Possession Passion

by Palesoles

You look so beautiful posed seductively on your display.
The light shines off your glossy form,
a perfect specimen of womanhood.
The coquettish smile,
the look of confidence knowing how it arouses me.
Experience my touch,
my caresses over your naked body.
My pinching your stiffened nipples,
my gentle nuzzling of your pussy.
It's like seducing a real statue.
But knowing that you're alive,
conscious of every sensation,
yet unable to react,
just waiting for me to give you your release.
But first I want to play with you.
I want to explore every inch of your rigid body,
from your face down to feet.
The sensations I know drive you wild inwardly,
you would scream aloud your passion if you could,
but outwardly you show no sign of the building orgasm waiting for release.

It's the perfect foreplay.

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