Replacement Mannequin - 5

by Paul G. Jutras

      The shower water stop and a tall girl with a DD breast climbed out, reaching for a towel. The towel had an amazing resemblance to a dark curly hair man. As she wrapped the flat figure around her, she was especially careful to rub the two dimensional face against her breasts and pussy. Once dry, she unfolded the man across the living room rug.

    As Vickie laid naked  face down on the floor she ran her trim and polished finger nail along the face of a cardboard cut out of a naked man. She moved her hands along the smooth plain surface of its washboard stomach and down to its naked crotch. With a snicker, she rolled up his face as she sat up and stuck it into her moist crotch like a dildo.

      With a smile, she walked over to a large machine that looked like a paper shredder and slid the life size poster inside. As the whirling sound started it wasn't pieces coming out but a three dimensional hand followed by the rest of a naked man.

     "I feels so strange not to be able to move."  Richard said as he ran his hands over pert breasts that shinned by the light of the setting sun. "Your rubbing your body all over mind makes me so horny."

     "Later dear," Vickie smiled and kissed her husband on the side of the face. "You know I'm working down at the shop tonight. I'm just glad the machine you bought through that internet ad has given us such special times between your day job and my night one."

      Vicki went down to Video Buzz Rentals in a pink blouse, white mini skirt, suntan nylons and pink two inch heels. She had only been working there for a little over a month, but the holiday rush had already taken its toil on her.

       "Do you have any copies of Sleepy Hollow in?" A man asked as he approached the front desk. Vickie turned to her computer  and ran a quick systems check before she returned to the waiting man.

     "Sorry, but we're all out." Vickie said as the guy selected a few old westerns and left with a sad expression. As the door closed, she leaned against the  front desk and removed one of her shoes. She rubbed her nylon coated feet and wished that the video store wasn't opened 24 hours.

     By the end of  the work day, her feet were killing her in her heels. When it came time to leave for the morning, Miss Lantern came out of her office to find Vickie with her shoes removed and rubbing one foot than the other. Vickie didn't care if she did ruin her stockings if it meant leaving them off on the way home. She had no idea that the machine that was ordered over the net was from Miss Lantern's magic web site.

       When she got home, she was relieved to strip out of her clothes and stood before her naked husband. Her helped her up into the machine feet first. The machine inside flatting her delicate toes and tiny feet first. It rolled up her calves and legs and then squashed her breasts flatter than she was before her teens. Her neck and head was the last to go in as the rest of her came up.

     "You're lovely honey" He smiled as he knew she couldn't answer him back. He just laid her on the bed like a sheet and began to rub his hard cock all over her body, covering her in his cum. The sticky feeling she got being flat and restored was the most erotic feeling she ever had.

     The week passed and Vickie was flattened ever dawn and Richard every dusk. Then one morning when Vicki was about to leave Miss Lantern was complaining that she didn't have the right looking cardboard cutout for her latest video display.

     "Miss Lantern, I have an idea." Vickie began with a smile on her face as she began to tell her boss about the machine her husband and her used to make their love making special.

      "You know we'll need you for a whole week until the next new release come out." Miss Lantern said. "In fact if it rents well you may be flat for the whole month."

     When she got home, Richard was already waiting naked for her and picked her up in his arms. They spun around and she bent her knees while they kissed. "I thought you were never going come home."

     "Sorry to be late, but Miss Lantern offered me a special job." Vickie said as she wrapped her legs around his waist and felt his cock entering her waiting pussy and start pumping away. "That is if you can got a few days without getting any of this."

     "What do you mean?" Richard asked as she slipped to the floor and explained everything that had happened in the store. Richard didn't seem to please but knew how much his wife loved to be flat. He did love her.

     "I'll make sure to rent every day so I can at least see you." He promised.

     As Vicki got ready for work that night she wore a spandex space costume she rented on a daily rate from a local store. It felt quite different going through the machine and hanging out the other end in clothes instead of naked.

     As Richard pulled his flat wife out of the machine he kissed her. "You like this state so much that if it weren't for the rental fee, I might just wreak the machine and leave you like this."

     The week passed and Vickie watched customers come and go. Since the store never closed, she was never board standing with a video box between her flat thumb and fingers. She especially loved it when her husband passed by and winked in knowledge of her being real.

     She knew it wouldn't last forever but enjoyed it while she could as the flatness was the most erotic sensation one could imagine. When the display was over, Miss Lantern had a good idea. She took out an envelope and folded her up to mail to her husband.

     Richard had eventually got fed up with not feeling his lovely wife and had taken to wearing her clothes to bed. He image the nylon encased legs rubbing against one another was hers rubbing against his. The breeze the ceiling fan ran across her skirt made his cock rock hard all night long.

    When he got out of bed and prepared to get re-dressed to visit her on the first day of his vacation. He then noticed a envelope had been pushed under his apartment door. Noticing the return address was the video store, he opened it and unfolded his wife, whose frozen eyes gazed at him.

     "How are you doing?" He asked after he had put her through the machine and returned her to normal. He was so happy to run his hands along her 3D form. Especially after she got out of the rental suit.

    "I'm fine now." She giggled at how her husband was dressed. "I think I have an idea for your vacation."

     Vickie did a special program in the machine and then grabbed Richard's wrist before he could react. She then stuck by their hands into the machines and they were pulled into the machine together. When they came out they still three dimensional.

    "I'm not flat."  Richard said as he notice his voice was much higher. He turned to see him looking at himself and visa-versa.

     "Neither of us is." He saw himself grin. "I think I need a vacation and it's your turn to feel flat and covered in man juice like I do. Who knows, perhaps once this week is over you'll learn you'll love being a woman so much you'll never want to change back. You already love my clothes."

    Vickie's face just blushed beat red as he watched his body reset the machine back to normal and help him into it. Vickie then carried her flattened she husband into the bed room for a day long of passion. It would be a vacation neither of them would soon forget.


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