The Preparator


by window dresser

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"Kerstin, I can't keep paying you to sit around and do nothing. true, you do a wonderful job, but I could just as easily get a real mannequin. I need you to do more. Maybe...."

"What, Dagmar?", Kerstin asked.

"Well, maybe you could donate plasma. Then, I could pay you for that."

"Let me think about it, okay?"

"Sure, but you'll have to let me know soon.", Dagmar replied, walking away.

Kerstin was visiting Dagmar at the furrier shop that she and her husband Wolfgang owned. Kerstin could see Wolfgang in the back, toiling away at making clothes as usual, while Dagmar was talking to customers, taking orders, and measuring people for custom clothes.

Kerstin and Dagmar had been friends ever since they went to college together. Dagmar had met Wolfgang at a dancing school. It was love at first sight, and she married him soon after she graduated from college, and now she managed his furrier trade.

Kerstin was good looking in youth and was still very pretty, so much so, that Dagmar was filled with jealousy whenever she looked at Kerstin's figure, with the slim waist and the voluptuous breasts.

Kerstin could get any man she wanted, but she couldn't hold on to them. She grew bored with men too easily and constantly got new boyfriends. She was currently without a boyfriend, as her last breakup was the worst, as she had caught her boyfriend in bed with another women.

Dagmar, you're my last friend, don't turn me away, just when I need you the most, Kerstin thought, biting her lower lip. You're the only one who gives me money these days, If you turn me away, I don't know what I'll do.

Look at her, standing there, looking all innocent, Dagmar thought to herself, You think I don't know don't you. That I don't know that you seduced my lovely Wolfgang.

She can't be serious, she wouldn't turn me away, Kerstin thought, she's always saying this is the last time. But she did seem to mean it. Maybe if I donate this plasma, what ever that is, I can smooth things over, prove that I'm willing to work. Besides, she'd never ask me to do anything dangerous.

Kerstin motioned for Dagmar to come over, when she reached Kerstin, she asked: "How do I go about donating plasma?"

"Well, Your arm vein is pierced by an hypodermic needle;

the needle is connected to a machine; the machine takes half a pint of blood, extracts the plasma, reinjects the red blood cells and adds some fluid to replace the plasma. This lasts about 15 minutes, but is repeated six times!", Dagmar explained.

"That's like donating blood?" Kerstin remembered when she had given blood in college.

"It takes a bit more time, but that's basically the idea. you can get more money doing this and you can donate plasma more often then you can donate whole blood. Since we're only taking the plasma out, there's no loss of red blood cells, and that the real danger in taking whole blood. If we take too many red blood cells, you could die. And the best part is, you can do it here.", Dagmar replied.

"That's great!", Kerstin replied, "But how is that possible ...?"

"You know, my brother works for this pharmaceutical company, most of the time he sells drugs to doctors, but he managed to procure a demonstration machine! It's fully functional and it's in the apartment upstairs!", Dagmar replied, pointing to where she and Wolfgang lived.

"OK" Kerstin sighed, "Let's get this over with."


Dagmar closed the shop and they went upstairs. Kerstin sat on a comfortable chair and rolled the sleeve up on one arm. Dagmar connected the needle with the machine, rubbed the area of skin with a bit of alcohol. She then probed Kerstin's arm for a few minutes until she was sure that she had found the vein, rubbed the skin again with alcohol, and jabbed the needle directly into the vein.

"Whew, got it in one!", Dagmar breathed a sigh of relief.

The machine sucked blood from Kerstin and separated the plasma from it. Dagmar watched as the container filled with a clear, slightly yellow tinged fluid. Then the machine pumped a serum to the vein that was supposed to help the body to replace the plasma, and after that, the blood without plasma.

All of this would have been quite normal,

If the machine would have been prepared according to the manufacturer's instructions. But Dagmar had prepared it in a special way, replacing the serum that was usually used with a chemical that Wolfgang called "the Preparator". This chemical was usually used on animals Wolfgang was preparing for decoration.

Wolfgang got the idea when their dog became so ill, that the vet thought it would be kindest to put it to sleep. The vet injected the chemical into the dog, and within two hours, the dog had stopped breathing, and had become very stiff.

Then, Dagmar got an idea of how to get rid of Kerstin, and still let her do what she loved to do best, pretend to be a mannequin.

But how to inject 'the Preparator'? For the mass of Kerstin she needed an amount that is too much for one syringe, although the amount was still minute compared to what they used on the animals. This amount wouldn't kill Kerstin, just freeze nearly all her mussels. She'd still be alive. But, Kerstin should think it's totally harmless, so Dagmar came up with getting Kerstin to donate the plasma.

When the second cycle began, Dagmar left the room to fetch clothing for the following living mannequin session. She suggested a four-piece-set of fine lingerie, a mink coat, high heeled patent leather shoes and sun glasses, all the usual things, to which Kerstin agreed readily.


Eventually the last cycle of the donation process was finished and Dagmar disconnected Kerstin from the machine.

Kerstin drank a whisky on the rocks, while she got dressed. She pulled down her clothes until she was naked, then she put on the slip, the underwired, padded bra and the garter belt; she slipped into the silk stockings and fixed them at the garters; such she stepped into the high heels and Dagmar helped her into the coat. After she got dressed, she checked her make up, applying a deep red lipstick to her lips and applied a lot of mascara to her eyelashes.

She put on the sun glasses and turned towards Dagmar, asking: "The usual pose?"

"Sure, why not?", Dagmar confirmed.

They went back down to the shop. Dagmar opened the display, and Kerstin went in and greeted the one real mannequin there, while Dagmar fetched a chair.

Kerstin sat down , brought her knees together, legs parallel, hands holding a patent purse in her lap, taking on a blushing pose!

But her coat was not closed, it fell open a bit, so passers by could get a glimpse of her bra!

Kerstin smiled a bemused smile. From behind the sun glasses she could watch the men as they passed by. She could barely stop from giggling as she saw how their trousers bulge, when they saw her!

Have a nice afternoon!", Dagmar said, before she left the display, laving Kerstin alone with the real mannequin.


Half an hour later, Dagmar opened the display.

'The Preparator' should do its work in the next few minutes!, Dagmar thought to herself.

"How do you feel?", she asked Kerstin.

"Ooh, very well! Time sure is flying today! How long have I been in here? An hour?", Kerstin responded.

"No, it's just under a half an hour!", Dagmar replied.

"God, it feels as if only 5 minutes have passed!"

Kerstin answered.

"OK, can you stand for 5 minutes?", Dagmar asked.

"Sure!" Kerstin said and tried to get up, but she stumbled back into the chair, "Oops, my muscles are so weak today!"

Dagmar helped her. Slowly, Kerstin stretched her knees.

"I'm so stiff today. That's unusual. That must be the plasma donation!", Kerstin said slowly.

You don't know how right you are!, Dagmar thought.

"How long will it last?", Kerstin wanted to know.

"Forever!", Dagmar replied firmly, "It's time for you to become a real mannequin!"

"You are kidding!", Kerstin smiled, amused.

"Oh no!", Dagmar laughed, "You remember me ever mentioning 'the Preparator'? The donation machine pumped about a half cup of it into your blood! It should finish its work in minutes! After that, you will becom a stiff, rigid, immobile plastic woman! A mannequin! A window dummy! Then I can finally make back all the money I ever paid you by renting you to other stores!"

Kerstin just smiled in response.

Dagmar was confused. Kerstin showed no reaction to her words, she just stared, smiling. But Dagmar thought she knew why.

She removed the sun glasses, getting no reaction. She waved her hand in front of Kerstin's face, still getting no reaction.

She put a hand under the coat and cupped one of Kerstin's breasts.

The breast was hard instead of pliable.

"It worked!", Dagmar cried.

Wolfgang entered the shop.

"It worked?", he asked.

"Yeah!", Dagmar answered.

"So the old bitch is good for something!", Wolfgang confirmed.

Dagmar left the display, kissing Wolfgang as she left. They striped off each other clothes, making passionate love to one another, hoping that Kerstin could see them.

Kerstin mearly looked amused at them.


After they finished, Dagmar and Wolfgang put on some clothes. They returned to the display, and positioned Kerstin so that she was facing the street. She removed Kerstin's' bra, and arranged the coat so that everyone could see Kerstin's pert breast.

Leaving the display, she and Wolfgang went upstairs to their bedroom, where the celebrated their saved marriage.

The Preparator 2


by window dresser


Five years after she had transformed Kerstin into a mannequin,

Dagmar's marriage was again in a crisis.

Dagmar had become older, while Kerstin remained young and pretty.

The guilt of the effective murder of Kerstin was depressing her.

She and Wolfgang still had no kids and Wolfgang was admiring the beauty of Kerstin, more than her.

Filled with dispair, Dagmar made a decision.


One half cup of Preparator had been injected into her vein over the last 15 minutes.

Puling out the needle, she went to her wardrobe, and began to dress, putting on a strapless, lace bra, a lace slip, silk stocking, the long, wide petticoat she had worn at her wedding to her beloved Wolfgang. She slowly put on her wedding dress, a strapless, white gown with pearls and laces. She then put on the matching fur coat, and slipped the headpiece and veil over her head. Finally, she slipped in a pair of white satin shoes.

Going over to the mirror, she applied her makeup, a deep, glossy red lipstick was applied to her lips and liberal amounts of mascara to her eyelashes.

Finally she slipped into the white kid gloves, which reached over her elbow. One and a half hour had passed since she first injected herself with the Preparator.

She picked her floral bouquet and went slowly downstairs. She entered the shop and then the display.

The real mannequin and Kerstin had been prepared before, they were wearing bridesmaids' dresses and small fur coats, standing at the sides of the display, admiring the empty place between them.

Dagmar entered the display, walking to the middle. Her bridesmaids admired her.

Soon I'll would be one of you, she thought.

Dagmar arranged her gown and her coat to a stunning bustline.

She bent forward, lifted her skirts and as she had wanted, the skirts fell in a nice line, showing off her stunning legs. She then tried to stand up and wait for her body to become stiff.

As tried, she found that her body wouldn't move! She had already become stiff!

She could see herself in the mirroring window glass. She looked more sexy then she could ever have arranged intentionally! Because her body bent forward, her bustline was even more stunning!

It looked wonderful!

She felt wonderful!


Then she heard Wolfgang entering the shop.

He found her in the display.

He was astonished, Dagmar was even more beautiful than she had been on their wedding day!

He stared at her, admiring her body. He felt his penis becoming hard.

He lovingly caressed her stiffened body. His member became harder and harder. He opened his trousers and made himself cum, always looking at Dagmar and her sexy pose.

"Dagmar, you are wonderful!", he whispered.


Dagmar was happy.

Kerstin was no longer important.

Now Wolfgang was admiring her!