Pokemon Adventures

by Paul G. Jutras

     It was a sunny day and our three travelers were once again finding themselves lost in the woods. What they didn't know was that there strangest adventures just laid ahead of them. Instead of finding it, it was about to find them.

     "Can't you even read a map?" Misty shouted as he put down the map that showed nothing but woods on it.  Brock; figuring this was good time for lunch, whipped out a checkered blanket and silverware from his nap sack.

    "Oh settle down you two." Brock said as a love for food appeared in Ash's eyes. He quickly dropped to his knees and started in on some watermelon like a pig while Misty started to delicately eat some fruit cup. Brock tore into the sandwiches he made.

      That was when a russling in the bushes drew their attention. They turned toward the sound and watched what looked like a Ditto step fourth. "What is it?" Ash asked nobody in particular as he drew his trusty pokedex. "It almost looks like a Ditto, but not quite."

      "DITTO TWO." Dexter the pokedex said in its computer tone.


      "That's enough for me." Ash claimed as he put it away and pulled out a Pokeball. "I'm going to catch it."

    "Haven't you caught enough already?" Misty asked. "Why not let me have this one."

    "Back off, Misty!" Ash shouted. "It's mine!"

    "Ditto Two." The Pokemon said as it released a beam from its body over the two of them. As they stared at one another, they started looking at their own bodies in shock. 

    "What's wrong?" Brock asked as it seemed like they were trying to see something on them. Going into his bottomless nap sack, he pulled out a mirror and handed it between them. He ended up covering his ears as they screamed in shock at the truth.

    "You're me!" Ash and Misty shouted as they pointed at one another.

     "I knew you should of listed to all Dexter had to say." Misty said as she pulled the pokedex from Ash's pocket and pressed for abilities of the displayed Pokemon.



     "That's what happened." Brock said. "Ditto Two changed you two into each other."

     "At least it's only temporary." Misty said in Ash's body.

     "Misty, can I ask you something?" Ash began as Misty stared at her own body. "How do you... er.. how do you go in the woods?"

    "Go?" Misty giggled, getting an idea what he meant. "Guess your going to suffer going to the bathroom in the woods like I've often done when you've gotten us lost."

      "Knock it off, Misty." Brock said. "That's your body, go and help Ash out."

      "Guess it is my body." Misty said as a shadow formed over the group.

          "Not Team Rocket now." Brock declared and both Ash and Misty smiled with a smile on wisdom on their faces. To them there wasn't a better time as they stood back and watched Team Rocket snatch Ditto Two.

    "Can you believe it, Jess." James same with a smile of glee. "We're winners for a change. "Wait until the boss sees this rare Pokemon we got.

     With that Ditto Two glowed and zapped James and Jessie. The two suddenly stepped at James felt a suddenly breeze against bare legs and Jessie listened to the fabric of pant legs rubbing together. "What is this??" They said together.

    "What is what?" Meowth asked.

     "That little creature changed us into each other." Jessie said in James body.

     "Yeah," James added. "Why couldn't it of at least waited until we were in the boss' office. "One of us could of been the head of Team Rocket right now. Talk about a promotion."

    "Guess Jessie will be wearing the pants in this team from now on." Meowth laughed as an Electrobuzz showed up from the brush. With a shock the team were blown up into the sky not knowing the change was temporary.

    "The new Team Rocket is blasting off again!"

     A short of time later, our friends finally made it out of the forest and to Violet City's Pokemon center. Just about everyone in Violet City wore violet clothes, including Nurse Joy. Once inside the Pokemon center,  Ash was glad to be able to use an indoor bathroom. Not until he had taken Misty's body did he enjoy the glory of indoor plumbing. 

     "Excuse me Nurse Joy." Brock said with cupid hearts in his eyes. "I was wondering if you knew how long the effects of Ditto Two lasts? Maybe we could talk it over during dinner tonight."

     "Cool it Romeo." Misty in Ash's body said as Ash stepped out of the ladies room only to be sprayed by an unknown plant Pokemon passing by.  It escaped out a window and off into town. 

      "The effects are normally only a couple of hours." Joy said as she rushed over to Misty's body and saw that she was now faceless. Where her face use to be was now just a blank surface of plastic. "Nobody has ever seen or recorded that last Pokemon before. We have no idea how it might effect your change back."

       "You mean." Brock asked in concern.

     Nurse Joy just nodded. "Yes, I'm afraid. You may be switched forever."

     Brock and Nurse Joy hurried Misty's body into the back room and the plastic continued to spread over her body. Nurse Joy stripped Misty's body and they were all shock when they watched the plastic spread across Misty body. As it passed over the small A cup breasts, they swelled into DD orbs with no nipples. As it reached the hips, the crotch became sexless. Finally the toes fused together when the plastic finished up.

     "Not good." Nurse Joy examine the vital signs of Misty's body and found they were nil. What none of them knew was that the mere touch of the nurse probing was sending pleasurable sparks through Ash's new body and straight to the brain. It got even worst as she took out her tools and studied the labia and whole vagina of the new Misty. "It's as bad as I thought."

      "Come on Nurse Joy," Ash thought to himself. "If anyone can save me from this fate, you can."

     "I got an idea." Misty said as she got down on one of Ash's knees and whispered to Pikachu. Pikachu nodded and sent an electrical surge through the plastic body that was once her own. The surges of energy didn't reanimate the frozen form. It only made Ash orgasm repeatedly with the best orgasm he had ever felt.

     "What do we do now?" Brock asked when the sound of window smashing got their attention. Team Rocket appeared before them and stood back to back.

    "Prepare for trouble." Jessie said.

   "Make it double." James went on.

    "Ahhhh!" Misty screamed in shock of seeing them at this time. "Don't  tell me that you've got your own bodies back!"

     "Yes, we are." James said with a snicker. "Don't tell me you and the brat are still in one another bodies. Hey, where is the brat?"

     "A pokemon turned him into a plastic mannequin." Brock said as they looked on to see Nurse Joy set Ash onto a display stand. The rod up into Ash's new plastic coated vagina and sending surges of continuous pleasure throughout his frozen form. Sparks of colors flashing through eyes that Ash couldn't close even though he wanted to.

     "Ooooo!" James smiled. "That sounds like just the type of rare Pokemon that the boss would love to get his hands on. What do you think?"

     "I don't know." Jessie thought. "The last Pokemon tried to get really did a number on us."

    "But your beauty could be preserve for all time." Meowth declared as Jessie smiled and hit her fist into the palm of her hand.  That was when they all knew that Team Rocket was going to try.

     "We'll help." Misty declared. "There may be away to get back Ash back to normal and everyone into their right bodies."

     The two teams followed the mysterious Pokemon through a crowd of people clad in purple in the street. They ended up in a clothing store where Jessie got a taste of its odor. The first thing Jessie notice was that her feet were rooted to the floor. Inside her boots, her plastic toes were fusing together.

    "Oh no." Jessie said as her last words as her mouth disappeared with the rest of her face. She stood sightless as  one of the window dressers saw Jessie standing in her icky uniform. The feeling of hands stripping the uniform off of her sent sparks of pleasure through her.  Helpless to stop it, she stood naked while the dresser got a red evening gown with sparkles and four inch heels on the Jessie mannequin.  

     "Sorry Jess." James back away scared. "I'm not going anywhere near that thing."

   "Me either." Meowth stated as they ran away. 

    "Honesty." Misty muttered as she watched the cowards run. When turning back the Pokemon was gone. When they returned to the Pokemon center so was the petrified Ash. "Great. Now I'll never get my body back. I'd give just about anything to see my body again."

      "There no way to find out who took Ash and where it went." Nurse Joy bit her lip as she wasn't sure how to help the Pokemon trainers. "Guess you'll have to just live as things are unless by chance Ash turns up in some store someday."




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