Play the Hand Dealt to 'Ya

by The Team: Paul Jutras, Dmuk, and Magnus

This is a different take on a serial story collaboration; Paul started out on a it from a plot suggestion by Magnus, Dmuk contributed a middle section, and Magnus finished it off. 
[Actually, I had last dibs but only spell-checked it...   Ed.]

Buzzz. Buzzz. Buzzz.

Yawning, Laurel Nakajima glanced about her room. She loved the soft feel of her silk sheets her ex boyfriend had gotten her a year ago. Laura's favorite animal was a rabbit, which is why she had her pig tails done up like big rabbit ears. She's a 2nd - generation Japanese; taller and shapelier than her parents. She got an apartment with her best school friend to pay her cosmetology school expenses.

"Laurel, we're going to be late for work." Laurel's roommate, Heather Grove, said as Laurel jumped out of bed when she read the time on the clock. Heather was from a well-to-do family that owned a chain of stores. She wanted to make it on her own and was slumming for work experience. The clock read: 8:00. "Oh, no." Laurel thought. Her boss, Sondra Evans, would bite her head off for being late again. Throwing together the first outfit she could, she ran down the hall to the kitchen.

"Heather! Why didn't you wake me up earlier?" Laurel asked.

"Laurel, I've been trying to get you up for the past hour. It's not like I'm your mother," Heather replied.

Laurel sighed. "Come on, Heather. You know I've been running late since we were in the same home room in grade school. You got to help me out."

"Well at least I don't have to pack you a lunch like your mom." Heather giggled as the two headed off out the door for her mile jog to work. Laurel looked at her watch. 8:30am. Miss Evans would yell at them for sure. Heather would yell at her for making them both late. Laurel just wanted more beauty sleep.

Laurel started to think of excuses as they passed a Shell gas station and cut across a paved parking lot in a panic. Racing up, taking the stairs two at a time, the girls entered the main doors of Crown Boutique. Swinging the door open, they dashed inside the store only to screech to a halt in the foyer.

Miss Evans, the store manager, stood before them with her arms crossed, blocking the way, watching Heather try to stand at attention while clumsy Laurel did an acrobatic flop on the floor. "All right - You two will be docked for the time that you missed this morning", she said with her cold steel blue eyes." I'd argue with you more, but the place is a mad house today, and I really need your help covering. Now get ready and get to work!"

R...Right Miss Evans." The two said at once. They knew if they screwed up again they might be fired.

Flying to the back to put their things away Laurel snagged her pantyhose on some blocking for a display.

"Why do you always have to bump into things"? said Heather as she watched Laurel inspect her hose..

"I dunno, I can't seem to figure it out".

"Maybe Miss Evans will let you have a free pair"..

Once at their stations, they quickly moved from customer to customer, helping each with their purchases. As Laurel dashed about in a panic, her left heel broke off and she toppled headlong into a free standing mannequin display. Like dominoes, the first figure knocked over the next one until all of them came down. six poorly constructed mannequins cracked and shattered as they fell on top of each other on the tile floor.

"Miss Nakajima!" Miss Evans shouted angrily at her assistant. "You idiot! You know how much I need those mannequins to display the sale items for this weekend. Now I'll have to close the store early while you're going to help me pick out some replacements."

"Why not let me come along, too?" Heather suggested. "I feel bad about making Laurel late this morning," she fibbed to take some of the heat off her friend.

"Now get these display figures off the floor before a customer trips over them" Sondra Evans fumed. "Oh and by the way, there will be no overtime"!

This is stupid, Laurel thought. It's not like I knocked those mannequins down on purpose. Now I have to suffer by carrying these dummies around like some kind of janitor. Just a good thing that they are so light. Even I should easily be able to move them. She looked down at a jagged hole in one of the mannequin's stomachs and that instantly made her own stomach growl. Her mind soon switched from the bad situation she was in to thinking about food.

Laurel remembered that once again, she was so late for work that she didn't have a chance to grab any breakfast. With Heather's help, the pieces of the broken mannequins were soon picked up and taken to the back store room. The fact that Heather was pitching in to help her made her somewhat happier.

One at a time the mannequins were lifted and dropped into a giant shredder to the recycled. The machine growled like something alive; metal teeth chewing into the fiberglass and plastic bodies, sending chips and dust flying everywhere. One arm poked up out of the roiling mass like a drowning person's last attempt at rescue before going under for the last time. Laurel never liked disposing of mannequins because it nearly felt like murder to her. "I never liked slicing up the dummies." Laurel told Heather. "Some mannequins seem so real these days that it's almost like we're killing actual people."

"Nonsense," Heather replied. "There nothing but inert plastic. They're not alive and never have been. We have this same talk every time we do this."

Miss Evans suddenly pushed back the curtain around the shredder area. "I didn't send you back here so you could gossip." She stood over them with anger in her eyes.

"This kind of attitude makes me wonder why I don't fire you." Miss Evans said, pointing back to the front of the shop. "I suggest you get back to work. And Laurel, I hope your school grades are better than your work habits around here."

After work, all Laurel wanted to do was sulk, but there was more work to do that had been her fault. She now had to drive with Miss Evans and Heather to a local dealer and pick up some replacement mannequins. She had wanted to go to the health club, but now her evening was ruined. Laurel moaned to her best friend. "Heather..." She sighed. "I'm sorry I got you into this mess."

It was tough for Heather to feel sorry for her. "Laurel, you're always pulling lame stuff like this. You're constantly late, and you've been clumsy as a foal for long as I've known you." Heather grumbled. "So why don't you just not let this latest screwup bother you. You're not going to change; I'm used to it by now."

"She's got a point, Laurel." Miss Evans said behind the driver's wheel while they waited for the light to change. "I'm sorry too I yelled at you before. It was an accident; that's nothing for you to get so depressed about or me to be so upset about. They happen. We'll pick up ourselves and get on with business."

Pulling up in the back of a dingy brick building in the warehouse section of town, their supervisor parked the van in one of the spaces by the entrance. A faded sign above read "Elegance Display Fixtures." The three women got out of the van, locked it carefully, and went inside. They walked past the showroom where several mannequins had been arranged and dressed in stylish sample outfits belonging to different store departments. Some had on sports gear, some lingerie, while others were modeling evening wear. Laurel commented on how lifelike they looked and started to walk over to them, but Heather scowled at her room-mate for delaying them more; Laurel rejoined the group with a sheepish look on her face.

Passing through a door marked as 'Authorized Personnel Only' they came into a work area where several new mannequins were being put together and placed in a frozen chorus line on their display bases. These figures had full wigs on and were posed in different display attitudes while workers completed their skin coloring. On a table sat another mannequin with the legs crossed jauntily as her make-up was being done. This one seemed to be staring right through them with a blank, glassy gaze from her painted blue eyes.

Miss Evans knocked lightly on the open office door, drawing the attention of the woman seated inside who, looking up, smiled broadly and then stood to meet the visitors.

"So nize to see you again, Sondra," the dealer said with a light eastern-European accent. She was a strikingly slim, beautiful lady who looked to be in her mid-thirties; through the many years Miss Evans had known Isabella Fortini she had never seemed to age a day. "Has been almost several of years since you come by -in perzon- to see me. Too long. We really should go out for drinks again sometime, honey." She hugged Sondra Evans in that casually intimate way of European greetings. Or was it so casual?

"You haven't changed a bit, Izza." Miss Evans said in a jealous tone. "One day I'll learn your beauty secrets."

"I be happy to teach you, dear Sondra," Isabelle replied. "Best have private lesson, you know?" She angled her head to indicate the two confused young girls who knew nothing of their Miss Evans’ torrid affair with the dealer many years ago in art school. Back then Sondra and Izza had been quite a couple.

Miss Evans had no desire to bring up that bit of her past again. She smiled coldly at her onetime lover, ignored the obvious invitation, and continued. "I am really quite busy nowadays, running the boutique and all. Maybe I'll wait for your book. In the mean time, I need some replacement mannequins for my big sale this weekend. My clumsy assistants damaged the ones I was going to use."

"That's no trouble at all, sweetie. You will be zimply amazed by my new ladies." Miss Fortini said as she leaned back over her desk and pressed a button. A few seconds later a tall, graying man in his mid forties wearing a dark suit and tie walked in. "Burt, please help Miss Evans pick out some of our deluxe mannequins for her store's weekend sale. She would like our very finest style."

"Yes sir." Burt said with a sly smile as he escorted the ladies out of the office. Laurel couldn't help but stare nervously at how life-like the mannequins in the work room were. They looked real, like motionless people standing there still as statues. She resisted her impulse to touch them, but her attention to the figures was not lost on the dealer as she edged closer to the shapely young woman. Heather and Miss Evans were almost to the door already.

"You like my mannequins?" Miss Fortini asked as she leaned towards Laurel with a daydream-y smile. "I can show you more of them, if you like?" Laurel remembered seeing Heather wearing such an excited expression when talking about going out with her boyfriends. That made Laurel even more nervous than Izza's close proximity did. This woman was coming on to her!

"Y...Yes, they're very life like to be sure." Laurel stuttered, backing away. She didn’t notice that she had left her purse in the office. "I'd, ah, better join others in picking out some mannequins and loading them aboard the truck. If...If you'll please excuse me."

"But of courze, darling." Miss Fortini said with a wicked smile. "Please call me Izza, dearie."

"Sure… Izza." Laurel said as she joined the others in the showroom area. Again late, she was able to help in picking out only the last three mannequins. These were standing models, to replace the ones she had bumped. Burt had a cellphone and when they made their selections he relayed the choice to a worker in the storeroom. Heather was pushing for a relining mannequin, too, saying it would make a good floor display. Eventually, Miss Evans agreed, but not before Laurel had time to inspect one of the mannequins very closely. Face-to-face, the fine detail in the figure was incredible. She could even see the tiny pattern in the skin and flecks on color in this mannequin's blue-green eyes. The lips on this one were slightly open and she could even see that the teeth and tongue inside the mouth had been painted in too. They were truly exquisite facsimiles!

"Are you going to join us, or do we have to stand all day here, Laurel?" Heather scolded her from over by the door to the loading dock where her friend, Burt, and Miss Evans waited impatiently.

"Oh, sorry. I kinda got carried away…" She rushed over to join them and they all entered the shipping room together.

Standing in a row were the mannequins in the poses they had selected. To Laurel, however, they didn't look exactly the same as those in the showroom. Her practiced eye picked out small differences in these figures. Not enough to mention really, but this variation was unexpected. She wondered for a moment if that Fortini woman was trying to pull a fast one on Miss Evans by substituting lesser quality figures. There was another thing, too. It had started to bother Laurel that one mannequin with a wig in the same hair color and style as hers actually looked a little like her as well. She then noticed others also looked somewhat like Heather and Miss Evans. She knew it had to be her imagination!

"They're super," Heather exclaimed, catching sight of the elegant mannequins. "Look, this one even has my hairstyle - she's like the sister I never had!" She scampered over and posed next to her fiberglass twin, freezing in a copy of the figure's stance for a second. Miss Evans also noticed the resemblance but thought nothing of it. She knew mannequins were sculpted from common body types and then idealized; Heather's trim athletic physique and perky blonde-haired complexion was pretty close to perfect already. She even felt a slight desire for the assistant, probably brought on by the memories of her sapphic fling years ago.

"You two quit clowning around and start getting the mannequins into the truck; I'll square up the price with Izza and join you in a few minutes."

"Okay…" Heather conceded, "Come on Laurel. No rest for the weary. She picked up the mannequin and started for the exit. Once at the van, she leaned it up inside the cargo compartment, tied the rigid figure in place with bungie cords, and then came back for the next one. One of Izza's helpers followed with the base and support rods. Alternating with Laurel, she never left the truck unattended. Only a few minutes later, Miss Evans returned from the office, looking a little flushed.

"Once we get the last of these mannequins loaded, we can get back to the shop. If you're not against putting in a little overtime, maybe we can get them ready tonight." Miss Evans said, glad that she could finally get back to where they had been before the accident.

Laurel had just loaded her doppelganger into the van and started for her seat when she realized that she was missing something. "I forgot my purse in the office, Miss Evans." Laurel said as she set the mannequin down on the cargo bed. "I'll get it and be right back."

"She'd forget her head if it wasn't attached." Miss Evans sighed. To Laurel she called, "Heather and I will wait right here. Hurry up!"

"Tell me about it," Heather agreed. "Look, she even forgot to secure that last mannequin. I'll do it…" Taking off her seatbelt, the assistant threaded her way back between the close-packed figures and finished the job her ditzy friend had started. Returning to her seat, she turned on the AM radio and began searching for a pop station to pass the time with.

Entering though the nearby shipping door, Laurel retraced her steps back toward the office when she heard voices, Burt and Izza by the sound of them, raised in anger. She was too much of a snoop to let this dish go by, so she crouched behind a box filled with Styrofoam nubbins and listened in.

"But you can't just take over like that!" Burt was saying as he paced around the office. It will be too obvious to anyone what you have done."

"Nonsenze, it is you who are miztaken. By tomorrow, there will be no one left who can raise a finger to stop me." She turned towards him, fire in her dark eyes. "That includes you as well, if you can not be more prudent." Leaving the threat hanging in the air, she turned her back on him and strode out into the work area. Laurel had to duck to avoid being seen. "Now, what about these new candidates?"

Burt followed behind her, cowed for the moment, grateful for the change of subject. "They are all clean, no close family or friends. We can begin at any time…"

Laurel craned her neck to see three young women standing where the mannequins had been earlier. They were young, about her age, and completely naked. All stood at attention, hands limp at their sides, as if they were in a trance while Izza walked between them. Inspecting their faces and bodies with a critical eye and more than a little amorous interest. "They will do," she finally pronounced. "You may proceed."

The man motioned to a pair of helpers, who began wheeling what looked a glassed-in telephone booth into the center of the space. One side opened in a door; there was a little platform raised about six inches from floor level inside. Cables or tubes ran off to connect with a group of high-pressure cylinders and other unknown machinery. The glass of the walls was slightly cloudy in appearance.

Without saying a word, Burt pointed at one of the women and motioned her toward the apparatus. She moved slowly, sluggishly, but managed to step inside without assistance. Burt closed the door, sealing her inside, and signaled the helper with the control paddle. Suddenly the interior was flooded with a pinkish fog so thick that it almost completely obscured the girl within. Electric arcs coursed through the mist in a downward motion and the smell of ozone sweetened the air. After only about two minutes the arcs shut off and the fog vanished into thin air. When the helpers opened the door only a tiny puff leaked out onto the floor and evaporated.

The helpers reached in and lifted the young girl out, since it was clear she could not move on her own any longer. Her skin and hair had taken on a slick, shiny appearance that looked to the astounded Laurel like wet paint, or plastic, As if on cue, Miss Fortini stepped up to the figure and quickly repositioned the girl's body into a sexy pose like one of her mannequins. Wherever she left the girl's limbs, they stayed there. Izza even massaged the girl's expression into a vivacious smile where it, too, remained frozen exactly as posed. Finishing the girl, Izza gave her the once over; touching her breasts and circling her nipples slowly. Laurel nearly gasped as she witnessed them fade!

Laurel thought this girl now looked just like one of the mannequin figures; then a chill shiver ran down her back as she saw Izza reach down and pet the girls sex, and it too faded! She then realized what had happened, this girl had just been turned into a life-like mannequin! Her discovery was confirmed when the helpers tipped the new mannequin, now completely rigid, backward and carried it between them to the finishing area. By then the second girl was already in the spray chamber enveloped in the transforming gas. "I...I don't believe it." Laurel gasped to herself as she leaned forward for a better look. It was really happening.

I've got to get out of here! Laurel thought, then remembered her purse and why she had come back. She could even see the strap of it, peeking out of the office doorway. Izza and Burt and the helpers were busy and distracted with the mannequinizer, so she decided to risk it. It was not the wisest choice.

She had crept out from behind the box and was about halfway to the office door when Burt chanced to look in her direction and surprised her with a shouted "You! What are you DOing here?"

Laurel sprinted the remaining steps to the office, grabbed her purse, and started to run for the door when

the voice of Isabella Fortini shouted something in a strange dialect, then in English declared "I command you: Stop exactly as you are!" Laurel felt all of her muscles stiffen up as she instantly froze in mid-step. Try as she might, she could not move at all; her body no longer was under her control.

Miss Fortini quickly turned to her unexpected visitor as a wicked smile spread across her ruby red lips.

"I guess you learned my beauty secret after all, honey." Izza smiled as she approached the motionless Laurel. "Of course, that little secret must now remain a confidence between us...forever. Soon your lips will be sealed as well as the rest of your lovely body."

Laurel guessed what was coming next. She struggled to scream, or move, or do anything at all besides stand there as Izza directed her helpers. "Strip her and put her in the infuser and cycle it. We have a new candidate."

Nooo! She tried to say as her clothes were removed, she felt herself being picked up and deposited inside the booth and the door was closed. Clouds of lacquery-smelling pink gas welled up around her and Laurel could hear the sound of an electrical discharge somewhere close by. Oh, please, no - don't do this to meee! she was thinking as her skin began to tighten, then blackness.



"Confound it, how long is she going to take?" Miss Evans exclaimed, looking at her pendant watch for the third time. Over a quarter-hour had elapsed.

"This is uncommon, even for Laurel," Heather affirmed. At time-and-a-half, she was willing to wait quite some time for her errant friend to show up.

"We've got work to do! Go and get her; I'll watch the van." Miss Evans fumed.

Heather hopped out and made her way to the shipping dock, where she dutifully rang the bell. There was no answer. Try again; same. She found the door was unlocked. "Hello? Hellooo?" she called once inside. Nobody seemed to be around. "Laurel! This isn't funny!" she yelled, and heard only echoes in return. Feeling like some kind of intruder, Heather stepped further into the mannequin factory. She saw another line of new mannequins, standing in their display poses, along with a spray-booth-gizmo she hadn't seen before. Making it to the office, she saw Laurel's purse and picked it up. No telling where that silly girl has gotten lost at this time, she fumed to herself. She checked the toilet; empty. By now she was nearly at the showroom area, so Heather figured she'd check the whole place out before reporting back to Miss Evans that Laurel was nowhere to be found.

There was a new figure in the diorama this time, dressed in a very familiar skirt; Heather had one just like it, then remembered that Laurel had borrowed it from her. This morning. The mannequin was facing away from her, so Heather had to tip-toe around to where she could see the figure's face more clearly. She almost fainted dead away.

Standing stiffly in position, frozen into rigid plastic, was LAUREL. Not just some lookalike; it was her. Heather was sure of it. The mannequin had exactly the same hairstyle, expression, and figure as her friend and the nail on her left finger was chipped the same way. Even her eyes looked identical, everything was the same except this doppelganger did not move or blink.

Heather realized she had to get her friend out of this bizarre place and tried to lift her up. Laurel's body - if that's what it was - seemed incredibly light, weighing no more than one of the other mannequins.

"Going zomewheres? I don' think zo…." It was the Fortini woman's voice.

Spinning about to face Izza, Heather felt a sharp sting in her left ass cheek. She twisted around to see Burt pulling a large syringe from her behind. "Wha?" Deciding, too late, it was time to escape, she tried to run but could not. Heather was in shock when she found her feet were rooted in place. If she could have seen inside of her shoes, she would have realized that the tingling feeling in her feet was the toes fusing together. The tingling started to spread upward through her body.

"I donnn't knoooow whaaaaaaaaat kinnnd of triiick yoooour tryiiiiing tooo pull." Every word out of Heather's mouth now dragged out like her voice was on a low battery tape. "Yooou neaaaaver geeet aaaaway wiiiiith thissss!"

"That's what you think." Miss Fortini said with a smile. "It isn't any kind of trick. You see, I'm a devotee of the black arts who has discovered an eternal youth spell. You might want to call me a witch, if you could say anything at all. I drain the life energy out of people to remain alive. Of course the process leaves my victims rather hollow as a result. Like perfect mannequins. Eventually I discovered how to turn a tidy profit from my techniques. In a small way you should feel grateful to me, because you are not going to grow old any longer. You will forever remain as young and lovely as you are right at this moment." Izza placed her hands on the girl's shoulders and chanted in a foreign tongue.

Heather was helpless to resist as her body was transformed. As the plastic coating passed over her sex, she was washed in a wave of pure pleasure that remained within her as it passed her chest and kept her full breasts erect. Tightness spread all over her body as if every muscle was solidifying at once. One of her last actions was to gasp in delight, then her pursed lips froze in a sexy manner for all the world to see. Miss Fortini smiled with pleasure as the spell overcame Heather's face and made her stare blankly forward. She posed Heather's arms and torso like a mannequin before her body became completely stiff a few seconds later. "You are a very pretty young lady; It's a shame I didn't get the chance to share my bed with you before you discovered my secret. Afterward you see, it isn't nearly as much fun for me, or for you."

Knock! Knock! rapped Izza's knuckles on Heather’s forehead. "Now you’re mine"..

Izza then turned her attention to Burt. "Burt dahling, are last candidates ready for my inspection".

"Yes they are".

"Good then let’s be on our way then". They turned to leave the two new additions, when Izza suddenly stopped. "Burt, don't you think we need a form here"?

"Why, when have we ever needed one before"?

"Cause, dahling, the boutique needs one".

"Well, the others are ready, perhaps one of them can be cut down then".

"No I have something else in mind". Izza twisted her hand and Burt froze in his tracks. "You see Burt, I know you've become unhappy here, and I know you wish to strike out on your own. This just won't do; That's why YOU will become the torso form!"

She moved to Burt’s frozen form and became to disrobe him, taking her time removing his clothes.

Panic raced in Burt’s mind as he knew what was coming for him. After all, he had done it to so many.

"First, I remove these clothes, then the fun begins," Izza finished removing Burt’s clothes and knelt before him. "We need to get rid of this", she said as she took hold of Burt’s manhood and began stroking it.

It didn't take long for Burt to stand at attention. Izza then took Burt’s engorged cock and wrapped her lips around it giving him one last bit of pleasure as a man.

"This is really not my thing, but I thought you would enjoy it".

Burt nearly came as Izza sensed it and finished her felatio with a kiss, she then took Burt’s balls and shoved them one at a time up inside him. This made Burt even more excited. Izza then took the hardened member and pushed it back up inside him as well. With only the tip of his cock showing Izza slowly stroked the nearly empty space till it took receded up and smoothed over...

"Now for the part I like, I'll make you the woman you always wanted to be. We'll start with your breasts".

Slowly, ever so slowly, Izza circled Burt’s nipples on his chest with her tongue. They began to rise as the effect spread about his body, making his hips wider, and his waist narrower. Burt’s complexion changed to a fairer tone as his hair turned blond and fell behind him..

Then the hardening began.. Before Burt knew it, his reflection in the mirror had become that of an erotic blonde beauty.

"Now to finish the job, Sondra is on her way, and I have something special planned for her".

Placing both hands on Burt’s breasts, Izza concentrated; slowly Burt felt the changes. The hardness already upon him, the hair on his new feminine head was retracting back into her scalp. Her face smoothed over and her head receded to her neck. As the neck line stopped so did the arms and legs, the arms just below the shoulder and the legs right above the knee..

Izza set down the now limbless female torso that was once Burt, giving one final rub to where his sex used to be. "This is how I deal with betrayers, you had it good here Burt, I don't know why you wanted to strike out on your own".

Heather remained conscious, gazing rigidly into the face of her equally mannequinized friend, Laurel. She wondered how long she would be standing here, then realized it might be forever and there was absolutely nothing she could do about it. So whining about her fate wasn't good, she told herself. Then she thought about Miss Evans and the devious trap her supervisor was going to walk into without warning.

Another ten minutes had elapsed when Miss Evans lost all patience and stormed into the factory, angry as hell about her two wayward assistants. That screwup Laurel probably got Heather into trouble too, she guessed without knowing the truth. Izza was waiting for her at the door.

"Back zo soon, my lover?" she purred. "Ready now for that 'private lesson'?"

"No, and I never will be, Isabella. When I left you, I left for good, Now, where are my girls?"

"You have already loaded them into your vehicle, no?"

"Not the mannequins, Izza, my assistants."

"How can you be zure? Fashions change zo quickly, these days. I must keep up with the times. Take these two, for instance. They are the very latest ones and yet I fear zoon they will be obsolete as well." Miss Fortini indicated the latest additions to her display diorama.

"Where are my….?" Miss Evans' voice trailed off as she at last got a good look at the shiny new mannequins and what they were wearing. "No! They can't be?" She rushed over to the pair and rapped on their stiff, hollow-sounding cheeks with her hand. Heather and Laurel wobbled slightly but were otherwise mute. Trapped inside their bodies, Heather and Laurel pleaded with Miss Evans for release, as they constantly bombarded with wave after wave of sexual energy.

"What have you DONE to them?" she screamed, turning on her former lover. "This isn't more of your parlor magic and hypnosis!"

"No, dear Sondra, I have improved my skills immeasurably zince the last time we made love. But think not of your colleagues for the moment; think about our unfinished business instead." She snapped her fingers in Miss Evans' face. "Freeze!" she commanded.

There was no warning at all; one moment she was standing there normally, the next her body was locked in position like a living statue. Sondra Evans knew at that moment what had just happened to Laurel and Heather and what was probably going to happen to her too.

Miss Fortini laughed wickedly at the woman's predicament. "You were always the talkative one, Sondra, but no longer. Quiet suits you, as will being placed on display. Eventually…" Taking her time, savoring the situation, Izza reached up and began to undress Miss Evans. First came her short bolero jacket, then the tight satin skirt. Her ruffled blouse was next, revealing her lacy black undergarments and garter-supported hose. "My, you have kept yourself in excellent condition for me!" she gushed as she unclasped the bra and let it drop away. Miss Evans was powerless to stop the sorceress as she cupped her breasts and ran her hands over her motionless body. She could feel her buttocks being fondled, followed by Izza’s exclamation "Nice and firm, just the way I like them! Of course not as firm as you are going to be, but that will be later, my lethargic lover."

While Sondra stood unmoving, Isabella slipped off her garters and panties, then began to probe the frozen woman's sex with her tongue. The stimulation was starting to get intense, Miss Evans thought, but was not in any position to resist - or affirm. And Izza seemed to be doing enough for both of them.

"This is fun, but I do need you to participate," the witch said in time. "You will forget any inhibitions you may feel and make love to me now as if we had never stopped. Unfreeze!" Miss Evans had only a moment of freedom before her lust-crazed body crushed into Izza's and both fell upon the carpeted floor of the display area. Her emotions were not her own, but they were. Or were they? The two reunited lovers lost themselves in each other, oblivious to the mannequins standing blithely nearby or the motionless forms of the entranced helpers and Burt. For all purposes that mattered, they were absolutely alone now.

Sondra Evans remembered little of the next hours or days, except that they were exceedingly pleasurable in a way she had not thought possible. With Izza, of all people!



The next thing she was aware of was standing upright in the studio, unable to move once more. Her body felt strange, hollow, and there was a plastic-y scent which she could not avoid. Facing her at three corners of a pentangle were the mannequinized forms of her co-workers Heather and Laurel. Other than being now without clothes, they appeared the same as when she had first seen them.

Isabella Fortini hovered inside the demon's circle as well, clad in a figure-hugging black bodysuit and crimson cape. She held a large book from which she read arcane phrases. The smell of incense mixed with plastic and cheap perfume in the smoky air. Abruptly, Izza finished her passage and looked up.

With a snap of her fingers, three grotesque creatures passed through the floor holding the pentagram and the mannequins like the floor wasn't even there. The creatures were hunched over with large red eyes that made them look like they had goggles on. Out of their foreheads came tiny, pointed horns. "Go to it, my minions!" Miss Fortini ordered, pointing at the motionless figures.

Miss Evans and the others could only watch helplessly as the demons' long, sharp finger nails sliced through their waists like a hot knife through butter. Inexplicably, there was no pain. More cuts separated their bodies at the arms, hands, and shoulders. For some reason the severed pieces did not fall away, but remained in place. They were becoming more mannequin-like all the time.

"You'll like this part." Izza said as their doubles where brought into the room and placed before them.

she them passed her hand over the sexless areas of the doubles and sexes where restored to them, she then quickly switched tops with each of the girls placing dildos in each of them.

Heather thought she would lose consciousness again as the walls of her newly restored pussy where expanded..

"These real mannequins you were going to buy will now receive your life force; I have perfected that remaining element of magic." Miss Fortini answered the girls expected question about what was to be done with them. "They will run MY new boutique and you will be the ones on display. What's more, since they now have your lower torso, whatever they feel down there so will you. Only intensified!

She then went one by one to each girl and her mannequin twin and concentrated, each is the girls new pussies sealed up and their facial features became less and less like their twins, soon Heather and Laurel looked nothing like their former selves.

"Now for my dear Sondra".

Izza worked her magic on her former lover transferring her energy into her twin, but instead of her face changing into that of a regular mannequin, it Vanished completely!

The power of their orgasms intensified as their twins came into their new reality.

"You will never say I'm a cruel mistress; even I will allow you pleasure for the rest of your days that you spend as mannequins", she said rubbing the chin of her faceless lover. "If you're wondering why I'm doing this, let's just say I'm trying to diversify. Tomorrow I will begin to assume control of MY new boutique and you will be among the ones on display."

"Go now." Miss Fortini ordered as the creatures vanished back through the floor and the helpers carried the new mannequins to the back of their truck. They each knew what their fate would be during the short drive back to Crown Boutique. Their future was in a window.

It was Friday night and Miss Fortini was sitting lazily on a chair. She had one leg swung over the arm of the chair as she leaned back and watched her servants set up her former lover and her friends together in a free standing display. Every once in a while she would reach over to a bowl of chips on the table beside her and grabbed a handful.

"Sondra, dear," The witch said with a smile spread across her face. "I hope you enjoyed the outfit I picked out for you."

'It is beautiful,' Miss Evans thought as she stared blankly at Heather while dressed in a backless, strapless evening gown with four inch pumps. The jewels she was adorned with were also breath-taking. She thought Heather looked nice too. The mauve jacket and mini-skirt-suit complimented her hair quite well. She was just dashing in the white leather pumps with those thick, tall heels.

"Come now, girls." Miss Fortini said pleasantly. "Just think you'll look beautiful through out the ages. You really ought to thank me for making you as immortal as I am. Even the mannequins I have animated as my helpers will not zurvive as long as you."

Laurel's living twin moved her head into the position of a sideways glance. "That's perfect," Izza commented. She smiled at her little creation in a black leather mini skirt, white blouse and red leather jacket. "You do look good in this, don't you think?" The replica commented in her own voice.

Of course the real Laurel couldn't answer the brazen dealer. She could only stare helplessly as her twin finished dressing her mannequinized figure with some earrings. Then she could only stand helplessly as she was moved into her display position. As a mannequin she could do nothing more.

The next day a pair of girls approached the front window of the boutique. There must have been two hundred people inside crowding their way into the store under the huge banner "WEEKEND SALE." It was so crowded that people had actually formed a line, which went around the corner and down the block.

"Now's the time." Miss Evan's replica said, using a bull horn to be heard over the crowd of shoppers. "Come choose your favorite clothes fast before they get sold out."

Izza thought just how wealthy a witch she was going to end up. Her new animated living mannequins would make her as much money as the previous women she transformed. "I'll have to pick out a special spot in my office for Miss Evans and her assistants in a few years so nobody will get curious as to why they don't seem to age."

When the throngs of shoppers couldn't find any more of the outfit that Heather had on, they started tearing it off her stiff body. An old lady, who badly needed to go on a diet, got the jacket for her daughter. A second woman got the skirt off her. Soon Heather stood embarrassed in only her pantyhose and heels.

"Let me have leather skirt! A green haired teen yelled.

"It's mine!" A red head with a pierced nose shoved the other teen back before removing the skirt off of Laurel. She held it aloft as a trophy of her success.

Suddenly the whole store was in panic, pushing and shoving to get the clothes off the mannequins. Miss Evans and her assistants rushed back and forth selling clothes like there was no tomorrow, shoving rolls of bills into the cash register. Heather and Laurel thought they were going to be knocked over by the unruly mob of customers. By closing time every mannequin in the store was naked.

"Well, hello beautiful." A young man muscular man with wave dark hair said to Heather's double. He leaned on an empty clothes rack and smiled sweetly. He ran his hand down the hem of her skirt and fingered the lips of her pussy. The real, frozen Heather would have shuddered if she could as it felt like she was the one being probed. "If you have tomorrow off, how about going out to dinner?"

"Sounds lovely." She replied with a smile.

"How about your friend?" he asked, looking over at Laurel.. "We could set up a double date if she is free too."

"Oh, she's not interested in men." Heather's twin giggled. "I have enough trouble keeping her from coming on to me and our boss."

"In that case, how about if I set her up with my sister?" He grinned.

With the customers gone and the doors locked, Miss Fortini's face went from beautiful human into the ugly witch she truly was. "Ha ha ha ha ha! You all did very well today. Once we have you dressed and mounted on display rods, we'll place you in the front window.

Heather and the others could not help but orgasm as their butt plugs were removed. Air rushed in before they were inserted on the poles. Laurel thought having the rod stuck up to her crotch would hurt a lot, but instead she felt even more intense pleasure.

"By the way Heather, you'll know if your carbon clone makes it pass first base." Miss Fortina reminded her. "Since you got a sample when the young man touched her, you'll feel everything that she feels below the waist."

The next day was the only day of the week which the store closed. The living copies of the three women spent it at the hair salon. The memories that got copied allowed them to know what stylist to ask for. They picked seats next to each other and had a cape swung around their shoulders. Their hair was then washed. Miss Evans' copy had her legs waxed and wondered how it felt to the real Miss Evans to be encased in plastic. She notice that Heather was having her eye brows done and knew that the real Heather couldn't feel a thing that happened to the copy from the waist up. The real Heather has to have her actual plastic body touched above for a surge of pleasure to happen.

The three copies found they loved the fuss and attention they got with their face masks, pedicures and nail polish. Each of the three soon wound up with their hair in rollers. Sprays were applied then they were put under the dryer with magazines to read. After the stylist combed and teased their hair was finished. They looked beautiful in their new hair do's.

Before the new Miss Evans went to her home or the new Heather and Laurel went to their apartment, they made a stop at the store. Much to their surprise, the mannequins hair styles changed to match their new ones. Even their polish matched. "That's an interesting side effect." The carbon copy Miss Evans said as she took her shoe off and put her foot against the fused toes of her soul mate.

Putting her shoes back on and getting some money from petty cash, the three girls went home and changed for their dates. A knock on the door and the muscular man who had asked Heather out the day before showed up

That evening Heather and Laurel doubles finished dressing when the doorbell rang. When Heather answered it, the young muscular man and his foxy sister stood on the other side. "Well hellllooo." Heather cooed as she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed. "You must be his sister."

The young blonde woman smiled at Laurel and took her hand. She pulled her out of the room and they headed out to dinner. At the restaurant, Heather took her shoe off and slipped her foot up his pants. She then removed it and ran up the outside of his leg to his crotch. "Hope my double is enjoying the surges of pleasure as much as he is." She thought.

On the ride home, Heather sat in the front seat and leaned her head against her date's shoulder. As she heard Laurel and her date giggling in the back seat, she wondered in their pussy were getting as hot and wet as her own. They barely got through the door when they began to strip one another of their clothes. As the sister sat on the bed in only her pantyhose, she watched while she rubbed her legs together. Heather got on her hands and knees while her guy came up from behind and entered her. He began pumping, her tits jigging wildly when Laurel sound her leg over Heather's head so that she could suck on her pussy.

As the bouncing of Heather caused Laurel to drop to the floor, she moved over to the sister with her pussy soaking wet. Cupping the sister's foot, she sucked on her toes and up her leg. Reached her waist, she pulled down the hose and began to lick the folds of her sex. She reached out to a drawer and pulled out a double sided dildo that she knew would send her frozen counterpart out of her mind with pleasure.

The next day, Miss Fortini was waiting for the girls in the boutique with a contract. "Alright, Miss Evans." She said to her magical creation. "As much as I enjoyed being with you last night, we do have business to finish up. You just sign this place officially over to me now while you still work for me."

"Please, Miss Fortini." Miss Evans said. "About this contract. Is this like the one the man you changed into a mannequin signed? We love being alive and don't want to go back to being frozen and feeling empty inside."

"Are you daring to double cross me!" Miss Fortini shouted as her hair stood on end and she pointed with her long painted finger nails. "I could return you all to your original inert state with a mere gesture."

"I had my reasons for stopping by the store before seeing you." Miss Evans said as she pulled a remote from her purse and pushed a large red button. A section of floor suddenly slid back and dropped Miss Fortini into a vat of plastic. The chemicals quickly coated the witch, making her instantly stiff. "Quite ironic for you to receive the treatment you intended for us."

"She always wanted to live forever." Laurel said as she and Heather picked her out of the vat and began stripping her while Miss Evans closed the second panel in the floor. By the time Miss Evans finished waiting on the store's first customer of the day, Miss Fortini was dressed in something more suitable to the store and had a rod put in where her sex used to be.

With nobody but them in the store, Heather and Laurel changed the outfits on their plastic twins. "Hope you enjoyed yourselves last night." Heather whispered in her double's frozen ear. "Now that Miss Fortini is out of the way, we'll make sure you'll continue to feel such pleasure for as long as we live."


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