Pamela's Last Pose

by Romana

Pamela, or Pam to her friends, was a semi pro at modeling for life art pictures at the local colleges and private art societies. It wasn't enough to live on but added to her part time waitress job it was enough to get by on.

Many thought she was both an excellent subject and model at the same time. That is to say that not only was she attractive but she could keep a pose for hours if necessary.

The truth of course was that Pam loved to pose. Not only did she like others looking at her but also she loved to pretend she was a statue. The art classes were a great way of expressing this side of her personality without upsetting her religious nutball roommate, Gilly.

Gilly often preached that Pam was wicked, and she would arrange for several of her 'friends' to drop by and try and make Pam join their church. Pam would be as polite as possible before telling them that she was too busy and making up excuses to leave their bigoted company.

Pam always found solace in her posing and it gave her time to think about not thinking. When the latest class had finished the lecturer, Pam didn't know what else to call the stuffy old fashioned woman - Victoria, asked Pam if she wouldn't mind doing a still life tomorrow. "What's a still life?" Pam asked.

"Oh it's when you must be very still and not make one movement."

Pam liked the thought of this and saw it as a challenge. "Ok, is there anything special I need to do?"

"Nothing much, why don't we practice now? You won't need to put your clothes on, there's only me here." Victoria locked the classroom door and pulled the blind down. "If you will just stand on the pedestal down the bottom end there, yes that one. Now strike a pose, bring your arms in a little..." Victoria gave Pam a series of instructions until she was satisfied with the nude woman's pose. "Now hold it Hecate's name I command thee to become a statue." Orange light shot from her fingertips and onto Pam's skin.

Pam felt odd as the orange light went into her body. She couldn't move, couldn't talk and she was loosing some feeling in her legs. The numbness spread through her body until it reached her head. She felt lightheaded as her vision blurred slightly before it became totally clear. She had always been short sighted but now her vision was even better than when she used to have her glasses on.

Victoria looked at the perfect white marble statue that was once Pam. "You look divine my dear, you shall live forever now. Don't worry about being unable to move because this has it's compensations." Casually Victoria bent down and touched Pam's stone clitoris with the tip of her tongue.

Pam was overwhelmed with pleasure at the touch. When Victoria began to rub her over and over she felt like she was going to explode but she didn't and the orgasms just built up and built up because she now had no release and her body was strong enough to contain the pleasure.

With a wave of her hand Victoria made Pam's name appear on the base of the statue, once the students had finished drawing Pam's statue she would add the woman to her collection in the Petrifaction Parlor...

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