by cmq


"Okay, let's get you ready", I said, pulling the dustcloth off of the modeling platform.

"Right", Daphne said as she dropped her robe to the floor. Her body was absolutely fantastic, tan and well toned, she was like a beautiful sculpture come to life. Her strawberry blonde hair was pulled up into a topknotted ponytail. She had total comfort in being nude, being a figure model she was used to being without clothing. It was something she didn't even think about. She took hold of my hand as I helped her step up onto the modeling stand, about 24 inches off the ground.

"All right, remember how I wanted you to pose?"

"Yes, I remember", she smiled as she loosened up her limbs. Soon enough she wouldnt be able to move a muscle I thought.

She flexed her left foot so that her knee was bent forward and the heel of her foot was off the pedestal. This shifted her weight onto her right leg and also caused her hips to tilt towards the supporting leg. She arched her back in that pleasing way which made her breasts point forward, and took her left hand and placed it behind the nape of her neck. She bent her head down with a slight tilt to the right and closed her eyes. Her right arm was straight down her side, the hand resting on the front of her thigh. "Is this okay?" she asked, relying on my judgement, for her eyes were still closed.

I looked at her gorgeous nude body and pried my mind off of lustful thoughts long enough to get back into an artist's frame of mind. I walked around the modeling stand, eyeing her pose. "Maybe if you move your right hand to the back of your thigh," I offered as I took hold of her dainty wrist and moved it behind her leg. She didn't flinch as I touched her, allowing me to reposition her as I felt. I took a step back and took another look. Daphne's classic pose would work well, I thought. The way her body's lines curved in this pose really accentuated her beauty. I walked around to her back, taking a lingering look at her fine round firm ass before returning to face her again. "I think this will work great I said. Do you feel okay?" I asked.

"I feel fine", she answered, trying to remain motionless and fixed.

"All right then", I said. "I'm turning the platform on." I walked over to the wall and flipped the switch on the platform control panel on. The light on the base of the modeling stand went on immediately and I watched in excited anticipation at Daphne.

"Mmmmm", she whispered as she felt the energies of the platform activate. She felt a tingling sensation begin in the toes and foot which were in contact with the actual stand. It was not an uncomfortable feeling like pins and needles, but a pleasing, almost ticklish one. She tried to wiggle her toes and found she had no sense of feeling in her feet anymore. She tried to move her feet ever so slightly, so as to not disturb her pose, and found them to be as if they were fused to the modeling stand. Uh oh, she thought to herself as she felt the sensation creep up her ankles and shins. I'm starting to get numb...

I watched with rapt interest, wondering what pieces of Daphne's anatomy were being solidified, being turned hard as stone. Her body gave no outward change in appearance, but I could see subtle clues that allowed me to guess that the process was well on its way up her long graceful legs.

Daphne could feel the tingling pass her knees, removing another point of movement from her, and progress up her beautiful thighs. As it got closer and closer to her crotch, she began to feel her inner anticipation building. She could feel the tingling, like a shower head spraying its fine, needlelike blasts of water against her skin. She felt it get closer, closer, and then it reached her genitals! "Ohh," she softly muttered as she felt waves of pleasure from the stiffening sensation enter her body.

At the soft mutter of pleasure, I had an instant flashback to the first time she had 'posed' and how, not knowing what exactly to expect, her eyes grew wide as saucers and her mouth opened into a rounded gasping position as the immobilizing effect spread into her vagina. It was so unexpected, so pleasing, so utterly unlike anything she had felt before that she had that expression frozen on her face even before the sensation had reached her head! She thought her surprised expression would have ruined the pose, but it turned out I found her frozen pose to be most beautiful and erotic.

Daphne suppressed the feeling of eroticism, it was easier to do it now that she had been through the process multiple times. She tried not to budge too much as she felt her hips become frozen, her waist now cocked in an unmovable position and the process rendering her buns into a tightly inflexible picture of lovliness. I can feel it moving up the small of my back, up my stomach and abs. She found less and less of her body responding to her now, most of her lower figure was rock solid. Her right hand took on the same stilled aspects as the rest of her lower body as the wave leaped from her thigh to her arm and climbed up her arm. As the process carressed her lovely breasts, sweeping up to embrace her nipples, already erect, an making them become solidified points on beautiful hardened globes.

I watched as Daphne's unintentional swaying and movements became lessened as the paralyzing effect began to overtake her body. I stepped closer as if I could get a better look at the stiffening process and watched as the lovely model became a living statue before my eyes.

Daphne could feel her shoulders lock and the tingling feeling move up her neck. Her left arm would probably remain flexible the longest, but after her face and head were immobilized she wouldn't be able to move it anyway. She could feel her jaw rendered motionless, she couldn't move a muscle beyond her left elbow now. She resisted the urge to open her eyes to see her frozen stiff body as the process completed its transformation of her face, freezing her eyelids shut and spreading across her hair.

I watched the stilled model on the modeling stand, breathless. My crotch groaning from the sight. Sometimes I think I got as hard as my models did. I took a look at her now, perfectly preserved and completely rigid. I took advantage of her immobilized condition and touched her body, running my hands up her smooth as silk thighs and hesitated before I got to her hairy crotch. I ran my fingers over her short trimmed pubic hairs, the stiffened folicles were almost like needles. Fetching a stepstool, I climbed up and looked my beautiful model in the face. My hands cupped her gloriously hard as stone breasts and I ran both of my hands back and forth over the unyielding nipples multiple times. I finally tore myself away and sat down to do some business. It was so easy to work from a model when she didn't move at all. I could go and do other errands, catch up on some sleep or switch media and she would remain ready for me at any time. A model frozen in time, permanently available for inspiring my artistic ideas. Always willing to pose for me, whatever the time.

I decided that sketching was not the thing to do and walked over to my clay modeling stand. I enjoyed being free to choose how to immortalize Daphne, in paper or sculpture. And in a way I had immortalized her, by immobilizing her body, hardening it to rock-like solidity. She was more like a work of art now than I could ever make. Never changing, never moving. I imagined myself touching her body as I worked the clay, forming it into a diminuative version of her form.

No time limits...no distractions...my model was here for as long as I could work. Her endurance was forever now, until I released her from her immobile immortality. And there was no rush, I thought, to complete my little project. She isn't going anywhere...


author's notes: this little short story was something I have been sitting on for a number of months, trying to decide whether to make a longer story out of it, or a continuing saga, or whatever. I finally just decided to add a couple lines here and there and let this one stand on its own.