The Plastic Girls - Part 1

by M.P.

 Chapter One: The Abduction....

     Gina and Lola were the only ones left in the enormous factory that night. The usual shift consisted of eight girls but since business had slowed to almost nothing the management felt that such a large staff was really unnecessary. The factory was a throwback to the depression days. A lumbering brick and steel building that was home to the Redfern Mannequin company. The majority of the night shift staff were laid off, leaving Gina and her friend remaining.  The halls were dimly lit and quiet, and everywhere various mannequins of each gender sat assembled or in pieces. The only illumination of any great quantity was a small shop light over a long desk where the girls were working. Gina pulled out the leather chair from under the desk and picked up a newspaper. As she was leafing through it, Lola busied herself dusting some shelves that were already clean. She moved the arms and legs of the mannequin forms to dust around them.  After several seconds of this wasted effort she dropped the lint less feather duster and slumped into a chair next to her friend.

"I have never been so bored in all my life!" Griped Lola.

"Hang in there girlfriend." Said Gina.

"Think of it this way we could have wound up like the other girls and now be unemployed." Gina continued.

"Yeah I guess you're right." Gina retorted.

"But it still would have been more fun to collect U.I. than be sitting in this mausoleum all night."

"I don't know about it being so bad." Said Gina.

"I think it is kind of neat working in a place that makes mannequin figures."

   Gina got up from behind the desk and went to one of the shelves that was on a far wall. Resting in a line on this shelf were five mannequin heads. All were female and extremely lovely by human standards. They had been sculpted from human models as was the practice of Redferns. Gina looked into the lifeless glassy blue eyes of one of the heads. It was made of a shiny plastic rosin type material and Gina could almost swear that the rubbery material felt almost like human skin. She looked at the fine pure white hairs on the head figure and could see the rows of individual strands that had been meticulously sewn into the scalp. Carefully placing the delicate bust back on the shelf she turned to go back to the desk when suddenly a loud crash came from another part of the factory.

"What the hell was that?" Cried Lola.

"I don't know but it came from the storage room where the day shift keeps the molds.  "Answered Gina.

   Picking up a large hammer as a weapon, Gina and Lola slowly walked toward the metal door that separated them from the storage room.

"If there's anyone in there we are armed," said Gina. "The police are coming so you had better leave."

  As Gina was finishing her sentence suddenly the door burst open and a blinding flash of light erupted flooding the room. The light subsided as two men entered the larger chamber. The men had on long black coats and slouch hats that were also dark black in color. One of the men approached the two women who had not budged an inch since the flash occurred. The man opened Gina's fingers and the large hammer fell to the floor in a loud clump. Gina's eyes had glazed over as had Lola's and if anyone else had entered it would appear that the women were merely two more of the lifelike mannequin figures in the warehouse. The man laughed slightly at how stiffly the girls were, and gently tapped a gloved hand against Gina. Her chest made a wooden click sound as he tapped his fingers on it. Then getting even more brazen he unzipped her dress and let the clinging cotton fabric fall to her feet.

  The strange man let his eyes travel up and down Gina's body. She was very slim with small breasts and narrow hips that made her feel kind of awkward around people but she had a sweet face that made up for whatever her body lacked. Now standing before this stranger in only her white cotton panties and maidenform bra her skin had turned pale and developed a sheen. The stranger cupped one of her delicate breasts and tried to squeeze it but the flesh had hardened to plastic. He turned to gaze at Lola who had frozen mid-stride with one hand covering her face. It looked almost comical how she stood balanced on one leg. She had tried to run to reach the telephone when she was hit by the mysterious light.

  The first man was about to continue his inspection of Gina's body when the other man signaled him to come over to where he stood. The second man removed his hat revealing a robots head. His skin was cold blue steel and had several fine hoses protruding from his neck into the dark suit. The first man also was an android, and took a small communicator out of his pocket.

"Number fourteen to master. Over?" Asked the Droid.

     The communicator crackled for several seconds and a deep bass sounding voice came over the radio.

"Yes Fourteen. I hear you." Said the Master.

"Number Six and I have infiltrated the Redfern factory and placed the two females in stasis mode." Fourteen continued. "We are awaiting further instructions."

"Excellent fourteen." The masters voice boomed. "Begin the transference of the mannequin parts I require and bring the females to me at the loft." Master out."

The Droid called fourteen turned off his communicator and turned to his colleague.

"Number six you are to collect the components and I will attend to the human females."

     He replaced his hat on his head and picked up the inert form of Gina as if she was a piece of furniture.  He flung open the doors and outside of the dark factory a van was parked. It too was black and unmarked. He opened the twin back doors and laid Gina in the back. Then he went back inside and picked up Lola  and placed her inside as well. He had a little difficulty because of her running stance so the droid had to lay her in sideways. After several seconds umber six came out carrying what appeared to be five hat boxes. He placed the boxes in the van with the two frozen women and then the droids and their cargo sped off into the night.

Chapter two: The Loft.....

    The black van soon left the city far in its wake and pulled to a stop outside of  a large country estate. Number fourteen slid open a panel on the pole next to the gate and looked into a small box that was recessed into the pole. A red light flashed into fourteen's optical sensor and registered the computers in the defense system to allow them entry. The  term "Loft" was an understatement, with massive lawns and rolling hills of gardens the massive estate was more like a plantation than a country home. The van  wound along on a gravel roadway which soon opened into a wide circular drive that passed in front of the doorway to the house. The house stood on almost three acres of land with four majestic columns of whitewashed pine, holding up a faded green, copper shingled roof. When the van came to a complete stop, the two droids stepped from the vehicle and were soon joined by several other blue men. All were identical to the first two droids except for their dress. These droids had ben assigned to the household and were dressed in servants

"Greetings  #14." Said a droid dressed in butlers clothes.

"We have completed our task # 12." Said 14. "Inform the master as we unload the van."

       With a click and a sight whirring sound #12 turned and reentered the house. As he walked toward the masters study three more of the droids passed him and went out to help #'s 14 and 6 bring in the cargo. #12 knocked lightly on the large oaken door. A booming voice echoed from within.


     The droid opened the heavy door and entered the dimly lit room.  The masters study was a large oval shaped room with very spartan furnishings. The only thing of any magnitude was a five foot long cherry wood desk and a hand crafted globe made of what appeared to be solid gold. Seated behind the massive desk with his back turned was an equally hugmoungus man.

"Master, The shipment has arrived by your command and #'s 14 and 6 are bringing them in now." Said #12.

"Very good #12." The master continued. " When the females are unloaded I want them to be given the nicest rooms and released from the stasis."

"By your command." Said #12. Then with several clicks and a whir he turned and exited.

     Gina slowly began to come around. She rubbed her head and cursed slightly under her breath. The pain in her head felt as if she had been hit by a truck. Her eyes surveyed the room which consisted of a large down covered bed, several Queen Ann chairs and a huge dresser with a matching cabinet. She wondered how long she had been unconscious. The other question, how had she wound up in this strange place. It seemed a pleasant sort of prison, all the comforts of home but at that particular moment she would have preferred to be in her nice warm apartment than in this overly appointed cell. Going to the window she parted the heavy drapery and sure enough the window was barred. She was about to pick up a chair and hurl it at the bars when Gina heard the sound of the door being unlocked. The door opened, Gina dropped the chair and stood slack jawed at the thing before her. It was a woman but not just any old woman this one had bright blue skin and had wires and hoses coming out of her head into her body. The Female was dressed in what looked like a french maids outfit. A black skirt and white ruffled underpants, silky bustier that cinched in her waist pushing up and outward her generous cleavage. On her long shapely legs  she wore fishnet stockings and black patent leather shoes. Her hair was a cascade of flowing black that streamed down her spine and curved just above her little round ass. Gina looked closely at the maids ovaline face and could see her reflection in the lifeless black orbs that were the maids eyes.

"Is there anything you require miss?" Asked the maid.

"I want out of here this very minute!" Stormed Gina.

"I am sorry miss but I am not programmed for that function." Deadpanned the maid.

"Tell me where my friend Lola is then." Said Gina.

"The other human female is well and and is being attended to by #40." Said the maid." I am designated number 29."

"I don't give a rats ass if you are number 235!" Screamed Gina.

     Then she picked up a book and threw it at the droid maid. Amazingly the maid simply caught the book in mid flight and placed it on a nearby table.

"If miss does not require my service at time then this unit will leave." Said #29.

     And with a ruffle of silk and a soft whirring sound the droid maid turned and left the room locking the door behind her. Gina slowly lowered herself onto the bed and began to cry. She quickly stopped herself, realizing that she had to figure a way out. Tears at that moment were only wasted and feeling sorry for herself was only showing defeat. She only hoped that Lola was okay.

     Meanwhile in another part of the huge estate Lola had awakened sometime earlier and had already been met by #40. She had been asking #40 about the house and where they were. Yet to Lola's annoyance she found that the droids had been programmed too well. Every time she asked a question about the house or the other occupants the droid played dumb with the same tired "Star Trek" android response.

"I am not programmed for that function."

   The only straight answer she could get from #40 was that Gina was alive and well and somewhere in the house as well. Then at about 5:30 as Lola was still trying to pump #40 for information the droid did something very strange. She stood up and locked into attention. Then after a second or two passed the droid began to shudder and whimper as if she were in heat. Then she ran her hands over her body and across her breasts and down her stomach to her skirt. She then pushed her hand into her panty and proceeded to jack off in front of Lola. Then at exactly 5:40 the maid once again froze. Lola stepped up to the inert figure of the maid. Her face was a picture of sheer lust. Her mouth was also blue with small perfect porcelain teeth inside with a delicate blue tongue. The smooth blue lips were open slightly from the soft moans she had been making. On the droids neck Lola could see the flow of a blue fluid coursing through the hoses. The bug-like black eyes shone in the light in the room and in them Lola watched her reflection.

  Her curiosity afire, Lola pulled the maids panty down and she could see that the droid was anatomically correct in every way. There was a pink little pussy at the junction of her blue legs and it was wet with what smelled like a saline solution. #40 had buried three of her fingers into the tight little opening when she had frozen. Then just as suddenly as she had stopped the maid started again. Lola jumped back in fright that the maid might hit her or something for interrupting her pleasure. Yet strangely enough the maid paid her no mind, simply pulled up her panties, adjusted her skirt, and stood awaiting her next command from Lola.

"What was that?" Asked Lola.

"It was our festival time, miss." Answered #40. "Every day our beloved master allows us ten minutes of festival." The maid continued. "Some are even given the opportunity to festival with the master."

    The maids black eyes blinked several times and gleamed slightly at the mere mention of such an obviously wonderful idea. The droid cocked her head slightly to the right, reached into her bustier and adjusted her breasts slightly. She smoothed her skirt and checked the hem of her stockings. Then with everything looking its best she turned her attention back to Lola.

"Now if you will ready yourself miss." Said #40. "The master has commanded that you and your friend be his guests for nightly nourishment." "Suitable garments have been provided and you will find them in this cabinet."

    Then with a whir #40 left the room.  Lola opened the door to the cabinet and was immediately filled with awe. The cabinet contained several dresses. Each more magnificent than the one next to it. There were swimsuits and nightgowns. And three complete drawers filled with the finest in naughty lingerie.

She wondered how such a strange man could supply such beautiful things yet hold them as captives. She would find out shortly at dinner.

To be continued....

M.P. 7/11/2000


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