Putty in her hands

By Rotwang (Zardreth@Cyberking.be)

Putty in her hands...

Rhena ran her hands over the satin sheets she was sleeping in and thought about her lucky break. Albert ... A nice man, very, very rich and the charisma of a garden gnome. She'd met him at a party, where she had sneaked in and bewitched him. He needed her as much as she needed his money. She offered him all the wild sex he'd ever dreamed of and he gave her much more in return. Another year or so and they would get married. And a year later she'd manage to get a divorce. In a sense she had done him a favor, being so beautiful, adding to his reputation, something he badly needed. Even Bill Gates was a beefcake compared to him. After the divorce she would have time to go shopping for a few real men ...

Putty in her hands ...

Rhena rolled over and felt a bit stiff. She had been unusually stiff for the last few weeks and ... She felt a prick in her arm and opened her eyes. Albert was looking down on her and removed the needle from her arm, his face adorned with a pained expression. "What ... ?" She almost instantly fell asleep.

Rhena woke up and saw Albert standing in front of her. "Honey ? What's going on ?" She asked. Albert gave her a serious look. "I'm very disappointed." He said. Rhena wanted to move, but her body was numb. "I thought you liked me, because of your humble background. I thought you might perhaps feel something for me." He adjusted his glasses and sighed. "I didn't do anything." Rhena protested. Albert let of a dry chuckle. "I know you were after my money." "No, I really love you !" Rhena said. "At first I was blind. You were so nice to me, telling me all I wanted to hear, all I dreamed of. But now, I know it was just a smokescreen, a facade ... a mask !" "No, no, it's not that at all, I really love you !" Rhena protested, trying to move, but her body refused service. "Oh, I know, all the money in the world and all the cosmetic surgeons in the world won't change the fact I'm a terminal nerd." Albert said. "But, you ... disappointed me deeply, stealing my secrets ..." "What ?!" Rhena was shocked. "Okay ! I admit I may have seen you as a way to get rich, but I never stole anything in my life !" "They found the access codes to my computer in your purse. And a substantial amount of money was deposited on your account." "WHAT !?" Rhena was panicking. "But I didn't do anything ! I swear it !" "No, Rhena, I'm not buying your lies anymore." He said with a melancholic grin. "Oh God ! I swear I didn't steal anything in my whole life !!!" Rhena was on the verge of tears. Albert sighed deeply again. "You thought you could make a puppet out of me ..." "No, no, no ! Please, let me go !" Rhena broke out in tears.

Albert made a gesture and the lights in the room switched on. "This is our robotics research lab." Albert said. Rhena now noticed she had been put against an inclined surface, a sheet covering her body. "Some of the technology I developed should never be divulged to the outside world." Albert's tone was dead serious. "As the cliche goes, it's technology mankind isn't ready for." "Anything you say ! Please let me go, you'll never hear from me again !" Rhena said sobbing away, tears streaking her face. "Too late." Albert said, full of sadness.

Rhena felt herself gently being tilted horizontally and saw herself in a big mirror on the ceiling. "Albert ?" She was very scared now. Albert appeared into her field of vision, grabbed the sheet and pulled it away, revealing her body.

Rhena screamed and passed out.


Rhena opened her eyes and was sitting at the breakfast table. Albert was eating and looked up at her. There was something she had to remember, but what was it ? She remembered crying and ...

Everything else was a pleasant blank, full of blissful nothingness.

"Rhena darling." "Yes master ?" Albert's voice was so ... entrancing ! Rhena felt more than happy to oblige him. Master ? The thought struck her a moment later. "Perhaps we could go out today, people will wonder not having seen you all this time." Albert said. "Certainly master." Rhena said. Somehow she sounded wrong. "Don't call me master." Albert said and pecked her on the cheek. Rhena felt a strange buzz inside her and felt -too- happy. "Let's get you dressed." Albert held his hand out. Rhena somehow knew she had to scream as she saw herself give him her hand. But she just smiled and got up, glancing down at her shiny body. Sunlight poured into the room and Rhena could see her shiny body reflecting in the windows. From the neck down, she was blindingly shiny chrome.

Rhena went into a large dining room, while Albert showed her a big machine with a seat in the middle. "Just get in." He said. Rhena felt only too happy to oblige and stepped into the machine, sitting down on the chair. Arms popped out of the machine and slipped into slots in her limbs. And before she had time to wonder, Rhena was stripped of her metal skin. She felt something plug into the back of her neck and her limbs began to move independently of her will. Slipping into artificial flesh like a full bodysuit, Rhena looked almost normal again. The plug left her and Rhena was free again. Albert took her hand and helped her step out of the machine. "Now, you're my doll." He said.


"Rhena, you look radiant, dahling." Grace said going over Rhena. "You lost some weight ?" "A little." Rhena said and smiled. Albert had already left her but cast a quick glance over his shoulder. She wore a long, shiny silver cocktail dress, finely tailored to her magnificent body. He still felt a bit guilty about turning her into a cyborg, but he had no choice. She was the leak that had plagued the company for so many months and now he could concentrate on running it, rather than chasing spies. "Albert, what's she doing here ?" Robert suddenly asked. "Don't worry, I've got her under control." Albert replied. "But she was the spy !" Robert protested. "So ?" Albert nodded to Claudia and David. "Aren't you afraid she might try to steal again ?" "I've made sure she's no longer a liability." "Are you quite sure ?" "Robert, trust me !"

Albert stood behind a little speaker's table and waited for the applause to die down. "Thank you very much. As you may already know, our company is 10 years old now. We are market leaders in all sorts of electronic branches ... Computers, robotics ... (Speech goes on for another fairly boring ten minutes) ... And therefore I have decided to name Robert as my successor if something would happen to me !"

Robert almost fell out of his chair, a look of total surprise on his face changed to a triumphant smile.

"Well it's late and Rhena needs a recharge." Albert said, grabbing Rhena's arm. Every time he touched or talked to her, Rhena felt a little boost of endorphin inside her. People laughed at the joke. Albert and Rhena waved one last time. "Albert, wait !" Robert had grabbed his coat and was coming after them. "I have some things to discuss."

The usually talkative Rhena was quite happy to hold Albert's hand while they drove home. Robert just sat opposite them and just watched her, feeling nervous and exhilarated at the same time. And despite her state, Rhena had noticed his underlying nervousness.

Back at the house, Robert went with Albert to his office, while Rhena sat down in the machine and a power coupling entered the base of her spine.

"I bet you didn't expect this ? Me taking you in like this ?" Albert seemed proud of himself. Robert raised his glass. And then gave Albert a concerned look. "Frankly I'm still worried about Rhena. What did you do to her ? Put a dead horse's head in her bed or something ?" "Let's say we came to an agreement." "I've spent months trying to find out the leak and you keep her ? She's just a pretty face !" "Not anymore. As of today, she's an employee of our company." "WHAT ! You hired her, for what ?" "She's now with robotics R&D as a permanent test subject." "I don't understand what you did to her ..." Robert went. "But you're quite certain she won't cause any further leaks ?" "Positive."

Rhena walked in. "Albert ? I'm feeling lonely." She said. Robert cast an enraptured glance and shook his head. "I hope you know what you do ... Another leak and you're history !" "Don't worry, Robert." Albert said. "She's totally under control."


Robert looked at the men walk in and sit down. He was smoking a celebratory cigar and waited for them to speak. "So, Bobby, I heard your decoy wasn't terminated." The man said. "I think Albert found out she was innocent, and now he's playing a game with me." Robert said. "A game ? I thought you had him running after his own tail ?" The man said. "He's onto me, he just pretended nothing had happened." "We need the encryption code to his files, no matter what !" "Only he knows them. But I have a plan." Robert said, his face hidden by a cloud of thick cigar smoke. "Because tomorrow morning he won't be CEO anymore." "But the codes ?" "Albert made the mistake of naming me his successor if something happened ... And the codes revert to the successor CEO." Robert grinned.


"You know, back in college people said I was bound to marry a computer one day. If only they knew." Albert was carefully polishing Rhena. "I'm really sorry we had to operate on you, but when we scanned you for the implant, we found out you had this terrible disease. That would've left you a crippled invalid. It hurt me to do this to you, but I wanted you to stay fresh and beautiful. Rhena deep down, felt like crying for her lost body. "Originally, we wanted to implant a little chip into your brain, making you susceptible to my voice. But it seems to be working even better than we thought. But you should also understand that if this technology should fall into the wrong hands, it would be as dangerous as the atom bomb." Rhena knew what Albert was saying and understood it perfectly but parts of her brain did not react to it. "I've got something for you." He said, got up and grabbed a big black box, looking a bit like an oversized jewel case. "This is for you." He said. Rhena took it and smiled brightly. "Thank you." She opened it and saw her own face sculpted in shiny metal. Albert reached for her long silky blonde hair and tied it together. Rhena slipped the mask over her face and waited for Albert to return with a mirror. "I won't marry a computer, but perhaps I can marry a robot ?" He said. Rhena felt a surge of endorphin in her brain and ... Oh God ! She was really a robot now ! She ...

The chip in her brain wasn't working anymore.

While Albert thought she was admiring herself, Rhena was thinking. She knew nothing about stolen secrets and somebody had set her up. Albert had gone Frankenstein on her and turned her into a robot. But if he hadn't, she'd ended up the same way as that famous professor, Stephen Hawking, a living mummy in a wheelchair. She had to find out who had done this and clear her name. But now, Albert was doing something to her. He pressed a little button and Rhena felt a little buzz. "I suggested they hardwire your nervous system. It's designed to repair people's damaged nerves, but when implanted into healthy nerves, it boosts your sense of touch beyond anything you can dream." Rhena felt a bit giddy as he stroked the edges of her sex. He had left in place, safely hidden behind a little panel. God ! Albert really loved her !

That night they played scientist and robot.

Albert just played with her, like a life-size metal Barbie, posing her and fooling around like he never had before. Before her change, he would just do it to her the regular way, but now he seemed like a possessed demon. Fucking her over and over, and with her heightened sensitivity, Rhena had trouble preventing herself humming the Battle Hymn of the Republic ... Like she always did after a good night's sex.

He licked her pussy and tried it all out. She was even heated to prevent the "cold kitchen floor" feeling of metal. Sensors were embedded in her metal skin enabling her to feel as much as she otherwise would have with a flesh body. Albert left no part of her body untouched and kept it on all night ... Finally free to live out his fantasy.

And the next morning, Rhena felt very fulfilled. She'd never noticed, but Albert probably had so much frustrations inside him, he managed to channel it into his sex and... Had she been so blind all the time ? So he wasn't good-looking ... Come to think of it, with some contact lenses, a little training and the right haircut... Inside the metal mask of her own face, Rhena made a new plan.

"Albert ?" "Yeah ?" He looked up from his computer screen. "I've got something to ask you !" Rhena said. "What is it ?" He asked. "A little fantasy of mine." "What kind of fantasy ?" "Well, I've always thought window mannequins were kinda sexy." Albert looked at her and faintly smiled. "And you want to ..." Rhena nodded. "Well, I suppose the guys at the lab might make a new mask for you. I could have it delivered in the next few hours." Albert said. "Thanks a lot." She kissed him.

"What do I pick ?" Albert was going through her wardrobe and he turned around, since she didn't answer him. Rhena was standing perfectly still, trying to look as plastic as could be. Something in his pocket beeped. He walked up to the computer and logged in. Rhena no longer had an access code, and she gambled he'd forget to turn it off. "Sorry, Rhena, but I won't be able to stay with you. I forgot about a very important virtual conference. I might be up all night." Albert said. The mannequin didn't react.

Rhena had picked an exquisite little dress and posed herself in front of the bedroom, waiting for Albert. Perhaps he could persuade he to have her on display in a shop window. Living above a shop, Rhena always had a fondness for mannequins. She found them to be so elegant and beautiful and used to play one in her room. And as she grew older, she sometimes would be a living mannequin in the shop, earning a little money on the side until she discovered where the real money was.

Having little to do besides posing, Rhena slowly began to fall asleep, until a noise woke her up. She opened her eyes to see and noticed a man climbing through the window. He was dressed in black and upon seeing her, whipped out a gun. Rhena was too stunned to move and just stayed as still as she could, her face hidden behind an impassive rubber mask. "Rich people." The man said, putting the gun away as he noticed she was only a mannequin. "You look for the bitch and I'll take care of the nerd. And hurry, the boss is waiting." The man said to another one coming in.

The first one left and the other man looked around. He walked up to Rhena and looked at her. And then he squeezed her arm very hard. "Don't move !" Rhena droned over and over inside her head, happy she didn't feel pain anymore. The man chuckled and walked into the bedroom behind her.

The man had been searching it for a few minutes when he heard a sound. He turned around and saw the mannequin behind him. "Wha ?"


She punched him out. Rhena lingered over her fist for a moment and looked at the stunned guy. "Wow !" She said to herself and looked for something to tie him up with.

"Don't even think about anything." A raspy voice said. Albert stopped typing and felt something hard being poked into his neck. "Where are the decryption codes ?" He asked. "I won't give them to you." Albert said. "A pity, since they will be handed over to the next CEO. Too bad the previous one was killed by an intruder ..." Albert heard the gun being cocked and ...

The doors burst open and a silver avenging angel charged the stunned man. He aimed the gun at Rhena, but she was upon him, slamming him into the bookcase behind him. A few well placed punches and the man was out.

"Rhena ?" Albert went, seeing Rhena in her chrome robotic form. "They wanted to kill you." Rhena said popping the mask. "But the chip ? It prevents you from causing any harm ..." "It doesn't work anymore." Rhena confessed. "I also overheard one of them mention their boss." "We must find out who he is, perhaps he's the spy !"


The next morning the doors of the wine cellar flew open and a towering metal amazon charged in and grabbed one of the men. Almost choking, he noticed Albert walking in. "Help !" He managed to squeal. Albert had his hands in his pocket and casually watched the choking man holding onto Rhena's metal arm. "I think you have some explaining to do." Albert said. "What ?" "Two people who would've killed me and Rhena if it weren't for my new bodyguard here." Albert said. She lifted him almost off his feet. "Robert Kellogg sent us, he works with somebody ... But I don't know him !" The man said, still choking. "Perhaps.he.knows ?" The robot dropped the man and stared at the other one. "He's telling the truth !!!" The other man said on his knees.

Back upstairs Albert and Rhena burst out into laughter. "Did you see the look in his eyes, he was scared to death !" Rhena said. Albert suddenly stopped laughing. "I'm deeply sorry, Rhena." He said. Rhena instantly stopped as well. "I was only to implant the chip temporarily, until you had learned your lesson, but the doctors noticed you had this disease... Incurable and we had the technology to ... fix you." Rhena watched Albert and a tear ran down her cheek. "I was going for your money ... I would've squeezed you for every dollar you have." Albert sighed. "Could we ever forgive each other ?" But Rhena's hand was already slipping into his shirt.

Robert heard the loud thud and saw his doors open violently. The man sitting besides him just jumped to his feet as the metal woman walked up to them. "What the ?" The man went and looked at Robert. Robert grabbed a gun from the drawer and aimed it at her. "Stop !" The man quickly went to stand behind Robert and drew his own gun. "Stop !" Rhena advanced slowly, but steadily.


The round ricocheted off Rhena's armored skin. She grabbed the antique desk and tossed it aside. Robert fired again but the round went under her armpit.

She grabbed both Robert and the man by the throat and lifted them off the floor. Robert was a fairly tall man, but luckily she had retractable heels in her feet to make her a little taller and get his feet of the ground.

"We found it all out." Albert walked in, hands in his pockets. "We found files in your computer, you didn't cover your traces up very well." Albert walked up to them. "Who is your friend ?" Albert asked. Robert gritted his teeth and gasped. "They paid me to ... sssspy on you ! If I ... knew you'd pro ... promote me, I wouldn't have done it !" "You were too greedy, Robert. Rewards come to those who wait." Albert said. "Please tell her off !" Robert pleaded. "I have little control over her." Albert said. "Unlike Rhena..."


Albert dropped himself on the floor and gasped for breath. Rhena came over to him and crouched besides him. "Just stop the torture, please ! I can't take it anymore. It's not my thing !" Albert pleaded and looked at Rhena in her tight bodysuit. "I'm just going to show you something." And she held her hand out to Albert.

Albert was panting in front of a large mirror and he saw himself in a track outfit and Rhena in a shiny black and yellow aerobics outfit. "Look at you." Albert sighed and looked at himself. Rhena grabbed his soaked shirt and ripped it from his body. "Oh God !" Albert said. and lifted his arm. He bent his arm and stared at his biceps. "I have muscles !" "Not too many, but about enough." Rhena kissed his neck and rubbed her hands over his sweaty sides. Albert was now fitter and more self-assured, while Rhena had matured ...

He turned round in her grasp and kissed her on the lips. Her body felt just artificial enough to stir him into making long and passionate love to her.