Replacement Mannequin 4

by Paul G. Jutras

    The sound of three inch boots clicked their way along the icy December sidewalks as cross-dresser Bill Bravo brushed his long wig hair out of his face. Crossing his arms underneath his breast forms, he felt the cold wind cut across his nylon coated legs and navy skirt. He buttoned his navy sweater over his low cut shirt when he turned toward the department store window. A man dressed in white was painting a mural while kids peaked in at the Christmas display inside. Each wanting to try to catch a glimpse at the store Santa.

    "Christmas has gotten so commercial." Bill thought to himself as the sound of the Christmas time parade was heard making its way up the street. He soon joined followed the crowds of kids as they made their way to the edge of the sidewalk. They watched floats and giants balloons of favorite characters pass on by.

      When the parade was done, Bill went inside the store and headed over to the employee office, kicking the snow off his knee boots. "I hope the snow didn't ruin these." He pulled off one boot and rubbed his nylon coated foot while shaking his boot out while Christmas songs came over the store's PA system. "They cost me a month salary with my employee discount."

     "Brenda!" Miss Lantern said to Bill as she came clicking in her heels down into the locker room. She tapped her clipboard and smiled. "I see you signed up to be our replacement mannequin for the holidays."

     "Yes ma'am." Bill said with a smile at the thought of being dressed in the store's finest wares. "Mr. Marcus told me that you have some kind of magic powers that not only make the mannequins life like, but you can bring them to life too."

     "Yes." Miss Lantern chuckled more to herself than to Bill. "Each Holiday of the year, a different mannequin gets a small taste of life and we ask one of our employees to take their place. It's quite painless and some say quiet pleasurable."

      Stripping down to his breast-form-filled bra and special vagina panty that forced him to pee sitting down, Bill stood before Miss Lantern and waited. She watched as her department boss waved her arm before him. He felt tingling all over and then a numbness came over his body. He tried to move a foot or blink and eye, but found he could do neither.



  Miss Lantern then put Bill's clothes in his locker and carried him up to lingerie where Brandi stood with her waist length blonde wig and dress in a black bra and panty set with matching thigh highs.  "Almost time, Brandi." Miss Lantern said as she removed Bill's bra and panties to show that he was now sexless and his breasts were hard and real. She then stripped Brandi and put her clothes on Bill before carrying the female mannequin down to the lockers.

       With a wave of her arm before Brandi's face, she suddenly blinked, and nearly collapsed like a rag doll. Her arm was grabbed by Miss Lantern and motioned to a nearby bench. "Don't worry, Brandi." Miss Lantern commented. "Coming to life takes a lot out of one."

    "I'm... I'm okay." Brandi said as she notice how her breasts sagged without support now. "I think. My breasts aren't staying erect."

     "There are a lot of time for first timers to get use to." Miss Lantern said as she chuckled at the sight of Brandi trying to put on her first bra by herself. She slipped on the panties and pantyhose and then blouse and skirt. Before she put the boots on; however, she flexed her toes and felt the odd sensation of not having them fused together.

      "Something wrong?" Miss Lantern asked as Brandi stood up with a hound dog face.

     "My skirt is wrinkled." Brandi sulked. "It never gets wrinkled when I'm out on the floor."

    "You're not moving about when you're on display." Miss Lantern said as she gave her an ID and everything else she would need for the few days she'd be alive. "You have to get use to your body being flexible. Being able to sit down and such."

    "I'll meet you at your apartment after work." Brandi said to Miss Lantern as her boss returned to work while she headed out of the store along with some of the other store shoppers. She felt the brisk weather cut through her skin and she immediately missed the warmth her hard plastic form had given her before.

      She headed down the sidewalk, listening to the clicking of her own feet instead of the feet of those passing by. She heard the sound of bell and saw a Salvation Army Santa on the street corner. Reaching into her chain purse, she gave some money to him. "Merry Christmas."

    "Merry Christmas." Santa repeated.

    When she saw a crowd of people stopping in front of the sidewalk, she stopped to. She waited, though she didn't understand what she was waiting for. When the crowd moved across the street, she went with them.



        When she came across a tree lot, she remember that Miss Lantern and her was to pick out a tree after work. Deciding to do her first real independent choice, she went over and bought a nice tree. Paying a little extra to have it delivered to the address her boss had given her.

      When Miss Lantern got home from work that evening, she found Brandi in her stocking feet, decorating the tree. "I hope you don't mind." Brandi said with a smile. "It looked just so lovely that I couldn't resist getting it for us."

     "It's lovely." Miss Lantern smiled, pleased at how independent the new living doll had become in such a short time. "Let me help you."

    "I have been meaning to ask you something." Brandi said as she put on some tinsel on it. "How do you keep your hair in place without tape?"

    Miss Lantern couldn't help but chuckled as she fixed Brandi's hair a bit and caused them both to laugh. "That looks a little better." Miss Lantern assured her friend, who was still trying to get use to being human.

       Miss Lantern got up early the next morning and started to do her make up and picked out a tan suit that included tan pantyhose and heels. Picking up a matching purse, she found Brandi standing like a mannequin after having dressed herself in a similar red suit. It was clear that Brandi was waiting for Miss Lantern to put make up on her. Instead, she lead her to the dresser and sat her down. She then verbally instructed Brandi how to put on her make up. "The next time you come to life, you'll remember everything you need to know from this experience."

     As Miss Lantern's personal secretary, Brandi joined her boss at work. She found that typing the reports given with her long pointed, polish nails were fun. She liked the freedom of movement so much, she often found herself crossing and uncrossing her legs. She also straightened her skirt, smoothed her nylons and fused with her hair.

     By the end of Brandi's first work day as a living woman, her feet were killing her in her heels. When it came time to leave for the evening, Miss Lantern came out of her office to find Brandi with her shoes removed and rubbing one foot than the other. Brandi didn't care if she did ruin her stockings if it meant leaving them off on the way home. They did stop in the toys department to watch the last of the kids sitting on Santa's lap with their Christmas lists.

     The week passed and Brandi learned how behave like a living woman and soon it was Christmas day. Brandi had used her weeks pay to get Miss Lantern some lovely gifts. Lovely for what a secretary pay check could afford. Miss Lantern got Brandi a lovely new outfit with matching jewelry to wear for the next month after transformation back.



 "Being alive is so wonderful that I wish it never had to end." Brandi said to Miss Lantern as they entered the store after hours.

    "I know you'd now like to go on living forever, and in a way you will, by spending most of your time existing as a mannequin." Miss Lantern said, feeling sorry for her. "You know it wouldn't be fair to Brenda or the other mannequins who wait for their turn for some freedom. Lesley will be released starting on New Years morning for a week."

   "I know."  Brandi said as she watched Miss Lantern free Bill from his spell. Only was he stepped down from his stand, Bill found his body had changed into Brenda for real through the time he spent under the spell. He couldn't wait to hit the single bars with his new body.  He said his goodbye to Brandi before Miss Lantern changed her back and put her back on her display rod until the next time her turn came around.


THE END               

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