Paul the Slave Girl

by Paul Jutras

       Paul finished getting his posters together headed across the hall to Miss. Hardcase and nodded at the secretary that they shared. As he entered the president of the firm's office, Paul set the posters up on a tripod and turned to the sexy brunette in the power suit and the white hair client in a blue suit.

     "Morning, Miss. Hardcase.  Sir." Paul said to both the president and the client. Paul knew if he continued to do as good a job as he does, he'd get promoted to vice president in no time. Since the women outnumbered the men 10 to 1, he really enjoyed his work.  As Paul started turning toward the posters. Mr. Hardcase  dropped a couple of pills into Paul's coffee.

     The meeting with the same as always. Paul's slogan was a hit and his poster would soon be a billboard on some highway to make both the firm and the client lots of money. Miss Hardcase slipped her nylon encased foot out of her pump and raised it up between Paul's legs. While Paul continued to talk, Miss Hardcase continued to fondle Paul's penis to the point where he was getting a hard on.  The longer the meeting went; however, the less Paul felt aroused. He started not to even notice that Miss Hardcase was even touching him.

      When the meeting was over, Paul took his coffee and returned to his office. He sat down and took another sip that reminded him how bad the coffee was. Reaching for the intercom, he called for his secretary.

    "Buffy, could you please come in here?" Paul said in the intercom.

     "You have something you want to dictate to me, sir?" Buffy asked as she came in and sat across from him. She had sauntered sexily to the chair and crossed her legs as she sat down. Paul only smiled and took the pad and pencil from her.

     "No." Paul smiled. "I would like you to see about ordering a different brand of coffee. This one is terrible."  Buffy then went around the desk, wrapped her arms around his neck and sat down on Paul's lap. The two began kissing while Paul slid his hand up her skirt and into her pussy under her panties.

      For dinner that night, Paul was about to take out the steaks he planned when he paused. For some reason he felt like just having a salad. After he ate the salad, he went into the bathroom to take a shower. He paused as a buzzing filled his head. Moments later, he found himself in a bath instead. While laying in the tube, he noticed his hips seemed wider that normal.

     He had a very weird dream that night. For the most part it was normal. Paul and Buffy having dinner, dancing and wide passionate sex in bed. What was weird was the she was dressed in his black socks, loafers, blue suit and red tie. He was dressed in her black turtle neck sweater, beaded necklace, white floral print skirt and one inch heels.

     He woke with a start, began to rub his feet for some reason. He couldn't fully remember the dreams, but knew he did a lot of dancing in it. The buzzing sound echoed in his head again and he reached for a pair of bikini briefs instead of his normal boxers. He then walked carefully rolled his socks up his leg so not to get a hole in them and turned toward all the suits in his closet. "I don't have a thing to wear." He thought to himself.

     In the office, Miss Hardcase went up to the coffee maker and saw the mugs with her name and Paul's name on it. Taking some pills, she dropped it into Paul's coffee and took her own mug into her own office while Buffy took Paul his coffee. When Paul took a sip he notice that it tasted as bitter as the previous day. Something about Buffy's sexy smile made him forget to ask her about getting a different brand. Paul couldn't help but wonder where she bought such a tight, form fitting outfit.

     "You look lovely this morning, Buffy." Paul commented. He wanted to ask her wear she got it so he could get one just like it, but then caught himself . As she sat on his lap, he ran her hand up her long legs encased in black pantyhose. Neither of them notice that his nails were manicured and polished as red as hers.

     A knock came at the door and Buffy quickly moved from Paul's lap started walking out the door. Miss Hardcase came in with her coffee and took a sip. Paul automatically took a sip of his own coffee. "A slave to your work I see." The president smiled looking from her own purple polished nails to his red ones.

     "How may I help you?" Paul asked as he didn't even notice he was sitting with her legs crossed and elbows on the desk. The tips of his nails clicked together as he put his hands together.

     "I just wanted to tell you that the chairwoman of the board wants to see you tomorrow and that you'd best look your best."

      "Really?" Paul said, seeing the vice president job in sight.

        After work, Paul took a taxi downtown in a haze. He spent two hours and a fortune in Bloomingdales for a new outfit. It was dark when he caught another taxi back to his apartment where he was glad to kick off his shoes and rubbed his sore feet. He was too tired to notice that his wool socks had changed into a pair of knee high nylons when he took them off and rolled them into balls.

     After soaking in a hot tub, Paul shaved his legs instead of his face and painted his toes to match his fingers while sitting in front of the television with a towel wrapped around his head and a bathrobe on.

     That night Paul dreamed about being at the office party he went to the previous year. Only this time, he was dressed in an evening gown with his hair in an up sweep. He stumbled in high heels as Miss Hardcase's breasts pressed against the ones that stretched the fabric of Paul's gown. It found natural to have someone else lead.

   The next day, his feet continued to ache from being in heels all night and having his feet stepped on. Paul went to the closet and found only women's shoes in the closet. Without thinking, he grabbed a pair of three inch heels to go with the navy skirt power suit he had bought the previous night.

     Paul strolled into the elevator at work like he had been wearing heels all his life. He was unaware how easily he glided across his office before sitting down behind his desk with his legs crossed. He never remembered feeling as comfortable in that position as he did the last couple of days.

     At the moment, Miss Hardcase walked in wearing a smoke-gray suit with matching nylons. She shut the door behind her and sauntered over to Paul. Slowly and sexily, she wrapped her hands around his neck and blew in his ear. With Paul distracted, she dropped some pills into his coffee mug and then headed back toward the door.  "You coming to your meeting, Paul?"

   Paul finished his coffee and then followed Miss Hardcase over to the elevators. As the elevator began to raise, Paul felt his thong panties raise up between his butt cheeks. He felt a tingling sensation in his feet and chest. The nipples on his chest grew to fill out the bra he had on under his semi- transparent blouse. As Miss Hardcase watched, she ran her hand along his larger butt. Between her hand and his new breasts, Paul was suddenly aroused to the point he felt a dampness in his crotch. His whole body  had become incredible sensitive.

    As Paul stood next to Miss Hardcase, the smell of her perfume was becoming a real turn on. The back of his neck felt electrified as the hair on his head grew down and brushed pass his shoulder blades. "What's going on?" Paul thought as Miss Hardcase ran her hand over Paul's narrower waist and tweaked his nipple. The action was like striking a match throughout his body and brought him to orgasm. It was only then that he actually felt the full weight of his bra supported cleavage.

     "You are so much sexier now, Paula." Miss Hardcase purred into Paul's ear. Paul knew that the dampness could only mean that his cock and balls were now replaced with a genuine pussy. Her touch kept his nipples erect.

    "You did this to me?"

    "The only thing men think with is between their legs. Women have both beauty and brains that they can use." Miss Hardcase gave butterfly kisses on Paul's face and neck. "Now you know why the women out number the men in this company. Even Buffy use to be a male secretary name Biff before you joined the firm. Buffy's new sex drive and some brainwashing made her the perfect employee for you."

      Paul just stood stunned. Something deep and female inside his new body was responding to his bosses advances. "Now you'll learn that it is really the women who run the world and pull the men's puppet strings. It isn't just your body that's changed but reality itself. You male self was never born and only the female you are now ever existed."

      "If you change me back I'll leave the company and not tell anyone." Paul cried out.

     "Your mind is still mostly male and can't be trusted." Miss Hardcase spoke softly as she blew into Paul's ear. You'll get use to the new lower salary that the male government pays and the changes reality made in your apartment. Just as you're already use to walking in those shoes."

     Reaching into her purse, Miss Hardcase pulled out a rubber dildo and pushed it pass the waistband of Paul's skirt. It slid into his sex with ease and stayed in place. "That should take care of your wetness until we see Miss Towers.

    "You are so responsive." Miss Hardcase giggled as the vibrating dildo relieved his sexual tension and caused him to explode into continuous orgasms.

        As the elevator doors open, Paul found himself in an office. Miss Towers laid on top of a queen size bed in the middle of the room dressed in a latex outfit and gag ball. "I'd like you to meet my girlfriend. She likes doing a three way sandwich  will all new transformed employees."

           Before Paul could speak, Miss Hardcase helped Paul get into a 69 position with Miss Towers where they licked one another clits. Miss Towers would roll over and stroke Miss Hardcase's breasts and then Paul's. She then moved on the other side of Paul and rubbed her breasts against his soft, smooth back.

     "What is your name?" Miss Towers asked as she sat at the edge of the bed with her latex pantyhose crossed.


    "Simply lovely." Miss Towers smiled as Paula felt completely helpless toward the dominate female figure before her. She didn't even try to stop her when being fitted with a vibrating butt plug that made her feel even more aroused. She wanted to run out of the building to freedom, but was too lost in the pleasure of the vibrators.  "Of course you need to be aroused to the level where your mind never wants sex again."

     Miss Tower went over to a cabinet and pulled out a charm. Waving it in from of Paula, she felt her limbs become stiff and immobile. The two girls then lifted her up and backed her up a couple of spaces where the sound of a support rod snapping into the butt plug was heard. Miss Tower then removed Paula's shoes and replaced it with a pair of five inch stiletto heels.  In her immobile state it was a non-stop loop of continuing orgasms for the rest of the day and night.

      At 9 am the next day, Miss Tower got out of bed  with Miss Hardcase and stepped up to Paula. "How is my little mannequin doing?" She grinned wickedly. "Think you should know that Buffy is now your boss and you will be the one purring into her ear for the rest of the week. Between spending the nights as a mannequin and your days turned on by Buffy's look you'll be lesbian focus on only your work and the needs of your new lover."

     As Paula's sexless crotch opened, she felt a deep sexual release. Paula was lifted off the rod and went with Miss Hardcase to her new desk between the offices. When Buffy called her in, she sauntered into her former office and slid sexily onto her old desk with legs demurely crossed. She slipped out of her foot out of her shoe and fondled Buffy's tits with her toes. Buffy's nipples went erect as Paula slipped onto Buffy's lap and they began to kiss. Each making the others crotch feel wet.

     "Paula, I got a call from Mr. Kimagure." Buffy said between heated pants. "I need to type this memo about changing the meeting to Friday afternoon."

     "Yes mistress." Paula cooed as she slid off Buffy's lap and stepped into her shoes. She took the memo to her desk to type up with the dildo and butt plug vibrating their merry tune inside of her.  Her mind must of been altered somehow to be the perfect secretary since it was all coming so naturally.

           At night fall, Paula felt a tingling sensation in her feet. Kicking off her shoes didn't provide her normal relief as the toe pinching tightness felt resulted in her toes being fused together. She notice her arms were as shiny as her nylon encased legs and her lower half was already too stiff to stand up. As the rest of her froze up she felt that being bent down in a sitting position had caused the dildo to produce even greater orgasms that when she was standing on the rod the night before.

      "Well, well." Miss Hardcase chuckled as she stepped out of her office. Paula could do nothing as she and Buffy stripped Paula of her clothes. Paula didn't know if she wanted to be embarrassed or proud of her sexy new body with breasts that didn't drop the slightest without support.

      "Don't worry," Buffy whispered in Paula's ear. "You'll like this as much as I did. When someone knew gets transformed you can be the mistress to have when I'm not having you or Miss Hardcase is not having me."

        Since time stood still in her mannequin form, morning and the week went by fast. Paula was glad when she was ordered to report back to Miss Tower's office and had the butt plug and dildo removed from her. Although she didn't feel empty and sexless between her legs, Paula didn't feel the need for constant sex anymore. She could enjoy the love making her mistress provided her while also able to concentrate on her work and advance the business into its world wide branches.

      At the next years office party Buffy and Paula danced together and took turns on who would lead and who would follow. A few weeks after the party a new man got promoted with Paula being his secretary as well as Buffy. When Paula tried to tell him to quite his job and never return to the building, she found she couldn't speak. His mind then when into a haze as he started to do to Terance as Buffy had once did to her. Something in the back of her now conditioned mind like the idea of being the mistress as well as the slave.


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