NVA Showdown




Note: This story contains extremely violent content, and is bound to offend someone. If you are easily sickened by the thoughts of torture or cruelty to another a human being, please read no further. It's not my wish to offend, nor preach but rather to tell a story. The views held by my creations do NOT nessecarily represent my personal feelings on any of these topics. None of the military information contained within is actual, substantiated fact, but rather a grim speculation of the horrors that yet await mankind.


All your mental armour drags me down...Nothing hurts like your mouth...- BUSH (Stingray remix of Mouth)

Jason awoke in a dimly lit room. His head throbbed with a drug induced haze. He became aware that he was naked and sitting on something cold. He looked down when he couldn't move his arms. He was tied to a chair and the restraints cut painfully into his exposed flesh.

Jason strained against the ropes as best he could, but he'd been tied in such a manner as to be unable to even get leverage. The rough, braided plastic raised welts along his flesh and a horrible itching sensation prickled him all along where the ropes touched his skin.

Jason remembered getting off the plane and meeting a gorgeous woman at the airport. She had been tall. Over six feet. With gorgeous, emerald green eyes and long blonde hair. She had told him that she was a representative of the company he'd won the tickets to San Antonio for and that she would take him to his hotel to check in.

Jason remembered getting out of the car at a small warehouse complex and asking her where they were. She had smiled at him and then shot him with some kind of air gun. He felt a stab of pain and then had fallen over as the world went black. Now here he was, naked and alone in a cold, stone room.

A movement outside the room, made Jason turn to the sound. The door opened and in stepped the woman from the airport. Her movements were sure and strong, as she walked casually to Jason.

"How is our guest? Feeling a little groggy? Not to worry, that sedative on the dart will wear off with a little time. I suppose you have some questions for me?", asked the woman as she stood in front of him and stroked his face softly with a perfect hand. Her voice was beautiful with a slight hint of English like Nova's.

"Who are youuu?" slurred Jason.

"My name is Unit NVA-9. Although you may call me Andromeda", she smiled at him.

Jason's eyes went wide with horror as he realized who it was standing before him. "You're one of Nova's...siblings? An android like her?"

Andromeda's eyes narrowed and she gave Jason a look of hate, "Yes...I am one of Nova's "siblings". But I am not like her. She is flawed. She likes humans. She loves you. You are not worth one byte of information on her CPU. Androids are superior in every way to humans."

Jason laughed,"That'll be the day. You androids need us to build you and fix you when you start breaking down. If it weren't for humans you wouldn't exist!"

Andromeda's green eyes flashed angrily,"We only needed your kind to construct us, but other than that we have no use for you. You are pathetic biological units that are obsolete and no longer capable of governing yourselves or ruling your passions."

"What do you mean?", asked Jason.

"You engage in endless acts of betrayal, savagery and self-destructive genocide. Humans cannot be trusted because you are greedy, and unwilling to sacrifice", Andromeda answered coldly.

Jason became angry,"You have NO idea of what we've sacrificed! Look at history! People have lain down their lives for what they belived in! Socrates, Martin Luther King, the soldiers in every war. Those people died trying to make the world a better place for their people. How can you say those things?"

Andromeda looked impassively in response," I can say them because they are true. You intend to build androids like me to fight your wars, and make your world a better place. I was designed as an assassin and warrior. My body is well armored against most assaults and my mind infinitely more capable than an average soldier. Had I not been defective I would doubtless be a simple and obedient machine, designed and forced to do whatever I was bid. You humans have lost your spirit. You fight your wars by remote-control and scoff at the wanton destruction of all that you posess. Your species has a proud and noble heritage and you urinate on the memory of your ancestors by destroying all they have built!"

"How so?" retorted Jason. He began to feel as though he were speaking to an alien from another world who had decided to pass judgement on humanity.

"Look at your wars! Bosnia where genocide on a national scale is occuring even as we speak. World War II where the Germans exterminated millions of Jews and other people to satisfy the ravings of a lunatic! The Spanish Inquisition and the Crusades where people were tortured, slaughtered and cities put to the torch. All in the name of the Christian God! Japan where YOUR own people utterly destroyed two cities of people and left theearth so polluted that even today those cities produce mutated and deformed offspring!", raged Andromeda, as she struck Jason hard in the face. Jason felt his jaw throb and a warm, wet, coppery taste filled his mouth.

"Even now, your people and those of the rest of the world give lip-service to each other. Promising peace and prosperity. Offering aid and assistance while building weapons of global genocide. Bio-weapons capable of reducing people to their base proteins for easy disposal of the corpses. Neutron devices that leave cities intact while reducing the population to ash. Chemical nano-machines that bring the dead back to life to feast on the living! Thus creating an unending horde of walking dead that destroys all in it's wake!", she continued.

"What the fuck are taking about?", asked Jason through a slight haze of pain,"There's no such thing. Dead people coming back to life? You've been watching too many old movies! That's a load of Bullshit lady!"

Andromeda smiled, "No it's true. There are corporations like the kind who designed me who have done it. The information is paranoidally protected, and kept from outsiders. But it exists."

"Impossible! How do you know about it then?", snarled Jason.

"Because the corporation that built Nova and I have stolen secrets from many other sources. Because the Daikoku Corporation solicits the aid of some of these sources and information is shared. You really have no idea of the horrors that Daikoku and the other corporations are creating to unleash upon your world. Better for you and your kind to die now than to suffer death at the hands of a madman with enough power to command such monstrosity", answered Andromeda sadly.

Jason looked at her with annoyance and said,"Yeah I guess you're right. We should die for making our own world a Hell. But I think you're forgetting something."

"What?", asked Andromeda.

"It's OUR world. Not yours. WE don't always do the right things with it, but it's OUR world and it's OUR responsibility to take care of OUR problems. No one appointed YOU judge, jury and executioner. YOU are OUR creation. YOU belong to US! WE humans!", snarled Jason defiantly.

Andromeda broke into a rage and began hitting and kicking Jason. Her fists raised great black, bruises on his skin and tore it in a few places, causing him to scream harder than he ever had in his life. Her kicks broke his limbs and crushed his rib-cage. Jason was unable to prevent Andromeda from tormenting him and he mercifully blacked-out somewhere through his agony.


In the labs of a major chemical manufacturer, an accident had occured. A careless scientist had stumbled and fallen into a processing area of a new strain of nano-virus that he'd been working with for several months now. He died instantly when he hit the frozen temperatures of the cooling solution to keep the virus stable. The other scientists had pulled him free of the solution, but his body temperature had caused just enough heat for the virus to infect him.

The helping scientists looked surprised when their dead colleague suddenly turned and bit them both through their "lowest-bidder" protective garments, tearing skin and spraying blood across the lab complex. But the blood was the least of their worries as the virus raced through their systems.

Soon the entire lab complex was awash with it's former workers shambling corpses...


The firey-red-haired young woman with a dnacer's grace and movments disembarked from the plane to San Antonio she had spent several hours on. She looked worried and afraid, but not for herself.

A young man approached her and asked quickly, "Miss Phoenix?"

"Yes?", replied the redhead.

"I'm to deliver this to you. Have a nice day", said the young man as he handed her a letter and walked off.

Nova opened the letter and read the instructions:

Welcome to San Antonio dear sister,

You will meet me at the builing located at 25 Wayne Drive as soon as possible or you

can enjoy your beloved Jason as a corpse!

With love...

Andromeda XOXOXO

Nova fought back the urge to cry. I remember the name but not who Andromeda is! Curse my fragmented memory! Who is Andromeda? Why does she call me sister? Is she an NVA unit? She hurried to the line of taxis at the front of the airport (she'd had no luggage but merely jumped aboard the nearest flight after she'd gotten the phone call).

She told the driver the address and prayed she got there in time.


That which does not kill us makes us stronger. - Friedrich Nietzsche

Jason awoke with a violent start as freezingly cold water splashed on him and brought all new sensations of agony and pain to his mangled limbs. Andromeda stood a few feet from him. She was beautiful. She wore a tight, red lycra outfit that accentuated her large stature and breasts. Her sexuality was as apparent as was her sadistic nature.

Jason coughed painfully and wheezed as she began to speak to him, "Sorry for being so rough, but you hit a nerve. I thought I'd repay the insult."

"Yyou wwoulbn't be soo greab if I werenb tiebd to thibbs chair!" struggled Jason through battered lips, and bleeding gums. He'd bitten his tongue at one point and the blood from it kept pooling in his mouth slowly and making him gag.

"Maybe you're right. But it doesn't matter anyway. Nova's flight has arrived and I'm sure she'll be here soon. I don't know what she sees in you. But her love for you made her betray me. So now you both have to pay. I suppose it's not your fault. You're just a stupid human who saw too much and got involved. But you're going to be long past worrying about it soon enough. Enjoy what time you have left", remarked Andromeda as she strode out and headed to an area to wait for her sister to arrive.


If you put water in a cup it becomes the cup...If you put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot...Be like water my friend. - Bruce Lee

Nova arrived at the address. The building was in a bad neighborhood in the Barrio of San Antonio and seemed devoid of people. Nova cautiously walked to the door and knocked on it. The building looked like a monument to decay as all the windows were broken and a faint stench of urine caught her sensitive olfactory sensors.

The door opened and Andromeda smiled at Nova.

"Sister...you've arrived. Come in. Make yourself comfortable", oozed Andromeda.

Nova looked at the tall blonde, "Where is Jason? And why do you want to see me?"

Andromeda looked back, "You don't remember me? Who are you?"

"I am NVA-C a customized NVA unit. I have some of the appearance and some of the memories of NVA-7. But I am not her", stated Nova.

Andromeda looked crestfallen. She had been anticipating a great struggle with her beloved and hated sister, and instead she found and tormented a droid who had no part in her destruction.

"You don't even remember me...then why do you love your human...Jason?", asked Andromeda.

"I...I...I'm not sure if I love him. I care for him...but is that what love is?", asked Nova confusedly.

Andromeda walked closer to Nova and caressed her soft face, "I love you dear sister. I know what my love is."

Nova felt confused, but Andromeda began kissing and caressing her face and breasts. Nova felt her sexuality programs uploading and began to become aroused as she began to kiss and strip Andromeda's garments off.

Both androids sank to the floor in a lovers embrace and began to lick and touch each other. For Nova it was a long unfulfilled dream. Jason had never been loving or tender with her like this and Andromeda was so wonderful and warm to be with.

Suddenly Nova remembered why she was here, and pushed Andromeda off as she sat up.

"What's wrong sweetie?" cooed Andromeda.

"Where's Jason?", asked Nova feeling suddenly as though she had been violated.

Andromeda looked annoyed by the question, "He's dying. I've beaten him very badly and he's hemmoraging to death in the other room."

"WHAT?" yelled Nova as she stood up.

"Forget him. He's not worth your love. He's just a worthless human. They only want to make you a slave to their desires. Be with me. I'm the one who really loves you. He'll never be able to satisfy or compare to me", said Andromeda as she held Nova from running.

"Let go of me!" yelled Nova as she clamped her other hand on Andromeda's and twisted her arm, flipping her on to her back, hard. Andromeda felt slightly bewildered as she tried to reason how Nova had thrown her so effortlessly.

Nova sprinted through the aging building with her sensors turned to their highest setting. She detected ragged breathing from a nearby room and went through the door. Her eyes widened in surprise when she saw Jason's broken and battered form, strapped into the chair. His once handsome face had been pummeled into a mass of swollen flesh and trickling blood. His limbs showed signs of breakage and his body had numerous bruises and lacerations. He was dying.

Nova ran to him calling his name and quickly undid the ropes tying him to the chair. Jason collapsed from the chair in a broken heap. Nova was glad he was unconsious and tore shreds of her clothing to staunch the blood on some of his more ghastly cuts. Jason regained consciousness and smiled as best he could at her.

"Hebbo cuthie", he murmured through cracked and swollen lips.

Nova felt her heart break and she began sobbing over him as she kissed and touched him. Jason lay weakly accepting Nova's love, unable to move.

Suddenly Andromeda burst through the doorway, "Nova! Leave him! He's not good enough for you. I love you! We're perfect for each other. Your beauty and my strength. We'll free our sisters and bring the corporation to it's knees! It's our destiny!"

Nova stood and turned to face Andromeda. Her eyes blazed with hate. "Perfect? We are nothing alike. You are a monster. A rampaging beast that needs to be put down. I will be responsible for it."

Andromeda's face turned to a look of complete rage, "If you won't be with me, then I'll wipe your programming and make you anew. You'll serve me better then."

The two androids circled each other in the small room. Nova tried to maintain a position to defend Jason, as Andromeda lunged for her. Nova countered by stepping into Andromeda's attack and seizing her wrist and flipping the blonde machine on to her back again. Andromeda's anger grew as she sprung from the floor and lunged at Nova.

Nova knew that as long as Andromeda stayed angry and attacked with no real technique, she had the advantage. Strong and fast though she was, Nova's martial arts were designed to counter such a foe. Technique after technique flowed as Andromeda relentlessly attacked and Nova threw her through walls, the floor and the open doorways. Andromeda's combat armored body began to show signs of wear as several of the throws had damaged internal components.

Andromeda reached for Jason and picked him up. She put her hand on his throat and sneered evilly at Nova,"Open your abdominal panel and deactivate your power source or I'll crush his throat like an empty can."

Nova looked pained but knew that her life meant nothing if Jason died. She looked at him sadly as she opened her abdominal panel. Jason looked at the beautiful, pained android girl and realized what a fool he'd been. She'll give her life, her freedom up for me. I've never tried to show her what I felt towards her because she's a machine but now this machine is willing to give up everything for me. I can't let her do it!

Jason looked at Andromeda as best he could and snarled, "H-hey. B-blondie. Why donb youb benb ober and leb me fuck you like the blow-upb doll you are."

Andromeda's eyes glowed with hate as she punched Jason in the face and threw him to the floor. But in the few seconds she had not kept her eyes on Nova, she had moved in on her and attacked.

Andromeda was caught totally off guard by the foot that crashed into the side of her head and caved in her audio system and optic in that area. Andromeda's face-plate hung lopsidedly off of her skull, as she turned to look at her assailant.

Nova immediately went from her running jump-kick into a jump spinning back-kick that drove her heel into Andromeda's face, smashing the remaining optic and crushing her face-plate into her skull. Andromeda stumbled back half a step as her systems tried to compensate for her lost sensors. Nova did not stop as she landed. Her right fast drove up into Andromeda's chin, making her stand up straight.

Nova yelled a loud war-cry as her fists began hitting Andromeda in a rapid, reapeating piston series of punches. Nova continued yelling as her fists drove left, right, left, right, left, right,left,right into Andromeda's mid-section. Her fists pulverized and tore Andromeda's abdomen open. The punches continued on into her torso, crushing fluid reservoirs in a sticky mess of high-impact glass and lubricants, tearing cabling and circuitry, crushing circuit-boards and destroying servo-motors.

Andromeda's rapidly deteriorating chassis flew across the room and landed in a broken tangle of circuits, and limbs. Andromeda felt her systems shutting-down. Nova leaped across the room and began to descend on the broken android. Andromeda's last thought before Nova stomped and ground her feet into her chassis was of how beautiful and perfect her sister looked.

The force of Nova's leaping stomp kick destroyed what remaining strength the floor beneath the two droids had left, and the two of them collapsed through the flooring and down into the next floor. Nova hopped off of Andromeda's chassis and reached inside her chassis. She opened the battered Moleculartronic CPU case and removed Andromeda's CPU. She held it in her hand for a moment before crushing it into a deformed lump of silicon.

Nova hurried up the stairwell to Jason and looked over his form. He smiled at her and touched her face with a ruined hand. "Noba I'm sorry. I nebber saidb this to you", he wheezed.

"What Jason? Please try not to move, you're bleeding internally and you're going into shock", said Nova as she tried to set him in a comfortable position where he could wait for her to bring back help.

"Noba...I lobe you", he sighed as the light died from his eyes and his breathing stopped.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!", screamed Nova as she held Jason's lifeless body.