The Precious Touch - Part 7

by Gildsoul

(Copyright 2000, by Gildsoul)

This is the seventh chapter of the continuing saga, to read part 6, click here.

Chapter 7: From Party to Gallery
  Pamela mouthed a silent “Oh no!” as she shook her head. Whenever Carl imbibed too much drink all rules went out the window; overactive boldness bordering on total recklessness was a good description. As it was useless to argue with him, she shrugged her shoulders and decided to watch.
  Carl methodically shrank every transformed lady into inch high figurines, placed them in his pockets, smiled at her like the Cheshire cat and disappeared back into his invisibility spell. Guessing were he was headed she left the studio to rejoin the party.
  The gathering continued with its festivity, oblivious to the magical evening about to be unleashed upon them. Appropriately the noise of the guests resembled the low rumble of distant thunder from an approaching storm; the storm was named Carl.
  The chatter of the guests turned to shouts as the lights went out; the emergency lights failed to come on, wrapping the mansion in pitch black as the confused revelers blundered about in the dark. The lights remained out for about a minute, then snapped back on to applause and relieved cheers. Then, all noticed that Ruby’s blatantly crude statues were gone, replaced by exquisite sculptures of beautiful women; an additional surprise, several extra statues had appeared!

  “I used a time acceleration spell to speed myself up.” Carl whispered in Pamela’s ear as both watched tonight’s new diversion, “I was able to shrink and remove Ruby’s junk art, place the new statues and expand them back to normal size in less than a minute.”

  Just as the original entourage had earlier clustered around the statue of Ruby, the party-goers began to examine the new figures in earnest. In the most prominent place of all, a transformed Ruby stood in silent glory as the crowds inspected her greatest masterpiece.

  “This is a first!” Pamela commented, “Ruby the sculptor has become Ruby the sculpture, she wasn’t a very good artiste, but she makes a great performance artist!”

  “It is a shame though.” Carl replied, “Knowing that I’ll have to restore her back into a run-of-the-mill artist and blabbermouth.”

  “Why not leave her a statue? As an ornament she’s finally become something useful, she’d also make a good doorstop.” Pamela sneered.

  “Naw..., McSteale would gain an art object and lose the companionship of a she devil wife.” Carl continued, “ Trying to pull a fast one on me with a worthless mine requires suitable chastisement, my penalty is to return Ruby to normal, inflicting visual torture with her no talent art!”

  “Now that’s what I call cruel and unusual punishment!”, was Pamela’s snide comeback.

  Ruby was generating the largest amount of admirers, so they visited her first.

  “Ruby’s self portrait is outstanding, isn’t it?” Pamela remarked to a middle aged couple next to her.

  “Oh yes!” Replied the fourtyish woman, Turning out the lights and replacing the previous ones with new statues was a wonderful parlor trick! I will have to ask the hostess how she pulled off the switch, absolutely amazing! It was fantastic, wasn’t it Marice?”

  The woman turned towards her husband when he didn’t reply. Marice stood there gazing at the statue of Ruby, a smile frozen on his face. He seemed to have a very glossy continence, his skin, hair and black tuxedo appearing very smooth and shinny. His wife grabbed his arm trying to get his attention; it was stiff as the rest of him.

  “Marice, Marice!” She called out as she rapped his shoulder, his only reply was a hollow thunking sound of solid plastic being tapped. She started to show a surprised look when she suddenly stopped moving, instantly taking on the same glossy appearance as her husband.

  “Why didn’t he tip over?” Pamela espered to an invisible Carl, “ The women’s long dresses prop them up, but shouldn’t he need a pedestal?”

  “When I turned him into plastic I turned a patch of the floor under his feet into plastic as well, gluing him to the floor.”

  Pamela looked closer, sure enough, several inches of floor around Marice’s feet were shinier than normal.

  “Aww, they do make a lovely couple!” Pamela cooed.

  Carl was like a specter as he traveled the mansion, walking, tiptoeing, and sometimes teleporting, clothed in his power of invisibility as he randomly transformed guests. In the billiards room a game of was in progress, one player leaning forward, pool Que in hand, about to strike a ball, his opponent watching with arms crossed, spectators lounging along the walls. The player suddenly became shinny and hard, frozen into plastic an instant before striking the ball, along with the pool table, floor, furniture and the rest of the occupants.

  Carl tiptoed into a guest room where an orgy of a dozen people spilled across a large bed and onto the carpet, their moans of pleasure echoing against the walls. The debauchery became a magnum opus of erotic art as the copulating lovers and all the furniture were transformed into glossy polystyrene plastic resembling porcelain.

  In an adjacent bedroom room he came upon a pair of lovely women locked in the midst of passion, he recognized both as a pair of young fashion models who had arrived earlier. Their mutual interests had been quite apparent to everyone, their regard for each other had been quite transparent, so Carl turned both lovelies into crystal clear acrylic plastic. He stood for a second admiring the sparkling sculpture posed upon the bedsheets, then left, softly closing the door, leaving the two enraptured souls as a monument to lesbian joy. Walking down the hallway he could sense the sexual energy radiating from the transformed lovers as their spirits roiled in unceasing pleasure within their stationary polymer bodies.

  He revisited the powder room and turned a new group of women into silent figures of plastic, some sitting in front of the mirrors peering into their statufied reflections, those standing, frozen in mid conversation. Several women guests wore shorter gowns that didn’t drape upon the floor providing instant pedestals, so he used the same trick he had come up with earlier. He simultaneously transformed them and the floor under their feet into plastic, gluing them upright on the spot.

  An observant Pamela witnessed people at random turning into statues, Carl waiting for that exact instant when someone’s back was turned, or some other moment when no one had been looking. Another reason that no one was noticing was that by this time most of the guests were so drunk that they were oblivious to the transformations, thinking that the newly minted figures had been always there.

  Carl magically reappeared next to Pamela, “I think that’s enough statue making for tonight.”

  “Carl, honey.” Pamela looked him in the eye, “How many have you turned to plastic.?”

  “Oh...” Carl cocked his head and faked a look of deep concentration, a doubtful state of mind in his present liquored condition, “I lost count after about 20 or 30 as I was wandering around...”

  “It’s going to be a lot of work to find them all, turn them back and erase their memories, you’d better get cracking or you’ll be restoring people the rest of the night!”

  Carl had been so busy having fun he hadn’t taken a drink in awhile, the alcoholic haze was beginning to fade; suddenly realizing how foolish he had been Carl nodded in agreement.

  “I hope that’s the last one, you sure that’s every one you transformed?” Pamela asked one more time.

  “Ya, I’m sure, that’s the last one, everyone’s back to normal, all memories erased, including Ruby.”

  “Including Ruby.” Pamela sighed, “ Oh well, no procedure is completely perfect. It is such a shame, Ruby had a much better personality as a statue, so polite, so considerate and so quiet. I guess we’ll have to bear the strain of her presence for a little while longer, the party is starting to wind down and it’s getting late.

  As they left the McSteale mansion they couldn’t help to notice the other guests, staggering out the front door with blank looks. All the former statues had a contented grin and a happy feeling, having experienced a wonderful time at the party; but somehow couldn’t remember why.

  Carl opened the door for Pamela as they entered their hotel suite, it was after midnight, both still wide awake and full of energy. Pamela danced through the entrance giggling as Carl shut the door and strode over to her, embracing her in a passionate kiss.

  “Well, did my golden girl have a good time at the party?” Carl whispered to her.

  “Oh yes, it was almost perfect, except for restoring Ruby, it was fantastic!” Pamela said between kisses. “Can this golden girl suggest some fun ideas for tonight?”

  “I’m all ears.” Carl replied.

  Pamela stood before the full length mirror admiring her reflection, still wearing the gold lame evening ensemble. She looked stunning in her golden apparel, as she struck a sexy pose. Carl was standing behind her as he lightly touched her delicate shoulders, bringing his magical touch to play. An imperceptible moment later her clothing wasn’t the only golden things; from head to toe Pamela had been transformed into solid gold. Carl stroked the beautiful precious metal statue, feeling the cool hardness of her surface, sensing her spirit rolling in golden pleasure within her metallic form.

  She could feel her lovers warm touch upon her as he stroked her gently, raising her sexual energy ever higher. For several minutes he continued with his magical foreplay upon her still figure, then he restored her back to flesh and blood.

  “OHHH, Don’t stop Carl!” Pamela crooned as she kicked off her shoes, then began stripping off her clothing, while an ecstatic Carl began undressing as well. Soon Pamela was wearing only lingerie; a lace panty and bra.

  Pamela struck another erotic pose before the mirror, standing with legs stretched apart slightly, chest forward, a horny look on her face as she watched her image in the mirror. Seeing Carl approach from behind, she shivered in anticipation of the touch. A moment later she was filled again with the golden pleasure as she saw herself transmute back into a solid gold statue staring into the mirror. Carl had used a different trick to keep her upright, she was magically floating an half and inch off the floor, a levitation spell removing the need for a pedestal.

  Carl stroked her hard body with renewed vigor as his own sexual desire climbed as he touched the erotic statue before him. He kissed her hard lips and then nibbled her neckline as he stroked harder and harder upon her impenetrable surface.  Moving his lips to her bosom he kissed her golden globes of breasts, then reaching behind her back he undid the golden clasps of her golden bra. The fabric of the bra was gold thread, stiff fine gold wire woven into a wondrous garment of pure gold. The metallic bra didn’t unfold and droop as normal fabric would, the soft metal had to be bent outward with gentle pressure from his hands. It wasn’t difficult, the gold wire cloth was easily undraped from her lovely gold torso and cast aside, the rigid bra landing with a dull metallic clank.

  The sight of her wondrous golden breasts were magnificent as Carl stopped alongside Pamela for a moment, psychically feeling Pamela’s libido rise from seeing her own reflection in the mirror. He moved in front of her and caressed her delightful gleaming breasts. Moving down her torso to her waist he lightly touched her golden panties with disciplined fingers, Pamela’s soul shook in ecstasy as he moved closer to her golden pleasure. He worked his fingernails under the edge of the panty, working the soft metal outward. Instead of springing back as normal elastic cloth would, the golden cloth stayed put as he widened the gap. Soon the metal garment had been stretched out, easily sliding off her golden pelvis, down golden legs, past golden feet hovering just off the floor.

  Pamela stood before Carl, a lovely statue of golden beauty gleaming and sparkling in the light, a precious work of art; living jewelry. He kneeled down and began to stroke her solid gold delight, her bush a gold wire brush pressed flat against her metal skin. The lips of her golden vagina felt the erotic touch of his hands then the electric touch of his tongue as he licked the cold hard metal between her legs. He enjoyed the sweet metallic taste of pure gold, as he licked her golden loveliness. Pamela screamed in ecstasy as she came and came again from the electric touch upon her G spot, the G standing for gold. Carl could feel the supercharged orgasm as well, the physic link growing stronger with each moment.

  Carl waited till she reached an orgasmic peak and released her from her golden spell. Pamela moaned in a deep throated cry of carnal joyance, grabbed Carl and began kissing him passionately, Carl was surprised by her sudden strength as she pushed him to the floor. He lay upon his back as Pamela, mewing like a female tiger leapt upon him, grabbed his organ and began to stroke it, enlarging his erection. Pamela pushed her pelvis down upon his member, sliding it into her wet pleasure as Carl felt an explosion of joy explode between his legs. Both began to pump furiously, thrusting together, Carl below, Pamela on top, both their heads arched back as outcrys of joy burst from their lips. Carl began to come in a mighty orgasm when he willed the precious touch upon himself, freezing into an instant of pleasure as he transmuted into solid gold. Pamela remaining flesh and blood, she felt his member within her stiffen into a smooth hard shaft of solid metal. She continued to bump and grind upon his still metal form, he was now the work of art and it was her turn to play with an erotic gold statue. She came and came, then rolled over to lay panting alongside her beloved golden love statue, its back arched, head thrown back in a soundless cry of joy.

  It was Pamela’s turn to explore a living golden form, their psychic link allowing her to feel a part of his pleasure as she stroked and kissed his hard form. Soon her desire grew from her passionate stroking and again she mounted his golden shaft, riding her beloved to an orgasmic climax. At the moment of Pamela’s climax Carl brought his magical touch into play again and she froze back into solid gold, both becoming a silent gilded sculpture. They stayed locked together for most of the night, lovers in a golden embrace as their souls cried out in continual orgasm within their still metal bodies.

  After several hours of frozen joy the two lovers unfroze from their golden enchantment and rolled off each other, laying in the deep plush carpet, sighing, blissful looks on their faces.

  “It’s only 4 in the morning, we could of stayed gold for another 3 or 4 hours.” Pamela smiled and then sighed contentedly.

  “I decided to leave Mr. McSteale a parting gift.” Carl laughed.

  Carl got up, picked up Pamela in his arms and carried her to the large bed, kissing and nuzzling her.

  “Carl, remember last time we went gold in bed the frame broke from our weight!”

  “I know, honey, I know...”

  Pamela thought about for a second; then it came to her, she began to laugh at the thought.

  They jumped upon the mattress and began a new round of lovemaking...

  The employee at the hotel front desk was bleary eyed from exhaustion; 4 o’clock in the morning was so boring, oh, how he hated night shift. Suddenly the hotel trembled slightly as if something heavy had struck the floor in one of the rooms above, he ignored it, earth tremors were common in Alaska.

  “I hope your stay with us was satisfactory.” The hotel manager addressed them in the hotel lobby the next morning as their luggage was being loaded in a waiting limousine.

  “It was acceptable, except for one little thing, early this morning our bed collapsed, the frame broke in two for some reason.” Carl looked slightly annoyed as he complained.

  Both laughed wildly as they drove away in the limo, imagining the hotel staff trying to figure out why a sturdy looking bed would break for no reason. Of course hotel beds are not expected to encounter several tons weight in gold statues. It was an excellent parting gift to Mr. McSteale and his hotel.

  “Ruby, you out did yourself!” Mr. McSteale cheerfully addressed his wife that same morning, Carl had erased his memory of the bad news concerning the mine sale; there is a saying that ignorance is bliss, he was thoroughly blissful.

  “Oh, I’m glad you liked our party, it was a smashing success!”

  “The party was great too, but that erotic sculpture you placed on the bed in one of the guest rooms was a nice surprise.”

  “Erotic sculpture?”

  “Yes, dear, the sculpture of two women making love, Acrylic plastic?”

  “Why, why...Yes, I hope you liked it.” Ruby stammered.

  Ruby seemed to have gaps in her memory, she remembered the beginning and the end of the party, but the part in between was a blank. Had she drank too much? Doubtful, she had no hangover, in fact she never felt better. But she felt kind of addled as she furrowed her brow in concentration trying to recall something; a faint memory of a sensual paradise. She seemed to be forgetful lately, perhaps an appointment with her psychic channeler to adjust her aura would help. She must of created the sculpture that her husband described, somehow she had forgotten, perhaps a psychic imbalance?


  Later in the day Ruby led her private psychic Madame Crooke, to the guest room and show her the work of art she had somehow forgotten ever having created.

  “Here it is Madame,” Ruby pointed towards the a clear acrylic sculpture of two women locked in passion, poised upon the satin sheets of the bed.

  Madame Crooke placed a large quartz crystal in one hand, begin to hum and move her hands through the air over the statues as she channeled the aura of the room.

She began to moan in pleasure as she danced around the bed, then collapsed upon the floor in what appeared to be an orgasmic frenzy, after a minute rose shaking, a look of surprise on her face.

  She noticed that Ruby had collapsed upon the floor as well, her hands rubbing her pleasure through her dress as she moaned, a smile upon her face.. Ruby had felt the sexual waves as well, the Madame had become an amplifier of telepathic energy, allowing anyone close by to tap into the delight.

  Madame Crooke was a consummate con artist, raking in money with her astral channeling scam, a master at convincing gullible people to pay her exorbitant sums. Unknown the her, her ability to mesmerize clients wasn’t just from being good at psychological manipulation, but in fact she was a latent telepath with slight psychic abilities. Her encounter with the astronomically powerful aura of sexual pleasure radiating from the enraptured souls had awakened her powers. The Madame had been faking psychic abilities up till now, from that moment she had been transformed into a real psychic, though she didn’t realize it yet.

  The Madame began to get an idea for a master con involving the sculpture, as visions of piles of money appeared in her mind.

  “Ruby, look into my eyes.” Madame Crooke commanded, “Listen to me carefully, you will give the sculpture to me as a gift for my services.”

  “Yes Madam.” A hypnotized Ruby stared forward blankly, receptive to any command.


  Pamela hugged Carl and looked deeply in his eyes with her soul melting gaze.

  “Remember when you turned me into a plastic doll during the plane trip?” Pamela reminded him.

  “How could I forget!”

  “Well, I’ve always had a particular fantasy” Pamela smiled, “I’ve always wanted to spend a week as a department store mannequin, posed with other mannequins exhibiting the latest fashions in a store window.”

  “Humm” Carl smiled, “I do happen to own a chain of department stores, I’ll make a few calls and make the arragements.”

  An hour later Carl escorted Pamela through the doors of a department store in the downtown area, emblazed on the front of the building in large letters was one word; Williams. The store’s administrator and several floor managers were waiting to greet him.

  “Mr. Williams, we are honoured to be visited by you, I assume you are here to inspect your establishment?”

  “Oh, just showing a friend around, trying a little experiment and perhaps having a little look around” Carl winked at the adminsitrator and continued, “ The stores visual mechandising department has made the changes I requested?”

  “Oh yes sir, everything you asked for is almost finished, may I ask why, the orders seemed a bit odd?”

  “Oh, its part of the little test I’m planning, a secret experiment my marketing people came up with, very hush, hush, on a need to know basis.” Carl winked again, the executive finally got the sublimnal message and ceased his questions.

  While the employees finished making the changes Carl had ordered, he took Pamela around his store for a little shopping. The first visit was the jewlery department, Pamela had a weakness for adornments and Carl was all to happy to indulge her inclinations. The floor manager personally showed them a selection of gold necklaces, placing several velvet lined trays upon the glass of the display case for their inspection.      Pamela gave out a small squeal, picked up one of the glittering baubles and began to place it around her graceful neck. Carl reached over to help her put it on, the moment he touched the jewlery a shock of almost electric intensity coursed through him. Surprised at the sudden telepathic contact; he opened his mind, several consciousness were emitting waves of ecstasy from the very substance of the gold!

  “Carl, what’s wrong?” Pamela called out, “Hello, earth calling Carl, Hello?”

  Pamela waved her hand in front of his inattentive face, even snapping her fingers several times to get his attention.

  “Oh, Ehh, sorry, I was distracted for a second.” Carl shook his head for a moment as he cleared his thoughts, “ Oh, ahh, yes, the necklace looks great on you.”

  Carl expanded his telepathic senses, perceiving living auras coming from other gold articles in the jewlery shop. After purchasing the gift, Pamela didn’t bother putting on the sentient gold necklace, it was to be packaged and delivered to his mansion. Carl made a mental note to investigate the phenonenon of psychic gold at a later date. Both had more immediate matters to attend to.

  The floor manager led them to the basement floor of the huge building, where storerooms and workshops formed the living heart of the department store. He pointed out the section of the floor where the visual merchandising department worked their magic, and as ordered left. Carl opened a large door and both stood for a moment at the threshold of a large room, the lights snapped on with a click as Carl turned on a set of light switches.

  Pamela gasped in awe, the large room was filled with mannequins of all descriptions, most of them female, arrayed in rows along the walls. She felt an unexplainable erotic desire to join them, like a spritual magnet pulling her towards a new destiny.

  Carl had Pamela stand next to the display mannequin leaning against the wall, the figure was bare, it’s face staring blankly forward. Pamela struck an appropriate pose and waited for the precious touch. Carl placed one hand on the silent mannequin and began to feel the molecular structure of the female mannequin. He could sense that the mannequin was a hollow plastic shell of lightweight polyester resin fiberglass, painted with glossy layers of smooth epoxy paint. Torso, arms, legs and hands, detachable parts joined by internal metal sockets that locked in place to hold the mannequin together. Once he had the proper configuration in his mind he touched Pamela ever so lightly with his other hand, instantly Pamela was a mannequin. One second she was warm and soft, the next instant a rigid figure that Carl had to grab to keep from tipping over.

  For Pamela the sensation of being a mannequin was similar to being a vinyl doll, her hollow shell of a body felt light as a feather and completely immobile. Fiberglass had a stiffer feel than vinyl, the former having a slight flexibility to it, while fiberglass plastic was completely rigid. She knew that she was a being of fiberglass reinforced polyester resin painted with a glossy coating of epoxy paint. Even though she no longer could breathe, nostrils mere dimples on her plastic nose, the magic of the precious touch allowed her a sense of smell. She sensed a wonderful lavender odor, like perfume, then realized the scent was coming from her own body. The odor of newly cured polyester resin with a faint hint of fresh epoxy paint, the smell of a newly created mannequin just out of the factory, a lovely fragrance.

  Carl had arranged for sets of large mirrors to be placed in convenient spots in the storeroom where she was to spend several days acclimating to her new existence. The large storeroom was where the mannequins were kept, inventoried, repaired and assembled before they were moved to the store display areas. The room was filled with hundreds of mannequins, some complete, some armless, standing in silent rows with blank stares. Hundreds of fiberglass parts were stacked on shelves or in bins, arms, legs, hands and torsos in different poses, waiting to be assembled into whole mannequins.

  Carl held Pamela upright as he turned her around to face one set of mirrors. Pamela orgasmed within when she saw her reflection in the mirrors, she was a plastic image of herself, with the same blank stare, seams were her parts joined; she looked good as a mannequin.

  “OHHH, CARL, I Feel sooo good, seeing myself as a mannequin is a wish come true, thank you!!!” Pamela telepathed, “Now take me apart like I asked you, my love!”

  Carl leaned the newborn mannequin against the wall, then removed each hand, unlocking each from its wrist socket with a simple twist. Pamela watched through painted eyes as he placed both her dainty hands in a large bin filled with hundreds of female mannequin hands. She could feel each plastic hand’s individual location, feel the touch of the other facsimile hands jostling them, she yearned for more. Next her plastic arms were removed, a simple twist of the socket, unlocking them at the seams from her shoulders. Placed with countless fiberglass arms, hard plastic gently brushing against her, orgasim rising another notch. She felt her smooth fiberglass lower torso and legs separated at her waist and in turn placed in a long shelf full of female mannequin legs; enjoyment! Pamela’s upper fiberglass torso had been placed on a table, facing the shelves holding her fiberglass parts, an exhilarating sight!

  Carl walked over, picked her last part up, carried it to a row of shelves packed with lady mannequin torsos and placed it amongst her siblings. He placed her so she could see the rows of mannequins, bins and shelves reflected in the mirrors, thus seeing her parts among the hundreds of other glossy fiberglass mannequin components. He could feel her soul come and come again in pleasure within her individual fiberglass pieces.

  He went to the door of the storeroom, blew her a kiss, turned out the lights and shut the door as he left.

  It was the Friday afternoon before labor day, the visual merchandising employees had left early for the start of the three day weekend. Pamela was excited at the prospect of three days and nights of solitude in this mannequin paradise. Tuesday morning Carl would supervise her reassembly and installation in one of the stores display windows, her week of fun would take a new turn!

  The storeroom wasn’t completely dark, several nightlights gave a dim illumination, allowing her to see the silhouettes of her kindred in the cool darkness; so peaceful and quiet.

  “OHH, I’m a Mannequin! I really am a mannequin, it feels so wonderful!! I’m a Mannequin, I’m fiberglass plastic! I AM A MANNEQUIN, A MANNEQUIN, AMANNEQUINNAMANNEQUINNNN!!!!!!!!!”

  Her thoughts merged with her plastic substance into a wondrous merging of a living soul and polymer beauty. All else was forgotten as her mind blanked out, submerged into cosmic orgasm, her identity lost amidst the fiberglass assemblage arranged around the room.


  Carl strode happily into his sitting room, so glad to be home after the long business trip. Sitting down upon the sofa with a martini, listening to progressive jazz and reading the financial times in peace and quiet for an hour or so was what he needed. Then after a bit of rest he would examine the living gold necklace purchased earlier and try to solve the mystery of it’s apparent self awareness.

  After a few small sips from the martini he set it down upon the end table beside the sofa, then jumped to his feet, no longer in a relaxed condition. Catherine, the glass maid standing in temporarily as an end table was gone, the end table that she had replaced was back in the same spot!

  Yelling, “James, come here immediately!”

  “Yes, master Williams!” His head butler walked into the sitting room at a half run, managing to march in a dignified manner, concern upon his English visage.

  “ The glass statue that was standing there when I left on my trip, where is it?”

  “Oh dear, master Williams, I forgot to tell you!”

  “Tell me what!”

  “ A workman was cleaning the chandeliers when he slipped and started to fall, luckily he was able to grab hold of the chandelier. Unfortunately the ladder fell over and struck the statue with such force that it shattered to pieces!”

  Carl placed his hand upon his brow and closed his eyes,  hissing out his next words through gritted teeth  “When did this happen!”

  “A day or two after you left, about 5 days ago, sir.”

  “What did you do to the fragments, you didn’t toss them into the dumpster?” Carl imagined a load of trash and broken glass pouring out of a dump truck at the local landfill.

  “Oh no master, I had the janitors carefully gather every fragment up.”

  Carl sighed with relief, “So you didn’t throw them out, where did you put them?”

  James answered, “ Master Williams, with all the environmental awareness, recycling and all, so...”

  “So what happened to them?” Carl’s relief began turning back to distress.

  “The head maid’s brother owns a small studio that makes art glass. The glass was donated to him, no doubt it was melted down in the furnace used by their glass blowers.”

  Carl looked up at the ceiling . “Oh, no!” He exclaimed, “Have the head maid call his brother and tell him to expect me at his studio, then call the limousine driver, now!”

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