New Year Maiden

by Paul G. Jutras

     Carol sat at her homework desk, filling out what seemed like a thousand forms. One of the most important ones were the papers that allowed her to take her new job. Her mother, Monica, paced the room behind her daughter with blonde hair down to her shoulder. "Are you sure you want to go through with this, honey?"

     "I may of been left back a year a school, mom." Carol said in her sweetest voice. "I'm eighteen now and you can't stop me from being a model. Carla is and showed me the jewelry she can afford now, when she jogged over showing off her new high heels."

     "I really wish you'd reconsider this." Carol's mom begged. "Changing your life so much that you'll become a mannequin. If only your father was still alive to stop you where I haven't been able to."

     "I made myself a New Year's promise to start out to my true career and plan to keep that promise." Carol said as she stood in a pink with white lace night gown and kissed her mother goodnight.

    "I do expect you not to go overboard on this job, young lady." Monica sighed in frustration at her daughter. "I expect to see you in the future, other than standing frozen in some store window."

    "Did you say something?" Carol turned to her mom with her make up half removed and making her look like a clown.

    "Never mind."


    When Carol woke up the next morning, the first thing she did was take her shower. She spent a half hour on her hair and make up and another fifteen minutes shaving her legs. She wanted to make a good impression on her first day at work, so she picked put a lovely white blouse, blue skirt and brown loafers. As she slipped the shoes on, she thought of painting her toes. Then decided that the window decorator would do that for her.

     Downstairs, Monica was struggling with breakfast, and Carol paused to give her a hand. As she did, she saw the look of  disappointment in her mother's eyes. "It's going to be all right mom."

    "How about some bacon and eggs?" Monica asked, avoiding the subject.

    "Sounds yummy," Carol as she made sure her bra was straight. "But I'm not hungry. Too nervous about my first day of work."

     "I'll miss you." Monica said with gloomy eyes.

     "I can live with that," Carol said, with a flippancy that gave Monica a great sadness to hear.  "I gotta get to the store."  As she left the house, her concerns about her choice in outfits kicked in. As she walked with her books pressed against her breasts, a strong wind blew up her skirt. She practically dropped her books in an attempt to keep the skirt from raising and revealing her womanly slit underneath. "I should of worn underwear."


     Once at the store, she sat down before the boss in a lady-like manner. "Greetings, Carol." The principal said to his new worker. "Welcome to Westwood. Here we don't judge people on their past record," he said as he peeked inside and read why she was accepted. "I see. Well... young lady, don't expect any special  treatment because you chose the mannequin program."

     "Of course not sir." Carol said as she shook in her seat. She felt the need to use the ladies room bad and knew it would be the last time she would for awhile.

     "Very good."

     Going into the ladies bathroom, she slipped into a stall; raised her skirt, when done smoothed the skirt out again. She stepped out of the stall and found she wasn't alone.  A redhead and a brunette were fixing their make up and washing their hands.

     "Hi there, I'm Heather and this is Lesley." Heather said as Carol introduced herself to her new friends. "This is my first day here." Carol said as they stepped outside and sat on the bench outside the boss's office.  Lesley pulled out a photo of her boyfriend, Danny. "What do you think of this handsome little devil?"

     "He's gorgeous." Carol said as she felt herself getting wet. She quickly moved her purse to her lap as her friends got up and started to walk away.

     "Coming?" Heather asked.

      "In a minute." Carol giggled girlishly. "I just remember something I need to do first. " She watched the girls shrug their shoulders and headed off while she thought of heading to her department to meet the window dresser she'd work with.

    "Shouldn't you be getting ready?" The boss asked as he opened his office door.

     "I was so nervous before, I didn't realize how hot he is." Carol thought to herself before speaking. "I'm sorry sir.  It's woman problems."

     "Whatever woman problems someone like you has, I don't want to know." He said as he watched Carol got up and returned to the bathroom to clean up. Periods were only thing she wouldn't miss when becoming a mannequin model.


      "Did you shave all over as you were requested to do?" Marcy asked.

     "Yes and it's pretty cold without the little hair my body had." Carol said with a shiver as she was asked to undress and present herself. With the movement of Marcy's finger, Carol copied the twirl motion to show she was hair free.

     "You'll work out fine" Mrs. Marcy Shadow said as she brought out a long table and signaled for Carol to lay down on top of it. She ran her arm up Carol's leg and fingered her slit until both of them became moist to the touch.

     "Hey!" Carol  shouted as she moved Marcy Shadow's arm aside. .

     "Sorry, you're the first living mannequin I've met." Mrs. Shadow said as she realized she had over stepped her  bounds. "You can change here and shower after the others are done. I'll then prepare to get your ready for your stance."

    "Gee, thanks." Were her last words before an injection immobilized her stiff as a statue.


     After a week of standing in nothing but a bra and panties,  Saturday morning came and so did Carol's mother's visit to the store to see her daughter standing with glazed eyes and motionless pose among other mannequins. Monica couldn't help but wonder if the other mannequins were once living beings too.

     "So, Carol," Monica said. "I hope you have nice dreams in your frozen state."

     "The computer monitoring her vitals says she is." Mrs. Shadow said as she walked over to her in a black turtle neck, matching skirt, hose and open toed shoes that showed off her red polished toes.  "We put a computer chip in her skull when it turned to plastic and we're monitoring the R.E.M. sleep."

     "As long as she's happy." Monica said as she touched her daughter's arm and had no idea what kind of pleasure rush it shot straight to her brain and vagina. Carol would have grinned happily if she could, but her current smile was frozen in place.

      "That should help." Mrs. Shadow said as she ran her arm along the plastic body. "Here is what will turn your dreams into an exotic pleasure the like you've never known as a moving human."

     "You're the greatest!" Carol thought as she wanted to tell her mother how wonderful she felt at that moment.  Monica did not look very happy, and after a long stare at her motionless daughter, went away.

     Time went by and Carol remained pretty much the same when Christmas came around, along with her first vacation time.  Another injection allowed her to move again, however Carol moved rather stiff and robotic like at first after being frozen for months. As a joke, her mom gave her a shaving, manicure, and pedicure kit. Not something she'd need in her frozen state. Especially as between Christmas and New Year, even her pubic hair didn't grow back.

     "Are you okay, Carol?"   Monica asked.

      "I'll be fine." Carol groaned as she missed the loss of the endless pleasure her plastic body provided her and she couldn't wait to get back to work on Jan 5th. 

        "That's the spirit, hon." Mrs. Shadow; who was like an Aunt, said, then whispered. "Bet you didn't expect just how sensitive your chest would become before you became plastic. Don't worry, you'll get used to it in time along with the pleasure being frozen can bring you."   

      "You're a natural," Monica said as Carol was helped back to her bed from the bathroom. "If I wasn't told, I'd swear you were a mannequin made in a factory. You looked fantastic in the store."

     "Thanks, mom." Carol said weakly as she spend her off time to catch the soaps on television, try out different types of nail polish with her recently bought holiday outfits. Monica was a bit glum when Carol had Mrs. Shadow take the family camcorder and film their mother/ daughter hugs in mannequin poses. Carol did look lovely in her white turtle neck, blue skirt, taupe hose and blue pumps.

       "You're pretty quiet." Carol said as Monica drove her to the house she grew up in. "I want to thank you for letting me stay here since my job doesn't require my own apartment."

     Monica was still upset with her daughter turning into a mannequin model and the strange choice she made. It was several years before they grew together to truly accept things as they were.  Even when the mother grew old while her daughter would stay young forever.



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