The Precious Touch - Part 3

by Gildsoul

Copyright 2000, by Gildsoul

This is the third chapter of this tale; to read the previous part, click here.

Part 3: Pamela's pas de deux

Later that morning at breakfast Carl filled a wide eyed Pamela in on the story of how his incredible powers came to be.

"Let me get this straight, along with the precious touch you have invulnerability, telepathy, telekinesis. teleportation, time travel, eternal health and youth?" Pamela paused to take a sip of coffee, " Everything a billionaire would want, sounds like fun!"

"I have a few questions for you love." Carl asked, " Besides a tremendous feeling a pleasure what did being gold feel like?"

"I felt like metal, there was a wonderful metallic sensation throughout me, a feeling of infinite hardness and rigidity that felt so good itís beyond description. I felt "golden", I knew I was gold, how I donít know, I somehow knew I was precious metal, and I was infinitely happy." She sighed, "After breakfast could you turn me back to gold, please?"

After breakfast they went to the enclosed courtyard in the center of the mansion. The enclosure was a peaceful locale of manicured gardens, fountains, sculpture and marble benches, a ceiling of glass panels high overhead insuring perpetual summer. When they reached the center of the vast space Pamela stood in the intersection where several walkways met, laughing she spun around in a pirouette.

"Oh Carl, I so love this place, itís so beautiful in here, itís always a lovely spring day here, even in the depths of winter." She sighed, " I could stay here forever!"

"Okay, my love, hold that pose; good!"

Carl turned Pamela back into metal. Instead of amber colored gold her body turned a silver color. She had been transmuted into absolutely pure platinum, a noble metal even more precious than gold. Pamela had become a gleaming metal statue of a reclining nude in a sensual posture.

"How do you feel my love?" Carlís telepathic query touched her impassioned mind.

"OHHH, WONDERFUL, Iím not gold, I can feel the difference, I think Iím platinum, yes platinum, I donít know how, but I know Iím platinum; it has a different feel, a distinct flavor different from gold, itís so delightful!"

Carl stayed for several minutes admiring Pamelaís statuesque state, then went back to his office for several hours to answer calls, typical for a multibillionaire with numerous enterprises. He ran a well oiled organization with an executive staff so well trained his business empire almost ran itself, needing only his occasional direction. Pamela no doubt was enjoying her time as a garden statue while he was occupied. She would probably choose to remain a permanent addition to the garden sculpture if she had her wishes granted.

Around 4 oíclock in the afternoon, he had reviewed business plans with his organization via teleconferencing, fixed minor calamities and made minor adjustments to the paths of his subsidiary companies. He logged off the computer and stretched his legs under the desk, leaning back in the comfortable chair, it had been a good day. There was a knock at the door.

"Who is it?" Carl called in a relaxed way.

"Master Williams, itís time for the report from the estate staff."

"Come on in." His voice cheerful and content.

James his head butler, the head maid and the head groundskeeper marched into the office and in turn gave their reports. Everything was normal except for one minor thing. The head maid spoke just before he dismissed them.

"Sir, I have a question?"

"What is it, Susan?" He asked.

"While cleaning your bedroom and we found the bed broken down the center, may I have your permission to have it replaced?"

"Oh yes, do so, is that all ?"

"Well there is one more thing" She motioned to one of the maids just outside the door who entered carrying something.

"We also found this in one of the dresser drawers."

The maid held up a very familiar porcelain dog frozen in a sitting position.

"Oh, put it on the corner of my desk and Iíll deal with it."

They bowed, leaving in single file.

Carl picked up the china pooch in one hand, it gave off a hollow clinking sound as he absent mindedly tapped it with a finger while deep in thought. Sighing he placed Fifi on the floor and restored it to normal. The dog yipped happily and began to paw at his foot, waging itís tail, whining, a pleading look on itís face. It followed him around the room as if it wanted something really bad. Carl realized that it wanted to go back to itís previous state, so he complied with itís wishes. He placed the re-porcelianized dog on a shelf.

Carl walked back to the inner courtyard, past the carefully maintained ornamental shrubs, the gentle sounds of splashing water from fountains all around, to a particular statue. There the lovely platinum Pamela lay upon a low platinum pedestal placed amongst the other decorations. Her location was perfect, between a statue of Venus and a garden nymph, both originally marble, now turned to platinum as well. He sat upon a bench facing the trio of statues and admired the lovely scenery before him, Pamela looked great in that spot.

"Ummmm, Ohhhh, it feels so goood, how do I look my love?" Pamelaís faint telepathic voice whispered in his mind.

"You are the loveliest statue in all creation, a goddess of beauty in precious metal, gleaming alloy of sensual splendor, a work of art beyond compare, my adorable Pamela!" Answering in a soundless mental poetry

" Ohhh yesss!", She replied, "Please leave me this way forever, please, I feel sooo gooodddd, please, oh please, can I be a statue forever?"

"Well there is a problem with that, you were last seen with me." Replied Carl, "What do I say to the police investigating the missing person report, Oh; sheís OK, Pamelaís right here in the courtyard. I turned her into a statue, thatís all..."

"Ohh, I know!" Came Pamelaís gleeful thought, "You can turn me back, then we can fake my car going off a cliff into the ocean or something, have me pronounced dead. Then you can turn be back into a statue and I can be happy forever, please?"

"What is it with you, first the maid, then Fifi and then you want to go back to being inanimate objects on a permanent basis!"

"Because it is sooo WONDERFUL, IT FEELS SOOO GOOOOOD!!!!!!!, You never want to go back to mere flesh and blood, it is eternal life, eternal beauty and eternal pleasure beyond description!!!"

Carl strode up to Pamela and with a flourish of his hand restored her. The instant she returned to normal she sat up with a slight pout on her face, announcing her dissapointment with, "Aww, shucks!"

Pamela stayed for over a week, spending most of the time as a statue, in a distinct pose for a time, restored, repositioned and retransformed as they experimented with joyous abandon. Sometimes she would be a standing, sitting or reclining statue in different parts of the estate, sometimes spending an hour in one spot, often several hours and even for a whole day if it was a particularly pleasing. Carl turned her into different metals and alloys, silver, brass, bronze, even aluminum and stainless steel, Pamela could instantly tell what substance she had been transmuted into, each had a distinct feel or in her words, "flavor". After several days of metallic poses nonmetallic stone substances were tried, such as marble, granite, onyx, obsidian and jade, each with a distinct, easily identified feel.

Next came, glass, quartz, diamond, emerald, sapphire and ruby, the same instant identification came from Pamela and the description of each distinctive "feel". Transparent substances had an extra enhancement, along with the substances individual feel, she could sense light passing through her body, intensifying the pleasure, just as it did for the glass maid.

All the while Carl was documenting Pamelaís glorification into various works of sculpture by taking photographs with 35 mm, large format, Polaroid and digital cameras. He also walked around her with professional video camcorders, capturing her glory in video as well as film. Taking thousands of pictures and hours of tape for an album of transmutation for both of them to enjoy. Sometimes between transformations Pamela would sift through the piles of 8 by 10 photos of herself as a statue, almost panting at the sight of herself as a figurine, admitting that seeing herself as a statue was a sexual turn on as well.

"How do I look?" Pamelaís query whispered in his mind.

"Marvelous; stunning, beyond description!" Carl replied, "But I think itís about time you stop being a part of a fountain for now, youíve been there for over a day."

"Canít I stay here a while longer, the sensation of water splashing on my marble body is so different, so new!"

Pamela was at present a statue in one of the fountains, her marble body arched back in a graceful pose under a spray of water gushing out of a spout above her. Arms out stretched, head tilted back and on her knees, the rippling water up to her thighs, she looked as if she had been always part of the fountain. The torrent of sparkling water splashed against her stony form, water running down her in a burbling liquid coating to the rippling water of the pool around her. As wet marble with a thin film of undulating water clinging to her it gave an appearance that was one of the more stunning arrangements she had become over the course of the past week. But the play must end for a while, he was due to take a business trip to Alaska starting tomorrow and Pamela had promised earlier to accompany him to the great white north.

Pamela climbed out of the fountain and walked back to one of the living rooms, drying herself off with a large towel Carl had handed to her.

She hugged Carl, winked and said, "Well honey it is getting a little late, I guess the bed is fixed by now, we can have some "golden" fun tonight. So we wonít break the bed again we can always make love on the carpet."

She planted a kiss on his cheek and giggling ran ahead of him up the staircase, her footsteps fading towards the master bedroom. Carl smiled and then began to think for a moment, before he went upstairs, he had a question for someone.

"I am here as you commanded." Said Arielís ethereal form.

"Itís too bad I canít experience what they are enjoying." Sighed Carl

"But you can." Ariel replied, "When you think of a substance just think of it being yourself and you will also become that substance as well."

"What!!" said an incredulous Carl, "You mean I can turn myself into any substance?"

"Why yes, and able to restore yourself as well." Ariel bowed and faded away.

Carl started to smile, the smile turning into a leering grin as he went up the stairs muttering, "Oh boy, Oh boy, Oh boy!!!"

He strode into the bedroom and a naked Pamela rushed up, hugging him, "Gild me my love, give me golden sunshine with your golden touch my king Midas. Make me a fortune in gold, all of me from head to toe, inside and out, purest gold for both our pleasure."

She helped him to undress as he feverishly tore off his garments, she pulled at his articles of clothing, flinging them away one by one.

"Oh my love, make my body 24 K, a noble element from your golden touch, my body precious metal, I a priceless work of art, purest wealth, living jewelry, I am yours forever!"

They lay upon the soft deep carpeting next to the bed as he began to passionately kiss her. He began to softly massage her, the same instant his lips caressed her ear the tip of his sex grazed her loins sending an expectant shudder through her.

"Yes my lovely living statue," his soft voice whispered in her ear. "We will both feel the golden pleasure to come."

He spread her legs and penetrated her, as he began to stroke in and out, both of them beginning to sigh and moan as the hot center of their orgasm intensified. Their excitement rose and climbed as they both approached the summit of their ecstasy. He thrust deeper and deeper with the final thrusts, as she grasped his hips to pull him deeper into her. They both reached sexual climax at the same instant, both gasping a long drawn out moan of pleasure as Carl with all his mental force thought of both of themselves transformed, not just Pamela but both of them transmuted, his mind shouting the word "GOLD!!!!"

There was a metallic clang, one instant the lovers were passion filled flesh and blood, the next instant both became statues of solid, absolutely pure gold. The very air in their lungs becoming solid metal, is if both had been cast in one piece. They were not two statues making love but a gleaming metal sculpture of erotic grace frozen permanently in the moment of sexual ascendancy. A shining monument of passion, sparkling with a sexual glow caught forever as living precious metal.

"OOOHHHHHHH YYYEESSSSSS, OHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSSSS...."Carl never knew such pleasure, it was beyond description, ordinary sex was a mere shadow compared to this. He knew why they wanted to stay inanimate forever, they were right!

Pamelaís and Carlís minds linked, their empathic thoughts intensifying each others pleasure, climbing beyond Pamelaís previous solo experiences of metallic orgasm. Within their golden bodies their souls intertwined mentally, amplifying each others orgasm as their pleasure soared beyond any previous human experience, to cosmic levels light years beyond.

The shining gold sculpture lay upon the floor in motionless splendor, total silence, no sound hinting at the joyous storm of thought from the immortal souls inhabiting the metal. After several minutes the lights shut off, the motion sensors controlling the bedroom lights no longer detecting any activity, leaving only a shaft moonlight from the window playing across their gilded forms. Lovers joined beyond human comprehension, sensuality beyond mortal experience, pleasure beyond pleasure, infinite physical, emotional and mental delight on a supernatural scale.

The long hours of night gave way to the rosy glow of dawn, filling the bedroom with a golden glow as the morning sunlight reflected off the gilded masterpiece of passion welded together in a golden embrace.

There was a knock at the door, then a pause, a louder knock then silence. The cleaning maid was making her morning rounds and wanted to make sure that the master bedroom was unoccupied, there being no answer she entered. She plugged in the vacuum cleaner and began to push it across the carpet, the high pitched whine of the appliance making a racket. As she had done many times over the years she swept the vacuum around the room in a pattern out of ingrained habit, not even bothering to notice anything out of the ordinary. She pushed the hissing attachment back and forth absentmindedly until the end of the vacuum bumped against Pamelaís hard metal buttocks with a dull bell like clank.

The maid looked up and squinted her eyes, surprised at the sudden impediment in the middle of the floor. She turned off the shrieking machine and bent over to examine the obstacle. She tapped the metal sculpture several times with the wooden handle of her duster, a reverberating noise like a large bronze bell being tapped rang out. She huffed slightly at not being informed about the new statue placed in the master bedroom, but being a good maid gave the gold statue a good dusting with the feather duster. Finishing she left, closing the door behind her, the sound of the vacuum cleaner echoing from the hallway outside.

"UMMMM, OHHHH, darling lets stay this way forever, spend eternity as gold and never go back to human form, OHHHH!!!"

Carlís mind answered, " OHHH YESSSS, it would be sooo wonderful, but there is so many other pleasures to try, perhaps a while longer..."

"Let us forget all except this," Pamelaís came soothing mental voice. " I LOVE YOU CARL, I LOVE YOU, I LLOOOOVVVEEE YYOUUUUU..."

"I LOVE YOUUUU TOOOOO PAMELA...." Carl thought it would be so easy to let go to the pleasure and spend eternity in this golden splendor, frozen in a eternal climax of love beyond human understanding. Never to be human again, living metal merged with his love for all of time.

Minutes passed, a new sound filled the bedroom, a shrill buzzing, the alarm clock had gone off, time to get up and prepare for the trip scheduled this morning. Carl was a man of iron will, or in this case a statue of gold will, any other person would of given in to the siren call of eternal joy, remaining gold for eternity. He would of not become one of the richest men in history if he had been of less stern stuff. With deep regret and great effort he restored himself and Pamela.

They lay on the floor along side each other for a short while panting and trembling with excitement. As he lay beside Pamela, Carl knew that someday in the far future when they had both had run out of adventure and excitement in life they would rejoin as lovers again for one more time. And when that day came he would give in to infinite pleasure and they would be together forever, eternal gold ornaments, immortal lovers transformed to a solid gold sculpture to love.

Continues in chapter 4, The Great Alaskan Winter Festival Ice Sculpture Contest...

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