The Shreader - Off the Rack 2

by Paul G. Jutras

Sam, or should I say Sam and Susan, looked at the instructions for some time before realizing it would be much too dangerous to try to reverse their merging into one being. Taking both the book and the machine, they went back behind their apartment building and left it for trash pick up.

"Hope you can live like this, Susan." Sam said as the two took one last look at the machine with the same set of eyes. As they headed back to their apartment to make love in their new special way, they passed a married cross dresser who's real name was Pat, but he preferred Pam. Dressed with a green blouse over his breast forms, black leather pants, and sandals, he notice the machine in the dumpster.

"What do we have here?" Pam said as he looked at the instructions and got a rather evil look spread across his red painted lips. Getting the machine out of the dumpster, he rolled it to the service elevator and took it up to his apartment.

"What's that, Pat?" His wife asked as she stared at the weird device between them.

"Something that greatly improved the love life of our neighbors, Sam and Susan." Pam said as he took his wife by the hand and helped her onto it. "Please call me Pam."

"Well Pam," Carol began. "What exactly will this do?"

"You'll see." Pam said as he set the controls to how he wanted it and turned the machine on. At first the vibration simply sent waves of pleasure through her. Then with a tug, she felt herself being pulled into the machine. She grabbed the sides with her arms, but the pull was too strong to keep her from going in.

Thanks to how Pam had reset the machine, it was a single Carol body suit that came out the other end, but shredded pieces of flattened body parts. Carol could only lay immobile, starring at the ceiling as Pam stepped over to her.

"I know you always thought I was a transsexual who wanted to be a woman." Pam said to her wife with a sinister smile. "This new pants are the first pants I've worn in two years. I am simply a cross dresser who'll add to his outward image with your help. Lucky for me, the landlord think we're sisters instead of husband and wife. Nobody will suspect your moving out."

Removing his pants, he picked up Carol hips and legs. He had the machine cut them off so that they'd be a pair of pantyhose made of female flesh. He sat down in a chair and slid one leg into her leg and then the other. As he pulled her up about the hips, she felt his penis fill her vagina up in ways she could never imagine. She did find it sexually exciting to have him walking around inside of her.

He then pulled the pants back on and then slipped her arms up his arms like a pair of evening gloves. He wore her head like a mask so that she could see everything he saw. What she saw was the rest of her body being folded up and put in a draw by the bed.

He went to Carol's closet and device to replace her blouse and pants with a white blouse, tan skirt, matching hose and three inch heels. Removing his breast forms, he put on her chest and played with her tits until he heard her moan with pleasure. He then drove down to a local lesbian night club and got a lovely blonde woman to dance with him. With Carol's female parts, the lesbian name Karen had no idea she wasn't dancing with an actual girl.

As they dance the night away, the feeling of female flesh stimulated his arms and lower body. Only he heard his wife's voice crying inside her own head about how her feet were killing her. Pam just ignored her and danced until dawn. Then took her back to his place.

"This is my apartment." Pam said to Karen as she looked impressed on the furniture.

"It is nice." Karen said as Pam lead Karen to the bedroom and stripped one another of their clothes. They climb onto the bed, playing with one another breasts. Getting into a 69 position, Pam worked on Karen's pussy while Karen worked on Carol's pussy. All three of them cried out in pleasure at the same time.

When 9 a.m. came, Karen kissed Pam goodbye and went home to get ready for work that afternoon. Pam removed Carol's head and held it in her own, well manicured hands. "I told you that sex would be very special for the two of us from now on."

He then stripped himself of his wife and washed her parts while getting dress in a pretty outfit and switching from his raven hair wig to his blonde one. The three of them would be very special bed fellows from now on.


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