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Finally, after weeks of putting up with rattling pipes and sometimes a foul odor from the fresh water taps, the remodel on Cindy's townhouse was almost complete. Soon she would actually be enjoying the comforts of her new home rather than dreading them. This morning the plumber announced that he would be finished by early afternoon. Right now, however, he was sucking down some much needed carbonation that Cindy had offered him.

"Exactly what is left to do today?" Cindy asked. The plumber, who was a pleasant enough person, replied, "I just need to add the new filter units that you requested and show you how to use them. Should take another hour. After that I really should test all of the fixtures again." Perhaps this was the opportunity Cindy was looking for. For a plumber, he was much more than she expected. When the plumber first arrived oh so long ago, she expected to open the door and see an out of shape broken down middle aged man. Sadly, those stereotypes had settled in after years of hearing jokes from her ex-boyfriend, an aspiring apprentice plumber whom she dumped a week before the remodel on her townhouse began. When she opened the door and saw this person for the first time, she stood dumbfounded for several seconds, staring at his trim, muscular body. From that moment, she wanted him. Her only problem was how to approach him. She wasn't exactly a shy person, but something in the plumber's stature and demeanor slightly intimidated her. Over the last few days, however, after engaging in smalltalk, the intimidation vanished. This was the moment, she decided. In a little more than an hour he'd be gone. It was now or never.

She looked deeply into his eyes and asked, "How would you like to test the bedroom shower... with me?" A few seconds passed. He didn't take his eyes off of her. Cindy tensed. "I'd love to." He simply replied. Cindy's heart skipped a beat, "Well then, I'd better let you get back to work." She left the room feeling exhilarated and a bit nervous. An hour later he entered the bedroom. Cindy was waiting for him. She was naked, looking out her window. She turned around and let her eyes walk over his body. He was obviously excited by what he saw, sending a wave of excitement through her body. He saw her take a deep breath and then began to remove his clothes. She never took her eyes off of him. "How to you keep your physique in such perfect shape?" She asked. He replied "On weekends I model and photograph models." He gazed upon her statuesque figure again, considering his next question. Should he go for it? Finally he asked, "would you like to see my studio? I'd think that you'd be a perfect addition to my photographic and collection of models." She couldn't believe how quickly he seemed to be moving and decided that if she was in for a penny... well, what the hell. She accepted his offer. "Let me show you how the new water filters work, shower and take you to my studio. Sound okay to you?" She nodded her approval and he led her from the bedroom and into her bathroom.

He showed Cindy a panel in the wall under the sink. "This is where you can change the filters for your bathroom water. When you need to change the filters, move this lever, pop off the old filters and pop on the new ones. Here are some spare filters." He showed her a box that contained some cylindrical objects that looked like they could be filters, but one of them was of a different color than the others. "What's this filter for?" She asked. "This is a special filter. My models who've used it have never gone back to the standard filters." "I'd like to try it out." She said. "Okay, but let's experience the other one first." They entered the shower together and she lathered him up... in more ways than one. He rinsed off, turned and pinned her against the wall, teasing her with his plumbing. She squirmed and moaned in delight. "Are you ready to try out the special filter?" "Oh, yes.", she said breathlessly. He stepped out of the shower and quickly switched the filter. "Do you feel a difference yet?" She did. She immediately felt as if she had spent an hour soaking in a hot tub. She was slightly light headed and tingling all over. "I can't describe it... It's wonderful!" "I'm going to dry off, why don't you enjoy yourself for a few minutes?"

Cindy lathered herself up, wishing that the object of her desires was helping her. She decided to shave herself bare. A few minutes later, her body was smooth and hairless. She rinsed herself off. She felt incredibly good. "This is some device he's hooked up. No wonder his models won't use anything else.", she thought to herself. She began running her hands over her body, delighting at her own touch, which electrified her even more than ever before. A few minutes later the plumber entered the room, "How about getting dressed to go to my studio?" It took a few seconds for the plumber's question to register on her consciousness. When it did, she stepped out of the shower. "Brrr... I need to turn down the air conditioner!" She started to move the bedroom to turn off the air conditioner. She took two steps and stopped in front of her mirror to look at herself for a moment. Was it the steam on the mirrors, or was something different? She ignored it and stared to walk into her bedroom. She let out a gasp. She couldn't move! "Is something wrong?", he asked. She didn't reply, not because she didn't know what to say, but because she couldn't. Not only was she frozen in place, but she couldn't speak, or even blink an eyelid.

He moved behind her, pressing his body against hers. He addressed her image in the mirror in front of them. The heat from his body made her forget the plight she was in for a moment. "Let me help you." He placed his hands around her waist and lifted her effortlessly onto the counter. He positioned her hands and arms to support her position on the counter. She was seated, facing him, legs spread and pointed out, not knowing what to think about the situation. Part of her was excited, but a larger part of her was almost in a panic. He stepped out her view for a minute, returning with a spray can. It was the same color as the 'special' water filter. "You see, dear Cindy," he began, "the filter you were so eager to try contains a special chemical that is absorbed through the skin. Once you stepped into the cooler air outside of the shower, the chemical became active, hardening your body. It is still at work, spreading through your body. In another few hours, even I won't be able to move your limbs without breaking them off. Let me demonstrate." He positioned her head so that she could see her feet. He shook the spray can, pointed it at her left foot and sprayed her foot. It instantly became shiny and numb. A second later she couldn't feel it. The plumber then stroked the bottom of the now transformed foot. She didn't feel his hand. He then stroked the bottom of her right foot. It tickled slightly. He placed the can down on the counter, spread her legs wider and walked between them. He whispered into her ear, "Do you understand why my other models never shower again with a plain filter? They can't! You see, the transformation is rather permanent. Once you're back at my studio, I'll select a pose for you and then spray your entire body to speed the process. You'll maintain that pose until the end of time. As you can see, it doesn't hurt. In fact, you should be feeling warm and fuzzy inside. When feeling subsides you'll have been completely transformed. Before I take you to the studio, let's finish what we started." He shifted her hardened form slightly forward, spread her arms apart and positioned her hands on her thighs. Again he picked her up effortlessly. This time he began teasing her sex with his. She felt his heat. He felt her wetness growing. Moments later, he was ramming himself inside her motionless body. She was nothing more than a sex doll now, she thought to herself. He grew hotter and larger in her. She couldn't focus her thoughts on her plight. He exploded inside her, igniting an orgasm that caused her consciousness to black out.

When she came to she saw that she was in a small but well lit room. Directly in her line of site was an image of herself in a mirror. In the mirror, she could see other naked women in various poses. Their bodies were shiny, like her fully transformed left foot. She noticed that her face and breasts were developing a sheen to them, also. The plumber then appeared in the mirror, walking up behind her. "Let's choose that pose for you now." He bent her at the waist, placing her hands on her knees. He positioned so that she could observe his actions in the mirror. "You're just tall enough, my dear..." he said. A shock shot through her. He was teasing her sex again. "Doggie style?", she thought. "Damn!", came his voice. "The process is too far along for one more fling, my dear Cindy. Oh, well." He walked away and reappeared a minute later with a spray gun. "It is time for you to be immortalized, Cindy. After a few weeks, you'll be placed in a new home. Perhaps a store window or a collector's garden of delights." He began spraying her body, beginning with her right foot and legs. He allowed her to watch them become shiny and hard. He worked his way up to her buttocks. She couldn't observe this transformation, but the plumber rapped his knuckles on her now plastic ass and she knew that the end was near. Next, he sprayed her back, then her sex and chest. He stopped for a few minutes to stand back and observe his handiwork. "You're definitely bound for a store window. I wouldn't want to sentence your beauty to a private collection." He stepped up to her again, "You've been a pleasure to sculpt, my dear. Your beauty will never diminish." The spray struck her in the face. Her eyesight faded and went out. The background noises suddenly became silent. Her thoughts became quieter and then ceased altogether. Her transformation was complete. The plumber placed his hands on her back, feeling his sculpture cool to room temperature. He then ran his hands over Cindy's transformed body, indulging himself in the memories of all of the women he had preserved this way, and then went on to his next plumbing job.