Power Girl - Tool of Transformation

by Northern Chill

Chapter 4 - More acquisitions

    A great ball of fire shot upward as explosions rocked the large office complex in the center of the city.  People ran screaming from the building while sirens wailed in the distance.  Amidst all the chaos, a sleek craft descended from the sky settling on the ground nearby.  Two costumed women emerged from the craft and walked determinedly towards the fiery inferno.

    The first was dressed in a fiery red outfit with a cowl that framed her luxurious brown hair.  The unitard that she wore accentuated her shapely physique from her shapely chest to her thin waist.  Her long slim legs were accentuated by red pantyhose and ankle high boots.  Capable of casting  powerful - though sometimes unpredictable - magical spells, the Scarlet Witch (or Wanda as she was called by her fellow heroines) was a fearless champion of justice no matter what the situation.

    The second woman was dressed in a dark green body suit bare at the shoulders.  She wore satin gloves that went all the way up to her elbows and thigh-high boots that showed off her sexy legs. Going simply by the name Sersi, she was a member of an immortal race that was mostly unknown to mankind in general.  Given her ability to manipulate any type of matter at will, she was a fearsome opponent in battle.  Unfortunately for her fellow heroes, she seemed much more interested in hosting her legendary parties than in participating in the exploits of saving mankind.  However she was here now; determined to help out in any way possible.

    "Over here, Sersi. Let's get this rescue underway." Wanda shouted as she waved Sersi over. "The fire seems to be growing and I want to make sure all the people are out of that place," she urged her fellow heroine.

    Sersi nodded. "Yes, perhaps I'll whisk them back to the party that I've got going once things are quieted down here," she said with a sly wink before she headed inside the building.

    Sighing mentally, the crimson sorceress called out, "Make sure you stay in touch with me with your communicator, Sersi." Once the green-clad heroine had gone in, Wanda started to concentrate on a hex she wished to cast.  Hands glowing, the ground itself erupted as the water pipes deep beneath rose out twisting and pointing towards the inferno before bursting to release a torrent of cooling liquid on the fire.  Wanda smiled with statisfaction and picked up her communicator. "Sersi, any sign of the people?" she radioed.

    There was silence for a few seconds and then the immortal's voice crackled through. " No people yet but I thought I saw someone move over in the corner. I'll..." and then it went oddly silent, though the channel remained open.

    "Sersi? Sersi, are you there?" Wanda shouted into her communicator.  There was only the random crackle of static in response.  Worried about her team mate, the sorceress started to advance into the building as the fire had finally died down.  She searched through the smoke filled corridors but found no sign of Sersi anywhere in the building.  Perplexed and finding nobody else in the building either, Wanda returned back outside, wondering where her fellow heroine had gone to. "If she took off to go back to her party after she cleared out the people, she'll be hearing from one very pissed off Scarlet Witch.."  Wanda thought to herself.

    Once she had confirmed that everything had settled down and the local fire department had control of the situation, Wanda went to leave aboard the sleek jet she had arrived in.  Just before stepping onboard, she saw a text-only message on her communicator from Sersi.  "Meet me here.. " it read, with directions to the meeting place.  A little puzzled and half convinced there would be a wild party of some sorts going at this location, the crimson clad heroine flew off in the direction of the meeting.

    About twenty minutes later, Wanda arrived at an office building on the edge of town.  It appeared to be deserted on this Saturday as the Scarlet Witch strolled in to the vast stone-paneled lobby.  Her heels clattered as she strode across the marble tiles, looking around for any sign of her friend.  Wanda found the lobby completely deserted as she walked up to the reception desk looking for directions.

    To her surprise instead of a receptionist waiting to greet her, Wanda found a glass statue of a woman sitting behind the desk.  With mouth slightly open as if about to say something, she was an impressive sight with full breasts that glistened as the light reflected off them.  Her left hand was extended outward as if to point something out, which showcased the the smooth texture of her arm that one could literally see through. Hung around her neck was a name tag that said Receptionist: Holly Smith bearing a picture of a woman that looked remarkably like the glass figurine in the chair as she would appear in flesh and blood.

    The hex-casting witch leaned over and plucked a note out of the statue's outstretched hand.  It read Fourth floor - put the blindfold on by the elevator and allow yourself to be led to exquisite fun. SA little annoyed, yet at the same time curious, Wanda tucked away the note and headed towards the bank of elevators at the end of the lobby without examining the statue any further.  If she had, she would have noticed that the statue still was wearing a skirt, pantyhose, and high-heeled shoes and that a broken coffee cup had been swept under the desk in haste.

    When Wanda reached the fourth floor, she found it completely dark. There was a strip of black cloth lying directly in front of the elevators.  Picking it up, she called out, "Sersi? You there?"  Smiling somewhat at what Sersi had planned, yet determined to lecture her for taking off so abruptly, Wanda put the blindfold on and stepped out tenatively into the empty hallway.  Peeking out from under one side of the blindfold, she saw a light flicker on at the end of the room and a woman standing there with only her back visible.  Before Wanda could call out, she felt her blindfold being pulled back down and her left elbow being grabbed from behind..

    "Tut, tut, Scarlet Witch!  Don't ruin the surprise Sersi has planned for you now!" Scolded a voice Wanda recognized as belonging to the heroine Power Girl.  She felt a little more relaxed as she allowed her fellow heroine to guide her across the floor unaware of the peril that awaited her.

    After a short walk, Wanda felt her feet being guided up onto a platform.  Power Girl whispered into her ear. "Sersi wants to play a little party game with you called Statues.  Let me pose you and see how long you can hold it," she intimated.  Feeling a little giddy (and strangely a little light headed too), Wanda  allowed Power Girl to arrange her in a pose of her choosing.

    Wanda felt her left leg being positioned so it was pointing straight out, slightly crossing over her right one.  Her left arm was bent at the elbow and tucked behind her head causing her breasts to rise seductively almost poking out from under her uniform.  She felt her right hand being placed so that it was resting on her thigh brushing slightly against her sex. Wanda went to instinctively move her right hand from such an obscene gesture but found her body becoming increasingly unresponsive to her thoughts. She was feeling very stiff all of a sudden.

    She felt the blindfold being whisked from her eyes by Power Girl.  She tried to ask her fellow heroine's help in moving but her ability to talk had also vanished.  She noticed a large mirror had been set up directly in front of her.  The sight that stared back at her shocked her to the very core of her being.

    Next to her, on an adjoining platform, stood an exquisite jade statue that looked like a nude Sersi in every detail.  Her arms were stretched out in front of her with one hand resting directly on her shaved pussy. Her breasts were proudly pushed out with nipples that glistened as they stuck out like two jade spears.   Judging by the statue's expression, this was a pose of great pleasure to her as her face showed extreme ecstasy.  Just then, Wanda noticed the communicator circling the statue's right wrist and a small metallic object on the back of her neck. "Oh my god!! It's Sersi! She's been changed into a jade statue." Wanda mentally shouted, forgetting her own predicament momentarily.

   Power Girl then stepped into the sorceress' line of sight. "Yes, Scarlet Witch, this is my little trap you just wandered into," she said matter of factly. "In a few short minutes, you'll be transformed like your friend here has been, to become the latest acquisition on the Auctioneer's list.  We're aware of your friend's mastery over her own body makeup which is why we attached a device to her that suspends all of her mental activity . She'll stay in this form presumably for as long as whoever her new owner wants her to be in it.  Now I'll just make a few adjustments to your presentation and everything will be ready for pick up," the evil Power Girl sneered.

   Wanda felt her heroine's costume being ripped from her body, which seemed to be getting harder and tighter by the second.  Strangely, the crimson color which she was famous for by her slinky oufits being was now spreading throughout her stiffening body.  She felt herself becoming lighter by the second as the brightness from the flourescent fixtures from around her seemed to be absorbed into her increasingly shinier skin.  She desparately tried to move her fingers or purse her lips to cast even the smallest spell to ward off this change, but to no avail. Wanda could not budge at all.

    "Noo!!!...." she screamed mentally before the process claimed her mind fully and her ability to think winked out like a covered candle flame. A nude female statue - made of priceless ruby - now stood where the spell-casting heroine had been minutes before. Silence gripped the room as two very sexy statues posed on the pedestals, looking for all the world like the erotic art pieces they now were and not the living heroines they had been so recently.

    Power Girl traced her fingers over the Scarlet Witch's chest and down her gleaming torso.  After doing the same with Sersi,  she picked up her cell phone and called her master to arrange the usual retrieval.  After receiving her instructions for her next target, she briefly ran her hands down the smooth backsides of both the statues.  She kissed them both on their rigid cheeks briefly before leaving.  There would be time for more fun, later.

    The lights went out as she departed, leaving two very precious and lifelike statues in more ways than anyone would ever know.


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