Robot Performer

By Rotwang (

After "Clue"


Kevin stopped dead in his tracks and about four times the normal volume of blood passed through his heart in one go.

She was standing in the middle of the aisle, so motionless Kevin just began to doubt his trained eye.

Almost disoriented by the rush of adrenaline, Kevin just didnt know what to do next.

Hed never expected to see something like her standing here in a book trade show. Something with computers perhaps or science fiction toys, but a silver female robot Never !

She stood stock still, but Kevin was sure she wasnt a display model, no inside was a girl

Just as he convinced himself, she moved, cocked her heard with a jerky motion and made a few steps forward.

Kevin began to hyperventilate Too much ! He turned around the corner and leaned against it.

For a moment, he hatched a plan. Walk calmly over to her, look left, look right and then grab her and run

Silly plan ! Think !

He turned around and looked at her again.

Her body shone like polished chrome and he struggled to concentrate.

He looked at her pretty metal face topped with a glowing red visor and a dangle of the loveliest silver hair he had ever seen. Somewhere out there an artist had been at work to create her and the girl inside was a pro

Did she know about his world ? About the keychains and websites, the long nights chatting and dreaming in front of drawings and touched up pictures This was the nightmare scenario, the ultimate unattainable dream !

How do you approach a robot performer ! Be frank and direct ? Somebody was likely to call security.

Pass her a note ? Shed throw it away, thinking he was a pervert

Kidnap her ? Too many people around.

Kevin felt both ecstasy and agony and sighed more than he should, spending much time looking over books on handcrafted quilts and gardening, peeking over the book at the performing girl

The suit seemed skin-tight and gave her a lovely shape. How much was hers could not be determined.

Of course, the stall she was attached to was about computers and robotics.

Suddenly she noticed him and made a quarter turn. She did a very cool robot walk and stood before him.

Kevin was soaked and felt the book slip from his sweaty fingers.

She gave him a little salute and Kevin just nodded imperceptibly, while she shifted her body restlessly jerking and cocking her body into his ultimate fantasy.

An excuse ! He needed an excuse !

He walked up to a woman who smiled at him.

"Hello " He started.

"Hello, can I help you ?" She asked like the skilled hostess she was.

"Well, I have a very unusual request " He said.

She listened to him.

"Er I belong to a science fiction club and I wondered if you could me tell more about the robotgirl performing It would be ideal for our convention " Not a bad fast talk, he thought.

"Well, shes not with us, if thats what you mean, she works as an actual performer, we just hired her for the fair."

"Do you have an address or something ? Perhaps I could talk to her some time later ?"

"Well, she always stays in character. Comes dressed in the morning and leaves as she came."

"Can I try ?" He asked, checking his watch. Still two hours left.

"What do you mean ?"

"Can I try talking to her just before she leaves ?"

"Yes ?" She said unsure of his request.

"Ill be back around closing time " He said and ran off to cool himself in the lavatory.


Her vision was permanently ingrained into his memory.

He was sweaty all over. Not only was it hot in the hall, heated for winter and had he worn his jacket inside and then came this vision of heaven

He sat on the toilet bowl and removed his pullover and stuffed it in his bag, then checking for any semen remains and wiped his dick with some toilet paper.

As he stepped out, he looked himself in the mirror. His face was bright red and he felt shaky.

He felt his bowels wrestling with each other and got something to drink to clear his dried up throat.

The two hours were agony, as Kevin tried to keep his mind occupied with books and things, knowing that a visually perfect female robot was near. He imagined the e-mails he would write tonight ! Adding superlatives to vivid descriptions.


Still feeling lovesick, he walked up to the stand. Most people were gone now and the robot just paced along, waving and interacting non-verbally with the crowd that watched her.

"Hello there." He said to the woman who recognized him and returned his greeting.

After a while he bought a book about computer game tips and tricks and Bill Gates latest book.

Again the robot approached him and held out her hand.

He reached out, but she jerked her hand away at the last moment and seemed to go in some kind of subroutine.

Kevin let go of a wry smile and took the bag containing his purchases from the saleslady.

"Can hand around for a while ?" He asked.

"Sure." She said.

"Oh, and can I have the address ?"

"I dont have it ?"

"Can you get it ?"

"I dont know where it is The owner isnt here for the moment, but Ill give you our address."

Great, on the others side of the country ! Hopefully, shes not a local.

Kevin heard the final announcement call before closing and waited for the robot to finish impressing some kids.

ASFR, the next generation He thought.

Then she gracefully slid back towards the saleslady and nodded.

"This gentleman is here to see you." She said.

The robot turned her head and looked expectantly at him.

Suddenly Kevin felt a couple of nerves snap and he had to concentrate on remaining as normal as possible.

"Hello, I was wondering if you would mind talking to me ?"

She shook her head, while reposing her arms.

"Can we go somewhere " Searching for words, he shook his hands. "Behind the scenes and talk ?"

She shook her head again.

"Erm, Id like to hire you." He said in frustration. "Can I ?"

She nodded and shifted her hips like only a woman with bellydancing skills could.

"Its for a science-fiction convention." He said. "And we have a robot club." He suggested carefully. "A couple of us collect female robots And you might be a wonderful trick " He was amazed by his own skill at telling blatant lies at the spur of the moment.

"How can we contact you ?" He asked.

She pressed a button on her side and a little ticket slipped out of a slit just above her breasts.

"Wow !" He gasped and grabbed it with shaky fingers.

She waved at him from point-blank range and made an about-face, motioning the saleslady to open the door.

Kevin looked at the ticket.

"Robotrix Beautiful female robot for hire" And a phone/fax-number under it.

He saw her leaving and in a bold move decided to go after her.

"Hey !" The woman said holding the door open.

Kevin ignored her and ran faster after the robot whose movements were changing to more human ones.

She walked up to a van beautifully painted with Sorayama robots and opened the sliding door.

"Look ! I just want to know about you !" He went trying the desperate approach.

She shook her head and waved him away, trying to get into the van.

"Please ! I just want to know who you are, just let me have a look at you !"

She tried to close the door.

"Please ! I love girls in robotsuits " He said holding on to the door.

She sat down and looked up at him.

"Im sorry, Im not a stalker, I wont harm you, but I just like girls in robot suits.

She climbed into the van and beckoned him closer.

"Just get in." She said sighing with a muffled voice. "And close the door."

"Id love to help you " She said undoing her mask and slipping the Lycra hood off his head.

"Im a guy who gets kicks wearing a female robot suit " He said to a completely flabbergasted Kevin.


Nasty end isnt it ?

Heres an alternate ending for those with higher hopes :-)


She looked up and beckoned him into the van.

A man was sitting inside.

"Hello ?" He said, fearing he might be her husband.

"Howdy ! The man said. "I heard you like girls in robot suits Are you among those as the ASFR who like real robots ?" He said opening her head to chips and motors, with a completely flabbergasted Kevin watching her being stripped.


This any better ?

Heres how it might have ended as well


She climbed into the van and beckoned him inside.

He looked and saw that the inside of the van was too large to hold the giant machines inside He felt himself being pulled inside by some invisible force and completely flabbergasted, stared at the little gray Aliens coming for him, while another dismantled the robot. He could see various other fetish designs, like mannequins, Barbie dolls, plushies, even female movie aliens and monsters, ready to lure eager humans


But this is what really happened (Thrust me ! I was there )


She climbed into the van and beckoned him inside.

The door closed and after a long while, the van began to rock, all night long

THE END ! (And thats final !)