The Precious Touch - Part 5

by Gildsoul

Copyright 2000, by Gildsoul

This is the fifth chapter of this tale; to read the previous part, click here.

Part 5: The Great Alaskan Winter Festival Ice Sculpture Contest...

Carl stood silently, thinking furiously, a moment later addressing Mr. Rehdnech, "Johnny you live around these parts, a limousine would have a hard time in the snow. You know of anyone who could hire out the use of a 4 wheel drive?"

"Well shucks; I do know of a guy, with a lifted 4 wheel drive thatíll go anywhere anytime. But it will cost ya!"

"Money is no problem, who is this person?"

"Well, Mr. Williamís yer talken to the fellow right here, I own the 4 wheel pickup you need!"

Carl sighed, "OK Johnny, how much to rent your vehicle?"

Mr. Rehdnech made a phone call, minutes later a pickup truck with monster sized tires pulled up. Carl and Johnny climbed into the off road vehicle and belted themselves in, the driver was a gangly teenager with a baseball cap on backwards.

"This is my nephew Dale; Dale this is Carl Williams, the rich guy that weíre going to help find some lost ice cubes that used to be that ice lady in the ice park." Johnny chortled. He would laugh; the truck was costing 500 dollars per hour in rental fees!

"Whoa, I saw that bodacious lookin babe at the park the day before yesterday! If she wasnít an ice Iíd ask her out on a date!" Johnnyís nephew got a typical high school studentís horny look then let out a long deep sigh.

They drove past the outskirts of the small city to a road that followed the edge of the frozen river, stopping at several spots where the ice might have been dumped. Mr. Rehdnechís memory wasnít very good; they searched several locations without any luck. After almost a full day of hunting, Carl began to suspect that Mr. Rehdnech knew the true location, deliberately leading him on a 500 dollar per hour wild goose chase. Hours later in the evening darkness Carl noticed a small side road branching off the main road.

"Wait a minute!" Carl shouted, "Where does that road lead?"

"Oh I donít think itís there, Iíd remember if it was!" Mr. Rehdnech exclaimed.

"Dale drive down that side road." Carl ordered.

As the truck swung around in a U-turn Carl noticed out of the corner of his eye that Mr. Rehdnech seemed to get an "Oh no, there goes the easy money!" look on his face, Carl was now certain this was the spot.

The truck parked at the tip of a precipice looking over the iced up river, Carl climbed out into the boot deep snow. He started to feel a faint presence, a feeling of soothing pleasure in his mind, moving closer to the cliff edge the aura became stronger, this had to be the place!

Carl went back to the truck, borrowed a collapsible shovel and an empty canvas bag, reeling out the cable from the bumper mounted winch to climb down on. Soon he was standing at the cliff base along the frozen shore, bathed in the glare from the truck's headlights and a handheld floodlight, the cliff no where as high as Mr. Rehdnech had claimed, about 20 feet, still tall enough to smash ice.

"Pamela, you here?" Carl telepathically called out.

"Well, I was wondering when youíd show up? Pamelaís icy thoughts rang in his head. "Iím here, Iím there, Iím everywhere, cause Iím all scattered about, I sure get around, donít I? Itís been fun laying around in pieces and covered in snow, but Iíd like to be back in one piece, I do have a contest to win!"

Carl shoveled off an area of snow exposing a layer of crushed ice, then scooped some ice chips into the bag, Pamela assuring him that some of the fragments were parts of herself. He climbed back up the cliff with the shovel and the full bag, placing the bag into the truck bed, securing it with ropes and bungie cords.

"So, Mr. Williams you going to use the ice for whiskey, bourbon on the rocks or in martiniís?" Both laughed at Carl all the way back to town.

Carl grimly wrote a check for several thousand dollars and had them drop him off at the Ice Park. He slung the bag of ice over his shoulder and walked into the darkness of the closed park.

Returning to the spot where Pamela had been originally, he carefully put the bag down nearby. Carl remembered the excess ice blocks in an unused pile in one corner of the park. Concentrating, he used his telekinesis to levitate one large block upwards, then sent it sailing through the air to touch down gently in the exact spot of the original pedestal. Selecting one glittering fragment from the bag, identified by Pamela as a fragment of herself, he placed it atop the new pedestal. Touching the shard he triggered the magical restoration spell. The lone fragment began to spin, bluish sparks shooting from it; there was a rushing sound, as ice chips flew out from the bag forming a whirling cloud of ice above the pedestal. From the distance came a soft roar, as a trail of ice fragments came flying from the direction of the river, rushed down and merged with the churning ice cloud. The cloud began to settle and shrink, in seconds Pamela sat atop the ice pedestal as good as new!

"Ohhh, it feels so good to be back in one piece, though, everything feels good! Honey, thank you!" Pamelaís gentle voice resonated in Carlís head, "I had broken nail once, I never thought Iíd experience a broken me!" Laughing merrily she continued, "My "shattering" experience was so cool, I had such a "smashing" good time! Oh my! Looks like Iím "cracking" a few jokes!"

Carl smiled, relieved at the successful rescue, then he remembered, Duh! Ariel, his spirit guide had once told him that he could restore someone at a distance without actual physical contact! The events of the last two days had been so unnerving that he had forgotten about that aspect of the touch! The expensive truck borne search and rescue mission had been completely unnecessary, Arghhh!

He was going to have to ask Ariel for information more often!

"Pamela, honey, tell me, did you happen see who the vandals were that embedded you in a mini iceberg?" Carl asked.

"Oh, it was that awful man!" Pamela replied, " He was going to shatter me with a crow bar, then he stopped in mid swing, stood thinking for a moment, then broke into a building so he could set up the fire hose to ice coat me!"

Carl got a stern look on his face. "Can you describe him?"

"Better than that, I remember seeing him before!" Pamela recalled, "He had a short goatee, was slightly overweight and he's the ice sculptor who was entering a statue of a running deer."

"The running deer sculpture, well it shouldnít be too hard to find out who it is!" Carl got an angry look on his face for a moment then his face became calm. "Well, itís getting late and Iím getting cold, my love! Oh, the weather report says because of the snow storm cold front, tonight will get to 50 below zero. Youíve told me how much extreme cold intensifies your pleasure, so have fun and see you in the morning!"

Carl disappeared, teleporting himself directly to his hotel room and a much-needed good night's rest.

"Ohhhh, goody!" Pamela thought, "Fifty below zero, this is going to feel sooo good!"

It did.

Next morning while standing next to his entry, an ice carving of a running deer, Marty looked over to see a crowd of people admiring the ice statue of a bikini-clad girl. She looked absolutely identical with the one he'd sprayed last night. He was struck with angry disbelief, how did they create a duplicate so fast?

Marty scowled and stomped away, to wait for his chance at revenge. Come nighttime he was going to take a crowbar and personally smash the statue!

He didnít notice Carl standing nearby purposely looking innocuous. Watching Marty stalk off angrily, wanting to make absolutely sure, he was certain now! Carl had a look of hostility on his face as he stared at the back of the departing sculptor, he grit his teeth and gave off a low menacing growl...

That evening, as before the ice park was wrapped in darkness, the dim illumination from the moon and town lights perfect concealment for any intruder. Marty stole silently across the park, snow underfoot squeaking in the subzero cold, crowbar in hand. He approached Pamela, stopped before her transparent form, and raised the crowbar to take a swing. Suddenly there was a voice behind him!

"I wouldnít do that, she doesnít want to undergo another shattering experience, and neither do I!"

Marty spun around, a lone figure stood only a foot away, so startled he almost dropped the crowbar. Enraged, he bellowed and raised the crowbar to take a swing at the stranger. Carl grabbed the metal bar, transformed it and let go, Marty swung at Carlís head and it struck with a mushy sound, only the mushy sound wasnít a head but the crowbar, Carl had turned the steel implement into soft cheddar cheese. A flabbergasted Marty stared at the wobbly length of string cheese for a moment, dropped it, made a fist and punched Carl in the face with all his might! There was a loud metallic clang and Marty suddenly was screaming and moaning as he danced around holding his broken hand! The instant before the fist struck, Carl had momentarily turned himself into solid steel, Marty might as well as tried to punch out a steel girder!

Carl reached out and tapped Martyís parka, turning all his clothes except for his underwear and boots into whipped cream. Marty screamed in terror and ran frantically away, stumbling, cursing and nursing his broken hand.

Carl teleported to a phone booth near the hotel and placed a call to the police.

"Hello, there is a crazy man running naked through the Ice Park shouting obscenities, covered with what looks to be whipped cream. Youíd better get there before he hurts someone, the guyís totally nuts!"

Carl hung up and teleported back to the park, watching from behind the cover of a tree as a patrol car approached. Marty had blundered out of the park, staggering down a snow-covered road towards town. When the slowly moving police carís headlights caught the intruder in its beams; it turned on its red emergency lights and sounded the siren for a moment. The two officers shook their heads at the sight of the miserable half naked vandal, handcuffed him and took him away. Most likely to the nearest mental health facility.

Carl stood alongside Larry Takashi on a podium as the crowd of spectators cheered the results; Pamela had won first prize. Larry had insisted that Carl share the glory as co-creator of the winning ice sculpture.

After the ceremony as Carl stood along side Pamelaís glittering form receiving congratulations, the head judge approached and introduced himself.

"Mr. Williams, Itís an honor to meet such a multi-faceted individual; a brilliant business tycoon and artistic genius all in one, amazing!" The official continued, "Oh yes, by the way; spring thaw is approaching and it would be a shame for such a stunning work of art to melt away! Some of the ice sculptures are placed in glass walled refrigerated rooms at our Ice Museum downtown. Iíd like your permission to have your glorious ice masterpiece moved to cold storage for year round viewing by tourists?"

Carl thought for a moment, "Iíll think about it, Iíll get back to you later on my decision."

"You wonít be disappointed Mr. Williams, call me when you decide!" The judge called over his shoulder as he left for other business.

"Oh honey, say yes!" Pamela replied happily, having heard the entire conversation, "Iíd love to be on display in a museum, people admiring my beautiful ice body forever! Ooooohhh, the very thought sends shivers through me!"

"Absolutely, positively, not!" Carlís mental objection was firm, "Thereís such a thing as power failures or refrigeration breakdowns! If that were to happen youíd melt away long before Iíd be able to fly up here to rescue you!"

Pamela giggled, "Melting into water sounds so liquid, I think it would be fun to become a puddle of water!"

" Most likely youíd end up going down a drain, Iím not going to have another wild goose chase like yesterdayís! Perhaps later you can try melting in safe conditions back home. Time to come down off your pedestal young lady; tonight, a certain prize winning ice sculpture is going to have another unfortunate accident!"

Around 10:30 PM Carl materialized next to Pamela in the chill darkness, although bundled in heavy winter clothing he still started to shiver in the unrelenting cold.

"Awww, come on, canít I stay here a while longer?" Pamela pleaded, "It feels so gooood, please?"

Carl replied, "Sorry, but I will give you a consultation prize my love."

He swiftly he pulled off a glove and tapped Pamela lightly, rapidly pulled his already numb hand away and slapped the glove back on.

Pamela instantly felt a change in her physical makeup, the "flavor" or feeling of being pure ice was gone. She still felt as transparent as crystal clear ice; the flavor was similar to that of when she was turned into a plastic doll.

"Ohhh! I know, let me guess!" Pamela espered, "Iím plastic, but still see through, I must be clear plastic, maybe acrylic?"

Carl, busy rubbing his hands together to warm up the near frostbitten fingers of one hand, signaled yes with a nod of his head. He stopped, reached out, grabbed Pamelaís Plexiglas arm and teleported both of them back to his hotel room.

Pamela felt herself materialize in the hotel room, back on the same table where days before she had posed to become an ice statue. Carl waved at her for a second and disappeared, teleporting back to the Ice Park, Carl materialized back in the same spot, before the vacant ice pedestal; using his telekinesis to move several blocks of leftover ice next to the pedestal. Pulling out a crow bar he rapidly smashed the spare blocks into unrecognizable bits and teleported back to the heated hotel room, all in less than 5 minutes.

"Whew, Iím glad thatís over!" Carl sighed as he tossed off the bulky outerwear, "What tha, Pamela?" His eyes went wide with shock when he glanced at Pamela.

Pamelaís crystal-clear body sat in a puddle of water; her entire body covered with rivulets of water droplets cascading down her glistening sides!

"It couldnít be!" Carl thoughts filled with fear, "I turned you into acrylic plastic, yet youíre starting to melt, what did I do wrong!"

Looking closer he suddenly noticed that Pamelaís shapely Plexiglas body hadnít diminished in size at all, fine details still distinct instead of becoming vague and smooth as melting ice would. Carl let out a loud sigh of relief, when he realized what had happened.

The explanation was simple:  Pamela, though turned into a Plexiglas statue, still had an ice cold body temperature when she materialized in the warm, slightly humid air of the room. Just like a cold drink on a humid day, water had started to condense on her chill surface, the water droplets rolling off into the growing puddle around her. Eventually the clear plastic would warm to room temperature and the condensation would cease forming.

Carl smiled mischievously and then turned her back into her normal warm, soft and animated self.

"Brrrrr, yikes itís cold!" a sopping wet Pamela squealed as she jumped up, running to the bathroom to warm up under a hot shower.

"But I thought you liked it cold, dear!" Carl grinned, "You were so enamored with the subzero cold, now you complain about a little cold water on your skin?"

"Arghh! That was different, I was made of ice, not flesh and blood!" Pamelaís voice echoed out of the steam filled shower, "You could have at least dried me off with a towel before returning me to normal!"

A bathrobe clad Pamela came out of the shower, drying her hair with a large towel, a slight look of irritation on her face.

Carl wiped the annoyance away by grabbing her, leaning her over and planting a passionate kiss on her lips.

He picked her up and carried her to the roomís large bed; kissing each other amorously as Carl helped her out of the robe, Pamela giggling as she flung the towel aside. Later, deep in passion, upon the moment of climax Carl brought the precious touch into play. Powers improving with practice, transformed both of themselves into crystal clear ice as he simultaneously teleported themselves to the top of empty ice crystal pedestal in the ice park. Atop the giant ice block the lovers posed in silent immobility as their rock hard bodies of solid ice crystal glittered in the soft moonlight and twinkling stars.

"Oh YESSS, OOOHHHH YYYESSSSSSS!!!!!" Carl thoughts shouting with joy, "Itís Wonderful, COLD, HARD, PLEASURE, ICY, OH YES, Pamela you were RIGHT!!!, OHHH,YESS, YYEESSSSSSSSSS....."

"OHHH YESSSS! Carl, I told you it feels sooo GOOOD! I LOVE YOU!!!"


The blizzard of subzero ecstasy buried all thoughts under an avalanche of continual icy orgasm, increasing in force as the night temperature and their very substance plunged towards 50 below zero. It was similar to the bliss of copulation while solid gold, some differences subtle, others unlike anything experienced before, a cosmic orgy of unimaginable pleasure!

The long polar night bestowed a frozen bliss to the enchanted ice couple; the immobility of their rigid, static forms giving no hint of the sexual blizzard of their passion locked souls. The subzero cold permeating and magnifying the bliss beyond all human comprehension, time was forgotten.

Hours later the rosy glow of dawn began to light the sky as the temperature reached its lowest point, their telepathic moans of delight rising to a psionic crescendo. During the night ice fog had formed, covering all the ice sculptures with delicate feathery crystals of hoarfrost. The frost rimmed ice lovers remained locked in their silent embrace, souls set amid a tranquillity of frozen bliss. Their rapture went on and on without interruption as the park opened for a new day and the first visitors discovered the latest erotic ice masterpiece.

As the temperature warmed slowly with the rising sun, the orgasmic flow of ultra pleasure diminished imperceptibly, as Carl became slightly aware of his surroundings. He noticed the faint sound of people muttering and most of all laughter, mixed with the glorious sensation of full sunlight streaming through his clear ice body. Strong willpower gave him the spiritual strength to mentally rouse himself from the sexual ice storm.

"Voices; people!" Carlís icy thoughts sluggish in the serene cold. "I forgot to remove ourselves from the Ice Park before dawn!"

The pleasure was so vast he had forgotten all else in their glorious frosty night of lovemaking! It looked like they were going to have to spend the day in the park, if he were to teleport themselves out in front of witnesses there could be uncomfortable questions! Remembering that he had nothing planned that day; he let go of external awareness as his spirit plunged back into the frigid embrace of his beloved Pamela!

"We have specific rules!" The mayor snapped, "The Ice Park must have some kind of decency! Classical nudes, yes; but a x rated statue is going too far! Iíve ordered the city crews to remove the unauthorized statue right now!"

With that the mayor turned and stalked away, followed by his retinue of minor officials. The contest officials looked at each other silently with whimsical smiles. All guessed who was behind the overnight appearance of the new figure that replaced the prize-winning sculpture. They had contacted Mr. Takashi, who claimed to know nothing of the substitution, Mr. Williams though, was suddenly unavailable. Deep inside they all suspected the billionaire; ordinary people doing such shenanigans would have their sanity questioned, for the ultra wealthy it was merely eccentric behavior.

The bulldozer repeated its actions of several days before, trundling down the pathway to remove another load of ice. The bulldozer slid the base of its blade under the ice block pedestal the erotic sculpture was posed upon, lifted all with the hiss of hydraulics and backed away.

Mr. Rehdnech sat in the idling city dump truck, as the bulldozer came alongside the bed of the truck and dumped another load of ice. The enchanted ice lovers and their ice pedestal landed with a crash against the unyielding steel of the truck bed. Shattering like glass into uncountable bits of ice bouncing and ricocheting off the high steel walls inside, then settling into an unrecognizable layer of jagged ice rubble. Johnny started the truck forward, whistling a happy tune all the way to a certain cliff overlooking a frozen river where he dumped another load of ice.

The shower of ice shards tumbled through the air as they cascaded out of the back of the dump truck, breaking into even smaller pieces as they impacted the hard river ice under the snow. A small field of countless of ice gems sparkled in the cold sunlight; there was no movement, no sound except for a faint rustle from a frigid breeze in this isolated location.

"WOW! Pamela, this is incredible! Being shattered was like an orgasmic roller coaster ride!í Carlís joy filled thoughts permeated the area, "Being separate fragments is incredible, I can not only feel each and every part of me, but each fragmentís physical location!"

"Honey, I told you how much it felt sooo gooood!" Pamelaís mental voice tinkled like a glass windchime. "Now do you believe me? Now just relax and enjoy. We couldnít of found a better spot to become part of the landscape."

"Well... Ok. We can spend the rest of the day here, but noon tomorrow I have business appointments scheduled."

The bracing cold winter day passed slowly as the two delighted spirits rested. The spot was isolated and tranquil, the craggy shapes of the stationary ice floes and the low icy cliffs along the shore of the frozen river forming a stunning vista they were happy to be part of. Soon night fell as well as the temperature as their silent cries of passion increased with the deepening nightís cold. The long hours of nighttime passed slowly for the two dispersed souls luxuriating in their new forms. As the glow of dawn began to brighten the landscape there was a disturbance among the icy shore. A swilling cloud of ice particles arose and coalesced together into a familiar ice sculpture of lovers frozen at the moment of climax. The statues remained along the barren ice for a few moments, then disappeared with a slight popping sound, leaving the icy shore empty once again.

The ice sculpture rematerialized in the hotel roomís marble walled bathroom right next to a large ornate bathtub. The loving couple lay motionless, remaining statues of crystal clear ice for a brief moment before the second part of Carlís precious touch restored both to flesh and blood. Pamelaís mental shout caused Carl to pause the touch for an extra moment.

"Wait my darling!" Pamela called out, "OHHH, that new sensation, its soo GOOOD! Donít you feel it my love? OHHH!!"

"YESSS, I feel it too Pamela! Ummm, OH YESSS!!" Carl was starting to experience it too.

Pamela could feel the parts of herself in contact with the warm floor changing, flowing and transforming into fluid pleasure. She realized she was melting, turning from ice into water, becoming a puddle of sheer ecstasy! Their melting bodies mixing and conjoining with each other's very physical substance; desire filling her soul, to melt utterly, becoming shapeless liquid and merge with her love, commingling into a pool of aqueous passion!

Both felt a lust stronger than anything prior, a siren call to melt entirely and merge into liquid form! Willpower overwhelmed, the longer the delay to restore themselves, the more they liquefied and mingled, increasing the desire to let go of solid existence, a desire so difficult to resist! The ice sculpture sank slowly into the spreading puddle; itís exterior smoothing as rivulets of water dripped from its surface to the widening pool. The rippling water expanded until a sinuous offshoot began to trickle across the tile floor towards the drain, inching closer and closer, pausing at its lip in a rounded blob balanced on gravity.

Carl could feel the part of them about to run down the drainage pipe, the thought of flowing into the sewer system enough to rouse him to action. He restored themselves at the very last instant before literally starting down the drain, turning back into solid ice sculptures. Their ice forms, started to melt again, repeating the irresistible invitation to continue melting. Carl had to shock them out of it! He called the restoration spell while concurrently teleporting back to the icy river shore. Another restoration spell turned them back into living flesh, Pamela squealing in shock, her bare skin in contact with the frozen ground for a tiny fraction of a second before teleporting back to the warm hotel room.

"Wow!" Pamela moaned contentedly as she lay in bed beside Carl, "This business trip has been an adventure beyond my wildest dreams!"

"And the week is only half over, my dear Pamela." Carl kissed her gently, "Iím sure more adventures await us"

"We are going to have to try melting again, my love, but next time all the way!"

"It can wait till we return home." Carl spoke softly, "Under safe conditions in my mansion without any nearby drains!"

Hours later Carl, Larry Takashi, and his best corporate lawyers sat in one of the hotel meeting rooms. Across a polished walnut conference table, Joe McSteale, owner of the Yukon Mountain gold mine and his lawyers began the opening moves in the negotiations for the sale of the gold mine.

"Carl, I donít know why you want the property?" Larry whispered in Carlís ear, "I told you everything about the mine, it seemed like a good deal at first until I looked closer. They salted the mine with good ore, McSteale is trying to pull a con job, the gold ore is mined out, itís worthless!"

Carl said nothing, smiled and let the bargaining continue, soon the documents were signed and Carl was the new owner of the Yukon Mountain gold mine.

"This meeting is soo boring!" Pamelaís thoughts intruded upon Carlís mind as she figeted, or rather - tried to..

"Well, Honey, you did want to see what a major business deal was like!"

"I should of stayed in the hotel room!"

Pamela had witnessed the entire meeting, only Carl knowing of her presence. At the moment Pamela was an 8-inch tall solid sterling silver figurine standing on a corner table.

Earlier he had transformed a fully clothed Pamela. Who wore an evening gown, itís long skirt flowing down her curvaceous body and spreading out where it met the floor. Adding to her ensemble was a long silk scarf encircling her bare shoulders, draping from both arms like a pair of serpentine columns to the floor. Standing in a provocative pose, gloved arm balanced on one hip, the other arm raised to a lovely face turned as if looking off to the side. All transformed to solid sterling silver, her stiff metal garments keeping her silver body upright without the need of a pedestal. After Pamela had undergone the silver touch, Carl tried a new aspect of his powers; he had shrunk her down and simply carried the silver figurine with him to the meeting.

Mr. Mcsteale shook Carlís hand one more time and began to leave, then paused next to the table where a immobile Pamela posed. He picked up the silver figurine and examined it, turning it in his hands like an art connoisseur.

"What a fine piece of silver craftsmanship!" Mr. McSteale exclaimed, " Iíve never seen such exquisite sterling before. It almost like an Art Deco figurine, but with finer detail! I think Iíll take it home!"

"Uhumm!" Carl clearing his throat, "I do believe that work of art is property of the hotel?"

"Well, normally that would be a problem." Mr. McSteale replied, "But considering that I own this hotel and everything in it, this figurine is also my property!"

With that he opened his briefcase, placed the miniature Pamela inside, closed it and strode out of the meeting room.

Carl looked up at the ceiling and sighed, "Oh no! Here we go again!"

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