Replacement Mannequin

by Paul G. Jutras

Sarah opened her eyes and looked about the store groggily. She was a tomboy dressed in denim and leather who had gotten a letter from a guy she liked to meet him at the mall after it closed. No sooner than she got there, than she was hit from behind and knocked out.

"Welcome Miss Smith." A woman said from behind her. She stepped around in front of the tied up girl and smiled. "I trust you remember me from your shopping trip yesterday. After what you cost my store, I won't soon forget you."

"What are you talking about?" Sarah shouted. "Where the hell am I?"

"You're in Fashions Plus." The woman replied. "You and your friend came shopping here yesterday. Only you were in such a hurry to leave you knocked over and broke one of my mannequins. Do you know how much it's costing me to repair it?"

"If it's money you want, I don't have any on me." Sarah hissed. "When I go on a date, the guy pays."

"It isn't money I want." The store owner's smile broadened. "It's a replacement mannequin I need until the one I sent to the warehouse is repaired. You're going to be that mannequin."

"That's impossible!"

"Not for a witch like me." The woman smiled "I'm also a sporting woman. I put a spell on the clothes this evening. When you put on any garment in the store, a part of you will change. If you can get out of the store with any of your body intact, you can leave completely human.  Otherwise, you'll remain here."

"No sweat."

"Let's get started then." The woman untied Sarah and stepped back. Sarah stood up and looked at the racks and displays of clothes between her and the front wall entrance. As she started off; however, the witch pointed her finger. The rubber soles of Sarah's shoes started to melt. "Hey!" Sarah shouted. "No Fair..."

Sarah stumbled into a rack of rigs and knocked it over. As she knelt on the floor, she found she was suddenly losing control over the movements of her arms. As she grabbed a wig, her own hair fell out leaving her head as smooth as a pool ball. She was more than happy to cover her bald head up with the wig.

"You did that on purpose." Sarah said angrily. She removed her melted sneakers so they wouldn't cause her any more problems. "You won't stop me from getting out of here."

"We'll see my friend." The witch grinned and waved her arm to cause Sarah's clothes to vanish. "You have a long way to go before you're out of here. If you make it the door, your own clothes will be returned to you."

"Why you!" Sarah growled like an animal as she turned toward the witch. As she turned, her hips brushed up against a display of panties. Instantly she froze, knowing what she had done. Her mind tried to resist, but her arms moved to pick the panties up anyway. "Oh, no."

"Oh yes, my little plastic friend." The witch grinned as she watched Sarah step into the panties one foot at a time. She didn't say a word as she pulled them up so they rested snuggly about her hips. She smiled a bit as Sarah looked beneath the panty and saw that her pussy had sealed up. Her pubic hair was gone, leaving her crotch as smooth as a Barbie dolls'.

"Don't worry." The witch said. "Either you'll be turned back to normal or you'll have no need for that ever again. Shall we continue?"

"You'll never have me on display!" Sarah shouted, her breath irregular. "You'll pay for what you've done to me. When I'm through with you, you'll be hurting a thousand times worst than anything you would do to me."

"I offer you a chance to become fully human again if you make it out, and this is how you thank me." The witch's smile faded. "Threats. You still haven't made it out of here yet. You have a long way to go yet."

"I'll make it out!" Sarah shook her fist at her. "Mark my word of it. I'll make it out of here."

"We'll see." She snickered. "We'll see."

Sarah turned and looked at the roll of clothes and items in different displays. Her eyes burned with hatred as she scanned the area for the best way to proceed. She stared to move past a display of shoes with no problem and then passed a hat display. He heart was beating hard in her chest. The sweat came off her forehead and clouded her vision. As she raised her arm to wipe her eye, she wasn't aware of brushing up against a skirt until it was too late.

She watched as her arms removed the skirt from its hanger and her legs stepped into it. She raised it up to fit snuggly before her arms returned to her control. She quickly looked herself over nervously. To her own surprise, nothing about her had changed. She thought about how easy it was to get past the last couple of displays and wondered if the witch was simply trying to scare her to death after her comments. That she could now just walk right out of the store with no problem.

Although fearfull, she walked over to the cosmetic counter and looked in the mirror. She normally didn't wear make-up so she decided to start with a bit of foundation, eye liner, eye shadow, lip gloss and lip stick. She then added a touch of rogue before looking back at the witch who just smiled back at her.

"You're mine now." The witch declared as she went into a non-stop cackle while Sarah just stared in confusion at her. She looked at her image in the mirror and thought how beautiful she was, then turned back to the witch.

"What are you talking about?" Sarah asked with her mind. She didn't even realize she couldn't physically speak anymore. "I'm mostly human and half way to the front door. What makes you think you've won?"

"The make up." The witch replied. "You think of yourself as beautiful don't you. Store dummies only care about looking beautiful as you do. With so many beautiful clothes to pick from it'll be hard for you to get to the door without wanting them on your body."

"You're crazier that I thought." Sarah's mind said as she looked at the exit. She knew that out of the corner of her eye that she was trying to see her own image in the mirror on the cosmetic counter. On some level she knew the witch was telling the truth. Part of her wanted to try on the clothes. It was really hard to resist that part of her.

Sarah took a pretend deep breath and started toward the exit once again. As she passed a bra display, she became away of her own breasts bouncing with each step. A voice seemed to rise up from her mind and it caused her to halt in her tracks.

"Don't you hate how your breasts jiggle when you walk?" The voice came from within her head. "All you need to do is put that bra on and they won't move an inch. Wouldn't that be wonderful?"

"I need to get out of here." Sarah told the other voice. "I don't want to be here forever."

"Don't you want them to look perfect?"

"Well...yes." Sarah replied. "I've always wanted better breasts."

"Then put it on."

Sarah thought for a long moment. If she put it on, you'd still have enough of her normal to be changed back when it reached the exit. Maybe even keep her new breasts size and shape. "Okay." She agreed as she took the bra and put in on. Her breasts quickly became erect like she was in a cold room. They altered to fit the bra perfectly and then harden into a plastic sheen. She had to admit that they did look good. They wouldn't drop in the slightest now if the bra was removed.

Sarah looked back at the witch and then over to the door again. She started again toward the exit when she reached a rack of blouses. She noticed one that would go perfect with the skirt she had on. Once again the voice rang up from the depths of her mind.

"Aren't your shoulders cold Sarah?" The voice said. "Don't you want to wrap them in the soft blouse? It is very attractive and goes so well with the skirt."

"Stop it!" Sarah's inner voice shouted at the other voice. "I won't be putting on that blouse. Just leave me alone."

As she fought her other self, Sarah's arm waved about and brushed up against the blouse. "Oh, no." she thought as her arms automatically took the blouse and slipped her arms into the sleeves. She saw how her finger nails became the same glossy tone as her arms. She notice lines had formed on her wrists where her hands could be detached. She was sure her shoulders were the same. She wondered if skirt had caused a similar seam at her waist so she could be bisected.

"I hope you're happy." Sarah's mind muttered to the voice of the mannequin personality in her head.

"Almost." The mannequin said from inside of her. "You do have some stubble on your legs."

"No!" Sarah shouted mentally. "You're not making me put on anything else. I'm almost to the door. When I'm out, I'll be changed back to normal. You're history!"

"Calm down, calm down. I beg you to do something about those legs." The voice went on. "They can be as perfect as the rest of you."

"Leave me alone. My life is at stake and you want me to finish getting dressed."

"Just think of how men go crazy for a pair of legs coated in nylon?"

"They do go insane about how lovely they look." Sarah thought about how cold her toes were on the store's tile floor. Her thought about how lovely they'd look in nylon was all the consent the mannequin needed to reach over and grab hold of a package. "Wait a minute! I didn't mean for you to..."

It was too late for Sarah. She quickly found herself sitting on the raised platform of another display. She slipped on foot down the tube of the nylon leg and then the other. She pulled it up past her thighs and then stood up as she pulled the hose up under her skirt till it fitted snuggly. She notice that beneath the nylon wrapping, her ankles had the same dissection lines as her wrists. She also notice a pivot point line on her right leg before dropping her skirt down.

As she stared at the exit, she felt like she wanted to cry but couldn't. Her body had stiffened up on its tip toes to the point of being completely immobile. The witch smiled as she walked over, tipped her rigid figure back and put a pair of heels on her feet. "I told you you'd be mine." The witch cackled. "You turned out so well that I don't think I'll change you back like I originally planned to when I get my own mannequin back from the repair shop. I can always use another mannequin for display or for back up if another one gets damaged. You'll work out just fine. "

Sarah's eyes just stared blankly straight ahead as the witch fixed her and put her on display as a free standing mannequin for now. Though if she could of seen, how her lower torso was made so that a display rod could be put in her ass if she couldn't be balanced in a particular pair of shoes. "You'll do fine indeed." The witch said one last time before looking at her watch and seeing it was almost time to open her shop. Sarah had nothing more to say.


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