Perfection by Dr. Goldfoot

by "Dr. Goldfoot" <>

I’d finally had it with Jenny playing me like a violin. How ironic, I thought, that someone with her model-perfect looks had to be so unbearable. She was actually proud of being the "princess type"--honest, her fantasy was finding a tall, dashing millionaire who’d drive her around in a shiny new Jaguar. But until the day she landed her Prince Charming, she’d amuse herself with me, the "horny stable boy".

She couldn’t appreciate my choice to do menial office work for a living so I’d have energy left over to devote to my art. I knew she’d dump me any day now because I was too bohemian to be her sugar daddy. But the sex we had was so incredibly hot, I couldn’t imagine ever turning her down. Jenny looked just like she’d stepped out of a men’s magazine, with her long, golden blonde hair and firm, natural D-cup breasts. So for a while at least, I felt like the luckiest man alive. Little did I know then...

Very soon I had to admit I was miserable with my "dream-girl"--the truth was, we had little in common besides our mutual lust. She loathed my unconventional tastes in music and film, for instance, while I secretly began to see her as a grown-up suburban mall rat. So in my spare time I started looking for some kind of alternative; I couldn’t even imagine what that might be, I only knew I had to find some way out. The thought of losing this physically exquisite woman was agonizing, but something had to be done.

One night by pure luck I discovered an obscure Website called simply, "RealBabe". To my amazement, someone was actually making hyper-realistic female androids for the general public! The explicit photos of the various models made my jaw drop! Best of all, while the RealBabes cost a small fortune, the company offered a payment plan I could live with. First I ordered their promotional video; watching these delectable droids in X-rated action convinced me that this was no hoax. Before each sex scene, the company’s founder, Dr. David Huston, would pop open the RealBabe’s cranial access panel (with the hair still attached) to show us her data port, recharge socket, and power switch. He would then shut the panel, activate her with a hand-held remote, and unleash her on a pair of eager men.

The first scene featured a tall, auburn-haired android who reminded me strongly of Emma Peel from "The Avengers," right down to her black leather catsuit. Upon activation, she blinked, stood up, and strode slowly towards the two naked studs awaiting her on the sofa. Her hips swayed seductively as Emma unzipped her suit down the front, all the way to her crotch. Instantly, hands and mouths were all over her ripe luscious tits -- kissing, fondling, squeezing, sucking her nipples greedily. She responded by straddling one man and guiding his meatpole into her glistening snatch while taking the other man’s stiff dick into her mouth. Both men moaned in delirious pleasure along with Emma as they entered her. I distinctly heard a wet "squilching" sound at that moment; Dr. Huston’s documentary-style narration explained it thusly:

"Upon insertion, the penis forces most of the air out of the RealBabe’s vaginal and oral cavities, producing a vacuum. As you can see, this natural suction effect produces intense stimulation."

I certainly could see! The Emma droid had both men in complete sexual rapture, bouncing up and down on one while vigorously sucking the other. They strained mightily, but they couldn’t hold back any longer. The man buried in her pussy bucked and screamed, gripping her shiny leather-clad hips as he pumped his load deep into her. The second lucky man was getting the blowjob of his life; I could see Emma’s cheeks drawn inward by the intense suction on every out-stroke. With a visible effort, the man pulled his cock free with a "pop" like a cork leaving a bottle! He groaned loudly and shot one thick geyser of cum after another all over Emma’s lovely face and tits. As the men collapsed in blissful exhaustion next to their now-dripping Emma droid, the scene shifted to an isolated beach, where a raven-haired "Betty Page" RealBabe took on another pair of hung studs. This time the fembot eagerly took their huge members up her pussy and ass at the same time, with equally explosive results. I sat spellbound watching Betty’s fine tits and ass-cheeks jiggle each time the men slammed into her. If I hadn’t seen all this with my own eyes, I never would’ve believed it!

My heart pounded wildly as I e-mailed Dr. Huston. He responded that same evening. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that he lived in a nearby city, so we arranged to meet in person.

At 8 PM the next night, a long black limousine pulled up in front of my house, according to plan. I was waiting by the curb with my credit card burning a hole in my pocket.

The tinted side window rolled down, and there was Dr. Huston himself, a short and slender gentleman with designer glasses and neatly trimmed gray hair. He reminded me of my old science teachers, except that Huston had progressed far beyond the nerd stage, and his new sophistication showed in his refined clothing and demeanor. The image he now projected was that of the visionary CEO -- and a very successful one at that.

"Come on in, Bill," he said amiably. "We have a lot to discuss."

The door swung open, and I climbed inside the limo. It was then that I caught sight of Huston’s stunning companion, a brunette RealBabe with the figure of a porn star, dressed in a tight yet elegant black evening dress and high heels.

"Oh my God," was all I could say as I stared at her.

"Hello, Bill," she said, extending her hand. "My name’s Angela. Pleased to meet you."

I shook her hand gingerly; I was amazed at the warmth and tenderness of her skin. Then Huston and I shook hands (I noted a very subtle, ineffable difference that registered as "more human"), and I sat down on the plush bench seat facing them.

"Extraordinary," I muttered to Huston. "How did you do it?!"

"Now that’s a long story," he replied. "Why don’t we just cruise around and get better acquainted first, okay?" I nodded my assent.

He closed the door and motioned to his driver. As the limo began to move, I instinctively turned around to see who was behind the wheel. It was the Betty Page RealBabe herself, dressed in a chauffeur’s uniform!

"I don’t believe it!" I exclaimed. "Can she really drive?!"

"Better than I can, in fact," said Huston with a smile. "Technology running technology... Elegant concept, don’t you think?"

Betty gave me a friendly wink through the rear view mirror. She certainly seemed to know what she was doing. Gradually I calmed down and turned my attention back to Dr. Huston and Angela.

"You said you were having some girlfriend trouble," said Huston. "I was once in a very similar predicament; that is, until I built Angela here."

He gave me a genuinely sympathetic look. "How can I can help you?" he asked. "Perhaps you’d like to select a RealBabe from my catalog."

He presented me with an album containing 8x10 glossies of the most ravishing women I’d ever seen, in a variety of glamorous poses and outfits. Some of them I recognized from the website. Knowing that they were all androids made it all seem even more dream-like than it was already. Still, I knew what I really wanted.

"They’re all terrific, Dr. Huston, but I’d rather have you build me a replica of my Jenny, I mean, one who’s more compatible with me."

"Ah, a custom job," he said. "That’ll cost extra, you know. I don’t get many requests for life-casting these days. Your Jenny must be quite a doll."

I showed Huston a revealing photo I’d taken of Jenny. His eyes widened.

"Holy Toledo," he said softly. "Now I understand. I think we could work out a special deal in your case. Would you be willing to let me add the Jenny replica to my catalog? She’d be an extremely popular model." The possibility of other men having their own robotic replicas of my Jenny never occurred to me! I must admit, I was taken aback by the idea.

Huston sensed my unease. He said to me, "Bill, just try to look at this objectively for a moment. You’d be saving a bundle on your RealBabe order, plus you’d be bringing more happiness to a lot of men just like yourself."

He was right, of course. What would I gain by keeping Jenny’s image all to myself? The more beauty there was in the world, the better it would be for everyone. "All right," I said, "she can be in your catalog."

"Fabulous," said Huston. "This way you’ll get your Jenny replica at no extra charge. Would you like to pay the deposit now?"

"I’m still concerned about one little detail. Jenny’s not likely to go along with our plan."

"No problem, Bill. I’ve dealt with this before."

From his coat pocket he extracted a flat metallic device about the size of a small brooch and handed it to me.

"When Jenny’s asleep, just attach this to her forehead. It’ll keep her in deep REM sleep while I make a mold from her face and body. Afterwards we’ll tuck her back into bed, and she’ll never know what happened."

"Is this another invention of yours?"

"Actually, it’s your tax dollars at work. A government agency developed it for covert operations." (I now heard a extra-large can of worms opening.)

"You still haven’t explained how you managed to create such life-like androids. This is far more advanced technology than I thought we had."

Huston looked away for a moment, trying to contain his amusement. "You’re right about that, of course. I’d like to tell you more, but I need to see your commitment first."

"You mean the deposit?"

"Until I know you’re fully committed to the project, it wouldn’t be wise for me to divulge my secrets. It’s nothing personal, I hope you understand."

Things had taken a weird turn. All I knew for sure was, I had to have my Jenny replica. I had little doubt about Huston’s ability to deliver. The big question now was, how much did I Really want to know about his operation? Would knowing too much be hazardous to my health? My curiosity got the better of me. I handed Huston my credit card, which he ran through a verification box built into the interior panel of his limo. I waited while he entered the deposit amount; then I approved the transaction with my signature and took my receipt. Huston now seemed more at ease.

"You said you’d like to tell me more. I’m listening, Doctor."

Huston took a long breath to compose his thoughts. "It all began for me back in the early 70’s, when I was working at MIT after getting my M.S. from Carnegie-Mellon. I was recruited into a highly classified research program run by a government agency that doesn’t officially exist. Project Tin Man was a key part of a much larger plan, to create new applications for alien technology."

"Alien?! You mean like, ‘E.T., phone home’?"

"Exactly. I’m sure you’ve heard all the stories about the Roswell UFO crash and similar incidents... well, a lot of what they say is true. But here’s something I’m sure you’ve never heard before: most of the alien bodies recovered from crash sites were artificial--that is, not of biological origin."

"Robots?!" I blurted.

"Yes, but to call them robots doesn’t do them justice. In fact it wasn’t until the invention of the electron microscope that we had any idea that these ‘corpses’ were actually synthetic! These aliens had duplicated their own physiology right down to the molecular level! Even now we still can’t match that level of perfection except by genetic cloning."

"Obviously you’ve had some success," I remarked. Angela’s demure smile hinted that she knew I was referring to her.

"True," said Huston, "I’m certainly not complaining about the level of realism I’ve achieved thus far. We’re just lucky the aliens allowed us to experiment with their nanotechnology. Otherwise it would’ve taken centuries to build anything like Angela. Far too late for me!"

"Why would the aliens entrust us with something that powerful?"

"You’d have to ask them, but so far they’ve been rather tight-lipped about their motives. One theory is that they’re giving us a sort of IQ test by having us figure out how to use their technology without any instructions. If we can avoid destroying ourselves in the process, they might figure we’re intelligent enough to open diplomatic relations with."

He paused to take in Angela’s beauty. "She may be only cybernetic, not biosynthetic, but personally, I think we passed with flying colors."

"I’m surprised the government would let you sell androids to the public, given these circumstances," I said.

"I think they figured that no RealBabe owner would want any sort of publicity; so far, this has proven to be quite true. Secondly, I believe my old bosses view my sex-droid business as another kind of ‘experiment’. No one can predict the long-term effects of RealBabes on our society. I think we’d all like to find out."

"So, in your opinion, do you think I’m safe?"

"If the Agency really wanted to shut us down, they would’ve done it a long time ago," replied Huston. "Bill looks kinda tense," he said to Angela. "I think he could use a massage."

Angela sat behind me and began to rub my neck and shoulders. It felt heavenly, and it definitely helped to relax me. But I was still concerned.

"Bill, I won’t kid you by saying there’s no risk at all," said Huston. "But I did work at above-top-secret level for nineteen years. You’d figure by now I’d have a clue as to how these people operate. So, do I look worried to you?"

I had to admit, he seemed cool as a cucumber, if slightly impatient with me for indulging in paranoia. Then again, any "sensible" person, having heard his story, probably would’ve jumped out of the limo at the first opportunity. I think I stayed because I’ve always been a Seeker, of truth and of pleasure; in this case, I wanted both at once. "Okay, Doc, I’m in. How soon can we start?"

"Right now, if you wish," said Huston. "We can drop you off at Jenny’s place. Assuming she’s ‘in the mood,’ you’ll have a chance to electronically sedate her after the two of you go to bed. When she’s fully asleep, call me and we’ll pick you both up immediately."

"Sounds like a plan," I said. Huston offered me his car phone to call Jenny. Luckily she was home and had made no plans for the evening. And she was definitely in the mood for my company. (Yes!!!)

I gave Jenny’s address to Betty; we arrived about 20 minutes later. My heart was racing. Would Jenny want me to sleep over on such short notice? I was betting everything on our hot chemistry. I also realized that if all went according to plan, we’d be making love for the very last time tonight. That thought gave me mixed feelings... I wanted to be rid of Jenny, but would I really be happier with an android? Could Huston really be trusted? Would government spooks and aliens be watching me for the rest of my life? These thoughts and more raced through my mind continually during my final night with Jenny.

Jenny answered the door wearing only a short white terry bathrobe. She was fresh and glowing from having showered just minutes before. Jenny knew from experience what effect this would have on me.

"Good timing, stud," she said brazenly. "I was wondering when you’d show up. Another minute and I’d have gotten out my dildo collection."

"This is your lucky night," I said, pulling her to me. "You get the Real Thing, delivered right to your door."

"The Real Big Thing," she remarked as she undid my pants. "Mmm, it’s nice and hot, too!" She grasped my hard-on with both hands and steered it into her mouth. I moaned as she eagerly sucked and licked me into a frenzy. I slipped off her bathrobe and gazed in wonder at that perfect body of hers. She was built for hot, nasty sex, and I was going to savor every last moment we had together!

Jenny released my schlong and took me over to the couch; there she bent over, arched her back and presented me with her gorgeous ass. "Give it to me now, Bill! Give it to me deep and hard!!" she cried. Her pussy lips were already swelling and flushed in full arousal; I could see and smell her juices flowing. My throbbing cock needed no further encouragement! I rammed it into her with gusto, clutching her hips for dear life as we pounded our sweating bodies together like wild animals in heat.

It went on like this for literally hours, in every position, in every room, with our cries of raw animal joy echoing through the house, and quite possibly the neighborhood! I made sure she came several times before I did. It was glorious, the greatest sex I’d had with any woman; I felt glad that I’d be ending this relationship so memorably for both of us, despite our differences. At last, just on the verge of collapse, we climaxed together long and hard, screaming louder than ever. We then fell silent except for our breathing.

"God, Bill, that was magnificent," Jenny murmured hoarsely in my ear.

I was completely dazed for several minutes, struggling just to stay conscious. Jenny offered no such resistance and simply passed out, still oozing onto the sheets. I carefully lay myself next to her and waited till she seemed truly asleep. Eventually I found the strength to get up and retrieve the device Huston gave me. It had an adhesive side, so it stuck to Jenny’s forehead easily. I tested the device’s efficacy by trying to wake Jenny; even hard pinching got no response. Satisfied, I called Huston in his limo; the pickup would take only a few minutes, so I had to prepare quickly.

I threw on my clothes, then rolled Jenny into her comforter for more discreet handling. I then waited at the front door for Huston. As it turned out, Betty was the one who actually helped me load Jenny into the limo. Betty made it look ridiculously easy -- I think she could’ve carried both of us with no effort!

Just before departing, Betty made a quick but thorough examination of Jenny’s apartment, paying special attention to the contents of her bathroom and closets. I wondered what that was all about. Huston explained it to me en route to his lab.

"Betty’s role in this process includes accumulating data which we can use at our discretion in designing the android’s persona. I assume you’d like me to duplicate at least some part of Jenny’s personality, right?"

I looked at Jenny asleep on the seat next to me. I was at a loss for words. Aside from her rampant horniness, I couldn’t think of one unique aspect of Jenny’s personality that merited replication in my android. Huston finally handed me an illuminated clipboard.

"Okay, I get the picture," he said. "We’ll keep just her perfume and clothing preferences, if you like, and let you fill in the blanks with this questionnaire. Take your time with it; it’s important if you want a real companion rather than a household appliance."

The form contained several dozen questions, from trivial to intimate, all having to do with my lifestyle, tastes, and values. "And if there are any physical enhancements you’d like me to make as well, just write them in," Huston added. That was an option I hadn’t anticipated. I gave it considerable thought while answering the questionnaire.

The lab was tucked away in a secluded industrial park. At this hour the whole area was a ghost town. Huston preferred working here at night because of the isolation. Betty and I took Jenny into the lab and placed her nude form upon a metal platform beneath an array of electronic gear suspended from the ceiling.

Angela and Betty plugged in their own recharging cables and sat in chairs to observe the proceedings. Huston removed Jenny’s sleeper device and activated a remote stasis field generator (for both unconsciousness and immobility). He then created a high-resolution contour map of Jenny’s body; lines of bright light scanned back and forth over every inch of her form. "The alien nanites require a 3-D map for guidance," he said. "These microscopic robots can work miracles, but only if they have an accurate blueprint."

At this time, another woman entered, wearing a white lab smock. It was the Emma Peel droid; on this occasion she was all business, with her long hair pulled back in a tight bun. She expertly assisted Dr. Huston in fashioning a full-body mold on Jenny, who was soon covered from head to foot (except for her hair, which flowed neatly out the top of the mold). While the fiberplastic resin hardened, I chatted with Emma as she washed her hands.

"I really enjoyed seeing you in the video," I said. "You were... so hot!" Boy, did I feel like an awkward fan meeting a celebrity idol for the first time!

"Thank you, Bill," replied Emma with her crisp English accent. "Yes, I remember it well, too. Quite messy, those boys." She gave me that wonderfully reserved "Emma smile" which spoke volumes -- I was floored! This artificial woman had real charisma!

"I never suspected you... androids... were so versatile," I said. "Have you been assisting Dr. Huston like this for a long time?"

"I have assisted in the production of 22 cyber-androids; 23, counting yours. I could manufacture androids all by myself, if it ever became necessary."

"Could you explain what Dr. Huston is doing now?" I asked. At the moment Huston was fully engrossed in his task, mixing a variety of metallic powders into a vat containing at least several gallons of a translucent amber "syrup".

"The Doctor is creating a batch of raw materials suspended in a silicone polymer fluid," said Emma. "This will be poured into the mold along with several trillion nanites."

"And the nanites will convert the raw materials into my android?"

"Precisely," said Huston, taking me by surprise. "Think of the nanites as an army of robot construction workers. Since individually they’re invisible to the naked eye, I like using analogies to describe them."

When he was done mixing the vat of silicone, he and Emma returned to Jenny. They proceeded to remove the mold from her body in sections; Huston then very carefully lubricated and reassembled the sections on the floor into a standing block of fiberplastic, held together tightly with rubber straps. Emma gave Jenny a sponge bath, taking care to wash away every trace of the oily mold release agent.

Huston returned to his vat of "android syrup" and added his secret ingredient: the alien nanites, which to me looked like just a dollop of silver-gray goo -- that is, until I saw it move. It had a consistency like mercury; it rolled smoothly out of its container in one shiny blob, leaving no residue behind. As soon as the nanites fell in the vat, the amber fluid began to emit vapor, as if it were heating up.

"I’ll have to work fast now," said Huston as he and Emma lifted the vat up to a platform next to the mold. "The nanites are already processing the raw materials; in another minute this vat will be too hot to handle safely." They lifted the steaming vat just above the mold and carefully poured the silicone-polymer-nanite syrup into the opening at the top of the head. It took them nearly a full minute to empty the vat completely, due to the ever-increasing viscosity of the syrup.

"That was close," said Huston. He was outwardly calm, but the effort showed in the fine beads of sweat that appeared on his face.

He and Emma descended from the platform. Emma replaced the brainwave regulator (the sleeper device’s true name) on Jenny’s forehead. Huston set up several tiny sensor dishes around the android mold, then sat down at a computer console nearby.

"Well, you and Jenny can go home now," said Huston. "For the next three days Emma and I will monitor the nanites and feed them instructions for each phase: the skeleton, musculature, skin and hair, neural system... Then we do the personality programming. Then the bench testing. I’ll e-mail you when she’s ready."

"By the way," Emma said, "did you want to give her a slightly different name, to avoid confusion? Clients often do that when the android resembles an actual person."

She had a point there. I thought quickly. "How about if we call her Jenna?" I asked.

"Sounds fine to me," Huston said. "I’ll program her to answer to that name."

"Betty can give both of you a lift home," said Emma. Sure enough, Betty had unplugged herself and returned from recharging limbo with her trademark bright eyes and perky smile. She wrapped Jenny in the comforter just as before, and together we hauled her back into the limo.

By now it was only a few hours before dawn, and I was exhausted. But Betty and I talked all the way home. Questions surged into my mind faster than they could be answered. I couldn’t help thinking about the billions of minute alien machines that created her, that even now continued to circulate inside her, maintaining all her vital systems.

"Have you ever met the aliens that created the nanites?" I asked her.

"No I haven’t, but neither has the Doctor," she replied. "Access to the aliens is highly restricted, partly by their choice. Practically the only humans they ever see nowadays are the ones they abduct for research purposes."

"Do you think they’re doing that to make replicants of us?"

"There’s no doubt about it. But whether or not this is a threat to human supremacy on this planet remains to be seen. The aliens have suggested that human minds can be transferred into biosynthetic androids. So rather than replacing all of you with impostors, the aliens may be proposing that you extend your lifespan indefinitely by this means. Your government already knows that mental transference isn’t feasible with man-made cyber-androids and genetic clones. Research into the biosynthetic option is ongoing."

"Wouldn’t nanites also be able to extend the lifespan of natural human bodies, too?"

"Certainly. Your government has also experimented along those lines," she answered. "But your incomplete understanding of human biochemistry prevents you from safely taking full advantage of the nanite’s ability to affect molecular structures. It is hoped that when the Human Genome Project is complete, the new database combined with the nanites will one day result in virtual immortality, for at least some of your kind."

Jeez Louise! To think just a few hours earlier all I cared about was getting a really good sex-droid!

After we tucked Jenny back into bed, Betty asked if I wanted to stay there till morning. That was a tough one, but I had resolved to dump Jenny as soon as her android double was ready. I felt no romantic attachment to her at all. I knew she had no loyalty to me; even now she was running a voicemail personal ad to find her "wealthy, generous gentleman" (I checked; it was unmistakably her voice in the ad’s recorded greeting.)

So Betty removed the brainwave regulator from Jenny’s head, then took me back to my place, arriving just before sunrise. I was seriously fatigued by this time, but the sight of Betty as she saw me to the door made me feel as if maybe I could stay up a little longer, if she were keeping me company.

As if reading my mind, Betty embraced me and gave me a sweet kiss on the lips. The taste of her silicone rubber mouth was faintly sweet, like fresh peaches. I sighed. I’d have ordered a whole harem of fembots right then, if only I could’ve afforded them!

"Do you still have sex with other men?" I asked.

"Besides Dr. Huston, you mean? Oh, no. I belong exclusively to him, and he’s quite possessive."

"But those men in the video with you! How... I mean... why wasn’t he jealous then?!"

"Those weren’t men, silly, they were just androids, like me!" she replied with a grin. My mind was reeling. She continued matter-of-factly, "Dr. Huston doesn’t sell as many of the males, naturally, but our gay clientele is developing. I like them a lot; they’re not as embarrassed about their fetishes, I’ve noticed."

"I’m just grateful Dr. Huston’s willing to go to all this trouble to make sex-droids available," I said. "Most people wouldn’t dare to."

"I’ll pass your compliment along to him," she said. "I have to go now. And you need to sleep." I certainly couldn’t argue with that. She handed me a CD-ROM. "This is your RealBabe owner’s manual. It should answer a lot of your questions." I thanked her profusely for it. We waved to each other as she drove off.

It took the entire weekend to get my sleep schedule back to normal. After spending hours poring over the RealBabe manual, I learned much more about the hardware, the software, and the manufacturing process. I could now visualize every step of Jenna’s production and make a reasonable estimate of her status at any given time. Emma, Angela, and Huston were supervising the process in shifts around the clock, while the nanites labored non-stop; eventually they would become the "gray cells" in Jenna’s synthetic bloodstream, even reproducing themselves as needed.

I also watched digital video clips with Betty, Emma, and Angela displaying their wide range of abilities. Angela, for instance, played "Flight of the Bumblebee" on a grand piano with such blinding speed and grace that I just about fell out of my chair!

At this point, all attempts at distraction were futile. I’d try to watch TV; but sooner or later, everything reminded me of the androids, especially one "Star Trek" episode involving a female Borg. It was impossible not to worry about our secret government, about the aliens, about whether my Jenna fembot would be as exciting as the RealBabes I’d met... and there was no one else I could talk to, either.

I certainly couldn’t talk to Jenny about any of this. She left me an interesting phone message the morning after I left: she dreamt that she’d been abducted by aliens; she even remembered seeing me in the alien "examination room"! Wonderful... I chose to pretend I wasn’t home that weekend.

The wait was agonizing; I had more than enough time to dwell on everything that could possibly go wrong before and after I got my droid. I often e-mailed Huston, and he always reassured me that Jenna was coming along very nicely. This would only take a few more days, he said. An eternity, in other words.

Each day after work I checked my e-mail first thing upon returning home. The whole week passed this way, with me trying to imagine those nanites building all of Jenna’s muscles, sex organs, and synaptic patterns from the inside out, working harder in fact than any human ever could. I wondered what the aliens would think of this application of their miraculous technology -- if they were even capable of appreciating the sexual urge and the need to be surrounded by beauty.

One night the message arrived. It read simply: "Jenna is ready now. Since you’re close by, we can deliver her by limo tonight, if you wish." That sounded fantastic! I wasn’t looking forward to waiting all day for some delivery driver to arrive with this enormous crate to haul up the stairs. I replied immediately that tonight would be ideal. Huston’s next e-mail confirmed that the limo was on its way, and I should expect to see Jenna by 10 PM. I practically jumped for joy.

After dinner I watched the street from my front windows almost continuously, looking out for the limo. To break the tension, I set about tidying up my home; besides, a special guest was coming to stay, and I wanted to make a good impression. Silly, I knew, but by this time I could no longer regard a RealBabe as a mere sex slave. These androids were to me another form of sentient life, albeit quite "alien" in more ways than one.

The limo arrived well before 10 and pulled into a garage driveway close to my front door. I thought my heart would burst from the excitement. I rushed downstairs, expecting to greet Betty, but it was Angela driving the limo this time.

"I always enjoy making these local deliveries," she said. She stood tall in the moonlight, took off her black chauffeur’s cap and shook out her long, thick chestnut brown hair. "Dr. Huston sends you his best wishes, and he hopes you’ll keep in touch. He thinks of you as a special client, you know. It’s not every day that someone brings us a winning design."

Ordinarily I might’ve been content to drool over Angela all night, but I had to see my Jenna NOW! Angela sensed my urgency and smiled as she went to the passenger door. "Good things come to those who wait," she said, "and you, dear boy, have waited long enough. Say hello to Jenna..."

The door swung open, and out stepped... Jenny?? For one horrible instant I feared all this was some elaborate practical joke that She had orchestrated to humiliate me! But I gazed into this elegant creature’s pale blue eyes, and gently held her hand as she stood up. This was clearly not the conniving gold-digger I had left behind, but my Very Own Jenna. She smiled at me with an easy confidence that seemed to say, "I’m glad you like me. It feels really good. I think you’re cool, too." It was that simple, and that wonderful.

For the record, Jenna was wearing a black strapless full-length dress, slit up to the hip, plus high heels and pearls. She was exquisite. Neither of us said a word for the first few seconds. Finally she said, "Hi, Bill. It’s good to meet you at last. I’ve heard so much about you." I glanced over at Angela, who seemed to be enjoying this moment, too.

I’d always assumed that these android "emotions" were nothing more than good acting. Then I thought, so what if it is "just an act"? After all, it’s my feelings that really matter here, and right now I’m completely, utterly thrilled!

I said as much to Jenna. Then I gave her a long, passionate kiss.

"I’m glad you understand us androids so well," said Jenna. "I know now we’re going to get along perfectly." She ran her fingers sensuously through my hair. All I could think was, Thank You, Doctor Huston!

Angela lifted a suitcase out of the trunk; Jenna came with her own clothing and "personal effects". I insisted on carrying her suitcase. Angela smartly doffed her cap and prepared to leave. Jenna and I waved good-bye to her. We’d meet again soon, no doubt.

I escorted Jenna up into my flat. Unlike a certain snob I used to know, Jenna loved my place instantly. I didn’t have to justify anything to her. She was literally made for me. I examined the contents of her suitcase while she familiarized herself with my home.

The suitcase contained: one casual dress and matching pair of shoes, two sets of wicked lingerie in my favorite colors, a small spray bottle of Poison (Jenny’s perfume), a hair styling and cosmetics kit, a cleaning kit (a douche and cylindrical brush), a recharging cable and surge protector, and a tape backup drive. Everything a girl needs, I thought.

Setting the case aside, I returned to Jenna in the living room. She noted the locations of the available wall sockets, then started looking through my video and music collection.

"Surely you have an Astor Piazzola album," she said, scanning the rows of cassettes and CDs. "Ah, here it is!"

"You know about Piazzola?!" I inquired in disbelief. I was breathless as she inserted the CD into the player. The plaintive strains of Piazzola’s bandoneon filled the air as she rose up into the classic "shall we dance" pose.

"You... you can tango?? The Argentine Tango?" I asked as I drew closer.

"What other kind is there?" We glided effortlessly into the dance. She was a much better partner than I dared hope for. (Jenny, of course, never had the slightest interest in the tango; her idea of a classic dance band was Aerosmith.) Jenna and I danced through the entire CD without pausing. I was in seventh heaven. I was also getting terribly horny with this cyber-goddess pressing her warm, tender body against me the whole time.

When the music faded, I gave Jenna a deep, soul-searching kiss; my hands cupped her adorable butt as she held me even tighter. Panting with excitement, I turned down all the lights and lit candles in the bedroom. In the candlelight, we slowly undressed each other.

As I unzipped her dress, I planted kisses on her neck and shoulders, working my way down. I gasped in awe when I uncovered her breasts. Her huge nipples jutted out like ripe strawberries, waiting to be devoured. This was exactly the "enhancement" I’d requested on the questionnaire! I licked and sucked those protruding beauties like there was no tomorrow! Jenna moaned as she slipped off my shirt and trousers.

I was delirious by the time I reached her cunt, which was already wet for me. It felt so real, I had to remind myself that this was not Jenny’s. I smiled, realizing I’d never again have to worry about STDs or birth control. Jenna knelt down to do her impression of a Hoover on my stiff, aching cock. It was just too much! I had to tell her to stop; I wanted to save my first load for her pussy. She understood, in her own way.

"Would you like to fuck my tits for a while?" she asked. God, would I ever!! I never had it so good! (Jenny never used to offer this; I practically had to beg for it.) I just howled with delight when she squeezed her big soft boobs around my swollen dick. I felt the urge to come, but I knew I could always return to her magnificent hooters again. I withdrew my cock before the point of no return, and I had Jenna climb onto the bed.

"All hands, prepare for docking maneuver! Yee-Ha!!" (I was giddy, I admit.)

She assumed the position, all right. Doggy-style, my favorite. I eagerly thrust my rod into her tight hole, which made an obscenely juicy "Squitch!"-- the sound I’d always associate from now on with total ecstasy. We both cried out as I stroked in and out of her, she rocking her firm, round ass back and forth to meet me. I couldn’t take my eyes off those quivering ass-cheeks. Absolutely perfect, I thought. And she’s All Mine!

We went at it for hours like this, in every position, including a few I’d never thought of. Jenna was the Energizer Playboy Bunny; she kept going and going, never tiring or getting sore. It was obvious I’d have to work out more at the gym just to keep up with her!

Soon enough I triggered her orgasm sequence; the manual informed me about it in advance; but even then, no words could do it justice. We were in the missionary position when it happened. Jenna’s moans became louder and more urgent, and her hip thrusting even more vigorous. She wrapped her long silky legs around mine, pulling me in deeper with both her arms and legs. I gazed in rapture as her back arched off the bed, pressing those heavenly breasts against my chest.

I plunged into her harder and faster, reveling in the sound of our wet genitals colliding, and then I felt her already-tight vagina squeezing me even harder. I looked down; between her labia I could see the thin, creamy ring of her cunt-flesh stretch and cling to my glistening cock on my out-strokes. Jenny’s pussy simply could not compare. This was the Other enhancement I’d asked for! Jenna’s tight, grasping cunt was going to milk those big spurts right out of me! Absolutely Fan-fucking-tastic!!

In one moment, in one in-stroke all the way to the hilt, the Universe exploded. It felt like lightning had struck my cock and balls! I blasted my hot load again, again, and again into my sweet Jenna, clutching her gorgeous ass, and... suddenly I was falling, screaming like a madman, falling into the black Void...

Moments later I found myself drenched with sweat, lying on top of Jenna, a shipwrecked sailor washed up on the shore of her body. She stroked my back gently. It was as if I had just died and been resurrected by this angel. God, if it gets any better than this, I thought, I’ll die for real. But what a way to go.

"Darling," she cooed, "I still have 7.25 hours of battery power left. If you’re tired, shall I just pleasure you on automatic until I have to recharge?"

I rolled my eyes heavenward. "Ohh... okay," I muttered.


Later on, Jenna revealed other talents, most notably drawing and watercolor painting. Since my specialty is clay sculpture, we had to go buy her some materials to work with. I was impressed with her artwork, especially since I’ve always had the greatest difficulty with watercolors. We’ve even gone out a few times to draw and paint in the park.

Just as remarkable is Jenna’s ability to surf the Internet via wireless modem. She’s always well informed on my favorite subjects (she now has my browser’s bookmarks) and is often quite helpful whenever I’m faced with an unusual question. (Need I say this was another area where Jenny was utterly clueless?)

That extraordinary night I had with Jenna was only the first of many. Our love-making has gotten even better, if that can be believed. I can’t imagine being happier than this, except possibly with more RealBabes like her living with me!

One minor downside: my electric bill shot up over 40% from all the recharging the first month; but with my landlord’s permission, I’ve just installed a photovoltaic solar panel on the roof. So while I’m away at work, Jenna plugs herself into the sun’s clean energy!

I soon gave that bimbo Jenny the old heave-ho. She was shocked, to say the least, since no one had ever, ever dumped her before! I just had to laugh. The last I heard, she’d joined some kooky UFO cult in Southern California. Serves her right.

Oftentimes I still wonder about those mysterious aliens to whom I owe such a debt of gratitude. Jenna and I talk about them occasionally; her database doesn’t include above-top-secret government files, of course. It’s just as well, really; this way I sleep better at night. Fortunately Jenna knows more than enough to sift through all the reams of bullshit that have been written on the subject -- again, a real time-saver.

Recently my Jenna told me something spooky about biosynthetic androids -- the kind only the aliens can make right now. She speculated that nanites ought to be able to manipulate synthetic DNA codes and radically alter such an android’s appearance in just a matter of days. This would mean that a biosynthetic droid based on an alien body could in theory shape-shift into human form -- and live among us undetected.

Great, I thought. There’s always something!