Be All the Pokemon You Can Be

by Paul G. Jutras

     With the sound of thunder echoing over the horizon our courageous young heroes had rushed through the woods.  The dark clouds grew thicker and blacker until letting loose with a harsh downpour of cats and dogs. By the time they reached the Pokemon center, they were soaked to the bone.

     "Good thing our knap sacks are waterproof." Ash said as he stepped into the laundry room in a white tee shirt and blue shorts. Throwing the clothes he had on into the dryer. Misty in a blue top denim mini skirt, taupe hose and clogs tried to use this time to fix the run in the ankle of her stocking only to notice a gaping hole just below the skirt hem line for all to see.

     "Just like a girl," Ash joked. "Caring more about her appearance than figuring out new ways to catch Pokemon." 

    "Girls, where?" Brok asked as he stood up and looked this way and that. Tossing her shoes one bopped Ash on the head for his insult and the other hit Brok for simply acting like his usual girl chasing pervert self.  While Ash and Brok decide to go to be, Misty tear up and throw away the hose before painting her toes the color of the sunrise.

     When morning finally came they were all decked out in their normal hiking clothes. As Brok read the map of the area and concern look falls over his face. "This is very strange."

     "What is?" Ash asked.

      "Strange indeed." Brok just said to himself.

     "Will you spit it out already!" Misty shouted.

      "Seems we're near a unknown region." Brok said as he put down the map and pointed the Pokemon center they were at on it. "They say the owner of a large estate housing rare Pokemon live there as well as selling Pokemon art, but nobody knows for sure."

    "Even if we're not allowed to capture them, I've always ready to see a new variety of Pokemon." Ash said with eagerness.

    "Me too." Misty's mood perked up. "Maybe there's types of water Pokemon out there that I don't know about and would like to capture elsewhere."

     "She must be quite a breeder too." Brok said as he rubbed his chin. "Already. Let's check it out."

      "We'll check them checking them out." Meowth said to Jessie and James at a nearby table. "All we have to do is follow them and all those rare Pokekmon will be ours for the taking."

     As they searched for the legendary estate the more lost our heroes seemed to become. Tired, hungry and frustrated they decided to take a rest.  That was when the unexpected happened. Movement in a nearby bush.

     "Pikachu, do you hear something?" Ash asked in a crouch position. A Poke-e-ball was in his hand ready for self defense combat if needed.   As the bushes stopped moving, Ash went to check and found it empty. "I wonder what made them move like that?"

     "Most likely the wind," Brok suggested.

      "I don't think so." Misty said as she pointed to another set of bushes there were moving. Not waiting of it to stop  this time, Ash went over and grabbed a human arm. With a yank, James, Jessie and Meowth all came tumbling on top of them.

     "Team Rocket!" Misty shouted.

     "I shout of know." Ash muttered. "You must of been resting from the storm in the Pokemon center too. You heard our whole plan to come here."

      "That's right." Jessie giggled as she stood up. "And any rare Pokemon here will be ours!"

      "Pikacu, Thunder shock!" Ash shouted as the ions of the air filled with electricity and blasted a tree limb off of a near by tree trunk.

     "Thanks for a club, kid." James sneered. "Now I'm going to give you what you deserve."

     "Go, Go James." Jessie and Meowth called out like a couple of high school cheerleaders.  How the quick change artist suddenly got into blue and red cheerleading outfits, they'd never know.  As Ash threw a rock at James, the blue hair member of Team Rocket hit it out of the park like a baseball.  With the sound of broken glass, they realized they were closer to the estate than they thought.

      More noise came from the bushes and a young woman in a white hat, evening gown ran so fast that she stepped right out of her matching white sandals. "Watch it!" She cried as her barefoot almost tripped over a tree root.

     "What for?" Misty asked as another young girl came from the bushes. This one in a white tee shirt and a pair of red buruma.

     "What's going on out here?" A harsh but feminine voice cried as a witch like figure glided along the ground, her feet never seen beneath her black gown. Her long hair streaming down from underneath her pointed hat.  "Who broke my window?"

     "He did!" James shouted as he tried to shove his self made bat into Ash's hands.

      "Hey!" Ash said as they struggled to give it to one another.

      "I hate kids!" The witch cried out as she changed the lady in white into a Butter Free with a human face and her friend into a purple humanoid snake that looked a little like Jessie's first Pokemon. "I had boys even more than I hate kids!"

      "Come now James," Mewoth said with his cheerleader outfit gone. "You don't really believe she's a witch because of how she's dressed do you?"

     "Now a believer, huh?" The witch said as with a snap of her fingers Meowth was turned to stone. Not just a stone statue. With water pouring out of his mouth the Pokemon knew that irony had made the cat a bird bath. As she levitated the state, the others lost control of their limbs and were forced to walk robotic like to her front yard to see the broken window. "Now you'll not only believe in my power but pay for breaking my window."

      "We don't have any money but if you have a daughter as beautiful as you I'd be glad to marry her." Brok said as a glare from her eye send him flying across the yard into a bush were a serious of unknown Pokemon scattered. The strangest thing were they were that they were wearing clothes. Human clothes.

     Moved through the whole in the window, Meowth was place center place in what looked like an upcoming window display.  "Silence all of you!" The witch declared. "I don't care who confesses to the window after seeing such behavior. You'll all pay!"

      "Nice going, Ash." Misty glared.

      "At least I won't have to worry about paying you back for your bike now." Ash gulped as the witch's eye scanned each of them.   What she scanned for each the deepest of the being souls and character.  With a snicker at James, she watched half of Team Rocket begin to panic.

        "Jessie, do something." James spoke as he vanished in a puff of smoke. What appeared in the window was a female mannequin laying on a beach towel and wearing a white bikini with images of Gold Duck all over it. 

     "Next." She said to Jessie. "I wouldn't want to break up the famous Team Rocket now, would I."

     "Actually I was thinking of a solo career." Jessie said as she too was turned into a window mannequin. She was dressed in a pale blue bikini and semi-transparent harem pants. She heard in her head the witch saying: I have a princess who will love the outfit you have on."

     "I don't believe this." Brok said in shock. "The rare Pokemon all use to be humans and the Pokemon art are either modeled by former humans or I'll be some of the clothes were kids themselves once."

     "You are correct." The witch glared. "Only three humans left and one a pretty girl who reminds me of myself when I was young."

     "Thank you." Misty blushed. "Does that mean you'll let us go?"

     "Are you kidding?" The witch laughed.

      "Pikachu, Thunderbolt!" Ash had ordered when he notice Pikachu not feeling well. "What's wrong, Pikachu?"

     "Just phase one... for him." The witch said as Ash's hair turned red while his body and clothes became a blonde girl. "As your phase one also begins before phase two."

     "As if I don't have enough sisters already." Misty said to herself. "Though this Ashley might understand me more than they..."

    Misty found her thoughts interrupted as she watched Pikachu and Ash's souls merge together. Pikachu's tell appeared at Ash's spinal base while his skin turned to make that of Pikachu's.  She now understood why Ash's hair turned blonde. Ash tried to talk but he couldn't talk human anymore. "If you work your debt off on my estate I may chance you back someday and not sell you as rare Pokemon to some collector or Pokemon lab like the one Professor Oak works at."

     "Misty, run!" Brok shouted as he tried to, only to end up falling flat on his face. As he looked back to see what he tripped on he hadn't notice he had already been shrinking in height. As he looked back  to see he now that his feet turned into flippers.  At first he looked like a mermaid, but once made female turned into a Laprus.

     "I make all my rare Pokemon female so better to breed with either normal wild Pokemon or those that were inside your Poke-e-balls." The witch snickered as Brok as she explained that her mind scan had told  her that he had been a breeder. "I now control your Pokemon by the way."

     "I had hoped if you had changed me into anything that I'd be a water type." Misty said as she backed up against a tree.

     "That why it won't happen." The witch said as Misty felt her denim shorts rip in the back while her skin turned pinkish. As he spin reshaped itself and her legs shrunk she was for on all four paws while changing into a nine tails. "Being a water Pokemon training a more fitting punishment would to make you a fire type."

    Misty wanted to shoot her flames from her mouth into the witches face but as hard as she tried some force over rode her body to do so. Like the Pokemon she started releasing from the balls, her body was under the witches control. While she always wanted kids, being breed with a wild nine tails wouldn't of been her first choice.  She wondered if maybe Jessie and James got the better end of the deal as a once human that was changed into Jigglybell had said she had spent time as a mannequin selling wares before the witch decided to breed her. That even the touch of the clothes she wore shot wonder to her pleasure centers.  How she missed that feeling now.  As they make their home on the Pokemon estate they have to make the best   of their new lives.



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