Part Time Work

by Platinum

Janis put down the newspaper and let out a deep sigh. "Iím never going to find a decent part time job," she thought to herself. Paying the rent was getting harder and harder as a waitress. There were plenty of good tips for an attractive woman like herself but that never seemed to quite make ends meet. "I need something that will pay some real cash," she thought. Janis walked into the bedroom and changed into her waitress uniform. It was fantasy night at the mens club where she worked and she had been told to wear something provocative. "Maybe some rich guy will like what he sees tonight and take care of my money worries," she laughed to herself. She slid into a shiny red spandex bodysuit and left for work.

Janis had been at work for a couple hours when he walked into the club. He was an older man, pushing 60, she thought as he walked by her to a table. Janis watched him as he sat down near the back and as soon as she finished with her other customers-walked over to him. "Hello, can I get you anything" she asked. "I just stopped in to see if there was anyone interested in coming to work for me," he answered. Janisís eyes lit up. "What kind of job are you trying to fill," she asked. "Itís a modeling job-youíd be perfect for it," he said as he gazed at her spandex covered body. "Me a model, I donít think so," she said. "Oh my dear, you would be perfect for it," he replied. "You would make a wonderful model." Janis sat down next to the old man. "Well I could use some extra money," she said. "Come and be my model and you will never worry about money again," he answered. The old man reached down into his pocket and handed something to Janis. "Here take my card-it has my shops address on it. Come see me if you decide you want the job." Janis took the card and smiled. "Iíll think it over, I promise. I really need to get back to work-can I get you anything," she asked. "No I was just leaving. I hope to see you soon," he said as he stood up. "Thank you," Janis replied.

That night Janis tossed and turned as she dreamt of being a model. She smiled in her sleep as she thought of trying on lovely clothes and showing them off to customers. She woke the next morning with her mind made up. She would take the job.

"Hello, anyone here," Janis called out as she walked through the store. She shivered with excitement as she glanced around the empty store. "Iím going to actually be a model," she thought to herself. She made her way through the store, looking at the various clothing displays and the mannequins located around the store. She noticed one dressed in a yellow latex bodysuit and stepped closer to look at the sexy outfit.

"Hello my dear, Iím so glad you came to see me." Janis turned and saw the old man from the club, coming through a door in the back of the store. The old man shook her hand and smiled. " As you probably saw on my card, my name is Mr. Hawkins, itís so good that you came." She smiled back and shook his hand timidly. "Iím Janis and well, I guess Iím here because of your offer to be a model." "Oh yes my dear, you will be my model. Now please, come in back with me. We have so much to do." Mr. Hawkins turned and walked through the door into the back room. Janis followed wondering to herself when she would start her new job.

She gasped in surprise as they walked into the back room. Instead of boxes and spare merchandise, the large area looked more like some sort of science lab. "What is all this," Janis asked. "Oh, this is where I create my mannequins for the store," Hawkins replied. Janis nodded and stood nervously. "So will I be starting to model for you soon," she asked. "He turned and smiled. "Oh yes my lovely, very very soon."

Mr. Hawkins took her hand and led her to a small raised circle in the center of the room. "Please step up onto this and disrobe Janis." She looked puzzled but did as she was asked. Before she could ask what was going on, Mr. Hawkins pushed a button on the wall and a tube lowered over Janisís body. She pushed hard against the walls of her cage but they would not give. She was trapped. Mr. Hawkins pushed a second button and a yellow liquid slowly started filling up the tube. Soon the liquid was above Janisís waist and continuing to rise. Janis wanted to panic, to scream out, but the warm, thick goo gently caressed her body as it continued to rise. "Do not be afraid my dear" Hawkins said. "Most of my models love this part of the transformation process." Janis moaned as the liquid swirled around her. It was now up to her neck and continuing to rise. In the back of her mind a scared thought screamed, "transformation, what does he mean, what is he doing to me." As the golden liquid continued to rise, a small tube lowered from the top of her trap and strapped itself to her face. Janis sucked in a lungfull of air from the breathing tube as the liquid rose over her head. Now the liquid began to churn and get warmer. Janisís knees nearly buckled at the sensation. She moaned into her breathing mask. "Donít let this stop," she thought to herself. Janis could feel a strange tingling over her body as the liquid continued to swirl around her. The tingling became more and more intense. Janis arched her naked back and thrashed in the liquid filled tube. Her mind raced as she rode the endless orgasm. "Whats happening to me, she thought. Slowly the liquid began to drain out of the tube. Soon the tube was empty and Janis shivered as cool air blew over her body. She glanced down at herself and saw with a shock that her body was completely hairless. She rubbed her hands across the top of her head and felt nothing but smooth skin. "What have you done to me," she cried out. Hawkins smiled at her through the clear plastic tube. "You did say you wanted to model for me didnít you Janis," he asked with a wry smile. "Perhaps I forgot to mention to you that I never use live models, I only use mannequins in my store to model my clothing." Janis looked at him stunned. "What are you talking about," she screamed. "What have you done to me?"

"You should notice the hardening process any moment now," hawkins replied. "Once it begins, it works very quickly," he said as he pushed the button to raise the tube.

Janis watched the tube raise. "I can run now,"she thought to herself. "I donít know what happened with that liquid, but I can get out of here now." She looked around the lab and saw that Hawkins still had his back turned to her. "Im getting the hell out of here right now," she said to herself. A look of fear crossed her face as she looked down at her feet. She had tried to run, but nothing had happened. She couldnít move her feet. "Oh my god," she screamed as she saw her feet and lower legs had changed to a smooth white plastic. She stood in shock, watching as the change slowly continued to spread up her body. Before she could think, her thighs were plastic.

Mr. Hawkins turned and smiled at her. "Oh the transformation is working well," he said. He raised his hand and held something in front of her. "This usually makes the change a little easier. It should help you relax. He then turned on the vibrator he was holding and slowly pushed it deep into her sex. She gasped as it entered her and immediately was arroused. "I know it feels good Janis. Donít worry, it canít come out now." Hawkins said. She looked down at her body and saw that her sex was now smooth plastic, the vibrator sealed inside her. She moaned from the stimulation as the change continued, now up to her breasts.

Mr. Hawkins gazed at Janis, watching her change. "Oh you are going to be my best mannequin yet," he said. Janis looked back at him, her body now plastic up to her chin. She stood posed as he had moved her. "I..I donít want to be a mannequin," she said softly. "I..just wanted to be a model." He stroked her face softly and kissed her cheek. "But Janis, you will be a model-forever. Isnít that even better. You will always be on display. Long after other models have grown old and retired, you will still be beautiful," he said. "And besides my dear, all my other girls have told me that the change is very arrousing, give in to it Janis, enjoy becoming plastic, becoming my mannequin."

Janisís mind raced. Perhaps he was right she thought to herself. The idea of being forever gorgeous did have itís appeal and yes, being stiff and unable to move with the constant buzzing of the vibrator deep in her body was pushing her close to orgasm. A soft moan escaped her. "Yes, it does feel good," she said to Hawkins. "I feel so pretty." He smiled at her as her face became a plastic mask. One last tiny moan came from her mouth as the change finished and her eyes glazed over.

Hawkins lifted her from the metal base and began applying her makeup and a short black wig. He decided to dress her in the yellow latex outfit he had seen her admiring. Soon she was ready and was put in the store window.

Hawkins gave her a soft kiss on the cheek. "You said you felt pretty Janis, and you are. You are my most beautiful mannequin." He kissed her once more and turned off the store lights and left for the night.

Deep inside her plastic body, Janis was somehow aware of his kiss. She smiled to herself. "I am pretty and I will be forever," she thought and then drifted off on the endless pleasure of her new body.