by John Frost

As Mitch's reputation as a fashion photographer who used mannequins for his models spread, he was contacted by one of the leading mannequin companies in New York who market a famous line of mannequins. They wanted him to do the photos for a brochure of their new mannequin line, called Ramsey.

They, of course, had no way of knowing that Mitch's mannequins that had brought him fame from his sportswear photo shoots were really frozen living statues and he wasn't about to tell them. Mitch made some excuses about being too busy and that he really didn't want to take the time to go to New York to do the shoot.

Much to Mitch's surprise the company insisted that he do their brochure and said that they would ship the dozen mannequins for the brochure to Mitch by UPS and, as an added incentive, they said that after he shot the brochure he could keep them, since they were pre-production models manufactured specifically for the photo shoot. In fact, they told him that they hoped that he would use them in some of his future fashion shoots as they hoped that people would recognize the "Ramsey" face and that they would get some spin-off business from his continuing use of their mannequins.

Mitch agreed, and within four days a UPS delivery truck arrived at Mitch's place with twelve bulky cartons. The driver looked carefully at Mitch as he signed for twelve "Display Figures - Female". Mitch didn't bother even trying to offer an explanation for this rather strange shipment to a residence.

Since his seven living statues were all frozen in storage mode at the time, Mitch had the cartons delivered to his work room where his living mannequins lined the wall.

The view that the driver found here, with seven mannequins dressed in fine clothes lining the wall, actually seemed to relieve him as he now believed that Mitch either sold or repaired mannequins for a living.

Mitch decided to open the cartons as soon as the driver left. He could tell from the labels on the cartons that eight of the mannequins were standing while the other four were in other poses. He decided to open the four non-standing mannequins first.

As Mitch opened the first carton he was amazed by what he found. Here was a sitting mannequin (3509) so lifelike and detailed that he could have sworn that she was one of his living statues and not a real plastic mannequin.

Mitch carefully removed her perfectly sculpted parts from the foam lined carton and, even after all his experience working with his naked living statues, his hands began to tremble with anticipation as he started to assemble her. In less than a minute Mitch had this beautiful, naked, perfect female sitting on a chair in front of him. Mitch's cock was standing at attention in his jeans as his heart pounded with excitement. He was surprised that he reacted this way to a simple mannequin.

She seemed demure, shy, sophisticated and very, very sexy sitting there before him looking shyly towards the floor, as if to say "Please take care of me and don't leave me naked like this." His first impulse was to have sex with her at once, but he convinced himself to wait as his curiosity as to what awaited him in the other cartons was overwhelming.

He decided to open another carton and found another seated mannequin (3508). When he got her out of the box and fully assembled he thought she had a bit of a surprised expression as if she was saying, "Well! How did I get here, and with no clothes on? I'm not amused."

This Ramsey was posed with her right hand resting on her left knee. As Mitch explored her body his cock suddenly became erect again. Almost before he realized it, Mitch had placed his erection in her hand and against her knee. Well, the sensation was almost too much to bear. The pressure of her hand pressing his stiffening member against her knee was exactly as if she was an expert at this type of pleasure.

So, there he was being massaged by this delicious creature who was looking as if to say, "I'm not amused at doing this either!" In only a few minutes Mitch came to a resounding climax, shooting his load clear up to her bare breasts where it slowly ran down over her erect nipples. Mitch wished he had one of his cameras handy to record this scene, but he didn't.

After he got himself composed, Mitch opened the third carton that contained a non- standing mannequin. As he removed the packing material and removed her arms and legs he was surprised, and pleased, to see that this was not another sitting mannequin. This babe did not require a chair or bench since she was in a casual reclining pose and could lounge on the floor, a bed, a counter or any flat surface.

When Mitch uncovered her torso he couldn't believe her features. It was the same beautiful face as the others! Only this one was looking longingly off into space while lounging on her left side (564). Mitch quickly assembled his third Ramsey and carried her to his work counter where she lay quietly in front of him as his fingers explored every inch of her perfectly crafted body. She was laying on her left side with her left arm bent up, supporting her head as she stared off in deep thought.

Because she was laying on her side her perfectly shaped breasts were reacting to gravity and flowing slightly downwards towards the counter. Mitch felt like putting a sports bra on her to help hold them in place! Her abdominal muscles were perfectly sculpted as well as she obviously was meant to be a fitness buff. Her right leg was slightly bent as her right hand rested sensually on her hip.

After he finished examining her closely, Mitch opened the final carton that contained a non-standing mannequin. As he removed the packing material and removed her arms and legs he was surprised, and pleased, to see that this was another reclining mannequin (568).

But, when he got her out of the box, Mitch nearly creamed his jeans. She was lying flat on her back, with only her knees raised about 18". She could be posed in a bed or on the floor, or any other flat surface. Her right arm was straight down by her side and she was looking to the right and brushing the hair out of her eyes with her left hand. But what got Mitch's undivided attention were her gorgeous round breasts. Because she was lying down, they were like two soft globes resting on her chest waiting to be fondled.

All Mitch needed to do, anytime he felt the urge, was to lie down with her, lean over to her breasts and have himself a hell of a good time. By now Mitch's erection was ready to explode, so it didn't take him long to convince himself that he better take this one for a "test drive" before he went on the next carton. Mitch soon found out that sex with this mannequin was even greater than he thought it would be. "A perfect 10", Mitch said aloud as he wiped her off and wiped the sweaty imprint of his hands off her round, firm breasts.

By now Mitch was getting as turned on by these gorgeous mannequins as he was by his living statues. He had never before realized how sensuous and pleasing a real mannequin could be. He began to like the idea of having sex with these perfect female replicas who would always be loyal, obedient and available for his pleasure or for his work. Even his living statues sometimes gave him grief when he unfroze them and he would wish for some peace and quiet.

Mitch decided that he should get the eight standing mannequins out of their cartons and see what they looked like. He resolved not to have any more sex with them until they were all unpacked and inspected, even though he knew it might be a tough resolution to keep.

Mitch was pleased to note that, according to the labels on the cartons, these were all tall girls, at 5' 10". The labels also gave the mannequin's other vital statistics, which convinced Mitch that he had a bevy of real beauties on his hands. They all had 34" busts with 25" waists and 34¸" hips.

Mitch quickly opened the cartons, removed the mannequins and assembled all eight of the standing beauties. The first one (3505) had her arms down straight by her side with her head turned towards the right. Her glance was towards the floor and she had the same shy face as the first sitting girl, while the second one (3502) had her arms raised up and out in front of her with her head tilted up and her hands open wide, as if to say, "Come, give my a great hug, love of my life."

Mitch couldn't resist her invitation. He swept her into his arms and danced around the room with her in his arms he was so impressed with her welcome. He was sure her could hear her say, "Thank God, I'm home at last." when he stood her down on her stand.

The third one (3504) was standing in a very sophisticated pose with her head slightly raised to the left as if to say, "I'm a snob, I'm better than anyone else so don't touch me." This perceived "attitude" made Mitch decide to single her out for "special" treatment later on in their activities.

The fourth one (3500) was standing with her head tilted slightly down looking towards the floor and with her hands on her hips. Mitch was sure the look on her face said, "I'm so embarrassed to be standing here naked in front of this photographer guy. He might try and take pictures of me like this, or worse, he might try to take advantage of me when I'm vulnerable like this."

The fifth standing mannequin (3503) was also looking towards the floor with her left hand on her hip and her right hand by her side. The last three (3506, 3501 & 3507) were opened and lined up with the others. The last one he opened, (3507) appeared to be the one in charge, as she stood with her legs apart and her arms gesturing as if she was explaining to the others where they were and why.

Mitch stood them all in a row and inspected them, much like a drill sergeant reviewing his troops. Mitch was very pleased with what he saw and a very happy man.

When he realized that he had taken almost five hours to open the twelve cartons and assemble the twelve mannequins, Mitch decided to just leave them in the studio and take the shots for the brochure the next day.

While Mitch went to bed, and took the lying mannequin with him for the night, he thought about the fact that the mannequin company had said he could keep all of these twelve mannequins. He hadn't thought much about it up until now, but he was really thrilled with the thought now that he had developed such a personal relationship with them as they came out of their shipping cartons. He did wonder how his frozen girls would react to real mannequins when they were exposed to them, since they had developed such a bonding relationship amongst themselves, and he couldn't see them getting turned on by these beauties.

For the first time, Mitch thought about releasing his living statues from their contracts as they were unfrozen and switching his focus to photo shoots with real mannequins.

The Photo Shoot

When he went to the studio the next day, Mitch had planned how he was going to do the shoot for the brochure. He had always understood that the people in the retail stores who purchase mannequins like to see how their mannequins look while displaying clothes and also like to see them naked so they can check out what styles each figure can display best. However, this company specified that they wanted nude photos only.

This suited Mitch just fine. He wouldn't have to worry about choosing outfits for these dolls, although he was extremely good at dressing his living mannequins for the most effective look possible.

Mitch recalled his reactions as he opened the cartons the day before, and decided that he would do three nude shots of four girls each and wouldn't "fool around" with his star performers during the photo shoot.


From L to R = 3504, 3502, 3508 & 564 (click on number to return to text)

Here is the actual shot that Mitch used for the first page of the brochure. He had to really talk to himself in order not to fondle the reclining mannequin as he was positioning her on the floor. He promised himself that after the shoot was over, he could take his pick of the twelve beauties to show his affection to.


From L to R = 3503, 3506, 3500 & 568 (click on number to return to text)

This is the shot Mitch took for the second page with three of the standing mannequins and the sexiest of all lying on the floor at their feet. He thought that the audience would get a subtle message by the imagined conversation going on among the three standing ones about what they were going to do to and with the other one now that she was hypnotized and lying helpless at their feet!


From L to R = 3507, 3501, 3505 & 3509 (click on number to return to text)

Mitch felt that this final shot of the other three standing mannequins and the shy seated one sent an imagined conversation also. The gal on the left appears to be trying to convince the others to take the seated one, who is sitting timid and shy awaiting her fate, and have their way with her. The one on the right, being shy also, doesn't seem to know what to do. She loves the seated one dearly and wants to explore every inch of her body, but she's also afraid that the gal on the left has designs on her as well. Mitch always was one for subliminal messages in his photos.

This was it. Three photos of twelve beautiful, nude mannequins. Mitch was all done. Now, all he had to do was develop the film, make the prints and mail them off to New York with his bill. He wondered what he should charge, though, since the company had given him about $2,500. worth of mannequins. "Oh, well," he thought, "I'll decide on that tomorrow. Maybe I'll be good to them and only charge them $150. on top of the mannequins and they might send me some more to do another brochure and let me keep them too!"

Mitch knew one thing though, he was going to use these girls as much as possible in future modelling assignments instead of his frozen girls. With these twelve he had enough variety of poses to keep any clothing manufacturer happy.

By now he had almost made up his mind to release his frozen girls if they wanted to go. He might keep one, Kristen, Natalie or Karen, if she wanted to stay and live with the real mannequins and help Mitch from time to time. This would mean he would have one mannequin that he could pose as required for special effect shots.

Now that the photo shoot was over, Mitch took the twelve mannequins back to his work room to await their next assignment. As a lark, Mitch decided to put a bra and a pair of panties on each of them before his frozen girls saw them.

Oh, and he didn't take the one lying on her back and two of the standing girls to the work room. He dressed each of them in a one-piece torsolette complete with string bikini and black stockings and garters and placed the reclining one on top of his king-size bed as a very attractive, and inviting decoration.

He placed one of the standing girls on either side of the bed and posed them so that they were looking down, longingly, at the one on the bed. Mitch was very satisfied with himself.