The Valerian Invasion

By John Hammersmith

Disclaimer: This is a copyrighted work of fiction.  Any similarity to any actual events or characters, living or deceased, is merely coincidental.  The author of this manuscript reserves all rights.  All illegal copying, distributing or publishing is strictly prohibited.  Only one (1) copy of this text may be downloaded to be read off-line.  ©2000 Panic Attack Productions, Author: John Hammersmith.

Part Six

By the time dawn had fully risen, both Godiva and Niko had traveled for almost a mile.  Suddenly, in the distance, both Lieutenant Godiva and Niko spotted a thicket of thorny bushes looming on the horizon.  As they both approached closer, they could see sunlight reflecting off of several white objects in the distance.  “Are those victims of the thorn fields?” asked Niko timidly.

Grabbing a pair of binoculars, Lieutenant Godiva quickly assessed the situation.  “Yes, Niko, I see four statues out there, just outside of the thicket.  Looks like we’ve arrived at the perfect time,” she added, somewhat remorsefully.  Reaching into her bag, she produced the red bottle of softening agent.  Pouring out a spoonful, she handed it to Niko.

“Ewww!” said Niko in disgust.  “This stuff tastes awful! Like tangerine-favored lint!”

“Don’t complain,” said Lieutenant Godiva playfully as she poured herself a spoonful.  “At least this potion will return us to normal, after all.”  Wincing as she slugged it down, Lieutenant Godiva carefully replaced the cap, then returned it into her bag.  Punching a button on her display, she watched intently as it began to count down ten minutes.  “Okay, let’s get into position.”

Working their way closer to the harrowing field of petrifying thorns, they could both feel a warm sensation throughout their bodies as the softening liquid pumped through their veins.  Avoiding treacherous thorns as they traveled, soon they found themselves facing the stony body of a trapped competitor.  Niko paused a moment to study the frozen lady in her silent agony.  At a first glance, the statuesque lady appeared to be fixing a strap on her shoe, based on the posture and positioning of her immovable remains.  With tattered clothes hanging off her firm body, the alabaster maiden held a look of alarm on her hardened face as she stared blankly at the left ankle pointed behind her.  Bending fully at the waist, her head hovered near her gleaming knees, her neck and shoulders twisting to her left.  Trapped while reaching for the apparent wound on her ankle, her left arm stretched out fully, just barely touching the stinging gash.  ‘Is this how I’m going to look in a few moments?’ thought Niko anxiously.

Pressing onward, the adventuring pair approached the three remaining statues, all grouped together in various states of distress.  One poor girl was positioned on her knees, hardened arms clutching her exposed breasts.  Her tattered blouse was completely ensnared within a thick vine of thorns just behind her.  If a statue were capable of blushing, she most assuredly would have been, as she seemed to struggle to compose herself modestly before suddenly surrendering to marble.

Turning to the right, Lieutenant Godiva and Niko spent their final moments studying the last two stony vixens in their motionless silence.  One seductive lady was on her knees behind the other, and in her lifeless hand she held the standing woman’s right foot, just below the ankle.  On the ground next to them, they could see a brown sandal with a gaping hole bored into the leather sole.  The kneeling girl held her friend’s gleaming, bare foot tightly with her left hand, and with her other hand, she held out a large, jagged thorn.  Her beatific face formed a faint, consoling smile, as if she’d just removed the dangerous thorn before freezing solid.  On the standing woman’s face could be seen an expression of shock and horror as she looked over her shoulder.  Twisting at the waist, her left arm reached out for her frozen teammate, but never made contact.  The frozen tableaux looked like a living snapshot of a tender moment gone horribly wrong.  Niko shivered inside as she analyzed the final moments for this doomed team.

Suddenly, the chilly silence was broken when Lieutenant Godiva’s timer began to squeal.  Quickly halting the ominous chirping, Lieutenant Godiva grabbed the small blue bottle in preparation.  Pouring a spoonful, she studied Niko’s terrified expression for a moment before offering it to her.  “It’s time, Jessie,” said Lieutenant Godiva sympathetically.  “Are you ready?”

Panting rhythmically, Niko struggled desperately with her terror.  At first, Lieutenant Godiva feared the worst: that Niko would back out and run.  However, as Niko attempted to steady herself, she calmly uttered, “I guess I’m as ready as I’m gonna be.”  Still tensely guarded, she said in a whisper, “Just put it up to my lips and pour it down, okay?” Opening her mouth delicately, she closed her eyes and waited.

Steadily, Godiva placed the tip of the spoon on Niko’s quivering lower lip then tipped the end of the spoon up, letting gravity propel the glowing, green liquid flow down Niko’s esophagus.  Burning at first as it coated her throat, Niko sputtered a bit as she opened her eyes wearily.  Swiftly, the warm sensation changed, becoming icy cold as it traveled to her dancing stomach.

Wasting no time, Lieutenant Godiva methodically measured out her own dose, then slurped it down.  Noticing a faint mint flavor, she shivered inside as the strange concoction began to chill her inside and out.  Packing the mysterious solution back in her bag, she then proceeded to swap backpacks with another frozen contestant, the standing girl with the thorn in her foot.  ‘I hope this doesn’t get you in trouble,’ thought Lieutenant Godiva as she patted the lifeless statue on the cheek.  Returning to the panic-stricken Niko, Godiva affectionately caressed the gentle blonde’s horrified face.  As she stared deep into Niko’s trembling eyes, she said delicately, “I truly admire your courage, Niko.”

“Thanks, Godiva,” said Niko appreciatively.  “There’s no way I could do this without you.”  Realizing their time was running short, Lieutenant Godiva gingerly guided Niko to a location right next to a harrowing bush of petrifying thorns.  Carefully, making certain not to pierce Niko’s sensitive flesh, she slowly pulled her teammate’s trim garment until it appeared to be caught within a group of sharp thorns.  After positioning her friend’s arms and legs into defensive positions, Godiva gently kissed her woeful face, still wide-eyed with fear.

“I have to get into position now,” said Lieutenant Godiva remorsefully.  Releasing her reassuring grip on Niko’s arm, Lieutenant Godiva quickly took a stance directly in front of her dismayed friend.  Tucking her own silver bikini strap over a jagged thorn, she positioned her legs appropriately, offering the appearance of a struggle with the sharp thorns while not pulling hard enough to tear her meager top completely off.  Looking across to Niko, Lieutenant Godiva smiled warmly to her fearful friend, hoping to calm her and reassure her that everything would be all right.  Already, she could feel her own limber body begin to tighten as the freezing venom pulsed through her bloodstream.

“I can’t move my feet!” shouted Niko in a panicked tone.  Looking down, Niko gasped in shock as her feet and ankles started to blanche, the once warm flesh suddenly becoming frigid.  Inside her helpless body, Niko could feel her muscles tightening, but she couldn’t tell if they becoming paralyzed from fear or if the hardening potion coursing through her veins was already forcing her movements to become halted.

Sensing the impending petrifaction within her own body, Lieutenant Godiva spoke to her terrified ally.  “Try not to fight it, Niko.  If you get scraped by that thorn you’re hooked onto, you could stay frozen longer than anticipated.”  Studying the leggy blonde’s slowing movements, Godiva could plainly see and hear Niko’s body locking into stone.  Already, her friend’s slim calf muscles began to crackle with energy as they hardened into gleaming marble.  As she tried to wiggle her own toes, Lieutenant Godiva quickly realized that she was also now surrendering to alabaster.

Raising her head gradually, Niko’s jaw dropped as she watched Godiva’s ankles begin to glow.  “Oh, God! You’re freezing up too!” A popping, effervescent sound echoed around them as their transformation began to pick up speed, quickly working its way up their enraptured bodies.  As she looked on in horror, Niko could see Lieutenant Godiva’s shapely calves and knees solidifying, rigid stone inexorably replacing the soft tissue.  Suddenly, poor Niko could feel her own genitals flex and tighten within her, the moist, hot tissue cooling uncontrollably as it knotted into inflexible mineral.  Her eyes widened in shock and excitement as she could feel her most intimate downy skin constrict from deep within as it set, sealing her sensitive labia inside and out.

“Don’t worry about me!” shouted Lieutenant Godiva breathlessly as she felt her own legs solidifying, removing any chance for further movement.  Godiva felt her nipples become stimulated as she sensed the stony wave lapping at her own sex.  Somewhat shocked by the oddly pleasurable sensations surging within her own body, she found it difficult to concentrate as she felt an unexpected orgasm flair within her petrifying womb.  Each molecule seemed to coagulate with excruciating clarity, until all that remained was unyielding marble.  Yet surprisingly, every nerve and impulse still felt alive with electricity, even after conceding to the chilling surge trapping her firmly in place.  ‘You didn’t tell me this would happen, Lillian!’ thought the sexy leader as she swooned.  The erotic sensations growing within were impossible to ignore; yet somehow she needed to remain focused.  Resisting the urge to fondle her aroused breasts, Lieutenant Godiva struggled to remain in her desired stance.  Turning her attention back to her frightened ally, she watched silently as the white stone seemed to defy gravity, pulsing up Niko’s taught stomach.

Finding it nearly impossible to budge from her pose, Niko tried to calm herself as the stony upsurge began to reach for her chest.  With shallow breaths, she managed to call out to her petrifying teammate.  “I can’t move, Godiva! What’s going to happen to me?” As the breath began to expel from her lungs, she could feel her heart slow then still, the tense throbbing becoming ceased as her organs began to calcify.  Dread filled her thoughts as she realized she could no longer breathe.  ‘I don’t want to die,’ thought the paralyzed girl.  ‘How will I survive if I can’t breathe?’

“Don’t panic, Niko!” replied Lieutenant Godiva consolingly.  “We’ll both survive this.  Remember, this is only temporary.”  Steadying her halting voice, she concluded, “We’ll get through this together.  I promise!” Feeling her own abdomen quickly tightening, Godiva controlled her climaxing fear as she watched Niko’s amble breasts transform from flesh and blood to stone, curving seductively under her black costume.  Summoning every last ounce of courage, Lieutenant Godiva attempted to reach Niko’s horrified mind telepathically, knowing full well that neither of them could speak anymore.  ‘Stay focused, and stay calm,’ projected Godiva like a mantra, hoping her stiffening friend could feel her thoughts.  As her round breasts solidified, forming rocky mounds of pure marble, Lieutenant Godiva shuddered inside.  Her sensitive and aroused nipples felt like they had been dipped in freezing waters.

Watching Lieutenant Godiva from her fixed position, Niko could see her partner slowly locking as the stony wave captured her friend’s torso.  The gorgeous blonde’s own transformation now traveled down her arms and up her neck, and she couldn’t ignore the intense tingling occurring within her stiffening body.  Deeply mortified as the transformation worked its way up her neck and chin, she now stood on the brink of insanity, as her most horrific fears became a reality.  Feeling her lips as they glazed then hardened almost sent her over the edge.  Then, she heard a pop and crackle in her ears as they too solidified, forming stony folds of radiant marble.  However, at her most dire moment, Niko could feel a thought invading her tortured mind.  It was soft at first, but slowly began to intensify as it repeated itself.  ‘Stay focused, and stay calm.  Stay focused, and stay calm…’  Recognizing her partner’s soothing voice did, in fact, help to appease her as her nose became a dimpled carving.  By the time her eyes and forehead yielded to the forces holding her, the worst fear of her life had begun to diminish.  Her long strands of blonde hair glowed, then fused into a stretched mass of immovable stone as the crunching sound of petrifying flesh suddenly fell silent.  Only moments after ingesting the green potion, she’d already been completely transformed into a perfect sculpture of pure, white marble.  Oddly, even though she knew her eyes were now frozen as blank orbs of solid stone, she could still see, although her vision was limited to those objects directly within her field of vision.  Watching from eyes she could no longer move, she continued to follow Lieutenant Godiva’s soothing commands as she witnessed her friend’s shocking metamorphosis.

Lieutenant Godiva could feel a great sense of relief as she became aware of Niko’s calming mood.  With firm stone already up to her chin, Godiva felt like a swimmer losing her battle with the sea as the petrifying wave held her firmly within its grasp.  Light headed and euphoric, she finally let down her guard a bit as the transformation swept its way down her arms and up her head simultaneously.  As her face became a stony mask, she could hear the transformation echoing within her skull.  Slowly, however, the deafening sounds began to die down as her transformation finally reached a conclusion, eventually stiffening her bright, blue eyes and sandy brown hair, rendering them flawlessly in stone.  Now facing each other stood two statues so flawless and ideal, the most gifted of artisans would have gladly sold their souls to be able to produce such exquisite objects of art.

‘Thanks for saving me, Godiva,’ projected Niko as she settled down and relaxed within her new statue state.  Now a solid object of stone, her body no longer needed to respond to the constant cravings of a mortal being.  With her increased density and rigidity, she felt almost weightless as the usual effects of gravity and motion ceased to affect her anymore.

Within Lieutenant Godiva’s motionless body, she could also feel a profound sense of liberation, knowing her teammate had made the transition without losing her fragile mind.  Basking in the afterglow, she could hear her stony friend’s grateful thoughts.  Silently waiting to be collected by the Nil Corporation, they both watched each other admiringly, truly engrossed with one another’s statuesque beauty.

Suddenly, they could hear a scurry of activity around them.  From their limited viewpoints, neither lady could assess the situation properly, although they both could tell by the drifting conversation that the trespassers were more than likely human.

“I know I heard shouting over here,” said a sultry female voice in the distance.  Approaching from the east, the statues of Niko and Godiva could also hear the crackling sound of footsteps coming closer to them.

“Wow!” said another female as she came within reach of Lieutenant Godiva.  “Hey, you guys, take a look at this!” Seeing the attractive face of young Oriental woman, Lieutenant Godiva could only watch from her stationary position as the girl studied her frozen form in detail.  Within moments, two others joined her: a striking redhead full of freckles and a young man with hair hanging over his eyes.  With just a glance, Lieutenant Godiva could tell just how naïve and innocent this group was as they joked and played.  Feeling bony fingers on her breast, Lieutenant Godiva shuttered inside as this strange hand violated her in her captive state.

“Whoa, what a babe,” stated the scrawny boy as he felt up the icy statue in front of him.  While the other two girls studied the other helpless victims gathered around, he remained adamantly transfixed on the hardened curves of Lieutenant Godiva.  Not satisfied with merely touching, he soon began undressing the poor statue, starting with her tattered, silver bikini top.  One part of her felt appalled and embarrassed by the brash youngster, while another part of her felt flattered in an odd sort of way.  After cutting off Godiva’s trim bikini bottom, he even proceeded to tip the rigid statue in order to remove her high-heeled pumps.  The inflexible statue of Lieutenant Godiva wobbled for several moments before finally stilling; the removal of her shoes left her slightly less balanced than before.  Her dense figure now appeared to be fully extended on tiptoe without the support of the four-inch heels formally encasing her petite feet.  Holding the small shoes in his hand for a moment, the odd boy never seemed to notice that the silver shoes were still warm to the touch, so unlike the cool stone sculpture they’d just been removed from.  Tossing them aside recklessly, he crouched down on his haunches and began to lick the smooth folds of Lieutenant Godiva’s fossilized vaginal lips, firmly gripping her stiffened butt cheeks with his lanky hands.  The tingling sensations swirling through Godiva’s body did manage to arouse her, even though the young lad didn’t seem to possess much skill or experience.

“What the hell are you doing to that statue?” asked the redhead in a concerned manner.  Seemingly revolted by her teammate’s crude and sloppy petting of an inanimate object, she started to pull him away when her backpack became ensnared by a nearby group of thorns.  “Dammit, now look what you’ve made me do,” she giggled, unaware of the menace those thorns presented.

‘Oh, God! Get away from those thorns! You don’t realize the danger you’re in!’ thought Niko compassionately, unable to verbalize her grim warning to the oblivious redhead struggling in front of her.

“What’s wrong, Lydia?” asked the concerned Oriental.  Approaching her two teammates, she also became disgusted by the lack of decorum displayed by her male subordinate.  “You are too much, Byron,” said the petite woman angrily.  Pulling him away from his object of desire, she threw him to the ground, leaving him aroused yet unfulfilled.

“Way to ruin my fun,” said the sniveling boy, as he wallowed in the dirt.  Pulling himself up, he walked away in a huff as the other two ladies mocked him and his unsophisticated ways.

“Can you help me, Commander Remi? I seem to be stuck,” said Lydia as she struggled with the unrelenting plant.  Remi approached her tall friend, but found she couldn’t quite reach the snagged duffel.  Pulling Lydia by the arms, she tried to forcibly remove the striking redhead from her dilemma, but the bag simply wouldn’t budge.  In fact, as they released their terse tugging, they found that the wiry thorn bush began to recoil, pulling them both in.  Before they could even react, they both found themselves mired within the dreaded plant.

‘No! Get away from those thorns!’ thought Niko, hoping her warning could reach the adventuring pair somehow.

“Oww!” shouted Commander Remi as she studied the tiny gash on her arm, left by a jagged thorn.  Growing exasperated, she said harshly, “This is ridiculous, Lydia.  Simply slide the bag off, and we’ll try to remove it then.”  Stepping back to give her teammate room, the shapely commander demurely kneeled down to search her bag for a bandage.  While Lydia struggled to remove her arms from the trapped backpack, she also screamed in anger as her left hand jabbed into a bristly thorn.  Grabbing a knife, she angrily sliced the straps holding her in place, then stuck her injured finger into her mouth before blowing cool air onto the warm wound.

“Hey, Byron!” shouted Lydia.  “Bring me one of those abandoned backpacks, will you? I’m going to need a new one.”  Briefly glancing down at her commanding officer, she spotted a few shimmering objects within her peripheral vision.  Finding a pair of flashy silver shoes discarded on the ground below her, she smiled at her apparent discovery.  Sliding off her right shoe, she delicately flipped the discarded pump upright with her bare foot, then pointed her toes as they slid inside.  “Perfect fit!” she mused, astonished by her good fortune.  Given a schoolgirl outfit by the organizers, Lydia never felt satisfied by the plain-looking ensemble, and the black loafers were no exception.  As Byron returned carrying a brown, replacement backpack, Lydia suddenly realized her new shoe felt oddly warm and slightly damp.  “Where did these come from?” asked the sexy redhead as she slid off her other ordinary loafer.

“Off of her,” said the young man, somewhat smugly.  Pointing at the nude statue now standing on tiptoe sent a wave of shock through the darling redhead.

“But, how?” asked the young girl in surprise.   Suddenly, she could hear her commander let out a moan just before dumping her bag all over the ground.  Immediately turning her attention to Commander Remi, Lydia could perceive severe distress on the lovely Oriental’s face.

“I can’t feel my legs!” shouted the troubled commander.  Her brown eyes narrowed as she reached out an apprehensive arm, lightly touching her paralyzed calf muscle.  Somehow, the flesh there now seemed less pliable than moments before.

“What’s wrong?” asked Lydia timidly.  Quickly studying the tortured expressions of the many statues surrounding them, Lydia immediately felt a twinge in her stomach as the elusive danger finally dawned on her.  “Oh, God!” she yelled, her grim actualization tightening her vocal cords.  “It’s the thorns! They’ve all been turned to stone!” Looking down at her own slender legs, she let out a gasp as she realized she couldn’t move her own feet, no matter how diligently she tried.  With her right leg still pointed forward and the ball of her foot barely touching the remaining silver shoe, she focused all of her energy on making her little toes wiggle, but found they wouldn’t budge in the slightest.  Halted while in the process of trying on her new shoes, Lydia could feel beads of sweat forming on her brow as she turned her attention back to Commander Remi.

Already, poor Remi’s bent legs began to glow and hum as she kneeled there, her eyes revealing the confusion stirred by Lydia’s revelation.  A tightening sensation began to throb within her unmoving legs and feet, sending her world spinning.  Pointing a shaking finger at the statue of Godiva, she said breathlessly, “Are you saying that statue was once a real girl, and now I’m going to become a statue, just like her?”

Now feeling an urgent tingling sensation within her own dainty feet, Lydia wished she could turn back time and escape her impending fate.  “I’m afraid we’re both doomed to become statues, Remi,” said Lydia woefully, as her slender toes began to whiten uncontrollably.  Spreading across the wrinkly surface of her soles, Lydia could hear a grinding sound emanating from her petrifying flesh as the marble surge began to dance upward.  Young Byron merely watched in fascination and awe as his attractive teammates struggled with their horrifying discovery.

“This can’t be happening,” uttered Remi quietly, still unable to accept her immanent defeat.  As the stony wave began to tickle her knees, she started to hyperventilate, puffing air in excessive bursts.  Still aiming an accusing finger at the statue in front of her, she instantly discovered she couldn’t move her body anymore, no matter how fiercely she begged it to comply.

With her own legs quickly becoming glossy pillars of stone, Lydia somberly regretted her ignorance and lack of perception.  With faltering words, she said to her petrifying ally, “I’m so sorry this is happening to you, Remi.  I never wanted to let you down like this.”  Full of remorse and grief, she began to feel the milky skin of each thigh harden, the taut flesh surrendering to the sensations transforming her into lifeless stone.

Unable to shift her glance away from the glowing statue of Lieutenant Godiva, Commander Remi focused all of her strength, saying in halting breaths, “Don’t… blame… yourself, Lyd... i... a.”  With the final syllable, poor Remi’s mouth completely stilled, her seductive lips now remained open, yet silent.  Crunching stone swiftly approached Remi’s waist, creating the haunting illusion of a half woman, half statue.  As the transformation swept its way under her trim commander’s uniform, Remi could feel her pelvis completely calcify, sending a shudder up and down her unmoving spine.

Gently weeping inside at the loss of Commander Remi, Lydia maintained an expression of utter shock as the pristine stone began to lap at her own paralyzed waist.  Finding himself deeply aroused by the humbling processes occurring within Lydia’s stiffening body, young Byron strutted up to the captivated woman with pure lust in his eyes.  He’d always been enamored by the statuesque lady previously, but his feelings became even more intense now that she was actually becoming a monumental statue.  Boldly, he pressed his warm body against Lydia’s chilly curves, reveling in the powerful energy radiating from the petrifying beauty.  “Looks like… you… love me… now,” said Lydia hesitantly before silencing, still held firm within the grasp of the mysterious curse capturing her solid.

Nodding his approval to her unmoving face, Byron wasted no time in removing Lydia’s schoolgirl blouse.  Tearing the thin garment like a savage, he then licked the captive girl’s aroused nipples.  ‘Still flesh, but not for long,’ thought the young man to himself, as his tongue danced across Lydia’s semi-pliant breasts.  Shifting his glance to Commander Remi’s nearly finalized transformation, he studied his commander’s stiffening countenance with rapt interest.  Her rounded breasts were already fully altered into unyielding rock, and he watched intently as the process rolled down Remi’s shoulders and up her slim neck.  Suddenly, his darting tongue could feel a cold sensation as Lydia’s pert breasts began to change, the warm, erect nipples hardening into shiny buttons of marble.  Panting uncontrollably, he began to steam up the polished surface of her stony torso, while inside, poor Lydia could do nothing to halt her admirer’s eager advances.  With every nerve heightened by the conversion trapping her body, she knew his actions were unwanted, yet she couldn’t admit that they weren’t appreciated.  Perhaps a painful reminder of the pleasures of the flesh, a part of her still welcomed the sweaty groping, hoping the passionate sensations might make her stony flesh real again, somehow.  Before she could even prepare for it, she soon found her face and arms immersed by stone as she completely transformed into a perfect white sculpture from head to toe.

From Niko and Godiva’s limited perspective, they found themselves regretfully witnessing the entire scene, from arrival to capture.  The whole transformation process was remarkably swift: only about a minute had passed from the moment they were scraped by the dangerous thorns to the moment when they were utterly hardened into flawless marble.  Still fondling the latest acquisition, Byron worked his tongue over nearly every inch of Lydia’s fossilized figure, celebrating the welcome change that allowed him this much accessibility.

‘I tried to warn them, Godiva,” projected Niko in a regretful tone.  ‘Yet those poor girls still became statues, despite my best efforts.’

‘I know, Niko,’ thought Lieutenant Godiva consolingly.  ‘I just don’t think they could heed your alarming message.’

To be continued...

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