The Piper

  by Paul Jutras


     From out of the dark clouds came a ship that looked like it belonged more at sea in the 12th century than flying in the sky.  From the deck of the ship stood a handsome man wearing a tuxedo and a black top hat. Taking a set of pipes to his mouths, he began to blow his music.

     From out of their homes teenage and young adult girls walked out of their homes. Kids being baby sat would step out on their porches and watch as their babysitters walked off for no reason. Many of the women where in the night gowns and pajamas.

    "Cookies are ready." Marsha said to Sabrina as she opened the oven to move the tray the counter. As the ship passed over head, the oven exploded and covered the noise of the hypnotic music from the handsome man's pipes.

      "I'll get rid of this mess." Nancy said as she dumped the stuff in a plastic sack and carried out side. As she did, she watched hundreds of girls walked down the street like zombies. "Hey, girls!" She shouted. "Check out what's going on."

     "What?" Sabrina asked as Nancy caught the sound of the music and started walking off. "The explosion left a ringing in my ears and I'm not hearing too well. Where are you doing?  The slumber party is just getting started."

     "The only different I can figure is that she can hear and we can't." Lucy said as she stepped out with Sabrina. "Quick! Plug your ears up and follow her!"

     Getting their shoes and coats on, they started running after their friend. The made their way through the crowd of young women trying to find their friend when they spotted the ship floating high above their heads. "What the hell is that?"

      "Hey!" The young man said angry as he stopped playing. "Why aren't you under my spell like your friends?"

     "What?" Sabrina asked as she placed a hand to her ear. "I can't hear you."

      "You think yourself so smart." The Piper said as he blew into his flute. The side of the ship opened up and several cannons emerged. With another blow the cannon fired a beam that turned a street light into a giant dildo. Another blast turned a barber poll in a latex bra.

     "Somebody do something!" Sabrina screamed as Lucy took a scarf from her pocket and plugged Nancy's ears.

    "You're the one who takes martial arts to improve your cheerleading, do something." Lucy cried.

    Nancy ran to the gun shop across the street and kicked the door just below the knob. With the lock busted the door swung open and Nancy passed out small hand guns as fast as she could load them. She also got them hiking boots with small jet packs build in the heels for falling and some climbing ropes. "Let's go girls!"

     The hooked the deck of the ship and swung past the rays to the ship above them. They saw that the ship looked like a love doll warehouse with rolls of transformed women waiting to be shipped off to nearby planets.

     "Take him out!" Sabrina ordered as the girls opened fired while trying to avoid the rays from his flute. Rays that seemed similar to those that came from the cannon.

     As one of the bullets broke his flute apart, the rays engulfed the Tuxedo fiend. "Yes!" Nancy cried.  "Got him!"

     Later at Sabrina's house, each of the girls took their turn with their new love doll. "Do you think there are any more of these aliens out there?" Lucy asked as she rolled over on her back, exhausted.

    "I hope so." Nancy said to her friends busted out laughing. "It would be nice to get a love doll for each of us."



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