The Watchmaker Series, By M.P.
Chapter Five: April In Paris?
>From the Diary of Martin Appleby, November 12,2007.


Dear Diary, this has been one of the most harrowing weeks I've ever had. It started innocently enough but escalated into a fiasco. Let me tell you about it. After the Halloween party and my little tryst with Sue Lien, I went back to the apartment to find a telegram from April. It seemed that everything was straightened out and she would be coming home earlier than she planned. I was ecstatic at the idea of seeing my beautiful April again and came up with the idea of taking her on a little trip over the coming holiday. I called my travel agent friend Jeff Stevens and asked him what was the going rate for a trip to France. He quoted me a price and I told him to go ahead and book me on the flight. That was on Tuesday, the next day April arrived home and after she finished kissing me hello, I told her about the trip. She was happy at first then her heart sank after I told her we were going to fly. April explained to me that she had always had a deathly fear of airplanes. That was when I came up with the scheme. It was a foolish idea but at the time I thought it would work and it would save me some money. The plan was for me to place April in Stasis and then smuggle her abroad the plane as one of my mannequin figures. Exchanging mannequins with the Parisian shops was a common practice; I would simply take a load of them on the plane and April would just blend in as another figure, so I figured it would work. Little did I know of the problems that lay ahead.

The tickets arrived on Friday and I had sold April on a lie that I had exchanged the tickets for two on the Princess lines across the Atlantic. She was like a kid in a candy store that day. Happy to going somewhere she had never been. Quester came by to help me organize my affairs and then that afternoon I was ready for the trip. All that remained was Aprils treatment. I came upstairs and looked in her room as she was admiring herself in the mirror. Wearing only a little silk and lace bra and matching panties April was sizing up some dresses to see which looked best on her. I made a wolf whistle and walked into the room. April turned as I entered the room and blushed slightly, then smiled. I placed my arms around her narrow waist and kissed her gently on the neck. Then I squeezed her closer to me and continued my kissing across her shoulders and down the center of her back. She stood still as I continued my caresses, and moaned slightly when I gently nibbled on her skin. Next I knelt down in back of her and undid the clasp of her bra. April pulled it free allowing her ample breasts to spring out and quiver slightly in the cool air of the room. I looked up at the mirror and saw the reflection of us in the glass and the image made me even more excited. I then pulled her panties down and as they touched the floor April stepped out of them and turned to face me. I found myself staring straight into her beautiful pink pussy. I gently stuck in two fingers and opened her little cleft. It was like unfolding a delicate flower. As I did this a trickle of her juice oozed out of her pussy and I greedily licked it up. Then I pumped my fingers in and out of her and as I did this she wobbled on her legs and moaned from the pleasure I was giving her. I then stuck in my tongue and started to lick into her pussy. After several minutes of this she was thrashing back and forth and started to tear at my clothing. Knowing she wanted me I stood up and started to remove my clothing. I removed my shirt and trousers finally my shorts. As I did this April had been busy playing with her pussy and when I was completely naked she pounced on me like a cat. She took my member into her mouth and using long slow sucking moves she made me even harder. I reveled in the licks and sucking and after several minutes I couldn't take much more. I came into her mouth and then pulled her on her back and then inserted my penis into her hot wet pussy. I pumped her for about ten minutes, using long slow strokes. April was in heaven and she cried out my name when she and I came together. I held her tightly until her shivers subsided. We then kissed each other deeply and passionately. April then jumped out of bed and told me she was going to take a hot shower and then get ready to leave. I readjusted my clothing and knew that now was the time to do it. I sat in the living room listening to the sound of the shower and after several minutes it stopped. I reached into my pocket and took out the remote. From the other room I could hear Aprils voice, she was singing April in Paris of all songs and then I hit the button. Suddenly it got very quiet in the apartment and I got up and entered the little bathroom. April had frozen while standing in front of her mirror wearing only a towel, with both hands caressing her face. She looked like the ad for Caress Soap only in 3D. Wrapped around her head was another towel which I gently removed allowing her long dark brown tresses to fall tree. I felt her pulse and found no reaction. Her eyes had a dull glazed look to them and when I touched her skin it was rapidly cooling so I knew she was now in perfect stasis. I went out to the living room and called Quester on the phone. Twenty minutes later Quester arrived with the delivery truck and an extra crate. While I had waited for my friend to arrive I had taken the liberty to dress April in a pretty flowered mini dress I knew she liked. I did not put on any undergarments because I did not want to show any panty lines on her. Once we were safe in Paris I would redress her and explain. I felt sorry every time I did this behind her back but somehow it seemed more of a challenge to keep her in the dark. This time however I would tell her the truth.

Quester came in with the crate and helped me place the inert figure of April inside. I took a shipping label and attached it to the crate and addressed it to our hotel. Then we loaded it onto the truck and off we went to the airport. When we got to Laguardia field It was a madhouse. I had not known it at the time but one of my biggest competitors, Madame Tu Sordid, was adding to her collection in Paris. This is where the trouble began. Quester and I stepped off the plane at Lebourge' field and went around to collect the crates. My heart sank when suddenly I realized we were one crate short. and even more terrifying it was the one containing April. Somehow the shipping label had come off and some baggage handler must have mistaken the crate as one of the Madams. I told Quester to make sure the shipment arrived alright, and I would go get April.

Madame Tu Sordids shop was just like any other in Paris. It had been rebuilt after the war in the style of the sixties. All straight lines and open spaces. The thing that set it apart however were the intricate realistic figures she made. I had met the Madame on several occasions as a competitor and always lauded her on the fine work she produced. The Madame had been born Ellyse Burguase on July 20,1979 and went to several of the finest art schools in America and Europe. She was heavy set but not obese and carried herself like royalty. When she had opened her first shop a mutual friend had found an old article in an adult magazine with a pictorial in it called Madame Too Sordids. He thought it would be a great moniker for her to use so she changed the two o's into a u and Viola Madame Tu Sordid was born. The Madame entered her shop and began to open the crates around her. She dusted off the dust that had accumulated on the figures. She had gone to New York to buy out the displays of Dasys Department store. It was the last store she would ever think would fold but times were tough all over. She reveled in the beauty of the mannequins, and started to plan how she would incorporate them into the displays in her shop. Of the six figures she had bought three were blonde figures tall in height with small breasts and tight round asses. The other three were brunettes that were very similar to their blonde sisters but when dressed and posed they would seem as individual girls. Madame Tu Sordid took out the small glass bases that were included with the mannequin girls and after finding the small slots that were cut into the figures she mounted them onto the bases. The Madame then dressed the girls in matching mini dresses of blue silk. She stopped to admire her handy work when she noticed that something was wrong. She had remembered only loading six crates and now she had seven. What the hell she thought to herself and started to open the crate . When she saw the figure of April inside she was at first shocked and turned on at the realism. The Madame picked her up and set her on the floor in front of her and walked around April several times. She started to undo the ties on the short sun dress, and was shocked by how smooth yet yielding the figures skin was. The Madame fondled Aprils breasts, and gently pinched the twin hard button-like nipples on each. Next she gently removed the dress and was happy to see that this figure was not only extremely beautiful but was anatomically correct as well. She looked deeply into Aprils blank eyes and not getting any reaction at all replaced the dress and went back to the crate to see if there was a label or not. After several minutes and no success she went back to the figure of April. The Madame was fascinated at who could have produced such fine work, and then she noticed the watch. It struck her strange that the only jewelry on the figure was a lone wristwatch. She reached down and removed the watch and at the moment she did this April came to. She was finishing her version of April in Paris when she noticed that she was no longer in the apartment. Then when April saw the Madame she pulled her dress closed and screamed. The Madame was startled as well and both girls started to scream at each other. That was when I arrived on the scene. I entered the shop and found the two women screaming, when April saw me she ran into my arms and started to cry into my shoulder. The Madame recognized me as well and asked me what was going on. It took me almost an hour to tell the whole story and when I was done April was horrified. She had realized that something was wrong because of her temporary lapses of memory. But now that she knew the truth she wasn't sure if she should hate me or just keep on loving me. She decided that I had not done her any wrong and we embraced. The Madame had listened to my stories as well and found it both amazing and extremely humorous. The Madame was particularly interested in my smuggling operations of the escapees and told me that for years she had fought to remove them from Europe. I told her that later we would meet and maybe make a deal. I had always wanted to add more mannequins to my chain of stores and with the Madam's talents I could fill that bill and possibly aid the escapees from the European camps.

Later April, Quester, and the Madame and I were seated at the Madam's dining room table where she was serving us a scrumptious dinner. Since it was late and the hotels were now full she had offered to put us all up for our stay in Paris. April was feeling a little tired after all the excitement of the day but I had one more thing I wanted to do before this night would end. Earlier The Madame and I had a discussion about the process and she wanted another demonstration. As April was getting ready to leave the table I hit the remote and she froze at the table. The Madame who was still not quite used to the idea of my freezing women in their tracks got up and walked over to Aprils inert form. She passed a hand in front of Aprils blank stare and even stuck her tongue out in Aprils face. Of course there was no reaction. For the dinner April had dressed herself in a beautiful red satin evening dress that I bought for her from the Madam's shop. The Madame moved her body away from the table by pulling her chair out so Quester and I could pick her up from the chair. I laid her stiff form on the floor and it seemed odd to see her lying on her side, her legs bent but straight, with her feet sticking out. I advanced her one click on the remote and straightened out her body so she was now in a prone position, flat on the floor. Quester stood April upright on her feet and leaned her against the wall. I grabbed one of the mannequin bases in the showroom, and after applying some quick hardening glue to Aprils shoes I mounted them onto the glass base. In her hardened state and with the special base April could be posed standing up. The Madame came over to April and opened her dress. She began to touch Aprils breasts and after a few minutes she began to gently lick them. Quester and I were getting turned on by the lesbian act enfolding before us, but what came next was even more stimulating. I came behind the Madame and started remove Aprils and the Madam's dresses entirely. When they were completely nude I knelt behind them and started to lick her ass and tasted the back edge of her little pussy. I then removed my pants and started to make love to Aprils frozen form as the Madame still licked her body. Even though the Madame was a large woman she was still an incredibly sexy woman and knew how to stimulate a man to pleasure. Quester and I could sense this so when he was really hot he grabbed the Madame and started to make violent love to her. The large woman was shocked at first by his advances but when she saw his large penis she melted like butter. I picked up April base and all and carried her stiff form upstairs leaving Quester and the Madame to their own amusement. I entered the rooms upstairs that the Madame had given us for our stay and placed April in the center of the room. I turned on three strobe lights that were in the room and aimed them at Aprils hardened body. The bright light reflected off the dull sheen on her body and reflected in the vacant glassy stare in her eyes. I reached into my travel bag and took out my camera. I then shot three complete rolls of film getting every angle of the mannequinized form of my beautiful April. I then removed her feet from the glass base and laid her inert form into the bed. As she was still frozen I laid on top of her and started to pump slowly in and out of her. It felt weird fucking her and all she did was lie there still like a life-size doll. After several minutes of hard love making I exploded and came on her tits and stomach. I got up and went into the bathroom and got a towel and washcloth and cleaned her up a little. When I was satisfied she was clean I left the room and hit the remote button. In the hallway from the rooms next door I could hear the squeaking of the Madam's bed and the moans and grunts of their lovemaking. I said to myself way to go Quester, and then reentered our room. April lay in our bed with a look of passion in her face. She must have known what I had done but she just gestured me into the room with her finger and pointed at the spot in the bed next to her. I dropped my pants once more and closed the door ready for a long and extremely pleasant night.

Well diary, that was an incident I hope doesn't happen again. It was terrifying losing April like that, but I have to admit because of it I finally cleared the air with April and now have a valuable ally in Madame Tu Sordid.

To be continued.....


M.P. 7/9/98