Pool Toy 2

by Paul G. Jutras


Jackie and her sister Katie were both eager to get to the pool. Unfortunately, they were both a little too eager. When Jackie was blowing up Katie's ring shape pool toy, her sister Katie had put a piece of ice in her bikini bottom and caused her to inhale. When she swallowed the ring her body took on the pool toy's shape.

"You're the greatest, sis." Katie said as she left the hotel room with Jackie around her waist. Jackie wanted to cry for help to the hotel maid and other guests they had passed in the hall. The ring inside her prevented enough air getting in to allow speech. 

"What a pretty pool toy," A woman in a tan business suit, hose and matching pumps said in the elevator as she looked down at stiff head and neck of Jackie that stuck out of a ring shaped body with what looked like a painted on bikini. 

"Thanks," Katie looked up with a smile that showed that she had recently lost one of her baby teeth. "It's my sister. I can't wait to try her out in the pool." 

How cute, The woman thought. She must mean her sister gave her the pool toy. 

If she only knew. Jackie thought to herself, since she couldn't talk at all. If I had any idea that this would happen, I wouldn't of taken the bother to paint my finger and toe nails this morning for the boys to admire.

As a soft bell was heard, the elevator doors slid open. Katie held tight to Jackie's sides and ran off through the lobby.Several guests were checking in and out while others just sat about reading a newspaper or magazine. 

Katie ran outside to the pool where her parents were soaking up some rays in the pool side folding chairs. She left the grass surroundings and onto the cement that surrounded the pool. Leaping into the air, she splashed down into the water, soaking her parents.

"Katie!"Her mother cried out. "How many times have told you about cannonballs into the pool?"

"Sorry mom," Katie replied.

"Where's your sister, Jackie?"Her dad asked.

"She's right here." Katie said as she paddled over where she could touch the pool bottom and then walked out. "She swallowed my pool toy and took its place." 

"That's crazy." He muttered. "You tell your mother the truth." 

"It is the truth." Katie insisted. "I dropped some ice down her bathing suit and she sucked it into her."

"It does look like her, hon." June said to her husband, Mike. 

"But it's impossible, dear." Mike claimed. 

"Now, now." June said with a smile as she bent her knees and patted Katie on the head. "Why don't we just let her tell us what happened."

"She was blowing up my pool toy like my rubber raft here." Katie started as she handed her mother her other inflatable toy. Her mother stood there in her navy blue one piece suit and put the valve to her lips. 

"Like this?" She said as she took a deep breath and started to inflate it breath after breath while Katie grabbed a ice cube from her dad's drink. 

"That's right." Katie said as she stretched the top of her mother's suit and dropped the cube inside. "Then I dropped the cube down like this." 

"Ohhh!" June cried out as she inhaled and felt the nozzle pass her lips and into her throat. As Mike went in her aid, June's gagging was bringing the inflatable boat all the way down her throat. Like Jackie, it should of been impossible. June found herself tipping over into the pool and knocked Mike into the water with her.

"This is even cooler!" Katie cried as she saw her mother floating on her back. Her body had taken on the shape of the boat with her head sticking out above one end and her feet the other end. June's arms had taken on the shape of the boat's oars and her stiff hands stretched into the paddles.One could even see a bump in her big toe where the nozzle was currently inside of her. 

"Wee!" Katie shouted as she jumped into her mother. With Katie on June's crotch and Mike climbing onto her chest as he entered the boat, she couldn't help but mentally orgasm. She felt like her vagina and breasts were being constantly teased. The water that washed inside the sitting area when they climbed in, she orgasmed again. 

"See mom," Katie said as she sat on her mother with her sister still wrapped around her waist. "That's how sis became my newest pool toy." 

"How will we get these toys out of them?" Mike said, scratching his head. "I'm not even sure if it's even possible." 

If it means feeling like I am now, it'd almost be worth it! June thought as she found like she couldn't speak any more than her daughter. 

"It'll wait until the end of our vacation since someone will have to watch Katie while we try to get those things out." Mike stretched out on top of his wife; as Katie climbed into the water and played with her sister.



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