Power Girl - Tool of Transformation 7

by Northern Chill

Chapter 7 - Final acquisitions


   The night was quiet in the fairly deserted area of the industrial park outside town.  Most of the employees had gone home for the evening leaving the gleaming office buildings and factories empty of personnel.  No one noticed the sleek aqua blue jet descend from the sky as it silently set down in one of the larger parking lots that was completely empty.

   Emerging from the craft was a tall red haired woman dressed in a yellow unitard, bare at the shoulders, with black gloves and boots.  Known to her fellow crimefighters by the name Crystal, she was a member of a secretive colony of metahumans who dwelled far from the prying eyes of humanity.  She had ventured forth into the world and quickly found others like herself who fought against all things evil.  Her abilities to summon the elemental powers of nature made her a formidable opponent in battle.

   However, Crystal's thoughts at the moment were not on any upcoming battle but rather a message she had recently received from Invisible Woman, a fellow heroine and member of the famous Fantastic Four.  The message had requested Crystal to meet Invisible Woman at this building for routine tests of the red-haired  heroine's powers.  Crystal mused to herself that hopefully these tests would not take too long.  She had been unable to contact several of her friends in the hero community recently including her good friend, Scarlet Witch, and she was becoming concerned that something was amiss.

    Crystal walked through the back doors of the the building and headed down a flight of stairs towards the lab where the tests were to take place.  She pushed open the twin glass doors  and walked into the laboratory that was deserted and silent save for the hum of the many machines and computers that were operating.  Looking around, Crystal saw no sign of Invisible Woman anywhere but she did discover the area where the tests were to be run.

    She did see two bright silver pedestals that were set up in an open area at the back of the lab.  Several wires ran from both pedestals back to a set of computers no doubt prepared to analyze the data from these tests.  Atop one of the pedestals was some sort of a female display figure.  It was made of transparent plastic and bore a striking resemblance to Invisible Woman, or Sue, as Crystal addressed the superheroine when they were alone.

    "Wow!  This is some fancy test dummy for Sue to be using, though why it's just sitting here in the nude is kinda strange,"  Crystal muttered out loud to no one in particular.  She ran her hands down the soft plastic figure, marveling at the exquisite detail right down to the firm plastic nipples that jutted out from the dummy's realistic breasts.  She noticed there was a set of goggles covering up the eyes and the figure's hands were inserted into a set of long gray gauntlets that hung from sides of the pedestal. Obviously, this was how Sue wanted Crystal to set up for the tests they were doing that day.

    Suddenly, a voice boomed out from above: "Hello, Crystal! Glad to see you could make it," the voice called down.

    Crystal looked up towards a set of windows that overlooked the lab and saw a figure waving to her. "Sue, is that you? You sound kind of different today. Is everything OK?" She inquired with a note of concern in her voice.

    "No... cough..cough... just a little summer cold. If you'll step up onto the pedestal and put on the goggles and gauntlets, we'll start the tests right away." Sue replied with a touch of urgency.

     Crystal was a little surprised by the other's desire to speed things up. "Usually Sue wants to drag these kind of examinations out to get exactly what she's looking for.  Oh well, if it gets me out of here that much quicker so I can start looking for Wanda, so much the better.."  she thought as she climbed up onto the display.  She took off her gloves and slipped on the gauntlets, which she noticed fit quite snugly over her hands ending just below her elbows.

    When the heroine awkwardly pulled the goggles down over her eyes, she noticed they completely blinded her with not a glimmer of light visible whatsoever.  Slightly disconcerted, Crystal moved her head around a little in obvious discomfort. "Hey, Sue, what's with this blindfold? I can't see a darn thing out of them!" she called out.

    "Relax, Crystal .  The goggles protect your eyes from any energy feedback during the tests.  In addition, there will be a LED display coming on for you to see inside the goggles.  It'll tell you how long and what type of elemental bursts I'm looking for.  Once I've got the results I'm looking for, we can call it a day,"  Sue replied, though her voice still seemed a little odd to Crystal.

    Over the next hour, Crystal released various types of her elemental powers in  timed bursts according to the display indicated.  She felt a little fatigue as the hour wore on as her arms and legs felt extremely heavy.  In addition, she could have sworn she felt a hand drift across the back of her neck yet when she called out inquiring if Sue was there, she was met with silence.

    At the end of the hour, the display went to black and Crystal sighed audibly: "Thank God! I can get out of here now!  These tests have really worn me out ..."  Crystal thought to herself as she relaxed.  However, her fatigue proved to be worse than she first surmised as she found herself lacking even the strength to lift her arms up to remove her goggles or move the gauntlets she still wore.

   "Sue!  I need a hand down here!  I can't get this damned equipment off!  Give me a hand, willya, please?" Crystal yelled out to wherever Sue might be.  About a minute or two later, Crystal felt the goggles being taken off her head with a quick tug of a hand. She still could not budge on her own and remained stiffly in position.

    To her shock, the person was not Invisible Woman but another woman wearing dark sunglasses and a white unitard that showed rips, scuffs, and other signs of a recent struggle.  "Who are you? Where's Sue?  What's going on here??? " Crystal demanded in as loud a voice as she could muster.

    Her captor flashed an evil sneer as she looked at the trapped heroine  "Who I am is unimportant, though some have erroneously referred to me as Power Girl.  As to what's going here and where your friend is, this will become apparent in a few minutes. Now don't go anywhere, my dear. I'll be right back," the villainess said mockingly as she strode outside of Crystal's fixed line of sight.

    Crystal hurled herself with all the strength she could muster against the gauntlets that were on her hands but she was unsuccessful in freeing herself.  Worse still, she found her legs were totally immobilized, despite being free of restraint, and she couldn't move either of her feet at all.  Although she was used to being put in peril by the various villains she ran into frequently, this situation unnerved her.  Her captor seemed oblivious to Crystal's attempts to break free and at the same time she felt.. so.. odd.. as if there was something else happening to her that was not yet obvious.

    Her inner thoughts were interrupted by the sight of a long mirror that was being pushed in front of her by her solemn captor.  Reflecting the scene from about twenty feet from her, Crystal could see in the mirror both herself and the other pedestal next to her quite clearly and the fact that her struggles had not damaged her shackles in the slightest.  She then saw her unitard clad captor shoving a TV monitor atop a mobile stand into her line of sight.

    "What's this? You plan to let me see you gloating on TV how you've captured me and Sue as part of some world domination plan?" Crystal demanded, though the level of her shouts had dropped quite a bit.  "Tell me what you've done with Sue now, you evil witch!"

    The clone looked at her slightly amused. "You're still able to talk? I must be losing my touch," she muttered as she examined her left hand casually as if she was looking for a broken nail. "I was actually about to view a tape I made of my dealing with Invisible Woman by myself but since you are still around and whining about your friend, you can watch as well," the villainess gloated as she inserted a tape into the VCR.

    "Still around? What the heck does that mean?  Things... are getting.. a little sluggish.." thought Crystal as she watched the TV flicker and an image of an overview of the lab from high up appeared.  However, both pedestals were empty. Several seconds later, a blonde haired woman clad in a blue and white uniform strolled in, who Crystal recognized as Sue.  Sue called out several times for... Crystal!! Suddenly a figure swooped into camera range, setting down behind Sue. Crystal recognized this woman as the same villainess who had just trapped her. Power Girl, she had called herself.

     The tape then showed the evil woman grabbong Sue from behind in an iron clad grip. Although Sue fought valiantly, the villainess's grip remained solid.  After a few minutes, Sue appeared to fading out in what Crystal assumed to be her using powers of invisibility to try and trick the attacker in some way.  To her horror, she saw this was not the case as seen by the expression on her friend's face.  Sue's whole body stiffened as it transformed from flesh and bone to what appeared to be clear plastic with only the costume remaining unchanged.

    Crystal continued to watch the villainess strip the costume off her helpless friend and dump it in a nearby box.  The only hints that the plastic object standing there was once human were her eyes which still showed the faintest sign of the color they had before the change.  Her hands were stiffly held outwards grappling with an opponent no longer there and her legs were slightly spread apart trying to brace for an attack that would never come.

    The tape then showed the evil woman setting the transformed heroine upon the pedestal and putting a set of goggles on her motionless figure.  "Oh..my... that was Invisible Woman all along!  How could you..?" Crystal screamed in anguish, oblivious to the fact that her tormentor was in the process of stripping Crystal's skintight costume off her as well. Her thoughts seemed to be flowing ever so sloooowwwwllllyyyyyyy. . . .

    After about 30 seconds or so, Crystal shifted her attention from the TV monitor to the mirror in front of her and was horrified by the sight that greeted her fixed gaze.  Besides the fact that she was now nude, her body itself was showing the signs of transformation. From just below her breasts down to the tips of her toes, her lower body had been changed to glittering crystal.  Strangely enough, she felt no pain from this process despite the fact there was not a trace of humanity anywhere left on her legs.  Her sex glittered and gleamed from the reflected light as did the few strands of crystallized pubic hair which now stuck out like winter icicles.

    "Why... are..you.. doing this....?" Crystal gasped as she found it increasingly difficult to breathe, much less talk.  She saw the effect had now crept up her torso and chest transforming her breasts into two glass domes of perfection topped by gemlike nipples that would stay erect forever now.

    Crystal could now see her captor had removed the gauntlets from her rapidly transforming hands and was manipulating her arms into an appropriate pose.  Desperately, Crystal tried to summon the strength for an elemental blast from her hands but failed miserably.  Her captor bent her left arm at the elbow and positioned her outstretched hand so it was just touching her hair.  Power Girl then bent her right arm and posed the hand just in front of her mid-section.

    "Not... alone.. notttt...." Crystal gasped before the transformation completely engulfed her and silenced her ability to communicate.  Her face was frozen in a rigid mask of horror with her mouth open in shock and eyes widened and unblinking. Her captor stood back and admired her latest acquisition as the fluorescent lights flickered and reflected off the gleaming statue that was now totally crystal in name and nature both.

     Power Girl grinned.  "No, you're not alone, my dear; as soon as I get the call from the Auctioneer, you'll be joining quite a few of your heroic friends in a very special auction," she said, running her hands upand down Crystal's sparkling form.


     The villainess looked up just in time to avoid being hit by a machine block hurled at her by an enraged woman standing near the lab doors.  Clad in a red and silver outfit, the woman's face was twisted in rage as she pointed a finger at the clone. "Is it bad enough men on this world are allowed to deny women their rightful places as rulers of what they see without their fellow women taking advantage of them? Prepare, you most wretched bitch, for the thrashing you so richly deserve at the hands of Thundra!" she proclaimed as she rushed towards Power Girl.

     The clone looked on with disdain. "Lemme guess, another big breasted bitch who hits first and th..." she started to say before being knocked back into the mirror by a powerful punch to the jaw. A little dazed, she looked up to see Thundra advancing on her. "Change my friends back to their human forms now, you monster!   As leader of a race of warriors, I have never been beaten in fair combat. Surrender,  now, or feel my full wrath!"  the tall raven haired woman shouted, crackling her knuckles as she advanced.

     Evil Power Girl picked herself up and brushed the broken glass off her body. " Who said combat has to be... fair? " she sneered as she threw herself at the enraged heroine. Several minutes passed as the two exchanged blows and grappled with each other.  Once, a computer was sent flying by the two inadvertently striking Crystal's pedestal. Unable to steady itself, the statue wobbled back and forth precariously before settling back on the platform.

     Both combatants continued to exchange blows though Thundra's were coming less frequently and were weaker by the moment. After another minute or two, Thundra's movements had slowed to the point where she was barely moving at all as her skin was now visibly turning a shiny silver in color.

    Power Girl stood back and wiped her forehead," You seem to be finished with fighting, Thundra, but you're turning out to be a spectacular statue. You'll be a nice bonus for my work today," she exhorted as she looked back at her opponent who was now almost completely immobile.

     Thundra tried to yell out cries of denial but to no avail.  The process moved rapidly (more rapidly than in the others, the evil clone noted) and quickly transformed the warrior queen into a sculptured figure made of solid silver. Her right hand, thrust forward in a punching motion, reflected and glimmered with the muscles bulging outward. Thundra's face still reflected the anger of the combat she was engaged in 'till the end with only the slightest glimmer of realization in her frozen eyes at the horrible transformation that had quickly engulfed and neutralized her.

     Power Girl quickly stripped her newest victim as she had all her previous targets.  She took a quick minute to rub her left hand over the smooth surface of the sculpture, admiring the lack of any bumps or blemishes anywhere on the figure.  The silver figurine's torso gleamed brightly under the ceiling lights as the clone ran her right hand up and over the chest.  She rapped her knuckles lightly on both breasts of the statue and was rewarded with a little CLANG!! indicating they were solid domes of silver now capped by twin nipples that jutted out sharply with not a trace of an aeroloe around them.

     The villainess then gathered up the uniforms of her victims and, along with the tapes she had made of her victim's transformations from live heroines to inanimate sculptures and statues, put them into a large cardboard box she set aside for such tropies.  She then took out a cell phone and quickly made a phone call out to the Auctioneer for further instructions.

    After a minute or two, Power Girl put her phone away and looked on her transformed victims. "Well, ladies, time for you to join the others.  The auction is about to begin and you all are invited... HA !..HA!..HA!" she gloated to her silent, rigid audience.  The evil clone gathered up her victims and materials and quickly left the laboratory leaving it silent; showing none of the signs of the heroic fracas that taken place here a short time ago.

    Several minutes later, another figure dropped down to the floor from the rafters where it had been hiding the whole time.  It crossed the floor and examined the area where the altercations had taken place.  Picking up a few scraps of torn uniform scattered around, the woman nodded silently before leaving with great speed...


Later that day....

    The man known simply as the Auctioneer walked around the hangar he had rented recently, typing furiously on the laptop computer he was holding. Behind him, the various heroines who he had acquired over the last several days stood stiffly in their transformed states.  Some, like the Black Canary statue and Wonder Woman love doll, were already prepared for shipping in anticipation of a quick and successful auction.  The other immobilized figures were either waiting for their crates to arrive or about to be photographed for the auction listing in question.

   "$32.8 Mil already for the Wonder Woman doll!" the Auctioneer muttered greedily in amazement to himself.  "Those two guys really want to fight it out and she's only been up for auction 12 hours on FleeceBay!"  He walked over in front of the golden Black Canary statue that stood next to the Wonder Woman sex toy.  "Now, my gold throated songbird, what should we start you off at... a hundred or two hundred thousand for an opening bid, hmm..?"

    Golden Silence greeted him.

    "You're absolutely right, my dear!  Why not start you off at a firm quarter of a million dollars for this beautiful caged canary?" he said mockingly as he began to type again on his keyboard.  Everything was going exactly as he had planned.

     Suddenly, the door at the far end of the warehouse exploded inward with a mighty crash.  When the dust settled, the Auctioneer saw a female figure standing in the entrance. Clad in gleaming black latex from head to toe - including her head - she strode quickly towards the Auctioneer in a very determined manner.

    "Ah, you must be some new heroine... Dominatrix Woman, right?" the Auctioneer jibed, with just a tinge of concern visible in his voice.

    The figure continued to advance on him making no reply to his barb.  Just then, the costumed villain known as the Psycho-Pirate walked through a side door of the building, holding a piece of paper in his hand.

    "My good man, you can not send me a post dated check for my services.  I have a home in Nevada to close on and the seller won't take this as part of the escrow. Now if .."  the villain started to say before stopping, stunned by the sight of the bizarre figure stalking across the floor towards him.

    "Psycho-Pirate, I'll double your pay if you stop this woman NOW !! In Cash!!" the nervous Auctioneer called out to the villain obviously made nervous by the fact the woman might upset his plans and the clone not yet back from errands he had sent her on. An auctioneer is rarely this free with money.

    Psycho-Pirate smiled. " Money well spent, my good man!" he muttered. "Excuse me, young woman, don't you feel happy right now?" he said in an overly cheerful voice.

    The shiny black woman stopped, cocked her head, and looked in the direction of the villain.  She then turned and started towards the brightly clad villain who noticed her face was now completely enclosed in latex like the rest of her body.

     Psycho-Pirate, a bit unnerved by the sight, changed his tactics. "Lust,my dear woman. You feel yourself desiring to explore your own body and have it explored.  Your hands want to caress your firm round breasts and rub your sopping wet sex that grows hotter by the second.  You desire nothing but the hot passion and lust of frenzied lovemaking..." he intoned, trying to play down the fear that was creeping into his subconscious.

    The woman continued to advance not showing the slightest sign she had heard his mesmerizing voice. The distance between the two figures was closing rapidly and the villain knew it all too well.

    "Uhh... defeat, my dear. De-feat!  You can not come near me or you will lose, woman!  Do you not hear me, woman?  Defeat!" shouted a now panicking Pyscho-Pirate at the rapidly closing woman. The latex woman crossed the last few feet between them in a matter of seconds, picked up the frightened villain and flung him to the far edge of the warehouse like a rag doll, where he hit a few crates and tumbled to the floor unconscious.

    Just then, the door nearest the Auctioneer opened and in walked the evil clone of Power Girl.  "The Sersi statue is crated up and in the plane outside.  Do you think it would be possible for me to get..?" she started to ask the Auctioneer before stopping and staring at the latex clad woman who was starting to advance on the Auctioneer once again.

    "Stop that slippery bitch! Change her into a bowling ball or shot-put or anything that won't get near me!" the Auctioneer screamed at the clone as she stepped back from the approaching threat.

     The evil clone smiled. "This should be fun and kinky at the same time!" she said, while hurling herself at her silent opponent.  Over the next few minutes, the two grappled and exchanged blows of frightening intensity but unlike the clone's previous altercations, She was the one slowing down due to the power behind the blows from her opponent.

     After one particularly hard blow, the clone slammed hard up against the hangar wall and slumped to the ground, buried by several boxes that fell on top of her.  The latex clad woman then turned once more towards the Auctioneer, who was now standing behind the glimmering figurine that was Crystal.

     Grabbing a pry bar from one of the crates, the Auctioneer lifted it menacingly behind the crystal figure. "Stand back, rubbermaid! One step closer and this lovely lady gets shattered into a million pieces! Stand back!" he shouted. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a leather whip coiled itself around the metal bar and pulled it out of the man's hand.  Looking up, the Auctioneer found himself staring into the face of Catwoman, who was perched high above atop a pile of crates.

    The auctioneer then found himself being picked up by his shirt collar.  Staring at the latex-hidden face before him, he shouted "Who are you? Why did you have to interfere now?"  The woman reacted simply by taking her left hand and pulling the hood off her head and removing the goggles from her eyes, revealing the face of the real Power Girl, albeit in quite a different costume than she normally wore.

    "How... how did you defeat both Pyscho-Pirate and your own energized clone? How?" the Auctioneer inquired as Power Girl secured his hands tightly with rope.

    "Actually, it was fairly easy— with the right type of help and a little thinking ahead. Pyscho-Pirate's abilities are contingent on his target seeing or hearing him. I simply wore a blindfold under the hood and had earplugs in as well." Power Girl replied as she removed the wadded foam from her ears. "I relied on assistance from a cooperative observer to guide me against these two.  That observer of course was Catwoman, who hid herself here earlier in the day."

    "Always glad to help, my delectable crime crusader. You really should try the latex look more often.  It looks purr-rr-fect on you." Catwoman purred as she slid down to the floor on a thin nylon cord.

    Power Girl blushed slightly. "Actually, the latex covering was from something you said, Catwoman.  Once you saw how the clone's power affected only victim's exposed flesh, it seemed reasonable to make sure none was visible for my clone to attempt changing.  Speaking of which, where is that genetic freak?"  she said, stomping over to the area where the clone was thrown at the end of their fight.

    Tossing aside the crates, Power Girl discovered a hole in the hangar wall made at the bottom, no doubt by the clone.  Sighing, Power Girl turned to Catwoman. "She seems to have escaped, dammit! Well, with her creator going to jail and no means of support, I'm sure she'll be caught soon! Now, let's call the police to take the Auctioneer in," she said, heading back  to her transformed friends.

    Catwoman edged away towards the door. "Um, no, if you don't mind, I'd rather not wait for the cops, sweetie.  Oh, and as per our agreement, here's the idol back," she said, tossing a package towards Power Girl, who caught it with one hand.

     Seeing her temporary ally slink out into the night, Power Girl sighed. " Well, she did help me out of a difficult situation and returned the museum idol as promised..." she said as she unwrapped the package to reveal the priceless artifact she expected. However, when Power Girl examined the bottom for possible damage, she saw the words Made in Taipei 1997 stamped into the metal.  Shaking her head, Power Girl laughed softly to herself. "A great thing to end the week! Well, I guess nothing to do now but wait for the police and for my friends to revert to human form."


     The TV  in the roadside hotel room blared on about the recent arrest of the criminal mastermind Auctioneer and the discovery of the missing heroines, now fully restored to human forms and none the worse for wear, save for Wonder Woman, who was seen openly flirting with several heroes in the last few days until she abruptly left town for a private retreat.

     However, the room's occupant seemed completely oblivious to the news as she was busy packing her suitcase for departure.

     Shimmer knew that with the arrest of the Auctioneer, it would be only a matter of time till she was implicated and she wasn't sticking around for any of that.  She snapped her suitcase closed and strode out the hotel door where she threw the luggage in her brown Honda car.  Coming back into the room, she stood in front of the TV for a few seconds longer, watching as the genuine Power Girl explained to reporters how she had foiled the criminal's smuggling operation.

     "Big-titted bitch!  She wasn't quite so confident when she was nothing more than a plastic display dummy in my hands.  Next time, I'll take care of her a little more permanently,"  the red-haired vixen crowed as she stood contemplating just how to handle the heroine in their next encounter.

     Suddenly, Shimmer felt her upper arms being grabbed from behind in a powerful grip.  Her arms were pinned against her body, meaning she could not use her hands on her assailant in any way — since she had always used her transformation powers in combat, her ability to fight back was severely limited.

     "It's been a while, sweetie! No need to rush off before we get better... acquainted," a familiar voice whispered in her ear.

     "Power Girl? Is that you? Look; I'm sorry about before.  I was just following orders from that scum..." Shimmer stammered, hoping she could lull her attacker into a false sense of security and relax the iron grip which seemed to be tightening on her arms.

     "Close, Shimmer. Try again!" the voice whispered in her other ear.

     Shimmer hesitated as she tried to think who it might be.  Strangely, she was having trouble thinking now and this hold seemed to be affecting her shoulders now as well. "Is it... the clone?" she asked fearfully.

    "Bingo! You see, Shimmer, I need to raise some fast money to start up a new life and since the Auctioneer and his considerable finances are currently unavailable, I had to think of another way to make some quick cash," the clone said stepping out in front of the villainess. "So, what do you think I came up with? Right again..."

     Shimmer tried to grab hold of the clone, but found her arms unresponsive to her thoughts.  Worse still, she found herself unable to move her legs even the slightest bit. "What the hell are you up to, you genetic freak?" Shimmer shouted, not willing to realize her true predicament.

     The clone ignored her cries as she deftly posed Shimmer's hands so that they were resting lightly on her waist. She then pulled the villainess' shoulders slightly back so that her back was arched, causing her breasts to be shoved out quite prominently as if on display. Shimmer remained in place and did not move a muscle as the normal skintone paled from her face and body.

     "You see, I contacted one of the bidders on the Auctioneer's auctions and informed him that while the item he had been bidding on was no longer unavailable, there might be another beautiful statue available for the right price,"  the clone continued as she stripped the immobilized Shimmer of all her clothing.

     "No... not..me... Not..ME...!!!" Shimmer screamed her last before the transformation fully engulfed her and changed her into a very erotic marble statue. Silence gripped the room, save for the sound of running water in the bathroom and the cheerful humming of a female voice.

     About thirty minutes later, a woman emerged from the washroom rubbing a towel through her wet hair. "Now, since I don't want to spend the rest of my life being addressed as ' the clone' or being mistaken for Power Girl, I've changed my hair color. Whadda ya think, Shimmer?" she chortled, running her hands through her dark black tresses and pirouetting in front of the stiff stone statue.


     "Oh, and from now on, call me Shapeshifter.  If I'm going to run into chicks in unitards with attitudes, I may as well take on one of those silly names they love to use. I'll think up a costume later once I get settled. Do you have any objections if we leave now?"


     Shapeshifter smiled. "I didn't think you'd mind. Now, let's get you to your new home. Don't worry, I promised to look in on you from time to time to make sure everything stays the way it should. Every little thing," she said, hefting the marbleized Shimmer up on her shoulder.

     "Time to go! Up..up... up goes my bank account!" Shapeshifter said with a laugh as she flew off carrying the petrified villainess who mentally screamed 'NOooooo' again and again....



The End

Author's note: This concludes this particular tale of transformation for now. I hope those who have read it enjoyed themselves. Any feedback and suggestions for possible future sequels are appreciated. Thanks !

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