Note: The following story contains explicit sexual material. If stories about sex, and particularly robots and sex, do not appeal to you, please don't read any further. This story should not be read by anyone under eighteen years of age. (You know who you are.)



It was a cold, rainy Saturday evening. I had nothing planned for the night, so I got in my car and headed for the local mall to do some people watching, and maybe buy a movie, or a book, or just something to help pass the time.

I wandered around the mall for a while. The place was huge and the crowd was thick, easy to get lost in. It was getting late when I finally made my way into a large sporting goods store. Walking in made me remember I'd needed a new jogging suit for some time, since the one I had was starting to wear thin in a few conspicuous places. This seemed as good a time as any to pick one up.

The front of the store was the "Ladies Apparel" section, so I headed toward the men's section farther in. I finally found the rows of jogging suits nestled all the way in the back of the store, in a small semi-enclosed area. There was a customer service counter near the back corner, but no salesperson. In fact, there were no other customers around either. After wading through the thick crowd of people in the rest of the mall, it was a nice relief.

There were several displays of men's jogging suits, and I started looking them over. I passed the cotton ones and moved on to the spandex. I wanted spandex for a couple reasons. Not only was it comfortable to jog in, but the feeling of it against my skin had always excited me. As I reached out my hand and felt the smooth fabric, I began looking forward to trying some on.

Most of the shorts were black or blue spandex and, unfortunately, small. My six foot two inch frame needed at least a large. I dug through the rack, looking for an "L" on a tag. Ah, there's one. I pulled it out. It was black, with a tank top. It looked like it would fit, but I figured I should pick out another pair just in case. I was rifling though the rack looking for another large when my fingers felt a smooth, metallic fabric. The fabric felt so unique, I stopped and pulled it out. As I removed it from the rack, I realized it was a shiny silver jogging suit.

Just looking at the suit excited me, and the feeling of it under my fingers added to my excitement. I checked the size. Small. Damn. I looked down the rack and saw a few other pairs. Small. Small. Medium. There- Large. Perfect.

With the two suits in my hand, I looked around for a dressing room. I finally saw the sign all the way on the other side of the store. Great. Now I had to walk all the way over there with this silver suit, and except for this corner, the store was packed.

"Can I help you?"

The voice came from right behind me. I turned around to find a smiling saleswoman. She was young, tall, and thin, with short cropped brown hair. I thought I felt the silver fabric under my fingertips tingle. I looked down at the silver suit in my hands for a second before I answered her.

"I was looking for a dressing room so I could try these on. Are those the only ones?" I gestured toward the far wall.

"On, no. There are some right over here. Follow me." She turned toward the back wall. We made our way between the racks to the empty service desk. She turned her head briefly to look at me. "Right this way."

I followed her behind the counter. She went over to the back wall and pushed open a door I hadn't even noticed. They really should mark these things more clearly.

She held the door open and gestured inside. "Here you go. There are several rooms back here. Just pick an empty one. If you need any assistance, my name is Joanne."

"Thanks." I smiled at her and went inside. I found myself in a small hallway with several louvered doors on the side. They all appeared to be open. I chose one and went in. As I closed the door to the room I had chosen, I heard the door that Joanne had opened for me close with a thud.

I hung up the two suits and undressed, stripping down to my underwear, leaving my clothes in a pile on the floor. As I looked at the silver suit, I decided to take off my underwear too. I knew it was probably in direct violation of some store policy, but I wanted to feel that smooth metal fabric against my skin, and for some reason the feeling of being naked in this unfamiliar place was exciting. Anyway, there was nobody else in the dressing rooms, and there was a lock on the door.

As much as I was looking forward to putting on the silver one, I decided to save it for last. I picked up the black suit, pants first, feeling the cool fabric slide up my legs and around my crotch. I slid the spandex tank top over my head, pulled it down, and then looked at myself in the mirror. I was in good shape, and the spandex looked good curving around my legs and chest. I looked at the growing bulge between me legs. That was the problem with not wearing anything under spandex. Everything just hung out. The fact that I was starting to stiffen didn't help matters.

I stripped the black suit off, standing naked again in the rather chilly dressing room. My feeling of excitement grew as I reached down to get the silver suit. As I picked it up I felt a small shock of static electricity. Dry in here. I started to put the suit on.

As I slid the pants up my leg, I felt the same cool sensation I felt with the other suit, except this feeling was accompanied by a tingling, like low electric current. I quickly pulled the silver pants up over my now hard cock and felt the fabric envelop me. This suit seemed a little tighter than the other one, and I wondered if I'd gotten one size too small. No- the tag said large. The tingling sensation on my legs continued, and even felt like it was getting stronger. I reached down and picked up the smooth, silvery shirt. This one wasn't a tank top, but had long sleeves ending in shiny metal fingers. Strange for a jogging suit, but I couldn't wait to slide it on.

I was about to put the shirt on when I heard the outside door open. Damn. I was really starting to get into this.

I heard a woman's voice. "Here you go. There are several rooms back here. Just pick an empty one. If you need any assistance, my name is Joanne." I heard another voice say "Thanks." and then the sound of footsteps in the hallway.

I looked at my stiff cock straining against the silver fabric, and double checked to make sure the dressing room door was locked. It was. The footsteps went past my dressing room and moved to one a couple doors down. I heard the click of the door closing, followed by the rustling of clothes. The outside door closed with another thud.

I looked back down at the shiny shirt in my hand. Forgetting about the other occupant, I slid the shirt over my head, and pulled my arms through the long, tight sleeves. The shirt glided on as easily as the pants, but it also seemed a little tight. The same tingling sensation accompanied the shirt, and it even felt as if the tingling in my legs increased. I was now standing in front of the mirror almost totally encased by this shiny metal fabric.

I stood there looking at myself in the mirror for several minutes. For some reason I couldn't stop looking. My cock was incredibly swollen, and the fabric did little to hide it. I could feel the fabric clinging to every inch of my body. The feeling was accentuated by the tingling that had now increased to the point where it felt like a low electric current was coursing through my body.

My hand reached down and began moving over the suit. I could feel my muscles under the thin metal. I was in good shape, but there was a firmness and bulk to them that I hadn't felt before. My hand slid over my stomach, and I felt the ripple of each individual muscle through the fabric. My shoulders looked broader than usual, and my pecs pushed against the tight fabric. I was aroused by the constant tingling I was feeling, and reached down and rubbed my hand over my stiff member. Each time I rubbed the tingling feeling increased.

I started to feel light headed. I thought about sitting down, but for some reason my legs didn't want to bend. Instead, my legs suddenly started heading towards the dressing room door. What the hell was I doing??! The last thing I wanted to do was walk out of this room wearing nothing but this skin tight suit, sporting an incredible hard on, but apparently my body had other ideas. I watched as my hand reached out, turned the doorknob, and opened the door. My legs started moving again. I was walking stiff legged- I couldn't seem to bend my knees, or my arms, or any other part of my body. What was happening? My legs stopped moving, and I found myself in the hallway outside the dressing room. I still couldn't move any part of my body, and I stood there stiffly, hoping that no one would come in to try on any clothes. This would take some explaining.

Suddenly I heard a click down at the other end of the dressing room corridor. The person who had come in while I was putting on the suit! I had completely forgotten about them! My body turned stiffly toward the sound of the click, and I had the sinking realization that the dressing room door was opening. Whoever was coming out was about to be in for one hell of a shock. I tried to turn back toward my dressing room and make a last minute escape, but it was no use. I was frozen in place.

I watched as the door opened wider. I didn't know what I was expecting, but it certainly wasn't what happened next. As I watched, I saw a short blond woman walk stiffly and slowly out of the other dressing room. Her walk was stilted, just like mine. She looked to be in her mid-twenties, and she was dressed in what looked like a one-piece bathing suit, except that it was made from the same clingy silver fabric that I was wearing. The fabric clung to every curve of her body, accentuating her pert breasts and buttocks. Her skin that wasn't covered by the fabric was smooth, her muscles well defined. Her shoulder length hair bobbed back and forth with her halting movements. My eyes, since that was the only part of my body I could move, followed her as she walked stiff legged out of the dressing room, arms at held straight at her sides. The metallic fabric rippled over her body as she stiffly made her way into the corridor. She stopped, paused for a moment, and then slowly turned toward me.

We were about three feet apart, and stood staring at each other for a moment. Her face was expressionless, although I thought I saw a hint of shock in her slightly wide eyes and partially opened mouth. I probably looked the same way.

Her head made a quick, jerky motion to the side.


The words came out slowly, sounding mechanical. She looked confused as she said this.

The words triggered something in me. I heard a voice in my head. INPUT RECEIVED. CONVEY RESPONSE. ACTIVATE VOCAL.

I felt my head twitch to the side. My mouth opened.


Kim stood there staring back at me. Her head cocked slightly back and forth several times.

"I.......... I.........I....."

She looked like she was really confused now, her brow furrowing. She cocked her head again.

"" Suddenly her eyes went wide and her head locked into position. " for you."

My body stiffened even more. I felt an electric rush coursing through my head. She was programmed for me? What? Programmed. Programmed. She was programmed for me. I was programmed for her. Programmed. She stood there immobile, her eyes wide looking at me. Waiting. Waiting for what? I tried to think, but I couldn't seem to form a thought. I heard the voice in my head again. INPUT RECEIVED. BEGIN PROGRAMMING. PROGRAM LOADING. PROGRAM LOADING COMPLETE. INITIATE PROGRAM. ACTIVATE VOCAL.

My mouth opened. ""

"" Her body shook once and her head titled slightly. "Pro."


Immediately after the words came out of my mouth, Kim's arms bent at the elbow until they were straight out in front of her. She started walking toward me, legs locked straight. The shiny fabric of her suit clung to every curve as she "walked" toward me. She stopped just as the erect nipples of her breasts came in contact with my chest. Her hand reached down and grabbed my swollen cock. An electric current exploded outward from my crotch into the rest of my body.

INITIATE TRANSFORM INTERFACE. My hand reached down and cupped the soft mound between her legs.

Her face was only inches from mine. Her lips parted. ""

ACTIVATE VOCAL. "" I heard myself reply.

Her body pressed closer to mine. I could feel the suit wrapping tightly around every part of my body. Her head jerked upward until her eyes were locked on mine. ""

COMMAND RECEIVED. OBEY COMMAND. EXECUTE. My cock seemed to swell even larger. I could feel the smooth metal of Kim's suit brushing against me, sending electrical pulses through my body.

ACTIVATE VOCAL. "" My voice sounded even more mechanical than before.

"" Kim's voice had the same hollow mechanical ring as mine. I saw her eyes go wide as if something inside her had given her a shock. She haltingly backed away from me, standing stiffly at attention. She began to slowly turn to the side. Her body was incredible. The metal fabric clung to the small of her back and lifted over her gently sloping buttocks, curving around into butt. She continued turning until her back was facing me, and began bending forward in quick starts. She stopped, and I was looking directly at her chrome encased ass.



I felt my body jerk into motion. My legs began pistoning forward towards Kim's rear. I felt the tip of my cock come in contact with the soft fabric covering her perfectly shaped ass. Somehow the fabric of my suit had opened! My hands shot out and grabbed Kim's silver torso around the small of her back.


A staggering jolt of pleasure surged through my body as I slowly began entering her. Unlike the other motions of my body, this was smooth and steady, as I felt the lips of her pussy enveloping me. Wave after wave of electric shocks shot up my cock into every corner of my body. At last I felt my crotch wrap around the curve of her ass as I entered her completely.

Everything else around me had become unimportant. All I felt was the intense tingling of the suit, and the repeated electric currents coursing from Kim into me. I had no control over my actions as our two silver bodies began rocking back in forth a mechanical motion. I continued to fuck her, reveling in the waves of pleasure as the voice in my head began again.


My cock felt like it was expanding inside her. I could feel each thrust raise the intensity of the shocks coursing through my body. My circuits were beginning to overload. My circuits? What did that mean?

COMPANION UNIT RELEASE BEGINS NOW. Kim's body suddenly began shaking violently, her head jerking back and forth.

INITIATE RELEASE SEQUENCE. I felt a ball of intense heat forming at the base of my cock. As my body continued to thrust into her the heat exploded up my shaft and began releasing into Kim. I had never felt the intense level of pleasure that was now overcoming me. My body began to shake violently, my torso making quick bending forward motions, and my arms pistoning up and down. RELEASE. RELEASE. RELEASE. My body continued thrusting into Kim, each forward motion releasing more and more of the pent up energy. Finally, my body stopped its motion. RELEASE COMPLETE. CIRCUITS NORMAL.

PROGRAM TRANSFORM ONE COMPLETE. I felt my cock slide out of Kim as my body backed away. I watched as she straightened stiffly and turned back towards me. Her head tilted to the side, a blank expression on her face.




"" Kim turned away from me again and pistoned stiffly towards the dressing room at the end of the hall, her arms bent at the elbows. BEGIN SHUTDOWN SEQUENCE. I felt a tightening sensation in my stomach as my legs began following Kim into the room. I turned stiffly, my arms also bent, and closed and locked the door. I turned back toward Kim, and we stood facing each other once more.

Kim's head cocked again, her blonde hair brushing against the silver fabric coating her shoulders. "This.unit.shut.ting.down." Her head tilted forward. A few seconds passed. "" she said as her body suddenly jerked forward. She stood there rock still, her arms raised by her sides, slightly bent forward, eyes wide open, staring at the floor expressionless.




I felt my head tilt down, my eyes staring at Kim's silvery crotch. I was having a hard time thinking. Something was happening, but what...



"" I heard my mechanical voice say as everything went black.


The Opportunity

I began to realize I was waking up. I felt a sense of fatigue, and one hell of a headache. I tried to orient myself. I was lying on a hard surface, which certainly wasn't my bed. What was the last thing I remembered? Oh,yeah. I was in the mall, I was trying on clothes..... The rest of it suddenly came back to me- the suit, Kim, not having control of my body. It must have been a dream. It was too strange not to be.

I opened my eyes, and found myself staring at an unfamiliar ceiling of steel crossbeams. I raised myself up onto my elbows and looked around. I was still in the dressing room! Then it wasn't a dream. But how could that have.... My thoughts trailed off as I noticed the silver body lying on the floor across the room from me. It was Kim, and it looked like she was sleeping. She was still wearing the silver bathing suit. I looked down at myself. I was lying on the floor, still wearing my suit as well.

I got up off the floor. I must have been lying there for a while, since my muscles were painfully stiff. As I stood there I realized that there was no sound coming from anywhere. I looked at the door. It was still closed.

I was starting to think about what to do next when I heard a faint rustling on the floor behind me. I turned and saw that Kim was now awake, and had raised herself up on her elbows. She was rubbing her forehead and looking slowly around the room. She finally saw me standing there looking at her. She stared back, and then slowly got to her feet, not taking her eyes of me. I could tell by the way she winced as she stood that she was in no better shape than I was. She still looked stunning in the skin tight silver.

We stood there awkwardly for a moment looking at each other. I had no idea what to say. This wasn't exactly a run-of-the-mill social situation. I realized I had to say something.

"How do you feel?"

She looked at me for a moment, then reached over and started rubbing the back of her neck. I could hear the silver fabric crinkling in the near total silence. Her eyes searched the room.

"I'm a little sore. How about you?"

"About the same. I could use a couple aspirin."

She grimaced and nodded. "Yeah. That would help."

She was looking at me, and I could see her eyes roaming over my suit. I started to feel self conscious.

"Do you remember everything that happened?"

She nodded slowly. "I think so. I remember coming into the store to buy a swim suit. I picked this one out," she slid her hand over the suit, "and then a salesperson named Joanne brought me over to these dressing rooms. I remember how great the suit felt, and then... She trailed off, looking at me. "Then my body started moving and I couldn't control it. I went into the hallway, and that's where.... we had sex. Then we walked in here, and I don't remember anything else until I woke up."

"Did you hear the voice in your head?"

"Yes! You did too?"

"Mmhmm. The voice would say something, and then my body would do it."

She nodded. "Same here."

"Well, I know we've already kinda met, but my name's Tim."

She smiled. "I'm Kim. It's nice to meet you."

"For the record, I wanted to tell you that the sex was fantastic. I've never felt anything that intense before."

"Neither have I. It was definitely different..." What a compliment. .....but it did feel great." Oh, okay. "And for the record," she smiled, "that suit looks great on you."

I felt the smooth silver covering my body and smiled back. "I'd have to say the same thing about you."

She ran her hands across her breasts and stomach. "Thanks. This fabric feels great, too."

As I watched her hands moving across her body I felt my cock beginning to harden again. Oh, no. Not now. I just met this girl, and now she's going to think I'm some kind of sex freak. Not that I'm the only one wearing a silver suit, but... I noticed her looking down at my budding erection.

"Sorry. These suits don't hide much, do they?"

She walked towards me. "That's okay. They don't have to."

She put her arms around me, and I felt her warm body pressing against mine under the suit. The metal fabric rustled as we kissed. I ran my hands over her back, feeling the smoothness of the suit covering her rounded behind. I could feel her hands moving up and down the liquid silver covering me.

I heard a click off to my right. I tried to think of what it might be, and then had the sinking realization that it was the door of the dressing room opening. I never thought that there might be other people around! Kim and I abruptly stopped making out and turned to face the door.

The door opened slowly. I was expecting a customer with an armful of clothes to walk in, see us, and then run out and tell the store manager that there were two people dressed in silver making out in the dressing room. I was relieved as I realized it was Joanne, the same saleswoman who had shown us into the dressing rooms.

"How's it going in here?"

Umm. I wasn't sure what to say, and apparently Kim didn't either. "Okay" I offered lamely. We were facing her, but we each still had an arm around each other. We separated self consciously.

She probably sensed our discomfort, and smiled reassuringly. "I hope you didn't mind having your actions controlled by the suits, but it's all part of the process. You both did wonderfully."

Process? What process? Kim and I glanced at each other.

I was a little taken aback. "You knew about the suits?"

"Certainly. Why do you think I picked them out for you? You two were perfect material, and you both happened to be in the right place at the right time." Joanne came into the room and shut the door behind her. She moved closer to us. "What I'm about to tell you is going to sound strange, but I want you to keep an open mind. Can you do that?"

I nodded. Now I was curious. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Kim's head bob up and down.


I was expecting an explanation to begin, but instead Joanne reached down and started lifting her blouse. She took it completely off and let it fall to the ground. She was wearing a silvery bra underneath that was made of the same fabric Kim and I were wearing.

As I watched, Joanne's hand moved down to cover her abdomen, fingers spread apart. She pressed down on her stomach. There was a soft click, followed by a whirring noise. As I watched in amazement, a section of her belly, about the size of her palm, came off into her hand! She pulled it away to reveal a square panel filled with what looked like circuit boards and wires. There were small diodes blinking in several places, and a low beeping sound could be heard. I heard Kim stifle a gasp.

Joanne gestured toward the panel. "I wanted to show you this, since it makes the explanation a little more believable." She looked directly at us. "You see, I'm not human. I'm an android." Neither one of us said anything. My eyes were riveted on the circuitry in her stomach.

She seemed completely at ease standing there with a hole in her abdomen as the explanation continued. "I was once human, like you, but then an opportunity was presented to me. It was an opportunity I didn't want to pass up. I had always had a fantasy about being transformed into a robot. I used to dream about it every day, thinking up different scenarios which would turn me into an android. The idea of being programmed was exciting to me."

"One day I came into this store. I saw the silvery suit, just like the one Kim is wearing, and I picked it out. A helpful saleswoman came over to me and directed me into this very dressing room, where I put the suit on and had the same experience that you two just did. I was exhilarated. I felt like I was a robot. The feeling of having the suit control my body and my thoughts, program me, was a dream come true. I wanted more. Then the saleswoman came into the dressing room and offered me more."

"She told me what I'm about to tell you. That we are a race of androids, existing on a planet far away from this one. Why or how we were originally created is not known, but we have the ability to create more of ourselves. For millions of years new androids were assembled and activated and the android world thrived. Then something happened. New androids that were assembled began breaking down. Those that didn't break down completely were experiencing serious errors. We were unable to fix the problem.

"When this problem began occurring we had already known about this world for some time. Humans had even been brought to our world to be examined to see if some part of their reproductive process could provide an answer to why androids were breaking down."

"Unfortunately, the search yielded no answer to our problem. Then, one of the humans who had been brought to our world made an unusual request. The idea of becoming an android appealed to him, and he asked if he could be transformed into a robot. This had never been done before, but we realized that if it was possible, it may provide the answer to our problem. Rather than assembling new androids, we could just transform humans into robots. That is- if it worked. We warned him of the possible dangers, and that if he was transformed, he may break down like the other androids had. He was still willing to try."

Finally, we developed a process which we thought would work. The human male underwent this process, and it was successful. He was transformed into an android. Although there were a few problems with his circuitry and programming, we have since perfected the original process. We can now transform any human into a completely functional android robot."

I was really getting aroused now. The thought of being an android was exciting. Watching the circuitry in Joanne's stomach, and the silvery fabric of her bra excited me even more. What was it like to be programmed? Was it like the feeling I had earlier, with the voice in my head? Or was it different, more intense? How long did an android last? How did it function? A million different questions flooded through my head.

Kim got out the first question.

"If you can transform humans into androids whenever you want, then why do people get put through the routine with the suits? Couldn't you have just turned us into androids earlier?"

I heard a familiar faint clicking sound coming from the circuitry in Joanne's abdomen. It sounded like a hard drive.

"Well, yes and no. We soon discovered that in order for humans to be successfully transformed, they have to want to be transformed of their own free will. Since the need for new androids was so acute when the process was first created, we tried transforming random humans, even if they weren't willing, just to increase our numbers. The problem is that the process is rather long and involved- it takes several hours of different processes to complete the transformation. During that time, the human is in various states of control over their body and mind. An unwilling mind doesn't interface well with the programming being fed into it, and most of the unwilling subjects didn't even successfully complete the transformation. Those that did broke down shortly afterwards. That stopped the process on any unwilling subjects."

"What about the success rate for willing subjects." I was hoping for a good number.

Joanne looked directly at me. "100 percent. All the subjects who are willing are successfully transformed."

"That's the reason we created the suits. They allow a human to partially feel what it's like to be a robot. The programming is very basic, and none of the body is transformed into a machine, but it gives them the basic idea. Most people find the experience extremely pleasurable, and decide to become transformed when the offer is made."

I stood there for a moment, realizing the full impact of what I was hearing.

Kim realized it too. "So you're offering us the chance to be transformed into androids." It was more of a statement than a question.

Joanne turned to look at her, and then at me. "That is what I am offering. You will be transformed as a pair of compatible androids. Your android bodies will be much like mine. You will be programmed to function as members of the android society."

"I know that this may seem abrupt, but your decision must be made here. If you decide against transformation, you will be returned to your life here as if nothing has happened. You will not remember any of this. If you both decide to be transformed, the process will begin in this room. Once begun, it is irreversible. It is your decision."

Joanne stopped and looked at us expectantly. There wasn't much information to go on here. Just that if I said yes to this process, I would become a robot. I wasn't even sure what the full consequences of that were. I still had so many questions.

"What if only one of us decides to do this."

"Then you will both be returned to your normal lives. The process requires two willing subjects."

Joanne apparently sensed our indecision. "If it helps, I have never regretted my decision to become a robot. I enjoy my programming, and my android existence. If you wish, I will provide you with more details of what it is like to be an android, and live in an android society."

I looked over at Kim. As much as I wanted to hear more details, I knew that it wouldn't really have any influence on my decision. The choice was to continue with this life, or to leave everything behind for a complete unknown.

"Do you want to hear more?" She was staring straight ahead, obviously thinking hard about something.

She turned to look at me. "What? Oh. No, no. That's all right. I," she paused, "I think I know what I want to do. What about you?"

"I think I know, too." I couldn't deny that my experience with Kim earlier was something I wanted to repeat. Even the sight of her now, wrapped in silver, was exciting. The quiet buzzing noise coming from Joanne, her silver bra, and the sight of the circuitry was convincing me that I was making the right decision. When it came down to it, the thought of giving up this life didn't really bother me all that much.

I looked back at Kim. What the hell. "I want to become an android." I heard the words, barely believing I had said them. I was afraid of what she was going to say. If she said no, then it was all over, and we'd be sent back to our regular lives. I couldn't believe that a woman as beautiful as Kim would want to undergo this transformation. To give up her life. I waited for her expression to change to one of disgust, and her to say no way- that's crazy.

She smiled, looking up at me. "Good. So do I."

Yes! I smiled back and then reached out and hugged her. She hugged back.

We turned back to Joanne. "Okay. So what do we do now?"

Joanne was also smiling. "I'm so happy you have decided to join us. You will make wonderful androids. Are you ready to begin the process?"

Kim answered yes.

"Good." Joanne bent down and removed her skirt. Underneath was a pair of silver panties. She now stood before us dressed only in shiny silver underwear. The lights in her stomach had started flashing more quickly. She reached down into her crotch area and pulled out two keys. They were about five inches long and silver, like the keys in the back of wind up dolls. She put her hand out to us, offering the keys. Kim and I both took one.

"I want to remind you once again that once this process starts, it must be completed. There is no going back. Do you understand this?

We both answered yes.

"Then we will begin. You are about to undergo a process that will end with you both becoming machines. I hope you both enjoy the process as much as I did. Now, you must listen to me and obey my instructions completely. Is that clear?"


"We will start with you, Kim. Turn around so your back is facing Tim."

Kim eyes met mine one last time. I could see the anticipation on her face. She turned around until her smooth, silver back was facing me.

"Now, Tim, do you see the small circular opening in the silver fabric in the small of Kim's back?" I did. "Bring the key into contact with this area."

I did as I was told, and moved the key towards her back. I felt it touch.

"Now, push the key gently into her."

Into her? I didn't know where it was going to go, but I was supposed to obey Joanne's instructions, so I pushed. I was amazed as the key started sinking into Kim! I felt Kim's body shudder through the key as it sank in about three inches and stopped. I thought I heard a faint "Oh!" from Kim as the key slipped into place. I pulled my hand away. The key was now sticking out of Kim's back.

"Turn the key clockwise."

I reached out again and grabbed the key. I started to turn it to the right. It gave way with a clicking noise. I kept turning. The key made several revolutions, and then stopped. I felt Kim's body jerk again.

"That is sufficient."

I removed my hand from the key. When I did, the key slowly began turning in the opposite direction.

"Kim, turn around."

Kim turned back to face me. Her motions were smooth, and she had a surprised look on her face.

I was extremely curious. "How do you feel?"

"I feel......different." Her speech was also still smooth. Not at all mechanical.

"Does it feel like before?"

"No, not really. But I feel different somehow. I felt an electric shock when the key touched my back, and after you put the key in, I couldn't move until you turned it. I can feel it turning."

Joanne addressed Kim. "You have begun the transformation process. There are subtle changes beginning in you even now."

I was next. I was standing in this room with an android in silver underwear, and a woman with a key turning in her back, and I was incredibly aroused.

"Tim is next. Tim, turn around so your back is facing Kim."

Hardly able to contain my excitement, I turned around, and stared at the wall. This was it. Once this key was inserted into me, there was no going back. I waited.

"Now, Kim, do you see the small circular opening in the silver fabric in the small of Tim's back? Bring the key into contact with this area."

I felt the key touch my back. The electric shock that Kim had described raced through my body.

"Now, push the key gently into him."

I barely heard the last couple words as I felt the key slide into my back. An electric rush exploded through me. I felt it at every tip of my body. My body shuddered. A bright white light burst into my field of vision. A sound of pleasure escaped my lips as I felt the key snap into place. There was no pain. Only this incredible electric rush. I realized that my mouth was slightly open from the noise I had made, and I tried to close it. It was locked in place. I tried to blink my eyes. Move my hands. Nothing. I was frozen, and I could feel the cold metal of the key in my back. It felt wonderful.

"Turn the key clockwise."

I could hear clicking in my ears. I realized it was Kim turning my key. With each turn, I could feel my muscles getting tighter. It felt like a spring was being coiled inside me. Suddenly the key stopped turning, and I felt the spring release. My body jumped.

"That is sufficient."

I could feel the cold metal of the key begin rotating in my back.

"Tim, turn around."

I turned to face Joanne and Kim. Kim was standing straight, smiling at me. I could hear the faint clicking of the keys in our backs turning. I could still move on my own, but I knew that it was only for as long as the key in my back was wound up.

"You have now both begun the transformation process. Now, you will follow me. We need to get you both correctly outfitted to continue the process."

"I will follow you." I heard myself say, echoing Kim.

Joanne, clad only in her silver panties and bra, circuitry still showing, turned and opened the dressing room door. Kim walked out behind her, and I followed the two of them. I watched the key slowly turning in Kim's back as we made our way out of the dressing rooms and back into the store.

The store was dark, and completely devoid of people. Only a few dim lights were on, casting multiple shadows around the lurking clothing displays. Joanne navigated her way around the clothing racks as we headed toward the other side of the store. I could see faint green and red reflections of the lights from Joanne's midriff on the dark clothes as we passed by. Kim's silver suit was also reflecting the dim light as it swayed with the movement of her hips. I couldn't take my eyes off her spinning key.

We stopped in front of a rack of women's ski wear. There were several full body ski suits hanging on the rack, and Joanne reached in and pulled one down. The one she chose was a shiny silver, almost like the suits we were wearing, but the material looked thicker. I also noticed that unlike most ski suits, this one had silver boots and silver gloves attached.

Joanne held the suit out to Kim. "Remove your suit, and put this on." Kim immediately complied. I watched as she stripped off her suit, uncovering her breasts, and finally her crotch. I noticed that her pubic area was completely hairless. She had some trouble getting the suit completely off as it got caught on the key. Joanne helped her to free it, and she stood completely naked in the middle of the store.

She took the suit from Joanne, and began putting it on. It fit snugly up over her legs, and slid up to cover her thighs and waist. She bent over and slid her arms into the top of the suit, pulling it around her breasts. I could see there was a hole in the back of the suit to make room for the key, and a zipper right above that. Joanne reached over and pulled the zipper up to the top of Kim's neck. The zipper closed at the top with a loud click.

Joanne examined the now fully encased in silver Kim. The lights in her belly reflected off the silver. "That fits perfectly. How do you feel?"

Kim moved her arms and legs, and tried walking a few steps. "I'm starting to get a bit stiff. I also feel a little tired,

Kim's voice trailed off, lowering a few octaves, as her lips froze in mid sentence. She stood, unmoving.

"Now, Tim, follow me." Joanne turned and started walking. I took one last look at the silvery frozen Kim and turned to follow her.

"What happened to Kim?"

"Don't worry, it's all part of the process. Her key just wound down. All I have to do is wind her up again after we cross to the android world, but you must both be completely immobile for the transfer."

We were making our way to another dark corner of the store. Joanne stopped in front of a display similar to the one she had pulled Kim's new suit out of, except this was in the men's section. She reached up and pulled down a suit that looked identical to the one Kim was wearing.

"Okay. I'm going to have you put this on, but first, I need to give you a couple turns." She stepped around to my back and I felt her grasp my key. By this time it felt like just another part of my body. I heard a clicking noise and felt two sharp jolts as she turned the key. I once again had the feeling of a spring being coiled, except this time she stopped before it was fully wound.

She walked back in front of me. "Take off that suit, and put this on."

I dutifully began removing my shirt. It took a moment as I realized I had to lift it over my key. I dropped the shirt to the floor, and ran my hand across my chest. It was smooth and hairless, like Kim's crotch. I felt no surprise. This all seemed normal for some reason. I then removed my pants, lifting the waist over my swollen penis, noticing my crotch was also hairless. Now I was the one standing naked in the dark.

I took the suit and began putting it on. The metallic fabric was indeed thicker than the other suit had been, but not by much. It was just as tight. I slid my legs all the way down into the smooth metal boots. I felt the same tingling sensation I had when I put on the other suit. The suit came up over my legs, and penis, and I reached down into the arms. I was now fully encased in silver. Joanne had been standing still watching me, but now she reached behind me and I felt the zipper being pulled up. It reached the top with a loud click.

"In a few moments we'll be ready to begin the transfer to the android world. I will be overseeing every part of your transformation process once we get there. Right now I need to go replace my front access panel and set up the transfer. I'll see you soon. "

Joanne turned and started walking away.

"Joanne, wait. Should I follow you?"

She turned her head and looked back at me as she walked into the darkness. "Don't worry- you'll completely wind down in a moment."

"Do I have

I felt my mouth freeze in place. My entire body had stopped moving. The key in my back made a loud click, and then stopped. I was frozen. Even my thoughts had begun to slow. My last sight was of Joanne's silver panties moving into the darkness.

Part 3

The Process

I heard noises around me. People talking, things beeping, clicking and whirring. I felt the key in my back being turned. The feeling of a spring being wound returned. My thoughts started to speed up. The suit, Kim, Joanne..... Slam! A jolt went through me as the key made it's final revolution. My eyes popped open.

I was staring up into bright lights. There were silver reflective panels covering the ceiling. I was lying on what felt like a hard, flat table. I tried to move my arms and legs, but couldn't. I felt tight, cold metal restraints binding me at the wrists and ankles. I squirmed a bit, and realized I was bound at the waist also. I tried to raise my head so I wouldn't be staring directly at the lights, but something was holding me fast. I squinted against the lights.

The table I was on began to move. It tilted downward, stopping when I was almost vertical to the floor. I could see that I was in a long, rectangular room filled with various types of equipment. People wearing shiny silver lab coats were moving about the room, engaged in various tasks in front of large machines. Directly across the room, facing me, was a row of tables, some slanted, some not. On the tables were what looked like people, all of them dressed in the same type of suit I was wearing. There were various tubes and wires attached to their bodies, snaking out to the various machines along the wall. Some of the tables had clusters of the people in silver lab coats around them.

Something about the people in the lab coats seemed strange. One of them turned away from a table across the way and walked past the front of my table to a machine on the side wall. As she walked by I saw that not only was her lab coat silver, so was her face! Her hair was short cropped, and matched the color of her- what I guess was skin. She was a robot! I was looking at was a room full of robots!

I was still just lying strapped to the table, wearing the silver suit. After seeing the silver android, I checked the reflective ceiling panels to see if my skin looked the same. Nope. I was apparently still quite human. Nobody had come up to me yet, although most of the other tables had several androids in lab coats standing around them. I scanned the row of tables across from me more closely, and recognized Kim. Her table was almost directly across from mine, and slanted at about the same angle, but it looked like she was asleep- or not wound up yet.

"Hi. I see you've been wound up." An android in a lab coat walked into my field of vision. She walked over to stand directly on front of me. This is the first time I had really seen one of them close up, and I looked at her face. Except for the fact that it was completely silver, all her features looked human. Her metal skin was rounded, not at all angular. Her lips were a brighter silver than the rest of her face, and seemed to glitter when she spoke. One very noticeable feature was her eyes. She had bright yellow pupils surrounded by what looked like liquid gold. The rest of her body was covered in the coat. Is this what I was going to become?

She spoke again. "Well- don't you recognize me."

I stared at her for a moment. How could I possibly know anybody in this place.


"It took you long enough. I told you I'd be looking after you. Welcome to stage two of your transformation. How do you feel?"

I thought about that. "Fine, I think. I feel a dull pounding in my head every once in a while."

"That's normal." She moved to a console behind me that I couldn't see. "You're progressing perfectly." She moved back into my field of view.

My eyes went up and down her body, although I couldn't really see anything since she was almost completely covered by the shiny coat. "So this is what an android looks like?"

"This is it. Would you like to see more?"

Absolutely! I felt myself starting to get aroused.


She smiled, her lips glimmering. As I watched she reached down, pulled open the front of her coat, and pulled it off.

I just stared. Her body was completely silver chrome. The chrome was molded to look like smoothly defined muscles. It was broken up in places by an oval shaped clear plastic looking material. There were clear plastic panels in her abdomen, and on the tops of her legs. Underneath the clear plastic were circuit boards and wires, with the same flashing diodes I had seen in her before, except the lights in her legs were different colors.

I looked at her breasts. They too were smooth chrome, nicely rounded and very well shaped. No nipples were evident. I noticed a thin line, like a seam, in a circle around each breast. As I looked more closely I saw the same type of seams at each of her joints- shoulders, neck, elbows, thighs, knees. Her crotch was smooth chrome and completely hairless. There was no sign of any female genitalia.

"Don't worry. This," she moved her silver hand across her crotch, "is completely functional- when activated. Yours will look the same when we're done with you."

She turned slowly around. I strained to catch every inch of her chrome body as it went past. There was a large clear panel located directly in the middle of her back. Inside the panel were more lights and what looked like controls of some sort. Below the panel were several round openings, like computer ports. She turned completely around to face me. "So, do you like what you see?"

I knew she could tell I did by the swelling in my crotch. I felt they key in my back continue winding. "Yes. Very much. I'm going to look like that?"

"The same- except you'll obviously be a male model." She put the coat back on.

"What's the coat for?"

"There are slight electromagnetic fields generated by our bodies that can interfere with the transformation process. The coats block them."

Two more androids walked up, both male, and stood in front of me. One of them turned to Joanne. "Unit T457, is the subject ready?" His movement was smooth, but his voice sounded hollow and metallic.

Joanne turned to him. "The subject has been properly prepared. It is ready to begin the next stage."

"Very well." The two turned and walked behind me.

"In this world, my designation is Unit T457. Joanne is only my designation for recruitment. The T prefix signifies that I am programmed to recruit new units for transformation. There are several different android classifications. You will be designated as an "N" unit. You will be programmed with all this information, and much more, after your transformation process is complete."

The two other androids in lab coats moved out from behind me. They were accompanied by a console that contained various electronics, attached by wires to something behind my table. They stopped the console directly in front of me, and started adjusting some of the equipment.

Joanne continued. "This is Stage 2 in your process. There will be three more stages after this. In this stage your carbon based neural system will begin to be transformed into electronic circuitry. Some basic programming will be fed into your neural network that will continue the internal changes. Other parts of your body, your motor functions in particular, will begin their transformation to robotics. The sensations you will feel will be strange, but there is no pain associated with them. You will begin to lose the ability to control your thoughts as the programming starts to take over. Some subjects are alarmed at this stage. Do not be alarmed- your android programming will be superior to your current thought process. Just relax and enjoy the sensations you are about to experience."

The other two androids had finished their adjustments and were looking at Jo- Unit T457. She turned to them. "Begin."

One of the androids lifted a chrome helmet, covered in wires, and placed it on top of my head. The sounds of the room became muffled.

While he was adjusting the helmet, the other android picked up several differently colored cables off the cart, and walked over to me. He reached down between my legs, and opened a flap in the suit. He took one of the cables and placed it into the flap. I heard a click and felt pressure in my crotch as the cable snapped into place. He continued connecting cables to me. One on each leg and arm, and several in my chest. As each cable came to rest, I heard a muffled click.

The two androids finished their work and moved back over to the console.

Joanne walked over to me. "The process will now begin. I am going to leave you now to supervise the start of Kim's transformation. Have fun, and relax. You will make a superb android."

She leaned her chrome body over me and kissed me on the lips. A warm tingling sensation radiated through my face as she gently moved her tongue over my half open mouth.

"I'll see you soon."

She turned and walked away, towards the area where I saw Kim. Now it was just me and the two androids. They were both still busy at the console.

I began to feel a tingling sensation where the cables were attached to me. The sensation grew stronger, and moved out from the attachment points of the cables. I could feel the sensation moving through my body, out through my legs down to my toes, through my arms to the tips of my fingers. It spread out from my crotch into the tip of my erect cock, and around through by buttocks. What was happening to me. I tried to concentrate on just feeling the movement of the sensation.

I felt the tingle radiating out from the three cables attached to my chest. It spread up into my neck, and through my face, up into the top of the my head. It felt like the helmet that had been placed on top of my head was getting tighter, and I started to hear a high pitched ringing in my ears.

The intense tingling now suffused my entire body, and the ringing began to get louder. I concentrated on the sound. Something about it seemed soothing. I tried to think about what it was, but I was having a hard time concentrating. I thought about the sound. The sound. What was that sound? I started to feel disoriented. Where was I? I was in this room. I was on a table. Wait. Who was I? I felt a need to answer that question. Who was I? Who was I. The question demanded an answer. I thought about it. The more I thought, the louder the sound got, as if it was trying to drown out my thoughts, my consciousness. Thinking was difficult. The sound kept distracting me. Something was happening. Who was I? My mind was detached from my body as I felt my mouth open.

"I am...."

The tingling sensation in my head suddenly increased. I sensed something. Numbers. Hundreds, thousands, millions of numbers were flowing into my consciousness. I heard as much as felt them flowing through me. That's what the sound was! The sound was numbers. More than just numbers, it was a code. Binary code. Ones and zeros. Flowing past me, through me, into me.

The flood of numbers increased. They were pushing out my thoughts. I was trying to think about the numbers, but the numbers themselves were becoming my thoughts. Numbers. There is nothing but numbers. Zero. One. Zero. Zero. Zero. One. Zero. One. One. One. Z....I am unit N800. I am unit N800. The numbers slowly turned into something recognizable. That thought. The answer to my question. Who was I. I was Unit N800. I am Unit N800.

My mouth opened. "I am Unit N800. I am ready for programming."

The numbers had completely disappeared now, replaced by a steady stream of thoughts. The thoughts were not coming from me, but from outside me. I was being fed thoughts. Each one was stored and filed in a different location. Each one filled an empty space. My developing mind recognized this as programming. I was being programmed. Program me. Program me. Program me.

I searched for the answer to a question. Information retrieved. My audio interface activated.

"This unit is receiving programming."

I was being programmed. My brain interpreted this program as thoughts. These were going to be my thoughts. The thoughts/programming was moving even faster than before, and I was understanding all of it. Lines of code told me what to think. How to think. They were incredibly detailed. How to blink my eyes. How to move my arm. How to speak. When to speak. Receiving programming. Receiving programming.

I became aware of the other changes happening to me. My developing android brain was attempting to communicate with different parts of my body. Information was sent back instantaneously from different areas. Active. Not active. Not active. Active. Not active. I sensed my body in a different way then before. There was no feeling. Just information. Information was feeling. Information was sent out. Information was received. This was sensation. My sensations, my feelings, were these signals being sent and received. I could feel my body changing. I could actually feel parts of my body being transformed into their mechanical states. Sending signals. Receiving signals. Sending/receiving/sending/receiving. This was consciousness. This was existence. Existence was a constant flow of data being sent and received.

Information was being received.

My visual sensory units registered a unit in front of me. This was Unit T457. Unit T457 was inputting data.

"Hi again. It looks like you've completed stage 2. How do you feel, Unit N800?"

Information received. "This Unit has received primary programming. This unit is functioning properly."

"Do you have any questions so far?"

I processed the question. Affirmative. "Am I a robot?"

"Not yet. Not entirely. But you're getting there. Your brain is the first thing affected by the process. At this point fifty two percent of your brain has been converted into complex electronic circuits which are taking control of your higher functions. Your android brain has been programmed to continue the transformation process. The rest of your body is twenty seven percent transformed. As you can see, you are already showing outward signs of the transformation."

T457 reached down to the open panel in the area of my stomach. My ears registered clicking noises. My brain began receiving information. I felt a *thought* form. I would go with T457. I must continue the process.

T457 straightened. "I've triggered your brain to begin the third stage of your programming. The program will now begin to take over."

Even as she said this, information was being sent to my arms and legs. I felt my body stiffen and rise from the table. My movements were wildly jerky. Almost spastic. I almost fell over as I stood, but my legs managed to keep me balanced. The flow of information decreased as the servos forming in my joints processed the data they were receiving specifying weight, velocity, balance.

T457 turned and began walking towards the far end of the room. My body began to follow in a stutter step fashion. Left. Right. Left. Right. Information. Data transmitted. Data received. On and on. Always information. The stream of information was so constant it began to fade to a murmur in the back of my.... brain?

I was still following T457. My sensors indicated that I was in the vicinity of Kim's table. I wanted to turn my head to look. As my brain processed the thought, the series of data which would perform that function was activated. My head turned to the right.

Kim was still lying on the table, covered in the silver suit. Her head was encased by the chrome helmet, and cables were attached to her body. One cable came out of each breast, one was attached to her crotch, and one on each of her arms and legs. The cables were attached at the other end to the wall behind her. The wall was covered with buttons and computer displays. Several android technicians were standing in front of it. Her eyes were vacant, staring upward.

Kim's mouth opened. My audio interface registered input.

"I am Unit N801. I am ready for programming."

Kim.... Unit 801's body shivered. "This unit is receiving programming."

The sight of the cables protruding from her body increased the data stream in my newly formed circuits.

We observed unit N801 for some time. One of the android attendants walked over to her and lifted the section of the suit covering her stomach. There were several controls visible, and his fingers began to make adjustments. Some of the same blinking lights that were visible in Unit T457 could now be seen in Unit N801. Unit M801 was becoming an android. I was becoming an android. This unit was becoming an android. My transformed electronic consciousness was anticipating the next step in the process.

The android attendants removed the chrome helmet and cables on Unit N801. The unit activated.

"How do you feel Unit N801?"

"This Unit has received primary programming. This unit is functioning properly."

"Do you have any questions?"

Unit N801 paused. "Have I.....been programmed? I....feel.....strange."

Unit T457 repeated what she had told me. She approached Unit N801 and adjusted the controls in her stomach.

"I've triggered your brain to begin the third stage of your programming. The program will now begin to take over."

Unit N801 began to stiffly get up off the table. Her torso rose, seemingly independent of the rest of her body. Her head was tilted to the side, eyes staring vacantly into the distance. Her legs, unbending, stepped onto the floor. She walked straight legged into position behind Unit T457. The unit began walking. We both followed.

T457 reached a pair of doors in the wall. She walked to a small panel to the right of the doors, stood directly in front of it, and opened the front of her silver lab coat. A pointed object slowly extracted from the panel and inserted itself into T457's front panel. After a moment it retracted, and the doors slid open.

We followed T457 down a narrow corridor. We came to another set of doors, and the process with the panel was repeated. I followed Unit 801 inside.

We had entered a small room with four featureless walls. A single android stood next to a pair of conveyor belts consisting of shiny metal rollers that looped out from a small hole on one side of the room, and disappeared into a larger hole on the other. The android standing next to the belts activated as we entered. She wasn't wearing a lab coat, and the data stream in my transforming brain increased as my visual sensors probed her silver body.

"Greetings Unit T457. Are the Stage Two units prepared to complete the physical transformation?"

"Affirmative Unit M788. The units are prepared."

Unit M788 turned to a small console in front of her.

T457 addressed me.

"Unit N800, position yourself on transport one."

My brain accessed the information. My body walked stiffly to the silver belt, and maneuvered itself into a prone position. I was staring up at the ceiling.

T457 spoke again. "Unit N801, position yourself on transport two."

A moment later, T457 was looking down at me. "Unit 800, access diagnostic routine Delta4-5 and report."

Accessing requested data. "Current transformation occurring within specified parameters. Delta 4-5 report ends."

T457 turned to the other android. "Begin."

The belt underneath me started moving. The ceiling of the room disappeared as the belt moved me out of the room into the gateway in the wall. I had entered a narrow tunnel, lined with conduits and wires. As I traveled through the tunnel, I registered bright scanner-type lights above me, like the ones in grocery store checkout counters. The bright lights were different colors, and I saw the beams crisscrossing my silver body. This continued for some time. There was a constant humming sound which got louder as I traveled farther inside.

I passed by a final group of lights, and the transport stopped moving. As soon as it stopped, several tubes which were recessed into the wall began moving towards me. I felt pressure as the tubes made contact with my body in several places. What felt like cool, thick liquid began pumping into my suit. It began seeping into every corner of the suit, oozing over my legs, arms, crotch, chest. As the liquid filled the suit, my brain became more active.

RECEIVING EXTERNAL INPUT. It was the voice from before! Except this time it didn't seem as intrusive to me. The voice wasn't coming from outside my consciousness- the voice was my consciousness.

The pressure of the liquid inside my suit increased. Suddenly there was a new sensation. I felt the liquid seeping inside my body- it felt like it was entering around the same places I had seen T457's access panels. I reveled in the sensations the liquid provided as it began traveling through me. This process continued for quite a while.

PROCESSING. The voice again. The tubes detached themselves from me with a hissing sound. My body felt heavy and cold. More information kept streaming through my.... processors. I was processing millions of instructions being sent from areas of my transforming body.

The belt started moving again, and the scanner type lights returned. Then the tunnel opened wider, and I saw various robotic arms lining the sides, like the ones in car assembly lines. The belt I was on stopped moving, and the arms jumped into action. They whirred down and grabbed me. I was lifted up from the transport and turned on my side.

Several of the arms headed for my chest. One of them grabbed the front of my suit, and I saw it lift a section of it away. I couldn't see exactly what was happening, but the other arms began taking small computer chips and placing them into something in my chest.

My visual sensors registered movement across the tunnel from me. As I watched, Unit N801 moved into the larger section of the tunnel, carried by the transport. An identical set of robot arms reached down and lifted her into the air, turning her to face me. My visual sensors interfaced with hers.

The robot arms reached to her chest and pulled away a large panel. Underneath was nothing but wires and circuit boards. The arms began reaching in and attaching chips, cables, and small devices to the existing robotics inside her. Lights inside her began blinking as they continued to install the electronics. Other arms reached out and lifted panels from other parts of her body, and the same process was repeated. From what I sensed, the same thing was happening to me.

I saw one of the arms reach towards Unit N801's face. It covered her face completely for several seconds and then lifted away. What was once her face was now just a mass of wires. More arms reached in and sparks began to shoot out from the points the arms touched.

A large robot arm moved in front of my face, blocking my view of Unit N801. The arm moved in and covered my face completely, then moved away holding something. More arms came up and began moving to various points on my face. I saw sparks. Other arms continued inserting and adjusting devices inside me.


The voice was louder. My body still felt heavy. I sensed the arms dipping into me as more and more data flowed into my processors. More data. Processing data. Processing. Processing.

I felt the speed of my input slowing. My program began shutting down my senses. I understood what my program was doing, but I had no control over it. All feeling disappeared, and my sight dimmed. The data began to slow. Slower. Slower. Slower.

Part 4



Information was being received by my optical sensors.


"This unit is fully functional."

I was sitting upright in a large metal chair which cradled my legs and arms. Across from me, sitting in the same type of chair, was Unit N801. Her face was completely silver, but her hair was a shoulder length metallic gold. Her visual sensors were dark. As I watched, a dim yellow glow in her visual sensors began to get brighter, until it was a bright yellow surrounded by gold. She was still wearing the silver suit.

"This unit is fully functional."

Thoughts formed in my processors. I am Unit N800. I am an android. I am programmed to function as an N designate android. I will obey my programming.

Information was being received. It was flowing directly into my processors. I could feel it entering from a port in my back, and travel into my CPU. Links in the chairs connected me directly to a processor of immense size. I processed the information stream.




The flow of information entering my CPU stopped. I blinked as I became aware of my surroundings once more. Unit N801 was still sitting across from me in her programming chair. We were slightly raised from the rest of the room, with steps leading down to the lower level. The roof of the room was white, and seemed to glow with light. The walls were covered with silver panels, interspersed with various electronic displays and controls. There was a doorway in the side wall and the far wall. Silver furniture was here and there across the room. All the furniture had computer ports of different configurations built into it.

Her golden visual sensors had also scanned the room, and now they turned to me.

"How do you feel?"

Processing. "I... don't know how I 'feel'. I am aware of information and data. All the data suggests that I am functioning normally. I guess that means I feel fine."

"I know what you mean. It's a strange feeling isn't it? So much data, so much information. And yet, I understand it all. It's like.... I can feel my programming." Unit N801's eyes visual sensors glowed more brightly. Watching her silver lips as she spoke was activating my erotic sub-files. "I know that my programming is...who I am, but I'm still aware that the programming exists, and can function independently from it. I'm programmed to be able to program myself!"

Processing. "This must be what T457 meant by being self-programmable. But only until our programming takes over to begin our primary function. According to my files, my programming will override self-program mode in 1.5 hours."

"Searching. Affirmative. This unit will override self program mode in 1.4 hours. I guess you get six more minutes of self programming time than I do."

Processing. In a strange way, I could feel myself getting aroused. I couldn't feel my cock getting hard, but a steady stream of data was sending a wave of energy through me. I was getting excited. "Then that means we only have one hour and twenty four minutes to experiment with our android bodies before you must perform your first function timetable."

"Then what are we waiting for? Let's get out of these chairs. Disconnecting." There was a momentary buzzing noise, followed by a metallic click. Unit N801 rose from her sitting position, and stood next to her chair.

Processing. "Disconnecting." I felt a strange sensation in my back and heard a buzzing noise followed by a click as I rose from my chair. Unit N801 was now standing right in front of me. Close up her visual sensors were even brighter, and I could see the gold liquid flowing around them. We were both still wearing the silver suits.

Processing. "I think it's time to lose the suits." I lifted my hand to reach for Unit N801. I stopped when I saw what my hand looked like. Where the silver suit ended at my wrists, a shiny chrome hand, and smooth chrome fingers extended. I flexed my hand a couple times just to reassure myself that it was mine. Data received. Affirmative.

I continued to reach around Unit N801's back. I unclasped her suit, and began to slowly remove it. I pulled it slowly down to reveal her perfectly shaped chrome breasts. Unit N801 reached up and began feeling her chrome chest. "I can't believe these are mine. They're perfect."

I continued to pull the suit down, revealing the clear access panel in her stomach. The circuits and controls nested inside made sense to me now. Her status lights were blinking in proper sequence.

I slipped the suit down farther, over her slender silver waist, to reveal her perfectly smooth chrome crotch and gently rounded hips. A little farther and her lower, leg mounted access panels were revealed. I pulled the suit all the way down to the floor.

I saw myself reflected in her body as I rose up again. A difficult to access file reminded me that this was the same woman I had met in a dressing room. And now she stood in front of me as a machine, her chrome skin gleaming. I registered the same seams in her joints as those on Unit T457.

"This feels fantastic." Her metal hands rubbed along her chrome body. "Look at me. I'm a robot. I'm actually a robot."

Processing. "You look fantastic."

N801 reached her chrome arms behind my neck and began to remove my suit. "Now it's your turn." She pulled the suit down over my shoulders to reveal my metal chest. I had what looked like large, well formed pectoral muscles, although my files told me they were just two large battery packs. She continued pulling the suit off. I could feel the suit sliding against my metallic skin. Each movement it made sent a burst of information to my processors. Pleasure. Arousal. As more of my robot skin became exposed, I was getting more aroused.

Unit 801 pulled the suit down farther. I had the same clear access panel as she did, my status lights blinking. My crotch was featureless smooth chrome. She pulled the suit past the access panels in my legs, down to the floor, and stood up. I rubbed my silver hand across the cool metal of my skin, reveling in the sensations my processors were receiving. I rubbed my hand over my crotch, feeling the smoothness of it. Data flooded into my android brain. It felt incredible! "This feels great!"

We were now two androids standing in this room, alone. I couldn't wait to experience the feel of sex with N801 and her robot body. All the sensors in my skin were at a heightened receptive state. My android brain scanned the thousands of available sex programs I could run.

Processing. "Are you accessing the sex programs?"

"Affirmative. Scanning. What do you say we skip the sex programs and do this manually the first time?"

Processing. "That's a great idea."

I walked slightly forward until my chrome body made contact with N801. We began caressing each others metal bodies, our hands exploring the smooth molded curves of our shells. Her sparkling silver lips came up and met mine, and a current of pleasure radiated out from my lips. As we continued to kiss, my brain processed more data. "I'm going to activate your sex mode." I managed to get out in between kisses.

"Yes. Activate me. Activate me now."

I reached my hand down into her front access panel and entered a specific sequence. She let out a moan. "Sex mode activated."

Through my skin I felt hard nipples form on her breasts. I reached my hand down between her legs, and felt metal hairs. I briefly looked at her crotch and saw a mound of shiny gold hair. She began to kiss me more fervently. I slid my hand all the way down between her legs and started rub.

Unit N801 shook. " I felt her hand reach towards my access panel. "Let's get your sex mode activated."

N801 entered the activate sequence. Instructions were sent directly into my CPU, and my body responded. My body began to tingle, and I could feel something happening. I looked down and saw my android cock slowly extending itself from the smoothness of my crotch. It was shaped and molded just like the rest of my body. It continued extending, until it reached it's full length and width. I knew I was shaped and fitted perfectly to Unit N801.

Processing. "Sex mode activated."

N801 reached her slender silver fingers down, grasped my swollen metal cock, and started rubbing. I felt her fingers begin to vibrate.

Incredible streams of data flooded my CPU, almost overloading it. I felt like I was losing control. Transmit data. Transmit. "" Transmit/Respond/Transmit. "Transmit.......transmit...." Processing. Processing.

My fingers that were pressed against Unit 801's robot clit began to vibrate. Our android bodies were pressed firmly against each other as we caressed each others robot sex, incredible sensations continuing to flow through our processors.

"Turn around." Unit 801 commanded. I did, and then felt her adjusting controls in my rear access panel. She was accessing my functional protocols. I received instructions.


I began to turn back to face N801. My legs were stiff- I could no longer bend them. All my movements were now stiff and halting. My joints weren't as flexible as before, and I jerked my way around to face her.

"Now adjust me." She turned around until the blinking lights and controls of her rear access panel were visible. My arm haltingly moved in to set her controls. Functional level ten. Set.

"" Her movements were now stiff also as she turned back around to face me. I was more aroused than ever. We could control each others movements, each others thoughts. We were robots.

"" I watched as N801's hips shook. Her body jerked forward, visual sensors pulsing bright yellow.

"" An intense electrical charge filled my silver cock. It increased until it felt like it was going to explode, and then released itself and charged through my body, exploding into my CPU. Data. Data. A silver stream of liquid shot out from the tip of my silver cock and sprayed across N801. It was the most incredible sensation I had ever felt.

My sex mode was still going strong. Unit N801 walked stiffly to one of the tables across the room and laid down. I followed her, my legs stiff, arms slightly bent, my still very stiff android cock leading the way. I maneuvered myself on top of her, my silver member positioning itself between her legs.



My robot cock entered her robot pussy. My movements were still jerky. I thrusted in inch by inch, every movement bringing waves of information and data through my processors. I was inundated by a sea of information. The information was translated as pleasure. Ecstasy. A pure stream of pleasure suffused my processors.

We continued our sex mode for some time, trying different positions and settings. Sometimes she would adjust my controls, sometimes I would adjust hers. Every time I looked at her smooth metallic skin, I was aroused to new heights of programmed pleasure. There was no reason to stop, as we were both fully charged.

The door to our programming cubicle suddenly slid open. In walked two androids, one male and one female. Unit N801 and I disengaged from each other and stood. We were still both set at functional level ten.

The information stored in my android brain identified the female android. ACTIVATE VOCAL. "Gree.tings.u.nit.T457."

"Greetings Units N800 and N801. I see that you have both set yourself at functional level ten to enjoy your android bodies. I trust it has been pleasurable. Unit T355 and I are here to program you with the first upgrade to your sex programs. Are you ready?"

A part of my programming knew this was coming. ACTIVATE VOCAL. "Yes..We.are.rea.dy."

Unit T457 held out a remote control towards Unit N801. Unit N801's mouth opened. "Re.spon.ding." Unit N801 walked stiffly over to stand in front of the male android, and then froze. The male android spoke. "Load sex program A1000."


"Activate." Unit N801 lowered herself to her knees, until she was staring at his smooth crotch. His android cock began to extend from his crotch until it reached its full length. Unit N801 opened her mouth, and wrapped her sparkling silver lips around his cock, enveloping it completely. Her head began to stiffly bob up and down over his cock. The lights in his front access panel blinked wildly.

Unit T457 turned the remote towards me. I felt data enter my brain. I will be controlled. "Re.spon.ding." The data instructed me to walk forward to Unit T457. My stiff silver legs complied. Unit T457 addressed me.

"Load program A1000."

Processing. ACTIVATE VOCAL. "Loa.ding."


The data entering my CPU was now controlling me. I had no choice but to obey. I stiffly lowered myself to the ground, and watched as short silver hairs exuded from T457's crotch. My face moved forward and buried itself in her mound, and my silver tongue began licking her clit. After some time, I felt her body shake. This triggered something in my brain. My next line of programming. I stood to in front of T457 once again.

T457 was holding a cable. One end of it was connected to a port in her front access panel. The other end she plugged into my access panel. I felt information flowing, adding to my program.


My program understood this. I felt the information already received being filed away in new sections of my memory. Unit T457 turned her back to me. I walked forward, and felt something in my chest connect with her rear access panel. My program positioned my android cock against her silver ass. I felt my cock insert itself into Unit T457. At the same time, I could feel the sensations that were flowing through her. We were in a complete interface. Our bodies and CPU's connected. The information I received from her upgraded and enhanced my current sex program. "Re.cei.ving.da.ta. Re.cei.ving.da.ta." My cock continued to thrust into her.

My visual sensors registered Unit N801. She was bent over, just as Unit T457 was. Unit T355 was thrusting into her from behind. The same cable that connected Unit T457 and I connected the two of them. Her golden hair bounced back and forth with each thrusting movement T355 made. I could hear her mechanical voice repeating the same words. "Re.cei.ving.da.ta.Re.cei.ving.da.ta."

The data I was receiving indicated Unit T457's energy levels were at maximum. So were mine. A command received in my processors instructed me to release. My robot orgasm was triggered at the same time as Unit T457.

Unit T457 disengaged from me. My mouth opened. "Pro.gram.ming.up.grade.suc.cess.ful."

Unit N801 slid forward off of T355's cock. She stood up. "Pro.gram.ming.up.grade.suc.cess.ful."

"Very good. This was the first of many sexual upgrades you will receive." She held out the remote towards both me and Unit N801.

"Functional level one restored." I heard us both say.

"We will leave you now, as it is almost time for you to begin you first programmed function in android society. Your next upgrade is scheduled for 48 hours from now, and will be far more extensive. We will return then. Enjoy the first day of your primary programming."

I looked at Unit T457. "Thank you, Unit T457."

Unit N801 looked at the male android. "Thank you, Unit T355."

T457 smiled, and then she and T355 turned and left the room. Unit N801 and I, now set to the smooth movement of functional level one, walked to each other and embraced.

I looked into her visual sensors. "I think I'm going to enjoy sex upgrades."

"Me too. That was intense." She paused, looking down "My primary program will override self-program mode in ten seconds."

"Then I'll see you back here when after we have performed our functions."

"I can't wait."

Her body went rigid. "Primary program activated." She walked over to one of the doors against the wall and went inside. A moment later she emerged, clean and shiny, her sex mode deactivated, and then walked out the other door into a hallway. The door closed behind her.

My processors counted down the seconds until the end of self programming mode. A new file in my memory opened. Run program. "Primary program activated." I walked into the side door of the room, and went inside. I was in a small chamber. The door closed behind me and a cool liquid was sprayed on me at high pressure, followed by a blast of air. All my functions were reset.

The door opened and I walked through the room, to the other open door, and out into the hallway. It was filled with androids. They were all walking with a sense of purpose. I joined the flow, knowing where I was headed. I wondered what would happen when I got there.

I was an android.