Plastic in a Flash

by ObjectifiedBeauty

Val had tried out some new makeup and was quite happy with how it looked, but she wanted to get her best friend’s opinion.  She was also wearing her favorite dress, so after picking up her phone she reached it out to arm’s length in order to capture a good portion of the dress to go along with the makeup.  What happened next startled her.

The screen of her phone became scrambled and there wasn’t just one flash, as with a normal photograph, but it continued to flash for at least a minute.  So captivated by the appearance of the screen and the flashing, she didn’t even notice that she couldn’t look away, much less that she couldn’t even move in the least.  But that wasn’t all she was unaware of.  With each successive flash, more and more of her body was transmuted into plastic.

Even before the flashing ceased, Val had become nothing more than a hollow plastic object.  The figure’s makeup facial expression remained largely unchanged; the only difference now being that its eyes, once trained on the phone, now stared blankly ahead with the calm and self-assured look of a store mannequin.

The mannequin would stand there, alone in Val’s bedroom, for a couple of days before a strange man would arrive at the apartment.  As he picked the mannequin up to lay it down on the bed to disassemble it, the phone, its battery long since drained, slipped from the gripless plastic hand and fell to the floor with a thud.  The man then disassembled the hapless former girl, placing her various parts in packing boxes to be sent to a high-end clothing boutique across town.

The End