Jukiko, Queen of the robots
By Rotwang (Zardreth@Cyberking.be)



Authorís note : This is my first attempt at a "male-male" story.

One of the fundamental principles I have tried to apply to my stories was that I would write and cater to as many tastes as possible. Although I donít know if there are many gay members in the ASFR, I feel obligated to write one for their pleasure as well.

Iím willing to write "Gay ASFR" stories if there is an audience for it and beg me for it Ö (and I would appreciate some suggestions as Iím not very good at that subject ! (^-^); )




Julian grabbed his manhood and eased it inside the latex pocket. He adjusted it over his loins and then slipped into the tight black Lycra top. It covered the whole upper body, except for the face and hands, while leaving the nether regions completely open. Two strings slipped between his legs on either side of his genitals assured a proper fit. A pair of stockings attached to the top piece and he was ready to indulge Ö

He reached for the curved metal piece and held it against his lower body. He pressed it into his body, making sure it was a tight and comfortable fit. He then grabbed the piece that attached to it and shuddered at the thought of the large tube entering his behind. He slowly eased it in, aided my a light dab of lubricant over the condom he unrolled over it for protection. He then attached the two halves together. They had soft rubber rims that would go under the next pieces, the legs and torso.

With care, he got into what looked like a golden waist cincher and made sure it was comfortable and allowed for movement.

He then fitted the golden legs over his own, ending in golden feet with integral rubber toes.

Then he would bring out the chest with its two exquisite golden mounds and held them to his own chest and locked himself in with the back piece.

Shoulders and upper arms were also clad in gold and Julian shivered as he reached for the golden mask.

It was that of a beautiful woman with golden eyes and full lips. He pressed the mask against his own features and felt his face being shaped into that of the mask. After it was secured, he topped it with a folding gold visor and began fitting the lower arms.

Finally, he grabbed a pair of golden rubber gloves and eased his hands into them.

A shiver of joy entered him as he felt the transition from one identity to another.

He pressed a button and waited for John.

John felt some bowels move as he saw his lover in this strange new form. He could picture his friendís body in the most intimate details, but had trouble overlaying this image over the metallic golden woman he saw before him.

She was completely immobile and seemed to wait for an action on his behalf.

This was their first time and John remembered his confused early love-life as he tried to sort himself out. He fondly remembered Dana in many ways.

Jukiko, the name Julian had given her as she was designed after the Japanese artist Sorayama, patiently waited as John circled her and wondered at the soft round curves of her body, hiding the slim masculine body of his lover. It was a tantalizing duality, to see a female shape holding a man he knew so well.

Julian was the greatest guy he had ever met. Small of stature, friendly and intuitive, but not as effeminate as many would believe.

John remembered finding out about Julianís secret fantasy. Julian loved old movies and his favorite was Metropolis Ö John hadnít noticed the moments when John was excited about the robot.

John had also wondered why he kept those art books full of women, some of whom were made of shiny metal.

And one day, Julian had told him Ö

"I want to be a robot woman." Julian told him. "Donít get we wrong, Iím still the guy you love, but I have this weird fantasy Ö Itís part claustrophillia, part drag." He explained.

John touched the robot. She felt warm to his touch. He grabbed her like he would Julian and fondled it until he realized she would feel nothing at all.

He stared at the golden visor for a second and imagined Julian was smiling at him inside.

Johnís dick was now hardening and he prepared to enter her lovely curved behind.

She was hard almost all the way in, so deep, he almost began to get worried, until he felt a soft part with the tip of his dick. There you are Ö John thought and began to pump.

Jukiko was slightly bent over to ease Johnís penetrating action. She hardly budged as he rocked her.

John noticed Jukiko was not reacting at all to his actions and wondered if the suit wasnít a bad idea Ö After all Julian could not feel his touch under all that metal.

Suddenly he feared that this massive investment might have been in vain.

He let go of her and noticed she didnít resume her previous pose. Suddenly it struck John, he had pushed her into that pose himself !

"Jukiko ?" He asked.

She jumped to attention and turned her head towards him in a strange mechanical fashion.

"Yes-master ?" Her pitch was slightly higher, but he recognized Julianís voice.

"Prepare to be boarded !" John went and tried again.

This time Jukiko reacted to his love. She bucked and tossed her body every time he touched her and suddenly felt as if he was making love to a mechanical thing rather than a human being.

As he climaxed into her golden gap, he felt slight guilt. He knew he had made love to Julian, but he could no longer remembered his face, only the shiny metal of her face and body Ö

He suddenly needed to touch him, rolled her over, and entered the feminine slit at the front.

It had been a long time since he had been with somebody that way and while she sat over him, he rocked her into a kind of jerky ecstasy, full of uncontrolled moans and grunts.

She was soft inside and he knew he was brushing against Julianís own penis hidden inside, padded with a bag of silicone to fill out the cavity inside his crotch.

He rocked as hard as he could and exploded into her. He felt regret at soiling her that way.

It felt strange to see Julianís face over the golden body. It nearly didnít fit as he imagined Julian to be a little taller than this lovely little robot he had been. All in all, not a very bad experience, John thought and helped Julian out of the suit.