The C of X

By Rotwang

This story is partially based on the MAGE Role-Playing game published by White Wolf

Jason crawled out of his plaid lumberjack shirt and tied it round his waist. The sun was really beating down for early spring. The bag he was carrying was getting heavier while the road seemed to go on and on forever.

The honking car made him jump up and look back.

He followed the lines of the Porsche's hood up to the windshield and saw the young woman at the wheel smiling at him. She got up and leaned on top of the windshield and said :

"Get in."

Jason didn't want her to repeat the offer and jumped right in.

"Thanks !" He said throwing his backpack in the tiny seats behind.

"Where can I get you ?"

"Where are you going ?"

"Home." She said revving up the engine

The car blasted off before he could say another word.

"Uh, my name's Jason." He said, brushing his long hair out his face.

"Esmeralda." She answered.

"Cool name." He said, still struggling with his hair blowing in the wind.

There was one of those uncomfortable moments when nothing is said and Jason didn't know what to say. She kept on driving until she reached what looked like a large mansion. She drove up to the gates who opened by themselves.

Jason bobbed as the car stopped with screeching tires in front of the house. She got up and walked the steps up to the house. Jason watched her climb the stairs and tried to figure the cost of her white ensemble. When he walked into the house, her hat and top lay on the stairs, casually discarded. He felt a stranger in a strange land. One of the statues on top of the stairs was masked with her skirt.

"Make yourself at home." She now wore jeans and a long-sleeved T-shirt.

"Look, I really have to go, I'm..."

"Want do you want to drink ?" She said walking up to the bar that swivelled out of the wall.

"Just some Pepsi." He said, still wondering what was going on.

"One Pepsi coming up." She said, pulling one out of the freezer, ground ice sliding from its sides.

Jason grabbed the can and opened it. She jumped and sat down on the bar, smiling at him.

She looked a bit older than he was, she also had a magnificent body, except she hid her eyes with a pair of sunglasses.

"What are you doing ?"

"What do you mean ?"

"Just what do you do at the moment ?"

"I'm just wandering, until I get to Seattle."

"Wanna join a band ?"

"Yeah, how did you guess ?"

"The T-shirt with your favourite group on it, and the sticks you carry in your bag. Drummer ?"

"Yeah." He nodded nervously, like most kids do.

She jumped off the bar which automatically swivelled back into the wall.

She slid with incredible grace towards the window and opened it, while removing her jeans.

Jason stood at the other end of the room and saw how she removed her shirt and jumped naked into the water.

He paused for a moment and walked up to the pool and nervously stood there with the can of Pepsi in his hand.

She swam one length and then came back. She rubbed her long black hair back and looked up at Jason who almost dropped the can and stared straight at her eyes.

"Is there something wrong ?" She asked while Jason stood transfigured and checked herself.

"Your... eyes..." He said raising his free hand to his face.

She raised her hand to her face and laughed. "Oh yeah." She climbed out of the pool and stared at him with plain silver eyes. She opened her eyelids with one hand and popped out a silver contact lens.

"See, they're only contacts."

Jason tried to regain his compulsion. "For a moment I thought I was going crazy." He said laughing slightly.

"I forgot to remove them. They're new ones and I was getting used to them, a bit too used, I guess." She had gorgeous glistening green eyes.

"They're pretty cool." Jason said, forcing himself not to look at her beautiful body.

"You like heavy metal ?" She asked squeezing her hair and leaning back. Jason could only moan. "Uh-huh..."

"Follow me." She grabbed a towel from a lawn chair and walked before him into the house leaving wet footprints on the floor.

She pushed him in a chair, picked up her clothes and walked away, drying herself off.

Jason waited for an almost uncomfortable time until he seemed to hear her coming in the distance. But his mouth dropped open just as he saw the chrome leg pop out from behind a wall. It swung seductively and landed on the floor, followed by a sleek metal woman. She had long silver hair but no eyes, merely a silver visor. She wore no clothes and stood in the doorway, her fists on her hips. Jason adjusted himself on his seat and looked at the robot coming towards him. She ran her chrome finger down his face and kissed him with her cool metal lips. Her hand reached for his loins and rubbed his budding erection. Jason wanted to protest, but could only stare, fascinated by the android. She kneeled before him and undid his jeans. Jason tried to keep them closed, but she almost ripped them open. She grabbed his cock and began rubbing it. Her lips parted and he felt the smoothness of her mouth engulfing his head. He swallowed a lump and began to cooperate, sliding off the chair onto the floor. He grasped her hard breasts and rubbed the smooth mirror surface. She grabbed his hands by the wrists and pulled them towards her vagina. He grabbed his cock and slid it into her soft hole. He kissed her lips and rubbed her smooth body.

Jason lay on his back, one hand on his forehead, staring at the ceiling. He looked to his right and saw the robot face staring at him. She got up and put her delicate fingers to her head and opened the visor and popped out the mask. He saw Esmeralda's tanned face framed with shining chrome which reflected the sunlight pouring into the bay windows.

"I wasn't expecting that kind of heavy metal." He managed to say, still feeling a bit numb.

She kneeled and ran two fingers over the lips of her vagina which were poking out of the metal groin. She threw her head back and moaned sensously.

Esmeralda lay on her stomach on the floor, rubbing her fingers across Jason's chest.

"You look good." She said.

"My former girlfriend told me I was a bit scrawny."

"You're not a mister universe, but I don't care." She said and rolled over.

"Your suit is very ..." Jason tried to find the word.

She looked behind her and smiled at him. "Come, I'll show you the rest of the house."

She showed him all the amenities until they came across a shiny metal door. She produced an electronic card and ran it through the slot on the side of the door. It beeped and popped open.

Inside were about a dozen robots standing in interesting poses.

"Wow !" Jason managed to blurt out.

"Here, let me show you something..." She walked over to a computer and put a CD-ROM in the tray.

"You like video-games."

"Yeah, kinda."

"Enjoy, it takes a while to boot up, but when the action starts, you don't wanna miss it."

Jason watched the screen fill up with colour and then the colours began to swirl, forming patterns. He watched the patterns for a while. He thought he heard something, it was like a low buzzing sound.

Slowly the pattern began to hold some strange attraction to him and he couldn't resist staring at it. The sound also became more and more understandable, like a monotone voice.

You.will.obey.Esmeralda's.every.command. You.will.obey.Esmeralda's.every.command. You.will.obey.every.command. You.will.obey.every.command. You.will.obey.every.command. You.will.obey... You.will.obey... You.will.obey...

Obey... Obey... Obey...

Over and over until he went completely numb.

When Jason woke up, he felt a bit woozy and giddy. And then he heard a voice.

"Get up." Before he could question himself, he raised himself on the bed and looked towards the source of the voice. In his somewhat absent-minded state, he could see that there was something very odd with his body.

"Come little dolly." She ordered.

Somewhere deep inside him a voice told him it was wrong, but he was unable to resist the orders. He awkwardly got out of bed as if his limbs were made of plastic. Fully in his field of vision, he could see somebody else besides Esmeralda. She looked like a doll, with a pink dress with lots of frills and fringes. She had a child-like face with large blue eyes and a tiny button nose. Her lips were puckered and her hair was an unnatural shade of blonde. She walked towards him until, somehow he new it was him he was staring at, a reflection in the mirror.

He turned before the mirror and out of the corner of his eye, noticed he had a large key in his back, slowly turning.

He shuffled towards Esmeralda, who was waiting for him, dressed in leather pants and a loose white blouse.

"How do you feel ?" She asked, gathering her hair together and holding on to it.

"" Jason said though the puckered lips.

Esmeralda stepped aside and revealed a stool. "Sit down".

Jason shuffled forward with his hands horizontal and popped down on the stool.

Esmeralda walked behind him and turned the key several times and pulled it neatly out of his back. Then she began to undo his dress. She slipped the white-trimmed blouse-skirt over his shoulders and kissed the soft plastic. Jason's bright blue eyes opened even wider. Somewhere inside his head, carefully locked away, but still aware, a part of his mind dropped his jaw in complete unbelief.

Esmeralda slipped his blouse over his breasts and ran a finger across them. Jason merely stared with an blank and innocent expression on his face. He could see his firm breasts with delicate pink nipples but remained immobile. Esmeralda kneeled before him and buried her face into his breasts, licking the smooth plastic skin. "Get up and lower your arms." She said, looking up at him. His legs sprang to action and he got up like an automaton, there was even a faint swaying when he fully erected himself.

She slipped the rest of the pink dress from his body and let it fall to the ground. He was now completely naked, except for his long white stockings and small slippers.

Esmeralda rubbed between his legs, it was completely smooth, except for the simple pussy between his legs.

"Take off your shoes." She said, while undoing the buttons on her blouse.

Jason popped his shoes off and stood to attention.

The, Esmeralda began to remove his stockings and slipped them under her nose, inhaling deeply.

"Lay on the bed." He shuffled over to the bed and climbed into it. He stared at the mirrored ceiling

and saw his pale pink body, nicely curved and smooth.

Esmeralda slipped her leg out of the pants and climbed naked onto her. She kneeled above his face and showed her pussy to him. She lowered herself on all fours and merely ordered. "Lick me."

Jason's mouth popped open and he began to lick her moist areas. She slithered above the Jason-doll and groaned in ecstasy.

He kept on licking for some time until Esmeralda straightened herself and rubbed her breasts frantically with her mouth open, gasping until she reached her climax.

"Stop." She gasped.

Esmeralda collapsed besides the immobile dummy and heaved. She stroked his plastic face and ran over his breasts to his bellybutton. He noticed it was a switch and she turned it to two.

"You're in fase two now." She said, reaching over to the nightstand and pulling out a double dildo. She carefully inserted it into her pussy and climbed over Jason who looked up and smiled. She inserted the dildo into his dolly-hole and began to pump rhythmically. Jason felt slightly independent and grabbed Esmeralda, kissing her with his plastic lips. Inside him, he could feel something incredible like a balloon filling with pleasure and about to burst. He revelled in the sensation and felt more at ease by the moment until the balloon burst. Inside himself he cried out : "MORE !" And climaxed.

Esmeralda fumbled between themselves and turned the dial to three.

More of Jason's conscience was released and he grabbed Esmeralda and pumped the dildo into her.

Jason's dial was on four and he was standing before the mirror, staring at himself.

" ?" He said with a tiny girlish voice.

"A bit of magic ?" She said rolling over and smiling at him. "Come here."

He shuffled over to her and sat down besides her.

She got up besides him and ran her hand through his hair. She grabbed it and the velcro which held the wig in position scratched as she removed it.

She reached for a small zipper and opened his skin from the back of his head to the nape of his back.

Jason felt the pale pink skin slip over his head and shoulders. He looked down and underneath the delicate skin was shiny metal. Esmeralda undressed him, revealing the shiny Gynoid underneath.

"Wow." Jason managed to gasp.

"Now, feel behind my neck."

Still unable to resist her orders, he ran his metal fingers through the back of her neck and felt the zipper.

"Undo it." She said curving her body as he pulled the zipper down, revealing a shiny golden body.

Esmeralda removed her skin which looked so real and revealed her metal face. His perfect twin, except she was gold in colour.

The two Gynoids pressed their bodies together and Jason felt something inside him break the last chains cloistering his consciousness.

Esmeralda produced a vibrator and screwed it to her body and impaled the ecstatic Jason, who felt incredibly surprised, but more and more at ease.

The scraping of metal sounded quite strange as both Gynoids made love to each other, when Jason suddenly felt something underneath him. He probed it with his hand and smiled inside himself. He got up admiring his sleek metal body and picked up Esmeralda's skin. He slipped his leg into it and then the other. Esmeralda was staring at him and seemed to enjoy herself, smiling.

Jason pulled the mask over his face and felt a peculiar transition. He felt Esmeralda pull down the zipper in his back and put her metal chin on his flesh shoulder.

Jason clutched the muscles in his vagina, the way he had just learned and stared with open mouth at himself. He probed his body examining the blemishes and squeezing the skin, it felt so real.

Although he knew he was a robot underneath and the skin was barely thicker than a surgeon's gloves, his body was supple and warm, like real flesh. He ran his fingers over his clit and turned to the robot Esmeralda who gave him a quick peck on the forehead and walked off to the mirrored wall opposite the one he had been admiring himself in. It popped open and revealed a vaguely human shaped object, which popped open with a dry hiss and Jason stared with open mouth at his own face.

Quickly, Esmeralda got into the skin and when the zipper was fully done, Jason stared at a mirror.

She played with his, or her cock and smiled at him, the way he used to.

The next morning Jason woke up. He was alone in a bedroom and felt very strange. He reached for his penis which was present and a bit stiff. He got up and looked for a mirrored surface. He opened the curtains and squinted at the bright sunshine pouring into the room, but saw his reflection in the mirror. He was himself again.

He heard a soft knock on the door and looked back.

"How do we feel this morning." Esmeralda held a tray in her hands. She was wearing a lycra and lace bodysuit, emphasising her curves.

Jason wanted to ask her questions, but the words stopped at the edge of his lips.

"You're wondering how I did ?"

He nodded.

"I told you, it's magic. Want some coffee ?"

Jason sat down besides her and grabbed the cup. His memories were so sharp and clear it was uncanny.

"How ?" He blurted out.

"I'm a mage. I can shift reality the way I want. I belong to a group which call themselves the Cult of Ecstasy.

Our way of life is to seek out pleasure in all its forms, be it music, art, bizarre sex or whatever."

Jason wanted to object, but then remembered what he had been.

"I used my powers to transform both of us in new forms, but you did help me."

"How ?"

"You have these powers too."

"So ?"

"I want you to be my apprentice. Besides, I can introduce you to some people who think I'm pretty tame, sexually speaking."

Jason almost dropped his cup.

"Ever had sex with a CONCEPT or an IDEA ?" She smiled fiendishly.