n A Journey to Olympus

by anonyma

Karen felt perfectly relaxed. She didn't know why she felt relaxed, but she did. There was a soothing baritone voice speaking softly into her ear and somehow she knew everything was going to be all right. It was a bit disconcerting though. There she sat in a sensible but flattering long-sleeved brown dress, brown stockings and heels. With her straight red hair, Karen looked every inch the attractive young professional. Although her eyes were closed, she could tell that she was sitting in a large chair with her hands folded in her lap. The odd thing was, Karen wasn't quite sure how she got there. Something about business perhaps, an attaché case, a flight from far away. She did remember having a drink with someone. Maybe that had something to do with it. But all that was in the past. Karen was living in the moment, and the moment told her to relax and listen.

"I will be your master, Karen," the voice said. "You need not think of anything but what I tell you." That was a calming thought, she mused. I've been under some stress lately. But the more she tried to think about it, the less she could remember. "You will clear your mind of all extraneous thought and distractions and focus only on my voice. If you understand, repeat your instructions."

"I will clear my mind and focus on your voice," she droned.

"Who am I?" asked the voice.

"You are my master," intoned Karen.

"Very good, I am your master. You are in my care. In a short while I will awaken you Karen. When you awaken you will feel relaxed and refreshed. You will be sitting in a large chair in a large house. Even though this is not your house, you will feel comfortable and quite at home there. You will be alone in the room. You will stand up and walk down a corridor to your left. At the end of the corridor you will walk into a large courtyard. In the middle of the courtyard will be a luxurious swimming pool. Around the pool will be standing two rows of statues. Very soon a man will come who will tell you what to do. You will feel very comfortable with him and you will believe everything he tells you without question. Do you understand your instructions Karen?"

"Yes," she responded dreamily.

"Very well. I will wake you shortly. When you awaken you will remember nothing of our conversation. I will count to three. At the count of three, you will awaken. One--two--three."

Karen's eyes fluttered open to gaze on a large, well-appointed room in what must be a very expensive house. A feeling of relaxation and well-being washed over her and she slowly rose to her feet. She wobbled a bit on her heels but soon regained her composure. Looking around the room she could see no one there so she decided to explore a bit. Heading for a corridor to her left, Karen could hear the sound of her high heels on the tiles echoing through the house. It was a very feminine sound, she thought.

The corridor went past several rooms but Karen's eyes were fixed on the other end where she walked out into a large courtyard bathed in bright sunlight. Immediately she realized that her dress was a little too heavy for such a warm day. "I should have thought of that before I left, "she thought, but then couldn't remember where she had left. The courtyard was very ample and included a big swimming pool in the middle, which glittered in the afternoon sun. There was a cement walkway around the pool. But the most interesting things she found were two rows of statues standing around the pool on low, round pedestals. Theses statues were very strange, though. They looked more like mannequins than statues, almost life-like. One row, with their backs to the water, was statues women dressed in beautiful evening gowns of many different colors and fabrics shining in the warm sunlight. They were all positioned in the most feminine poses and she wanted to know where those dresses came from. The other row, across the walk facing them were all men, and none of them had any clothes on! Some were in a relaxed stance but others were standing very stiffly with their members erect. Although they were nude, they all held some kind of implement, a spear, a sword and shield or even body armor.

Karen was drawn to the first male mannequin she saw. He appeared athletic, but attractively so, not muscle bound; young and blond with an interesting boyish face. Something to please the eye and the imagination of any woman. He held a taught bow in one hand and a leather quiver with arrows was strapped around his torso. And his very well endowed organ was standing at attention ready to go. Karen had been around the block a few times, but she had never seen one THAT big. He certainly had all the right parts in all the right places.

Karen began running her fingers absent-mindedly over his muscles. She was starting to feel a little too warm when suddenly her reverie was interrupted by the sound of footsteps coming into the courtyard. They belonged to a good looking middle-aged man about six feet tall with brown hair. He extended his hand to her and as she took it, she felt immediately at ease.

"Hello, Karen. We've been expecting you," he greeted her. Karen knew that voice from somewhere, but where? "I see you've been admiring our statues. Do you like them?"

"Yes, very much," Karen answered, a bit bewildered. She thought it strange that she was expected and that her host didn't introduce himself, but she felt sure she knew him if only she could remember. The man took her by the arm and conducted her across the walk.

"Come and take a look at our women," he prodded. "Take a look at the needlework on this dress." It was quite intricate to be sure. Karen didn't know much about sewing but she did know a good product when she saw one. The mannequin was wearing a dark green gown with gold thread sewn in throughout the bodice. Attracted by the texture of the fabric, she leaned over and began touching the dress around the bust, noticing how well it fit the statue. She had never seen a dress fit a mannequin so well. Once again she was drifting off into her thoughts and once again she was interrupted by her host.

"Karen, you can't move," he said in a low voice. It was an odd thing to say, she knew that. But she also knew that it was quite true. She couldn't move! Karen stood motionless, staring at her hand on the breast of that mannequin. "I control you now, Karen. I am your master. There is no need to fear, I will take care of your every need. You will give yourself to me. Already you are beginning to understand just how wonderful a woman can feel. You will see that everything I say is true."

It was true. Karen felt waves of restful good feeling course through her body. She couldn't move, and it felt wonderful. She would never know fear again. All she wanted to do was to please her master. "Don't be alarmed now Karen. I'm going to ask Sandra to assist me. Sandra is one of my helpers." Who is Sandra, she thought? Just at that instant the mannequin moved! She wasn't a mannequin at all, but a real woman! As Sandra stepped off her pedestal Karen found herself staring into the pool, her hand and arm poised in mid-air. She could hear her master and Sandra conversing behind her.

"Please bring Kevin over here, Sandra, "she heard the Master say. Within a few minutes the golden haired god with the enormous instrument was standing in front of him with A smiling Sandra on his arm. His endowments were still very much intact.

"Karen, I'd like you to meet Kevin," said the Master. "Kevin has been very good these past few weeks so we think he is due for a reward. Don't you think that's a good idea Karen?" Karen tried to respond but found she could not command her mouth or vocal cords. "I'm sorry," the Master apologized," you may speak, Karen."

"Yes," she answered belatedly.

"Well, Karen, since you agree that Kevin deserves a reward we want you to be the reward. It is a great honor to be a reward. Wouldn't you like to be a reward, Karen?"

"Yes," she intoned blankly. She knew it was a great honor, and she wanted it so much. Already Karen's body was preparing to receive Kevin. To ease the process, the Master placed one hand on the back of Karen's neck and the other on her stomach, gently forcing her torso over to a "45° angle," protruding her chest and rear into the spaces in front of them. He then positioned her head to be perpendicular to the ground and opened her mouth. The Master then commanded Karen to spread her legs, to which she dutifully complied. "You are the most desirable woman alive, Karen, just remember that." As he rubbed her ass, she could think of nothing else.

Karen shuddered inside as she felt the hem of her dress being slowly lifted up her legs to reveal her glistening sex. She was sure she had put on panties that morning and wondered what had happened to them, but not for long. Sandra began the preparation by sliding one hand under Karen's dress and fingering her in a way that only another woman would know. If Karen had been allowed to move, she would have been dancing a jig by now. As it was, a series of low groans began emanating from her fixed, open mouth. But preparation wasn't really necessary. Karen was reeling inwardly with passion. She felt like a mare on a stud farm being prepared for the prize stallion. And what a stallion he was! After another minute Karen could feel two large powerful hands grabbing firmly around her hips and that enormous member began to enter her. WOW! She had never been opened by anything THAT big before! It was simultaneously painful and pleasurable, with an emphasis on the pleasurable. Who says size doesn't matter, she thought?

Kevin started his motions slowly but soon the pace and volume increased as his hips began pounding into her ass and his pleasure mounted. Since her mouth was open and she had leave to speak, Karen let the world know what she was feeling. But never did she move a muscle, even though she was shaking uncontrollably on the inside. Her body was immovably fixed in place, except for Kevin rocking her on her heels. As Kevin's speed increased Karen experienced several uncontrollable orgasms rumbling headlong through her body one after the other, which she expressed in the loudest possible terms. Finally, Kevin climaxed deep inside her and she soon felt his hands grow limp on her hips and his groans diminish. As he removed his organ, Sandra immediately moved in to clean Karen.

"A few orgasms are always very relaxing, aren't they Karen?" asked the Master.

"Yes," Karen replied in a monotone voice that sounded as if nothing had just happened. Kevin thanked her but she was too weak to respond. After ordering Kevin back to his place, the Master stood Karen up straight as her dress fell back to its proper position. She felt perfectly relaxed and collected herself physically and emotionally, silently awaiting the Master's next command. It was not long in coming.

"I'm having a large gathering tonight, Karen, here at my house. There will be many guests. Sandra is going to be my escort. My guests always like to see my statues and we don't want to have a pedestal empty, so you will take Sandra's place. You will make the most lovely mannequin in my collection. It will be a thrill for you and for everyone who sees you. You will begin by becoming silent and following my commands."

Karen could hardly believe her ears. This was something she wanted more than anything in the world. To stand motionless, elegantly posed as the idol of beauty and have people gaze at her in her sumptuous clothes, what could be better? She couldn't wait to begin!

The Master commanded Karen onto the pedestal where he and Sandra removed her clothes. As she stood nude on the stone, the afternoon breeze rushed lightly against her skin and her nipples and breasts responded to the stimulation. Sandra fixed Karen's hair to a more formal arrangement and attached earrings and other jewelry while the Master retrieved clothing from inside the house. "You have gorgeous hair, Karen," Sandra remarked. Karen couldn't respond but she knew it was true. She did have gorgeous hair. And she couldn't wait to show it off to the world. Next came makeup and Sandra gave Karen red, wet lips, almost daring some man to place his own on them. When the Master returned the pair affixed the proper underwear, stockings and heels to match her dress. Then Sandra stood in front of her line of vision holding Karen's dress.

"This is it, Karen," said the Master. "This is the dress I have chosen for you." Karen was dumfounded. It was a stunning light blue satin empire-waist evening gown. Now she knew that she would be the most beautiful woman in the world. "You might have wondered why the women mannequins are dressed and the men are nude," he said. She had wondered about that. "Its because my living statuary are a tribute to the genius of ancient Greece and Rome. And the Greeks and Romans never showed a female nude in art," he explained. Of course, she remembered that from her study of art history, whenever that was. "These gowns are the closest thing we have today to the dresses worn by ancient women. I think they do quite nicely." Karen thought they did extremely well, if she was going to get to wear the one she was gazing at now.

The Master and Sandra brought the gown down slowly over Karen's head and she shook inwardly as the lining passed teasingly over her breasts and hips. The pair gently fit Karen's delicate arms into the sleeves. A tingle went up her spine as the Master drew the zipper all the way to the top of the dress and she felt the fabric encasing her snugly. She could tell that the dress flattered her bust magnificently. Karen was always proud of her breasts, calling them" baby bear breasts," not too big, not too small, but just the right size. She was so aroused that as Sandra fluffed the skirt, Karen could hear the material rustling and the brushing against her legs gave her little titillation's. Finally, she felt a rush of desire as the Master posed her. Legs slightly spread, back arched to emphasize her bust, left hand placed open-palmed lightly against her left thigh, right hand toward the viewer, palm up as if she were giving a gift. Then the Master stood behind her and placing his hands on either side of her head, adjusted its position so Karen's eyes were fixed on the figure directly across from her. It was Kevin! And his endowments had by no means decreased since they had been pleasuring her. What good fortune to spend hours gazing at the instrument of her pleasure that afternoon.

Standing next to Sandra in front of the new mannequin the Master gave Karen her final instructions. "You are now complete Karen. You are a goddess. You are exquisitely dressed and posed. You are the most complete vision of loveliness. You will not move, for to move an inch would be to diminish perfection. This can not be allowed." Karen didn't move. She never wanted to move again. She wanted to remain forever fixed in that pose, in that dress, staring blankly into space. What greater thing could she ever hope for?

Soon, the Master's guests began to arrive. As they wandered the walkway around the pool in their tuxedos and evening dresses, Karen stood eyes transfixed in the evening light, completely motionless. There were many statues to be seen, but everyone seemed to be discreetly aware of Karen. Men stopped to gaze open-mouthed at her incomparable beauty. Women stopped too, jealously desiring to be in Karen's place. How life-like she appeared. She could hear their comments about her, her lovely face, her magnificent gown, her feminine, elegant pose, and every one sent her into flights of ecstasy. Karen would never move now. Why would she? She had reached the heights of Olympus. She had become a goddess.