To Preserve and Protect. By M.P.


It was on a Thursday that I first had the fortune of meeting Lisa and Amy. They were single and without family and just out of finishing school when they decided to come to New York. Amy was about 19 with long blonde tresses that cascaded down her back and ended just above the curve of her ass. Her face had the Greecian features of a statue, long and narrow in a perfect oval. Her lips were painted bright red and her eyes were a piercing blue. Her body was perfectly sculpted, breasts that were small but perfectly round, and a waist that was narrow with a flat stomach. Her legs were long and muscular and in the bright green dress she wore every curve was accented. Lisa her closest friend was another knock out. A tall brunette with hazel eyes, Lisa also had a firm sexy body and both girls proved that the hours they spent in the gym had paid off. Lisa liked to wear her hair in a tight bun, which was a nice contrast to Amy's loose wave. Dressed in a short blue mini dress like Amy's, the two young girls left little to the imagination. This was proved by the appreciative stares they got from the men on the platform.

As they stepped off the train at Grand Central Station, I was waiting for them on the platform with a small sign. "Country Gables." Oh by the way let me introduce myself, I am Dr. Efraim Weatherby. I started Country Gables about five years ago on a grant from the Rockefeller Society. I had used the money to further my research in taxidermy. Then changed my mind and turned Country Gables into an exclusive resort . I had placed several ads in various trade papers of my clinic and using the premise of it being a private club I attract people to come. Then when they arrive my agents do a complete bio on the new guest and if they meet the qualifications they are allowed to come and most stay, permanently. Which brings us back to Lisa and Amy.

I helped the girls to collect their baggage and led them to my car. The clinic was on the outskirts of the city and as we drove the girls admired the scenery and chatted about what they would do when we got to the clinic. I smirked to myself a little because I had heard this same talk several times before but I didn't let on, I would let the girls discover for themselves.

About 3:30 we pulled up to Country Gables. I had built the clinic in the style of the southern mansions. It was a large place with pure white columns of solid oak. I had personally insisted that there be lots of flowers, so the gardens at the clinic were the envy of the area. I parked the car on the edge of the driveway and as the girls got out I called for the handy man Mr. Klien to come and get the bags. Mr. Klien was a long time associate of mine and had been with me since the opening of the clinic.

I walked over to the girls and escorted them through the large doors into the main hall of the clinic. Country Gables made "Tara", Scarlett Ohara's home from Gone with the Wind, look like a shack. The paneling was rich brown walnut, and the floors were marble. In the rear of the hall a winding staircase also made of marble curved upwards to the second floor. As we entered I introduced the girls to some of the other "Guests" and it struck Amy's curiosity that there were no other men in the clinic but Klien and myself. I told it was this privacy that most women wanted and the absence of men should not bother her. She made a strange face but accepted my explanation. I told Lisa and Amy that Klien would show them to their rooms, and I would see them at dinner.

It was early so I took off my coat and decided to do some work before dinner. Making sure that no one noticed I went to the secret panel on the south wall of the main hall and a door opened in the side of the massive stairwell. Another flight of stairs led down and after turning on the light I started down. At the base of the stairs there was a small hallway that ended at a large room. Inside it looked like something out of a bad science fiction movie. There were several tables loaded with electronic parts and various machines half assembled. But the most promenade thing in the room was a large glass tank with several small sprayers and hoses attached to it. A large computer console sat next to the tank and a long table was covered with a black cloth. I went around to the table and removed the cloth to reveal the bound and incredibly beautiful naked body of Elizabeth.

Elizabeth had come about two weeks earlier and was now ready to become a permeate part of my little collection. She was shorter than most of the girls, only about 5'4" with a plump but very sexy body. Her large breasts heaved from her fast breathing and her skin though a light white, was unusually paler because of her fear. Her hair was a dark brown color but I had taken the care to wrap it in a protective bag so the chemicals would not burn it. I had to remove her pubic hair, for which I felt sorry, for I have always liked a well trimmed little bush but I would fix that later.

The important details had been completed last week and Elizabeth's disappearance would be covered up. Her last will and all properties would be naturally left to the clinic. Then some Jane Doe would be used as a duplicate of Elizabeth and would be found by the police. Then I would have the original.

Elizabeth squirmed under the straps as I entered the room and I had to calm her. As I prepared the serum that would preserve her body I talked to her and told her that she had nothing to fear. I would always take good care of her and that in a little while she would be much better off anyway.

She looked at me with pleading eyes that almost made me stop but then as she was starting to cry I gently stroked the side of her delicate face and inserted the needle into her right ass cheek.

She cried out in pain but the sound quickly faded away as the fast working drug began to change her. I stepped back and watched the transformation. At the moment I had given her the injection, she had her eyes wide open and her mouth was slightly open. I watched as the color of her skin began to develop a sheen. her eyes glazed over and in seconds her skin became hard and resilient plastic. I undid the buckle to the straps and smoothed the creases from her skin as the chemical continued its work.

I moved her arms slightly into a more provocative pose and spread her legs slightly so she could be propped up. I then took another needle and injected a chemical that would make her body more pliable so I could mold her as I wished. After several seconds I raised her left leg off the table about six inches and it froze there in midair. I touched her body in several parts and reveled in the cool stiffness. I pressed my hand into her exposed left tit and saw the imprint of my fingers as the fleshy part of her tit was like clay. After I smoothed the flesh of her breast back into shape I then returned her leg to its original position and then gently molded her face into a more relaxed expression.

It was stimulating to use Elizabeth's body like raw clay. I visualized molding my living statue into anything or anyone I desired. Then I finished my examination of the rest of her and not seeing anything out of the ordinary I stood her up and placed her on the base plate in the tank. I took a few moments to finalize her pose and gave her another shot of the preserving potion to make sure she wouldn't move for once I operated the machine she would remain in that pose forever.

I decided on a classic pose, I stood her on her tip toes with her back slightly twisted and her legs straight and tightly together. I raised her head to look out and in this pose she took on a regal look. Then I placed her arms in a pose like a dancers raised over her head palms outwards. I told her she was beautiful and then feeling I could do no more to improve this exquisite pose, I closed the door.

I went to the computer and input the information to balance the spray levels and after several seconds the plate in the tank began to turn on its small axis. As Elizabeth was turning in the tank, I checked the tubes filled with a mixture of paraffin wax and another preservative that I had invented especially for this process. Then when the machine had reached operating temperature a fine mist of wax was sprayed from the tubes onto her exquisite body.

The process lasted about ten minutes, with Elizabeth slowly turning in front of the spray jets adding several layers of the paraffin mixture onto her body. When the machine was done the room was filled with the strong odor of wax so I turned on the blowers and went to open the tank. I lifted the now completed wax figure of Elizabeth from the tank and set her on a small black platform in the center of the room that I had built just for her display. In the center of the platform was a glass rod that I inserted into her little anus. It was tight at first but then after several seconds she eased onto it and then I stepped back and admired my latest work of art. I tapped her newly waxen skin and it made a soft clicking sound. I made sure there were no uncovered areas on her body and that she was perfectly preserved. I looked deeply into her eyes with their blank stare and could see my reflection in her glazed over pupils. I then removed the bag from her hair and used a fine brush and smoothed her long Brown hair across her back and shoulders. I then took out a can of hairspray and applied a heavy coating to her hair. When the spray settled her hair took on the appearance of being a shiny wig. I now knew she was complete.

In her present state Da Vinci would have been awestruck. The ultimate ballerina. Even though she was more rounded than most ballerinas, with her sexy curves she was like a water nymph or maybe a cherub, but I was extremely pleased at how magnificently she had turned out. I took out a small remote control from my pocket and aimed it at a box on the side of the platform. The box made a small beeping noise and then the platform with my Elizabeth sculpture on it began to roll across the room. On the opposite wall a recessed panel slid away and exposed another chamber.

This is where I kept my collection. On both sides of the cavernous room stood several other platforms. On each was another beautiful work of living wax. Within the brightly lit chamber blondes, redheads, black haired girls, of all shapes and sizes all creeds and colors were here for my personal enjoyment.

I entered the room and started to admire some of the others as Elizabeth was wheeled into place into one of the row of lovelies. Her pedestal stopped between a tall statuesque blonde that I had acquired a few weeks earlier and a large breasted redhead. The blonde had reminded me of a young Marilyn Monroe, so I chose to pose her in the classic swimsuit shot of Marilyn from the late fifties.

She was resting on one knee on a pedestal of bright lemon yellow matching the color of her one piece swimsuit. In the bright light her exposed waxy skin reflected the lights off her. Her hair was short and swept back to reveal her perfect profile. And I had taken the liberty of posing her prop rod under her knee to give the illusion she was floating on the platform. The shiny glazed over expression in her pure blue eyes made her the perfect wax work of the late actress. The redhead to Elizabeth's right was dressed in a strapless evening gown of silver lame' that hugged her extremely sexy body. I posed her with both arms at her sides, Long and well muscled but shiny with a high gloss over a soft brown tan. Her face was also tanned with the same soft gleam. Her eyes were closed and her lips were slightly open. On her lips she wore a bright red lipstick to match the flame colored tresses on her head. She stood on a platform of pure white with her head thrown back making her long mane of ruby red hair appear to flow down her back.

I never tire of the feeling of smooth cool wax. It has a hard but oily feel that can not be described and the way it shines on my girls, no mere mannequin can compare with the warm sheen it has under lights. And how it brings out the curves and lines of the female form when it is encased in it.

I walked back to Elizabeth and then after planting a small kiss on her smooth cool lips I pocketed the remote and left the exhibit. Knowing that she and the others would be mine to enjoy for years to come.

I turned off the machines and then went back up to the main level, carefully checking the monitor on the stairwell to make sure no one saw me exit. It would not do to have one of the others find out about the lab too soon. I then went upstairs to shower and dress for dinner.

As I was working Amy and Lisa had been wandering around when they met Connie. Connie was a young girl also about 19 with long red hair and a thin but shapely body. She was crying when Amy and Lisa approached her. She was about to run when Amy asked her what was wrong. Drying a tear she explained that she had come to the clinic two weeks earlier and met a dark haired girl named Elizabeth. She and Elizabeth had hit it off right from the start and in fact she had discovered thanks to Elizabeth that she was a closet lesbian. All her life she had never had success with boys and then among all these women she found herself more at ease then she had ever been. In fact she and Elizabeth had sneaked into each others rooms after curfew and made love several times. Then one night about two days ago Elizabeth had disappeared. She had asked several of the others but the answer was the same no one knew anything. In fact she learned that Elizabeth had not been the first woman here to mysteriously vanish only to be found dead later. Amy gave Connie her handkerchief and told her not to worry ,later she would just ask the doctor and find out what had become of her friend. Connie reeled back in horror, Saying that wasn't necessary and that she was sorry she had bothered the girls. then she ran off and Amy and Lisa were left dumbfounded.

Klien had just come from behind a bush when he overheard Connie's little tale to the new girls. Later he would have do something to get her out of the way. Klien went upstairs and went to Connie's room. It was like several of the rooms at the clinic a simple room in pastel shades that would give the guests a feeling of relaxation. He entered and caught her in the act of packing her bags. Before she had time to react he had taken a serum syringe and stuck it into her little ass. Instantly Connie yelped in pain at the shot and then froze in place. She looked almost comical standing in the room with a look of surprise on her face and a pair of little blue panties in her hands. He quickly closed the door and pushed her arms down and removed the panties. Then he closed her open mouth and laid her stiff body on the bed and covered her with the blankets so anyone passing would think she just took a nap. Then he began to plan how to get rid of dear Connie, but he hoped she had not told the new girls too much.

Dinner was always a big event at Country Gables and the chef had really outdone himself. He had prepared a large dinner and all the women present sat at the large dining table and began to enjoy his handiwork. Amy and Lisa sat at one end of the table with me and Klien sat at the other end. Amy was speaking with me when she noticed one seat was empty. She asked me about Connie and then Klien interrupted and explained that she had been taken ill and sent to the hospital. Then I got up and went to the cabinet where I kept a special bottle of wine that I always kept just in case of inquiring minds. I poured Amy and Lisa a glass of the wine and after several seconds they both passed out. Some of the girls were surprised at the sight of Amy and Lisa fainting but I explained that they had both been under pressure at the news of Connie's illness. Klien then helped the girls out of the room and I told him to take them to the lab and I would deal with them later.

Two hours later Amy was the first to awaken. She was not sure exactly where she was but there was a strong odor of wax in the large room and it reminded her of a candle factory she visited once. She tried to get up and found that she was naked and strapped down on a large metal table. The metal was cold against her skin, but there was something warm next to her. She turned her head as far as it would and from the corner of her eye she could just make out the form of Lisa on the table with her. The lights in the room flickered on and I entered. I tilted the table to an upright position and spoke to Amy. I explained to her that it was of no use to struggle. I would release her soon but I wanted her to see something first. I turned the table slightly to the right and on another table I had placed the now conscience Connie. Connie was putting up a fight and I was worried that the red marks from the straps might not fade after I mannequinized her. I told her to stop but finally I had to give her another shot.. She instantly froze, her face slightly contorted and her hair was tousled. Taking a comb I straightened out her hair and using my hands I smoothed out her facial features. I turned to Amy and started to prepare another shot. Amy was screaming now and I inserted the needle into her thigh. I didn't use the preserving solution yet only a tranquilizer because I wanted Amy to see the process. She immediately was quieted so I explained that now I was going to create a work of art.

Turning back to Connie I removed her bonds and stood her now inert form up on the floor. I took a brush and some fine body makeup and removed the tell-tale marks that were left from the straps. The pose was the problem. Connie was a bit too thin for a classic pose, but I decided to try something I had seen once in a movie years earlier. Connie was starting to come to now, so I had to give her another injection. I explained to Amy that the potion was only a temporary preservative but the final waxing process sealed the subject in a protective layer of paraffin wax. Going back to the pose for Connie I started checking the garment bags and I found the item I was looking for. I pulled out what looked like a mechanical dolls dress from a German music box. It was made of multicolored cotton with lace trim. To accent the dress I added a pair of frilly white lace bloomers that hugged Connie's tight little ass. She had nice firm breasts so I did not hide her tits under a bra, but left the dress open just enough to see the tops of them. With her bright red hair she looked the part of a doll. I added two spots of pink rouge and put some small freckles on each cheek. I touched up her lips with a bright red oily lipstick and combed out her hair to add to the illusion of her being a doll. I raised her arms into a reaching pose and then stood back to admire my handiwork.

Satisfied with her new appearance I undressed her once again and readied the machine. Klien had come down while I was readying Connie and saw the transformation. He grabbed Amy by the face and pointed her face at the tank. He said that Connie would make a wonderful little dolly and it was her turn next. Then he and I would find a sexy pose for Lisa as well. What I had not realized however was that Lisa had come to and had over heard the conversation between Amy and I.

Pretending to still be unconscious she had started to loosen her straps. The machine was primed and ready now so I picked up Connie's stiff body and placed it into the tank. I tipped her right foot slightly on an angle and put most of her weight on her left leg. Unfortunately her arms were sticking out of the tank on an odd angle because of her pose so I asked Klien to come over with a softening shot so I could repose her.

When we were both in the tank with the frozen form of Connie, Lisa broke her bonds and made her move. She ran to the control panel and pulled the lever that closed the tank trapping Klien and I into the tank.

Connie's injection wore off at the same time and as the door was closing she pulled Klien into the tank knocking me down. Lisa grabbed her arms as she pulled Klien down and pulled Connie out of the tank as the door slid shut. I got up from the floor of the tank and banged on the walls of the tank, yelling at her to let us out at once. Lisa then said that this is what an S.O.B. like me deserved, to be trapped like an animal and made to suffer after what I had done to all those unsuspecting girls.

I begged Lisa to reconsider what she was doing but all she did was laugh, and said that what we had done could never be forgiven. She put her arms around Connie and pondered for a moment whether we deserved to be encased in wax but decided to notify the police instead. After several seconds the drug wore off on Amy and she was once again able to move. Connie removed her straps and the three girls embraced and left the lab to call. Later when the police came and took Klien and me away they started to search the rest of the compound . The officers were shocked and some horrified by the sight of my museum, and the detectives knew that it would take days to identify all the missing girls.

Over the next few weeks the rest of the girls at Country Gables were sent home, many not realizing how close they had come to dying. The dead girls who had been transformed were returned to their respective families, if any, for burial and Klien and I were sentenced to 20 years in prison. Amy Lisa and Connie are still the best of friends and share a place in New York City. After everything had settled down they visited the sight where they buried Elizabeth.

Connie left a single red rose.


The End....

M.P. 7/12/98