by StatStat


Olivia threw the door hard open, banging it against the wall, strode over to her computer and clicked the power button in with the kind of penetrative gusto that only got her even more distracted. “Fuck, that just makes it worse...” she whispered to nobody in particular. As she stood there, hands pushing down the back of her chair, staring at the plaintext scroll against the black screen while the hard drive scratched interminably towards what she needed, she began to grind her hips impatiently against the backrest. Things began to warm up down there.

“C’mon c’mon c’mon c’mon....”

Things were already warm. It was fucking hot today, and sticky, and when the weather got like this it made Olivia desperately yearn to be the same. It drove her mad. But Max was out of town, so she couldn’t hop over during lunch or after work for his glad help in relieving her. So she had to wait the entire fucking ride home to here, her apartment, where the balmy breeze ruffled the curtains and drove her sensual thoughts even higher...

“Fuck, the door.” She almost forgot that, shimmying over the way she came in, dropping her tight jean shorts on the hardwood along the way and leaving sticky small footprints on the return trip. She finished the job on her bottom then started tugging her button-down off one arm while staring at the screen, willing it to hurry up.

By the time the browser window opened Olivia was in her full naked glory, slumped with a pained look mixing boredom and anticipation. She almost jumped at the sight of the so-welcome portal, shook out the curve of her spine, tossed her bangs out from in front of her brightening, salacious eyes, and pounded in her first URL.

She was pounding something else entirely minutes later when the red-barred error popped up - fullscreen, a scroll of indecipherable errors, even to her eyes trained from endless hours of Java and C++. “Oh you GOOHTA be KIDDING ME!” Olivia’s fist hit the desk so hard she surprised herself it didn’t break. She ran through the quick-fixes with mounting frustration. Nothing...

She was just about to consider holding down power again when she looked up at the screen and felt the pulsing take hold of her.

The color of the window had changed to an indescribable shade of red, vibrating with power, and it reached into her through her gaze - through her mind, down into the nether hearts of her body, dancing along every inch of the skin of her long naked thighs and radiating out her toes.

Olivia squeal-shouted, a sound between shock and delight, jerking back into her chair from the feelings, gripping the handrests as dizzying, maddening arousal took her over body and mind. “AAAAAOOOH! OH! OH! AHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!............”

And that’s when things got really insane. Pitching forward in orgasm, Olivia felt spectral hands surround her head of on-ended hair, vibrating with the same power as the computer screen. The whole room was lit up by the glow. And silent promises, formless but as substantial as solid matter, entered her along with the welling pleasure...

Her libido was an extraordinary one, they informed her, and could be used as a power source in a world unlike anything she had known until then...

“Uahnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn...........?...........” she whined. The straining sound of pent-up sexual desire that escaped Olivia in that tiny sound could have powered Cincinnati. As fast as she moaned the interrogative, she understood the answer, somehow.

She would be made a thing, an instrument harnessing this immense potential.

The idea was just as immensely alluring. Like the stories she so often got herself off to, a deep primal fantasy that threatened to unmake her resistance. But she fought the temptation. “UUUNNGHNOOO...nuh.. AAHI can’t OOAHHHhhhuhhhhh.... h- h- ha-aave THINGS! TO co.... con....” Words abandoned her as the pleasure mounted. She pleaded silently, protested that she wasn’t meant to be only a tool. Her work was valuable she had something to contribute, wanted to leave the world better for her labors. To surrender to this existence... no matter her sudden longing for it for it - she couldn’t! Could she?

Then the plan was shared with her. And Olivia would have grinned the widest grin of her life if she hadn’t already been convulsed with the biggest orgasm of anybody’s ever. And her cumming was the assent they required to enact the change, and she fell...

The red glow flared, the screen blew out, and then there was only the failing light from the window. The chair spun emptily where an unimaginably horny woman sat an instant before...

The master magus was waiting when I entered. She stood in her horned hood and robe, with a look of triumph on her face, in front of the Machine.

“So it’s done then?” I asked, eager to confirm that our needs would be fulfilled for the pending period.

“It is,” she replied, sweeping her arm behind her at the glowing crystal suspended on its metal armature. Inside, against the blinding light, I could barely make out a tiny embedded flaw, the curvy figurine of a woman rendered in adamantine garnet, a gem alloy metaphysically hacked for infinite thermal and electromagnetic mass. The energies flowing into her through her tiny, splayed limbs would never melt her, but would be torqued by interplay with the resistance from her statified libido into a form completely orthogonal to any power accountable to mundane physics... a thoroughly mutable form of magical power that ran the engines of our hidden civilization. It was the same power with which we had ensnared her. Now the crystal glowed orange-hot with her lust. It only needed an outlet, a connection forged with a matched potential, to generate a closed loop and multiply the flow of current to a level likes of which the outside world could not even approximate.

“Then we’re on schedule. Another century’s quotas fulfilled.”

The master magus nodded. “Take her to the Banks. Each hundred years we double the number of Machines, and every time we multiply the surplus to share with the Mundanes. We will soon provide a means to all of their ends, as well as our own.”

I began to roll the Machine out toward the Banks, with the young woman from the other side - I’d already begun to think of her as an “it” with a soul, as she would be from now forever forward - swinging slightly on the armature. The indicators on the panel caught my attention. Raising my eyebrows, I paused for a moment, amused by a thought.

“Are you sure they won’t all prefer to be the means? She certainly does.”

The master magus half-smiled, and I continued my task.

Olivia knew hardly anything besides the sensation of her own infinite, aching rigidity, a stiffness so deep and lush it dwarfed the grip of any feeling she had ever experienced before. The expression of a sexual howl was frozen eternally on her tiny adamantine-carved face. Yet her experience inside hardly matched this image of release. In truth she was trapped in frenzied desire, fed by the magic of the armature into which she was embedded. She was drowning in her own arousal, deliciously tortured by craven want. That much was captured by the carving of her tiny, swollen public mound and the nipples that pointed out like electrodes from the charge-laden beads of her breasts. She began to fear that this devil’s bargain would leave her poised on this precipice, that she had damned herself to eternity of unendurable need.

The huge shapes outside the crystal stopped their motion. She hung there, impossibly horny, mentally pleading for release.

Then a shape swung into view in front of her, through a haze of faceted distortions, then into sharp focus. It was a person. A man, tiny, nude, and crystalline like herself, glowing with magnetically-bottled sexual potential, his stiffened erection pointed ever-outward from his hips, and now targeted directly at her own sex. On his frozen face Olivia read the same need that threatened her own sanity and intuited his own strange parallel journey. An exponentially potent charge of eros twisted in the aether between them.

She released. Suddenly, without even realizing it had become possible. And her paired match returned the gesture. The current now pouring loose, their fields connected and fused and suddenly they were one, together in an endlessly multiplying pleasure chain-reaction. Two beings, minutes ago breathing humans, now living dynamos, throbbing for the first moment of the first eon of their new existences with unfathomable orgone - beyond flesh, beyond sense, beyond. And the scream of delight locked forever on Olivia’s face finally aligned with the one coursing forever through the both of their bodies and souls. Lost upon oceans of shuddering ecstasy, yet anchored immovably by impossible artifice, there was no escape.

She couldn’t have asked for better.