Professor Potter's Power Plastic People Potion

by Robotdoll

Part 1-Presenting the Potion

Danny was a technician at a local research lab, and was prone to bringing home little "gifts" for himself and his girlfriend Tammy. But today he had a look on his face that made it clear he had something special.

"Alright, what's up?" asked Tammy. He looked like he was about to burst.

"Well, we were working on something to help fracture victims, to help immobilize the area around the broken bone, and this other team was making a stimulant, and we noticed how similar the chemical structures were, and damn if they didn't bond PERFECTLY, and..."

Tammy held up a hand. "Dan, you're babbling again. Switch to English and try again."

Dan took a brief pause, a deep breath and a differerent track. "How'd you like to become a sex doll?"


"So, this stuff turns us into robots or something?" Tammy held the glass vial up to the light. The mixture inside swirled around, diffracting the light like oil on water. "Like, slaves?"

"No, not at all. The immobilization agent firms up your muscles and soft tissues, so you feel sort of stiff. The stimulant works like an aphrodisiac, loosening you back up, as it were." Danny sounded like he was showing off his kid.

"You amaze me, you guys," observed Tammy. "Imagine what you scientists could do if you used your incredible powers for niceness instead of perversion."

Danny giggled. "Come on, you interested?"

Tammy opened the vial with a sharp *POP* and a whiff of vanilla. "Smells great. What causes that?"

"Vanilla extract. Stuff tastes like swamp water without it." Danny *POP*ped his own vial.

"Oh, you're joining me? I thought I was the guinea pig."

"Hell, no, I've seen what this stuff does, and I want some." He downed the vial in one gulp.

Tammy raised the vial to her ruby-red lips. The vanilla scent was strong and inviting in her nose. She tilted her head back and swallowed. The potion slid down her throat like quicksilver through a glass tube, racing to her stomach. When it arrived, her stomach grew warm, like she'd just drunk a hot toddy. She rubbed her tummy appreciatively. "MMMmmmm, delicious. You could sell it just for the...fla...vor." She looked at Danny. An interesting change was coming over him. His eyes had glazed over slghtly, going a little unfocused. His face has sort of settled into a neutral expression, emotionless yet sort of concealing excitement. He was in the process of removing his shirt. He moved slowly, hesitating at times, like...well, like a wind-up toy running down. As his shirt fell to the floor, she saw other changes begin to happen. His skin, already very tan and healthy, took a sort of gloss to it, as if he were being covered in a thin patina of lacquer. It turned her on immensely.

She was so engrossed in watching Danny transform, she barely noticed the changes taking place to her own body. The warm feeling in her tummy began to spread, radiating out her arms and legs to the tips. The feeling caused a sort of spontaneous relaxation in her muscles. Hot on the heels of the warmth was a sort of electric buzz, like a static shock following the same outward pattern. It felt like a raging full body orgasm, and as the wave passed through her, her arms and legs twitched and rode it, like the way a cat arches its back as you stroke it. When she came down from that, she felt...different.

Her skin felt tight and firm, like she was wearing a full-body lycra suit, and it felt exactly that stimulating. She tried to stretch her arms to see how that would feel, and learned that this was now quite a chore. She was stiff all over, and her movements were slow and jerky. She raised and lowered her arms a few times, looking to all the world like a tin soldier marching.

Danny had stripped to his briefs by now, and was enjoying the show. "You.look.beau.ti.ful." his voice was as stiff as he was (and so was what was in those briefs, Tammy noticed wryly.) He began to walk stiffly towards her, knees barely bending, a sort of sexy frankenstein walk.

"" Once Tammy got the hang of the new pattern, her speech came easily, if as flat and stiffly as Danny. "We.are.dolls." She extended her arms out, and Danny slid into them smoothly. He helped her out of her clothes. Under her bra her breasts had grown firmer than usual, and her nipples were rock-hard. Danny bent low and sucked one hungrily. It was a cattle prod to the libido; Tammy felt a sharp BANG to the pleasure center of her brain. She bucked her hips, and lost her balance. She clattered to the floor, laughing.

Danny picked her up firmly and carried her to the bedroom. He lay her down softly, removed his briefs (after a struggle­elastic only stretches so far) and lay down next to her. She rolled to face him, and they began exploring their new plastic bodies. There wasn't a square inch of skin that didn't tingle with excitement as they touched each other. For a while they just stroked each other with wide open hands, jerking their ways up legs, chests and arms, sort of acclimating themselves to their new sensitivity. Once the water was safely tested, Tammy jerked her way down to Danny's thick cock. She slid it deep into her mouth, and he threw his head back in pleasure. Tammy was amazed to find that even the inside of her mouth had been sensitized; it was as exciting as if he was in her pussy. Slowly, not wishing to break contact, Danny spun himself around to a 69 position, and began licking Tammy's pussy. She inhaled sharply at the sensation, and Danny felt cold air race past his tip as the air rushed in towards her lungs. The two played with each other for some time, looking like an intricate clockwork sculpture. Finally, Tammy pulled off and stiffly pulled herself to face Danny. Danny could barely move from the overstimulation, but that was fine for what Tammy had planned. She gripped his slick member and guided it into her plastic pussy. The moaned in unison, pumping in mechanical rhythm, in perfect sync. No longer two people, not even two dolls, they became one machine, exquisitely designed to serve only purpose­give itself pleasure. They screamed each other's name, assorted prayers (well, the names of deities were spoken) and a number of explicit directions of varying anatomical challenge, all in their doll-like voices. They sounded like music to each other-electronic music, played by sexy robots.

They brought each other to climax a number of times, each time their bodies grew softer, more supple, until at last they were their old selves again, soft and human. They hugged each other close.

"Danny?" Tammy said, after a long romantic silence, "Remember what I said about using your brains for niceness?"


"Fuck it."

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