Our Dollhouse

By Rotwang, (Zardreth@Cyberking.be) After Mikhail

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I looked up at the surprisingly charming Victorian mansion and then looked at Charlene. "You said we could afford this place ?" She smiled and said. "The owners want to get rid of it for some reason." I looked at Nathalie, who seemed as curious as I was. "They even left most of the furniture in." She said as she opened the door for us.

Nathalie and me were stunned by the huge figure coming out of the wall, like an ancient Greek statue of a half-naked woman used as a figurehead, greeting anyone entering the house. "Wow !" We both went and Charlene looked back at us. "Wait till you see the rest."

I then noticed a large statue of a female angel, holding a sword in her hands, guarding the stairs, made of shiny metal and if I remember my history lessons, it was done in a typical Art Deco style. "Was the owner an art collector ?" Nathalie asked. "I guess so, the whole place is filled with all kinds of statues." Charlene said.

We walked into the living room and most of the furniture was missing, but they had left two large display cases, containing two ancient life-size dolls. Two lovely turn-of-the-century ladies with pretty white lace dresses made of porcelain.

On the other side of the room where a set of bronze and golden statues from Asia. A slim, golden Buddha, a multiple armed bronze goddess, set in a large circle and another golden statue, similar to the Buddha, but female.

"Is all of this coming with the house ?" I asked. "Yep." Charlene went and opened the doors to the dining room. I saw that the dinner table and chairs that would've stood there were gone and so was the carpet. Some athletic Greek god and a goddess were standing guard to the empty room.

Charlene proceeded onward to open another set of doors. "This would make a fine TV-room or something." She said. We peered into the dark room and noticed another statue. She switched on the lights and fluorescent lights flickered to life underneath the statue, or rather a ... robot . "I've seen this somewhere." Nathalie said, looking at the bottom-lit silvery-bronze robot. Again, it was Art Deco in style, sitting on a metal throne on top of a big Plexiglas catwalk and behind her a big five-pointed star. "Who was the previous owner ?" "Some rich eccentric, as far as I can tell, the rest of his family wasn't too fond of him." "Look, there's another one." Nathalie remarked and I noticed a male of the robot version standing opposite her.

The kitchen was fortunately fairly normal and up to date, allaying our fears of massive rebuilding work needing to be done. Finally, there was a library with a large desk and two unusual chairs. They had a woman and a man worked into their design and so was a little table, made from a naked oriental woman holding up a glass tabletop on her back and her more than voluptuous behind. "Gaudy !" Nathalie managed to say. Charlene shrugged and seemed only concerned with selling us the place.

Upstairs, there were more bas-reliefs worked into the walls, depicting ancient Greeks and Romans having a good time.

Large stuffed animals decorated the master bedroom and Nathalie's heartstrings went. I promised her we'd get rid of them if we bought the place. As we left the room, I couldn't prevent myself stroking the rich fur of a black panther when I noticed it felt a bit odd. I turned to see and noticed that it didn't look right to me, but Charlene and Nathalie were already going on.

A large room had been set aside for a set of mannequins and a huge set of wardrobes, containing hundreds of period costumes, wigs and masks. "Is it me, or did he have an unhealthy interest in statues and stuff ?" I remarked. Nathalie seemed attracted to a large ballgown, dating back to the earlier part of the century. "Well, we might keep some of this stuff after all." I said and Nathalie's face brightened up.

There were there might have been a children's room, there were lots of huge fluffy animals there, almost too big for kids.

Other bedrooms contained more statues, such as a painted wooden set of Adam & Eve, a Marilyn Monroe statue with her famous dress on top of a big fan and a few golden Egyptian statues of men and women with animal heads.

"You may really want to clean up the attic." Charlene said. I was expecting a strange mess, but when I saw the figures, I wondered about the previous' owner's sanity. It looked like a storeroom full of mannequins and statues, standing around the room. Some of them were even quite sexy and ...

"And I haven't shown you half of it yet !" Charlene said.

Back downstairs, Charlene let us wander a bit to think it over. It was a lot bigger than most of the places we had checked out already and it was so cheap we might even sell it with a massive profit one or two years down the road. "I don't know." Nathalie said. "I would've preferred something more modern." "I bet some of these statues may be worth ..." I stopped as I ran my hand over one of them. I squeezed it and looked at Nathalie. "Nath, feel that statue over there." I asked her. "It's soft !" She said. "It's like lacquered foam rubber or something." I said and noticed that the toga flung round her body was plastic and could be removed. "There is a zipper in the back !" I said. "So has this one !" Nathalie replied.

"Let's see." I said and walked back to the living room and examined the Buddha's and noticed they too were made of plastic and rubber and could be taken apart, not unlike costumes.

"Ben, you'd better take a look at this !" I heard Nathalie go. Nathalie was poking with her finger inside the statue of Artemis the goddess of hunting, I discovered later. "She's got a slit." Nathalie said and the walked up to the statue of Apollo and stuffed her hand down the back. His dick suddenly stretched and lifted up.

I crossed my arms and looked at Nathalie to come up with a suggestion. "They're all costumes ..." She finally said. "No shit !" I was stunned.

"There is just a big chest of drawers at the back." I shouted at Nathalie and tried to open one of the drawers, but it didn't budge. Even the brass loops seemed firmly stuck. "Well it's soft rubber like all the others." Nathalie came back. I went to see and heard something shift behind the wall. I listened and wanted to check on Nathalie when I saw movement from the corner of my eye. The figurehead in the wall began to stir and move and I watched, fascinated. Bulges ran down the arms and the fingers then wiggled. The neck also bulged and the head began to move slightly. "I can see !" It said, with Nathalie's muffled voice. "It's just a translucent white lens in front of the eyes." "You're in there ?" I asked. "Yeah, the whole thing behind me has wheels and can be pulled aside ! And the wall is hollow behind it." She replied, her face having become that of an ancient goddess. I reached for the drape covering her body and revealed her breasts and sex. I eased my finger into it and ... "Hey !" Nathalie went. "You're poking me..."

Charlene returned and asked us the question, and we said yes. And now we had big house for us and our kids and ... Hundreds of statues and fixtures with options.


We moved in about a month later, curious about all the mysterious statues and all the hidden secrets we supposed were still hidden away in the large house.

We'd started to fix up a few things and I was busy laying the tubes for an extra telephone line when I heard a sound behind me. I looked back and a tall, voluptuous metal woman walked into the room. Her skin was a rich tone of deep and shiny bronze and her hair was a mass of thick black onyx. She had an Art Deco line running through her body, influenced by ancient Egyptian motifs. "Nath ?" I went and watched her become immobile.

My heart stated beating in overdrive and I felt strangely attracted to her. Not to Nathalie, but to the statue she had become. She now had a proud, sharp face with a ... mouth ? I looked at her and for a moment, I wondered and looked inside the faint slit left open by her lips. Then I touched her and she was soft. Her hands and fingers began to move and she held them around her pussy, leaving me to lift the little loincloth she wore and stare into a bronze vagina. I was excited because it was Nath. inside and a statue outside. A strange symbiose that had my hormones running wild. Feeling a bit too eager perhaps, Nathalie grabbed my overall and unzipped it. "Hey ?" I asked and let her undress me. I was naked and quickly growing stiff. She fell on her knees and grabbed my dick and I watched her slide it into her mouth. We had discussed it once, but she felt it was disgusting. And now she was doing it to me like a pro. Inside the rubber teeth were her teeth and inside the lips were hers. Her mouth was soft but completely enclosed, enabling her to try it out, without the yucky part she hated so much so much.

As hard as could be and about to burst, she held onto it and I jerked it back feeling the first tingles, suddenly afraid of soiling her. I grabbed it and watched her getting up. I tried to curb my dick, but she grabbed it and guided it into the rubber slit. She just grabbed hold of my body with hands and feet, and pumped along with me. I felt increasingly excited and only half a second away from blast-off I heard Nath's muffled pleasure-scream.

I was panting, releasing Neth from her bronze skin. She was soaking and I saw a strange gleam in her eyes Slowly, she crawled out of the suit and glided over me. I ran my hand trough her short hair and looked at her pretty face. We just chuckled at each other, having probably seen the same gleam in my eyes...

That night I had a weird dinner with a full size doll-like automaton. I must admit that I was looking like Michelangelo's David at the time. Perhaps it was a silly dressing-up game, but we felt really excited.

After Nath had helped me into becoming David, I helped her into her porcelain-white skin. It was obviously a genuine antique, rather than the more modern suit I was wearing. After about twenty minutes her body was turned into exquisite porcelain, with a pretty doll face, a long black wig on her head and they way she moved ... And once she was in the dress, she was a gorgeous little doll, my little doll.

As dressed her, I noticed the inside of her costume was lined with wiring and I saw some pretty old mechanisms inside. I would check it out later.

It felt a little weird to be sitting by the table, completely naked and unable to eat, but we just enjoyed the setting. I noticed the bendy rubber around my dick was stretching and Nath must've been pretty close to boiling point. It was our first day and I suppose David and an automaton doll weren't the best of matches, but we were having a lot of fun that night.

And the next few days we began to explore all the costumes and Nath tried them all out. We even discovered that the stuffed baby giraffe was really a costume.

We've also discovered a diary and notes concerning a hidden stack of bottles and potions. I'm going through it and most seem to concern paralyzing agents and all sorts of mind-control drugs.

By now, Nathalie is gently tickling me and I can feel her under me. It feels weird to know she is inside the chair I'm sitting in, her arms being inside the armrests, squeezing me tightly and her legs down the front. She doesn't support me of course, but she's one of the most comfortable chairs I've ever been in ...

Author's note :

Here is a wonderful dollhouse, filled with all sorts of designs. I invite everybody to add rooms and designs to enrich it as much as you can.

Go on, have a go at it !!!