by Robotdoll


"Now that you've signed the contract, we can begin." He took the paper and placed it in a file in his desk. He walked over to her and sat down on the stool in front of her.

She sat in a deep soft easy chair, a look of curiosity and excitement on her face. She considered herself very lucky to be taken on by this man, one of the most mysterious and creative masters in the city's scene. His girls are submissive like the rest, but the things he does to them, the perfect objects of beauty and servitude he creates of them...well, she was VERY lucky.

"Shall we begin?" He wore a simple outfit, black leather pants, a cotton shirt open to the waist. His black hair combed back in a widow's peak, a clipped goatee and a pair of eyes that could turn venus de milo to butter. He looked like a devil masquerading as a television magician.

"Yes, sir." She nodded quietly, trying not keep her voice from quavering. She wore nothing under her simple cotton nightdress. She had brought her collection of leather and latex clothing, but he packed them and tossed them in a closet, saying she'll not need them. The nightdress covered her completely, and was so light it barely felt like she was wearing anything at all.

He held up a small crystal. The window was only open a crack, and a lance of light hit the crystal perfectly. A rainbow of color passed before her eyes. "Just watch the colors. This is just to help you relax. We cannot begin until you are at peace with your surroundings and yourself." He turned his hand slowly, the colors flashing into her eyes. "Your only need is to watch the crystal, and let your body relax."

She watched the crystal. The colors danced before her, sometimes appearing to be within the crystal, sometimes hanging in the air before her. She could almost reach out and touch them, but no, that was against the rules, she was to watch, and relax. He spoke about the importance of relaxation, and how by making herself relaxed and open to his words, she was making herself open to his wishes, and commands. At the word "command," she felt herself sinking into the chair, as if it was growing softer. Her eyes began to flutter. She tried to keep them open, but he said no, go ahead and relax, you can still see the crytal. It was true, the shard of glass was still before her eyes, turning and shining.

He spoke softly as her body grew more and more relaxed. He told her to imagine tha chair was growing softer, she was floating on a cloud, up, up toward the light of the crystal. She can reach up for the light, and yes, there went her arms, lifting limply as if hung by strings, her fingers straining to the ceiling. And now she's so relaxed she can't even reach for the light, the arms are limp, heavy. As they drop, she would become more sleepy and helpless. She is hypnotized..."do you know what hypnotized means?"

"Yes..." her voice was a whisper. "Your slave...cannot disobey..." Perfect, he thought. If that's what she thought being hypnotized was, it made it all that much easier. No need to misdirect her with tricks.

"Yes, you will be my slave..." The arms floated down. Down Down...they rested on the arms of the chair, and she let out a ragged breath. She was under.

He reached over and leaned her forward. Her body was totally flaccid, and her head dropped forward. She wasn't anywhere near waking up, so he didn't worry about it. He pulled the nightdress over her head. Her arms were pulled up as he raised the dress. As the sleeves pulled inside-out, the arms slipped out and back onto the chair, one bouncing off, hanging listlessly off the chair, a relaxed hand seeming to point at the carpet. He leaned her back again, and admired his new possession. Her breasts were full and round, and rose slowly as she breathed. He had a plan for her training, but as always, she had to make her own choices.

"Tell me your name." He knew it, of course, but the subject had to volunteer all the info, it helped to reinforce the training.

"Ann." A hoarse whisper was all she could muster.

"Ann, you have been placed in a state of deep hypnosis. As you know, you can not disobey me. I am your master, you are my slave."

"Your slave...yes, master." She was almost desperate to go under, he thought. He knew he had amassed a reputation in town, but he was pleased that it was so helpful.

"Ann, stand up." With a grunt, she rose as if through water. "You are now an object of pleasure. A plaything. Your body is mine to use as I wish." She smiled dreamily. He continued. " You are standing in front of a mirror. Describe your body."

She furrowed her brow. She wasn't seeing herself, she was seeing her perfect fantasy self, the one that she wanted to be for her master. "Red hair...pigtails." She had red hair, but the pigtails were a surprise. Was she a child in her fantasy? He was about to guide her to a different vision as she continued. "Soft fabric skin...nice to touch and hug..." Fabric? He listened on. "My titties...soft and well stuffed." His eyebows rose in surprise. Stuffed? What an odd choice of...wait a minute.

"What is your name?"

"I am Ragdoll Annie. Please play with me."

He almost fainted. His mind reeling, he recovered quickly. "Come with me Annie."

He walked into the next room. She followed, her arms hanging at her sides, bouncing against her sides as she walked. Her walk was rather childish, flatfooted, as if she wasn't too verse with walking. It was attractive to him.

"Sit here." He pinted to a flat examination table. She hopped up on the table. He lifted her legs and spun her to the lay on the surface. He touched the back of her neck, whispered 'relax', and she flopped backwards, her arms falling off the sides. He lifted her arms up and laid them at her sides as she stared up at the ceiling. He closed her eyes with his fingers. Picking up a pair of headphones, he began to place them over her ears, saying, "Listen to this, and remember all, and learn." He started a tape recorder, and his voice could be heard faintly from the headphones. Every so often, her lips moved gently in response.

He left her listening to the tape and walked briskly to the phone. Hitting a speed dial setting, he waited for the person to answer.

"Sandra? It's me. Fine, thank you. Listen, come over here, and bring your sewing machine. I've got a real winner this time. No, I won't tell you, and if I have to ask twice, I guess i didn't train you well...okay, okay, I'm sorry, come on over. Thanks honey, bye." He made two more calls.

The three girls came over quickly. He woke up Annie, and when she introduced herself as 'Ragdoll Annie', they understood. Annie went back to sleep. The four worked all night. Sewing, cutting, mixing, and all the while, Ann listened to a tape that told her how beautiful she was, how helpless she was in the presence of her master, and how full of joy the act of submission made her. All she did was breathe deeply, and listed, and occasionally smile gently and nod her head. Soon the work was done. He made sure to thank his friends in his own special way. No, they couldn't stay to watch, maybe another time. They kissed, they left, and he looked at Ann.

"Annie...wake up."

Her eyes fluttered open, and snapped open wide. She was looking into a mirror. "Do you like what you see, Annie?" She couldn't speak. She stared at herself.

Her hair was a brighter red than before, a bright clown red, braided in pillowy pigtails to her shoulders. Her eyes were wide open, with thick black lashes like a pair of sunbursts. Her cheeks were dotted with red circles of rouge, her lips a red puckered bee-stung bow.

Her dress was calico and lace, covering her completely to just above the knees. Her bust was full and round, her waist curving in gently, then out again to wide hips. Looking down, she saw her legs, covered in white tights and ending in black patent leather shoes.

She lifted her hands to touch herself. Her breasts were so soft. She couldn't feel a bra on herself, yet they were so tight and round. She looked down and saw her hands...she had no fingers. She had two rounded mitten-like hands, like a...

"What is your name, dear?"

She turned to her master, her beloved master, and said, "I am Ragdoll Annie..." She raised her arms in a big hugging gesture. "Please play with me."

He walked to her, took her in his arms and kissed her deeply. She went limp in his arms. Literally. As their lips met, the power drained from her legs, her arms went weak, and her head lolled back, a gentle smile climbing onto her face. She stared up at the ceiling. She was helpless, she realized...she had become the thing she had always dreamed of. A perfect object of love, lovely and soft... "please, master, play with me." she couldn't say it, she just thought it.


He bent down and scooped her up in his arms. She felt as light as a feather, and he carried her gently to the bedroom. He laid her on the bed. She stared at the ceiling, surprised to see herself. "I know, a mirror over the bed seems so cliche', but I wanted you to see how beautiful you are." He began to lift her skirt. She watched happily. More and more of the white tights showed, then the hem of the tights, and then...her skin looked different. More smooth, as if it was...he touched the skin. It was cloth. It was tan satin, and it was her skin. He smiled. Actually it was a perfect bodysuit, but she'll never know that, unless she wants to. It doesn't look like she's curious.

He pulled the skirt higher, exposing a hairless crotch, a gentle furrow all she could see of her sex. She could feel it growing wet. Higher went the skirt. No bellybutton, just a little dimple in the center of her flat, smooth tummy. Higher still, and her breasts were perfect globes, as silky as the rest of her skin, tight and round, the nipples red and hard. She was a vision.

He sat her up. Her head flopped back, then forward as she reached a sitting position. Even sitting up, her breasts kept their globe shape. She looked at them since she couldn't move her head. Her dress came up over her head, her arms rose with it, and as it came off, she dropped to the bed in a whisper of silk and a *whoopf* of her body plopping onto the feather comforter. She lay there in a crumpled heap, naked save for the white hose. He left those on her as he positioned her legs open. She looked up at him as he climbed onto her. He reached for her face and squeezed her face. Her cheeks dimpled and her lips formed a loose pucker. He kissed her lips firmly and long. She was helpless and in heaven. He barely felt him enter her, but once she realized it, she was in instant ecstasy. His manhood was so firm in her soft silky self. He felt her caress him like an old lover, soft as a pillow, smooth as a lie, wet as an oasis to a man lost in the desert. He pumped firmly, her head bouncing up and down with each thrust.

"Speak to me, Annie, talk to me."

She had no idea what to say first. A million thoughts scrambled to her mouth, but the fastest was a simple, "I love you master...thank you...I will never leave you...Please use me for your...your...pleasure..."

He came with a smile and a firm thrust, and she exploded in pleasure, her arms spasming up once, then dropping lifeless to the bed again. He lowered himself onto her, enjoying the softness of her form. All she could do was cry. She thanked him over and over, the slightest shake to her head the only motion she could muster. They were very happy.


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