Replacement Mannequin 2

by Paul G. Jutras

    "Oh boy, Steve." Mickey said as they headed to the apartment with a bad of groceries. "Polly is going to really let us have it for being so late."

     "It couldn't be helped," Steve replied. "Who'd expect that today would be the last day the coupons were good. I think we spent longer in the check out line than we did shopping."

     They got to the apartment where they saw Polly sitting calmly on the floor in a classic yoga position. She was humming calmly to herself. "Are you alright?" Mickey asked as he felt her head for a fever. "We're sorry we're so late."

     "That's okay, boys." Polly said calmly. "You put the stuff away. I have to leave before I'm late for the charm school I signed up for this afternoon. If things work out, I'll have an exciting new career as a top notch model."

     "If it wasn't for the fact that we're getting off easy, I'd call an exorcist to change her back from her Stepford Wife personality." Steve whispered to Mike, who nodded silently as they snuck into the kitchen before her mood changed back...

      "I can just picture it now," Polly thought to herself as images of herself dressed in the worlds finest outfits appeared in her head. She thought about posing before the camera and having men begging to go on a date with her. Signing autographs and having to wear a disguise to go out in public.

     "This new life of mine will be wonderful." Polly blushed at the thought of men doing anything to go out with her. She quickly checked the address on the invite and skipped off down the street with a gleeful giggle. She couldn't wait to get started.

     "Settle down!" Polly heard a man say as she gathered with a crowd of hopeful women wanting to try out become perfect ladies. "Madame Serenity will be ready to see and judge each and every one of you for your poise and manners."

     From inside the main room, Madame Serenity just stared with a smile on her face. "Little do those poor girls know that this whole bit is a scene to make the most natural looking mannequins the world has ever seen. They'll model my clothes forever and I'll make a fortune."

      She kept in the shadows as each of the women were given a contest number and were lead into the main room. They waited quietly until they were all in and the young man made his way up on stage. "I'm Sam Treedle and I'm glad to meet each and every one of you lovely ladies. It is a pleasure to introduce to you, Miss Serenity!"

     The curtains pulled back a little and Miss Serenity walked out on stage with the grace and  beauty of a princess. She smiled at the lovely suckers who had fallen into her trap as easily as the man servant she hypnotized to help front the contest.

      "Welcome to my school." Miss Serenity said with a mysterious smile that made her even more lovely. "You're all in for some wonderful surprises for the lessons to come. Now if you are all ready we'll get started."

 The girls watched as the floor parted and a banquet table rose up from the hidden panel beneath. The girls each took a seat and showed their gracefulness in tea serving at a fancy party and the proper way to ask for a drink. They even did fancy ball room dancing.

        What started out as a normal service turned out quite different as each of the girls were give a pair of thong sandals with lead weights attached beneath. "Now ladies, you know how uncomfortable and hard it is to walk to some of today's top fashion heels. This exercise will tone your leg muscles and aid in your future runway walking." She walked up onto the stage and paraded elegantly. "Now, you all follow me, smoothly, gracefully"

     Polly was in the middle of the group and on both sides of her the girls were having a difficult time moving in the heavy footwear.  She made it up on the stage, only to be directed to walk down and loop back again.  Over and over.

      "Come on girls, don't give up." Miss Serenity smiled as several of the girls collapsed to the ground from exhaustion and were taken out of the competition. Since Polly was so much a tomboy before, she already had the strength required to complete the task.

     "Was that a modeling exercise or torture?" Polly thought; she was glad the lesson was announced to be over.  As those who couldn't take it were helped out of the charm school, Polly and the others kicked off the weighted shoes and rubbed their sore bare or stocking encased feet.

     "We will now test your level of balance." Miss Serenity said as they were allowed to retrieve their normal heels. One by one the girls tried to walk with a brimming cup of tea in their hands from one end of the room to the other, without trying to spill a drop. This exercise they also did again and again until the girls were about ready to faint.

     Some of the girls who dropped their cups or gave up were also helped out of the charm school while Polly noticed how toned her caves and other muscles had become due to the stressful workout. Her breasts seemed fuller and her waist narrower too. She never notice how lovely her face now seemed.

      "Oh wow," Polly thought as she release her breath at the far end of the room. "I'm so used to sneakers, I didn't think I'd make it all the way in these three inch pumps. What's really a surprise is how relaxed I feel. I would've thought that after all these exercises, my heart rate and pulse would be increasing instead of decreasing. I never felt so wonderfully calm in my life..."

      "Bravo." Miss Serenity smiled over at Polly. "You seem to becoming along fine."

      "Do you really think these exercises will help me become a top notch model?" asked Polly.

     "You'll be wearing the store's finest clothes in no time." Miss Serenity assured her as she patted the back of the girl's hand. She could already feel the changes in the texture of her skin. "Just leave everything to me and your beauty will out last a lifetime."

     "The boys can get along without me for awhile." Polly thought as she blushed at the thought of guys staring and admiring her for her beauty. "Steve and Mike will be falling over each other..." Before Polly could think of anything else, Miss Serenity open a bottle and held it under her nose.

     "What?  Uh....."

     "Just a little sleeping gas, my dear." Miss Serenity chuckled as Polly collapsed into her arms and was carried off.

     When Polly came to, she found herself in total darkness. She tried to speak and couldn't find her voice. She tried to move and found she couldn't do that either. As she felt a pair of hands on her face, her eye lids were pried open and she stared blankly forward to gaze at Miss Serenity.

     "Welcome to my collection, Polly." Miss Serenity smiled as Polly stared out at all the girls she had thought left the charm school. Their skin looked surreal the way it was so smooth and their faces had blank, lustful stares. It was at this time Polly noticed how full she felt between her legs.

  "You and the others will all make beautiful mannequins." Miss Serenity smiled as she removed Polly's hair like a wig and combed it out before returning it to her now bald head.

     "This can't be happening." Polly tried to deny reality as she saw Miss Serenity's man servant step up behind her. "Surely he can agree with this madwoman. He has to stop her and restore us."

     "Are you ready for your change?" Miss Serenity asked the doorman. He just nodded and stepped into a full body mode case. After it encased him, Polly just watched as the machine reshaped his body is that of a female mannequin.

     "I knew I couldn't risk leaving any loose ends such as you behind." Miss Serenity said she dressed the naked mannequin. First she slipped on a pair of silk thong panties and then a bra that held the new mannequin's firm breasts snuggly. "You're probably feeling so aroused that you wish you could get wet and release the tension of pleasure. Not to worry. The mold placed a dildo inside you like the others. It will frequently turn on and send you into new worlds of pleasure."

     "You'll find this pleasurable too." Miss Serenity said as she took a saw to them as the doorman had done to the other girls. Soon pivot points were put in them so that it would be easier for them to be taken apart and dressed. It didn't hurt and was as wonderful as Miss Serenity claimed it would be.

     Polly felt like she was in heaven as the new sensations washed over her motionless body. She did not know her mind was also being lulled away by the effects of the transformation. Soon she remembered nothing of her past existence, her dreams of a modeling career, or her friends.  She simply was.

     Standing upright in the corner as two nearly naked mannequins, they fell asleep. When they woke they were not in the charm school anymore. They were posed together in the window of some department. Both looked lovely standing so statuesquely still on their painted tip toes.

      A week had gone by before Mickey and Steve  tracked down Miss Serenity as she re-opened her charm school to help young ladies in the neighboring town as she did in the previous one. When they cornered and accused Miss Serenity of kidnapping, the two boys were knocked out from behind by Miss Serenity's new female assistant. The hypnotized lady put the two men in the same mannequin mode that the women in the previous town ended up. Soon they too were changed forever, followed soon afterward by the assistant.

      "You want to see your friend again, don't you?" Miss Serenity ran her soft hands over the guys' now sexless crotches and firm breasts. "I do believe that particular store does need two more mannequins and I can arrange a special shipment. "

      Mickey and Steve watched in horror as she dismantled them one after another. They were soon crated and shipped out of town, where they were set up in the same window as their former roommate, Polly. Miss Serenity sent a letter to their land lady as she did the others stating that they had now gotten jobs as top models and would be buying all new stuff when they moved.

      While it wasn't the type of modeling job that any of them had expected, they soon grew to love the pleasure their dildo caused in their stiff bodies and the personal attention the window dressers gave them.


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