita watched as the store manager escorted a beautiful young woman to the front window. The woman had short brown hair and was impeccably beautiful. She was wearing a yellow sleeveless dress that was short enough that it showed off her outstanding legs.

After a few moments of conversation with the manager, the young woman took on a mannequin-like pose and remained stiff as if she where a mannequin. Then Anita understood, the young woman was a living mannequin! She had been hired as part of the store’s sale promotion.

Throughout the noon hour Anita watched with amazement as passerby's stopped to figure out if the woman was real or a mannequin. Occasionally (about every ten minutes) the woman changed position. This act caused a startled surprise by a few shoppers who hadn’t paid her notice, thinking she was a mannequin. For a few of her rotations, the woman sat in a chair. The whole process fascinated Anita.

During a break, the woman came over to Anita at the SensaLEGS cart. The two immediately hit it off. "How do you stand so long without moving?"

"It’s just mind over matter, I enjoy it. Its fun watching people's reactions when they find out I’m real. So tell me about this hair removal cream."

Anita explained the benefits of the cream to the woman, how you could apply it to your legs without taking a shower and how hair falls off like powder.

A sale was made. The woman was so nice that Anita hated to give her the tampered formula from the drawer, but she was so pretty and quite frankly Anita just wanted to do the dirty work and get it over with. The sale complete, Anita gave the woman back her receipt and credit card. "Thank you Mari," Anita said reading the name from her credit card. Anita phoned Jim to report that in the next day or so they’d be getting a call from their newest acquisition.

Toward the later part of the day, Anita noticed Mari acting differently in her mannequin poses. She seemed to be having difficulty moving. Then is occurred to Anita that Mari must’ve applied the SensaSMOOTH during her lunch break and it was starting to take effect.

By five o’clock, Mari was noticeably perplexed by her lack of mobility. Anita watched as Mari took a break and stiffly walked over to her manager and asked to leave early. Mari then came out and commented to Anita about her predicament. Anita explained to her that it might be a reaction to the SensaSMOOTH and that maybe Jim could help. Anita closed the cart and together they walked down to the new store.

The store’s windows were completely covered, so they had total privacy. Inside the store Trish stood elegantly on the pedestal, still naked and waiting for her pantyhose. The other girl’s naked pantyhose form sat atop the shelf. Anita paused for a breath when she noticed the chair next to Trish that Anita knew would soon serve as a permanent seat for Mari. She glanced at Mari and then back at the chair, imagining how Mari would look. Anita dreaded what would come next.

Mari spoke first, "I-I-I’m feeling v-v-very s-s-st-stiff. I-I can’t mmmmove."

"Take her clothes off Anita," was Jim’s immediate command. Mari was already a display fixture in his mind.

Anita hesitated and Jim responded with a raised voice, "Take her clothes off, I said." Jim read the hesitation and hurt in Anita’s face softened his voice. "We can’t get personal here, honey," he pleaded, "She’s a mannequin now and you’ve got to treat her that way."

"Mmmmmannequin?? W-W-What do y-you m-m-mean mmmmannequin?"

Jim curtly answered, "Listen girl, you’ve been working as a living mannequin. Now you're going to be a real one. We’re going to seat you on this chair and you’ll be the perfect model for our pantyhose. You’ll be forever beautiful. I know it sounds like a tough break, but I think you’ll like it once you get used to it."

"I-I-I d-d-don’t wwwant to b-be a mmmannequin," were her last words as Anita did as she was ordered and unzipped the back of Mari’s dress and then pushed it forward off her shoulders to reveal a pretty peach-colored bra and slip. A few minutes later Mari was completely nude and unable to move for herself. Jim positioned her to sit on the chair, identical to the drawing.

"Only two more Hon," responded Jim. Anita couldn’t speak. Tears rolled down her face. Mari was such a nice girl. How could they do this?


Anita didn’t say another word the remainder of the day. Jim knew she was upset, guilty and frustrated. Anita wanted out of the situation, but it was too late. She knew too much to walk away. She debated going to the police.

The next morning Anita slept in while Jim went to work at the mall. It was a Saturday and she really didn’t need to open the cart until 11:00 a.m. She took a long shower, dried off and then applied SensaSMOOTH to her legs. She had always loved SensaSMOOTH. The tingling sensation of the formula felt so good that she almost forgot her worries.

She put on her underwear and stood staring into the bathroom mirror. What was happening to her? She had always been a good person, what had caused her to go along with Jim on this hideous plan? She momentarily even pondered suicide.

Anita finished dressing with a short black skirt over a pair of SensaLEGS pantyhose, topped off with a white turtleneck and a maroon blazer. She left to go to the mall.

At the mall she stopped by the shop on her way to the cart. She wanted to see how Jim was doing and maybe talk with him about stopping while they were ahead. She also wanted to see how Mari was doing.

She was surprised to see that Barbara Jones was there talking with him. Barbara was the same flamboyant and arrogant redhead that she had always detested. Anita always felt inferior in her presence. Barbara had a powerful presence that somehow drew men to her.

"Hello, Anita. Jim tells me your just about done with the shop. You could even open early if you had the remaining two pantyhose forms."

Anita hesitated with her response. "Yes, that’s right." Anita wondered whether Jim was recruiting Barbara to be one of the forms. "Have you tried SensaSMOOTH?"

"Yes, just this morning. Jim gave me a bottle when I was by yesterday. It’s wonderful. I love the tingling feel."

That cinched it. Anita was sure that Jim had given Barbara a tainted bottle. She looked down at Barbara’s short brown dress and sized up her legs and waist. She would, . . . er . . . will make a good pantyhose form. Anita looked in Barbara’s face to see some of the tell-tale signs of the formula taking effect. As Barbara and Jim talked, Anita tried to picture the surprised look of Barbara’s face went she started to stiffen up. It made her feel more guilty, but in Barbara’s case she actually looked forward to smugly telling the victim about her new future as she undressed her and posed her for display.

Anita needed to get to the cart, but so wanted to stay and see the action. "Well, I’ve gotta get to the cart, I’d better be going." As Anita took a step toward the door she dropped her keys. As she reached down to pick them up she noticed that her legs where a little stiff. As she stood back up with her keys in her right hand, she pushed against her tummy with her left hand. Hardness. She tapped her tummy with her fingernails. Click, click, click. Hardness.

"You idiot!" Anita lashed out at Jim. "You brought me the wrong formula, I’m the one getting stiff." Her comments showed her naiveté, she didn’t yet comprehend the total story.

"Anita dear, I’m sorry to say, I did it on purpose. I knew that you were unhappy and guilty about what we’re doing here. I’ve been worried that you might call the police. I had to figure out an alternative, I don’t want to end up in jail." Then Jim’s face moved to a mischievous smile. "You’ve got great legs for a forty year old woman. You’ll make a great form."

Anita tried to run but couldn’t. She then awkwardly turned her still body toward Barbara. "Barbara, you’ve got to go get help. He’s done this to you too. He’s going to make us into the two remaining pantyhose forms. He’ll cut you in half and sit your bottom on that shelf. Your top half will be modeling blouses a few doors down! Go get help NOW!"

Barbara moved over in front of Anita and gently took the keys from her hand. "Anita, I hate to break this to you but I won’t be a pantyhose form or a mannequin of any kind. I’m Jim’s new partner."

"OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!" Anita couldn’t believe her ears.

"I came by yesterday and Jim was telling me about your reluctance to recruit new mannequins and I gave him another option—drop you as his business partner and add me."

Anita had been deceived. Jim had betrayed her. How could she have been so stupid? So gullible? The trauma, not the formula took her speech. With her limited head movement she watched as Barbara took off her blazer and began to slip off her turtleneck. In a moment she stood in her bra and panties. The situation made her feel more exposed than otherwise.

Anita could still look down and watch Barbara reach between her breasts and unhook her front hook bra. As the bra fell lose, Anita noticed that the process had already claimed her breasts. They were pale with only a dark hue where her areolas once were and didn't drop the slightest amount when the bra's support was gone. Her nipples though, looked more pert as they pushed forward as if it were a cold room.

Anita could no longer resist as Jim moved her head forward and stretched her arms straight up. She could feel her panties being removed and a cold hand feeling her now plastic featureless crotch. Just like the others, Jim arched her back in a way that accentuated her waist.

The next step was the warm feel of the laser as it bisected her body. From behind, Barbara lifted her now separate top half and sat it on the counter top. Now she could watch as they finished preparing her form. Barbara dressed her in a pair of sheer black pantyhose, much like those she had taken off her just minutes before.

Barbara then left to open the cart for the day. In their last moment together, Jim picked up Anita’s upper half and gently kissed her on the lips. Despite its stiffness, Anita’s face showed a look of relief. A tear rolled down her face. "I’m so sorry dear. I never wanted to do this to you. I’ll see that you’re well taken care of. Maybe its better this way."

Inside Anita’s anger was subdued by her sudden lack of guilt. Jim was right, it was better this way.


A week later SensaLEGS held its grand opening. The store was beautiful. The rich woodwork and colors added a luxurious touch to the ambiance of the store. In the center stood the two mannequins, Trish and Mari. They were sexy and beautiful. The level of the pedestal fixed their gaze solidly at a point just above the head of the average passerby.

Barbara and a newly hired assistant were busy helping customers. The new assistant, Tina, had no idea about the sinister origin of the store fixtures. Behind and above them was a shelf holding three curvaceous pantyhose forms, each wearing a different shade of SansaLEGS. The form on the left belonged to a delivery girl that happened by the store the same afternoon that Anita was added to the collection. It was a hot day and the young woman was wearing shorts. Barbara couldn’t help but notice her nice, fit legs and offered a trial tube of SensaSMOOTH.

The call didn’t come until the next morning. She lived on the far side of town and thus was almost completely hard when Barbara and Jim arrived. She could no longer speak and must’ve tried to shower off the effects of the formula. They found her nude in the shower, bent over rubbing her legs. It was difficult to move her into position, but they made it happen with a little muscle. The collection was complete at last.

Sales on the first day exceeded expectations by fifty percent and never stopped. A month later an article appeared in the business section of the local paper about the success of SensaLEGS. Jim and Barbara were photographed standing in front of the three forms with successful grins on their faces. "Our business plan is to open a store every two months for the next five years," was Jim’s quote. He talked about the successful venture of beginning with a cart and moving up to a store. David VanHughes from Trend's was quoted as saying that Jim had developed a truly a winning formula. Jim’s final quote was "SensaLEGS will be coming to a mall near you!"

Epilogue: A year has past and the store is doing quite well. Jim and Barbara have exceeded their business plan and will open their eighth store next month. Sales reps from the mannequin companies have called on Jim and Barbara, but to date haven’t made a sale. Jim and Barbara have just opened up an additional business. The new business—SensaFORMS—sells a limited number of premium bra and blouse forms to retailers and is predicted to have a slow and steady business volume. Anita and the two others were their first sale.